Supporting Goodwill

Supporting Goodwill

As we announced few days ago we have launched a new group to promote the Declaration of Goodwill.

Here are the words from the master teacher Djwhal Khul that inspired this document:

“The main hierarchical need today (apart from its need for workers) is the forming everywhere of such groups as yours, the relating of group with group within the range of influence of that super group, the Hierarchy. Such groups are forming now in their thousands and are to be found in every land, and they will eventually blend and fuse together into one great movement of goodwill, which is spirit in actual expression. Aspirants everywhere, Arcane School students the world over, and my group of special workers such as yourself, must contact these groups, bringing them together on one point only, and that is Goodwill. Each group must necessarily be left free to proceed with its own destiny and mode of work. Unity is a necessary ideal and is the reverse side of Goodwill. Unitedly, when the right time comes, these groups must issue a great manifesto to the world – identical manifestos being issued in each country by all the groups who stand for world unity and goodwill. Thus they will make the word “goodwill” carry power throughout the planet, whilst the disciples and aspirants will, through their thought, make the word “unity” carry hidden power. Thus a vast band of men of goodwill will be working unitedly, yet independently, and there will be made available – in moments of world crisis – an organised, ready and world-wide public opinion of such strength and organisation that it cannot be ignored.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 457

The plan is to first introduce the idea here and encourage all to endorse the Declaration by joining the Declaration of Goodwill group. Unlike creating some petition that you sign all you do to support the Declaration is to join the group. Your name on the membership means you support there basic idea of promoting goodwill to all in an attempt to be a healing force for the planet .

The second thing is to invite your friends of goodwill to support the Declaration by becoming a member. These can be people of any belief system

The third thing we will do is reach out to all other groups of goodwill and invite them to either join with us or issue a declaration of their own with a wording that is agreeable to them.

Then after enough momentum is gained we can unitedly influence public opinion and those in power in a positive rather than the current negative direction.

What is true goodwill? The answer should be obvious, but to many it is not.

Goodwill is not something limited to being friendly to those with whom you agree. That takes no power of “will.” It is easy to be friendly to those of your inner circle of friendly faces. The “will” part of goodwill is engaged when one extends the hand of friendship to those who are not in agreement and may even seem to be an enemy.

To extend goodwill one does not have to compromise beliefs or agree with those who oppose you. Instead, the greater the opposition to what you think is good the greater is the need for goodwill. If your neighbor has some political or religious beliefs you think are crazy, destructive or just plain wrong then that is where the opportunity resides.

Consider this. How much will the guy change if you approach him or her and let him know in no uncertain words that you think he is crazy? This will merely have the effect of him standing more firmly on his beliefs while dismissing yours.

But suppose you invite your neighbor over for a barbeque and instead of attacking his beliefs you seek for something in common first. Maybe you both like the same movies or football team and start talking about that.

Consider this: Now you have reached points of agreement in a spirit of goodwill do you think he will be more open to other things you might say that may differ from his beliefs?

Yes. Instead if picking your beliefs apart he will be more likely to seek points of agreement or at worst agree to disagree, but maintain a spirit of friendship. In other words, because of your goodwill he will not feel like throwing rocks through your windows.

Going to extremes is generally a destructive approach and this applies to goodwill. It would be an extreme to accuse others of violating the principle of goodwill merely because they disagree with us, but this is the area where goodwill needs to be applied. Where goodwill will be especially helpful will be in obvious infractions where such perpetrators need to be reminded of accomplishing their goals in constructive rather than destructive ways. Some actions that violate goodwill and need to be pointed out as such are:

(1) Any physical violence of one person or group against another that is not an act of self defense.

This is listed as number one for this is the most obvious act that violates goodwill

(2) Any statement that calls for physical violence against another human being.

(3) Name calling using words that are obviously negative and attacking. Examples of such words are hypocrite, liar, hater, bigot, stupid, racial and religious slurs and others.

The key is to not stereotype a person’s identity with an accusation. If you think the guy is lying, for instance, instead of just calling him a liar, as if that is all he is, instead, state back to him the words you think are not true and say something like:

“You said this (quote statement) but here is why I think this is not true.”

This approach does not create ill will as when you just categorize the guy as a “liar.”

The same applies to other attack words. The right approach can make the offender consider the error of his words where an attack approach will just cause him to plant his feet more firmly in his beliefs.

(4) Protesting or interrupting officials or people with who you disagree in their private homes, restaurants or places not designed for airing grievances.

(5) Anti protesting. This should be discouraged as when a group of protesters are met by anti protesters violence and increased ill will is often the result. Protesters should be encouraged to protest separately for their own cause and should be allowed to do so without interruption even though we may disagree. Protest later if you want but not the same time in the same place as your opposition. That’s just asking for trouble.

There is a large silent majority of people who favor good will over ill will and attack. Many feel their hands are tied and there is nothing they can do.

Perhaps there is something we can do if we gather together and let those who seek to disrupt the peace of society know that their approach is not acceptable, yet at the same time extending the hand of friendship to all.

Watch short  video on Goodwill HERE

Support goodwill by joining The Declaration of Goodwill:

Read the Declaration HERE

Dec 23, 2020

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