McCall Gathering 2000, Part 16

McCall Gathering 2000, Part 16

The Magic of Symbols

JJ: We have a symbol in something that Phoebe is introducing to us. As she begins, think of the symbolism behind it. Think about the lives that may be visiting us and the lives that may be tuning into this.

Phoebe then conducts a candle-lighting ceremony to symbolize peace, sharing light and love while the group sings, “Let There be Peace on Earth.”

JJ: Wasn’t that a nice feeling as that went around? What is the symbolism behind this?

Audience: When you give love, you lose nothing.

JJ: That’s a good point. When you light someone else’s candle, you give away everything that you have. Anyone else?

Audience: I remember something in physical science that fire is the only energy that creates another form of matter. Every other energy that is used is used then gone but fire creates a left over residue.

Audience: I see it as gathering lights.

JJ: That’s a really good point.

Audience: Reflections all coming from one source.

JJ: Good. God reflects Himself. We are reflections of God. If we look on as this as one candle is lighting another, what name comes to mind?

Audience: Christ.

JJ: Why? What does the name Jesus Christ mean? It means anointed to be delivered. What does that mean? It means He will reach down His hand and pull the other person to where He is so the two of them become equal. In other words, what the Christ does, or someone who takes on the name of Christ does, is that He shares His light with another so the other has the same light. This creates equality. The great lives come to this world to share the same light with others. With that light they show us that the goal is to make the light within us the same. That is the true meaning of the name.

It says in the scriptures that the name of Jesus Christ is the greatest name under heaven. When you receive the light, take that light and share it with someone else, you take upon yourself this name. This is the will of God. It’s a presence amongst us.

When I go to Artie’s mom’s church for Christmas I’ve noticed they do this candle ceremony. It’s a nice feeling because of the symbology there. People may not understand the symbols involved but it can attract a presence. The spiritual lives look upon this like ceremony and see the name.

Audience: Did doing that attract the devas?

JJ: It may have because of attention. There are layers between us. It takes a lot of work to remove these barriers permanently but they can be removed temporarily through focused attention. Seeing Christ within a person for a few moments can do this. We can’t expect to accomplish a hundred lifetimes of preparation in a few minutes but we can get a vision of where we want to go. If a person senses the inner spirit of God within him and the door opens wide, then he gets a vision or a feeling and a concept of what that is. Then he will never forget it. It will always be on his mind and he will always want that back.

One of the problems with spirit is that it is so ephemeral when you don’t have it anymore that we can get spiritual amnesia. I’ve seen people have the spirit and feel it then they get involved with other things and their attention goes elsewhere and it’s almost as if they never had it. If we can keep our attention focused on it, we will always want that experience back again. It’s a little like the parable that Jesus gave about the sower. He sowed the seed and put attention on it.

The cares of the world that strangled the seed can be overcome by attention because when one has a spiritual experience, he thinks back on the last spiritual experience he had. Then he makes an agreement with himself that he will not forget it and will do everything in his power to follow its direction and see it through to perfection. This is all important because if you do not follow the direction you receive, you will not have another one of consequence until you follow that last thing. Sometimes a person will receive a revelation then think, “I don’t want to do that.” Then the spiritual communication is often shut off. He needs to follow that last thing, even if it takes twenty years. It doesn’t matter how long. You must follow the last thing you received. Once you consummate the spiritual experience, you’ll go on to a higher level.

I’ve received communication with the spirit a number of times. There’s no other experience comparable to it. It eclipses anything that you can think of or that the world can think of. The experience of the spirit eclipses anything else that you can imagine. There is nothing comparable to it. We’ve been going up higher since the beginning of the Keys group, for one purpose. That is to reach a point where members can feel the spirit of God. You can go up one time and never go back as long as you stay centered in the light. It’s the one experience to eclipse all other experiences. You want that association to be with you forever. It’ll be more real than anything else you have ever imagined. The direction it gives you will be the direction you know you’re responsible for. Nothing can be more real than a visitation from an angel, a Master or the spirit of God of which the spirit of all the all the Great lives are in contact.

The spirit descended upon me at this moment. I hadn’t expected to do this but it came to me. It’s pressing me to let you feel its presence so I’d like to have communion with you. We’ve got some bread and grape juice and all of us can share with the spirit. Thank you for joining me, my friends.

First posted Sept 3, 2004. The Gathering took place June, 2000.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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