Love and Illusion

Love and Illusion

The Crème supporter (hereafter called CS) writes: “and the only way to eradicate this evil is by justice; living God’s law of love. There are terrorists because there is injustice and not the reverse – it is NOT terrorists who create evil, it is a lack of love.”

To this a reader responds: “Nonsense those terrorists are responsible for their choices! They chose to perpetrate injustice on their fellow man and they will pay the consequence regardless. It is not their fellow man’s fault they chose to do evil.”

JJ: In support of the reader’s logic one might ask what made the Jews and Romans terrorize Jesus with crucifixion? Was he not showing them enough love?

It is true that when a normal person with a balanced belief system is shown love that anger can sometimes be neutralized. If we were just dealing with angry people then CS may have a point.

But what makes a terrorist or a dangerous enemy is not anger but illusion. When, because of indoctrination or merely drawing wrong philosophical conclusions, a person or group decides a certain group of people are the enemy then no amount of love will change their minds. The enemies of Jesus, is of course, are the famous example of this. They may have thought he was a nice fellow, but it did Jesus little good because their belief system was threatened. Showing more love would have done Jesus little good, but if he had convinced them that he would cease teaching then they may have left him alone.

It is interesting that Hitler admitted that many Jews were nice people but he taught the Nazis that for the “greater good” that any love toward the Jews as individuals had to be ignored and the cancer must be eliminated. Because of this illusion it made no difference how magnanimous the Jews were toward the Nazis.

Some of the 9/11 terrorists had good relationships with Americans. One I read about was even married to an American woman. Some on their last day of living went to Las Vegas and had some final fun. They liked America so much that they spent their last day, not in some Islamic pastime, but a traditional American one. They did not crash the planes in the buildings because of personal hate or because they were treated badly by Americans, but because of illusion in their belief system. Illusion in the belief system will cause a person to kill his own loved ones, his friends, his countrymen, people who love him and even his own Master as was the case with Judas.

The Dark Brotherhood works through illusion and if the illusion cannot be dispelled then the only defense is to defeat or neutralize these people to render them harmless.

Hitler’s Germany is the prime case in point. Their illusion could not be dispelled so they had to be defeated. No amount of love would change them. In fact, Hitler and many Germans loved the English and had great respect for them. England was their enemy only because illusion dictated that the “chosen” must rule.

CS: Although illusion is the root source of so-called terrorism, it is not that simple. We all have belief systems and we all have illusions but we all do not murder other people who oppose our beliefs. Illusion for Humanity will exist for a long time and it will become more potent as the race becomes more mental – which is why the birth of Christ in the cave of the heart is essential. The love we must live is a lot more than turning the other cheek – it is the love that eradicates poverty in a world of plenty. It is the love that feeds the 24,000 people who die a day from hunger. It is the love that demands every person in the world has access to clean and sanitary drinking water. It is the love that puts an end to international currency speculation.

JJ: Here you are arguing apples and oranges. You are taking something with which every civilized person agrees and using it thinking it refutes what I have said.

This refutes nothing. We all agree that if we have the spirit of love that we will seek to do all we can to ensure that the poor and hungry receive relief.

CS:  It is the love that does not spend 450 billion dollars in one year on armaments and warfare.

JJ: Armaments and warfare can be used for love or hate depending on the motive. I think we all agree that during World War II that the money the Allies spent on war and armaments was based on love and not hate for it freed the world from totalitarianism and saved the Jewish race from complete annihilation.

You are making a statement consciously designed by those above you to drive the whole human race into greater illusion.

CS: It is the love that obeys the laws of the United Nations.

JJ: Then Bush must be obeying the law of Love for enforcing UN resolutions 687 and 1441 by going to war with Iraq.

CS: It is the love that guarantees that every child on earth can read and write.

JJ: It is love if it is accomplished by free will. It is evil and breeds hate if done by forcing people to do what seems to be right. You later say you are against morphing people in our image.

CS: It is the love in action that demonstrates the oneness of Humanity.

JJ: Humanity is not ready to demonstrate this yet. When it does it will happen more through the spirit of good will than any conscious attention on someone’s definition of love.

CS: There are a few thousand Islamic extremists, religious zealots, who are devoted to their cause of violent attacks on America and a few other western nations and we call these people irrational and under illusion and animals and barbarians and a threat to national security and freedom – and we call these people evil.

JJ: I would call those evil who wish to destroy an entire race or civilization. What would you call them?

Of course, there are many good and decent Muslims, but anyone seeking destruction for destruction’s sake is not on the side of virtue.

Those who are planning and executing most of the terror are usually wealthy and well educated. All of those who executed 9/11 had plenty of money and most were well educated.

Osama Bin Laden is very wealthy and Yasser Arafat is said to be worth over a billion dollars while his people live in squalor.

CS: We do this when 3 billion people live on 2 dollars a day or less. We live in luxury compared to the one billion people who live in absolute poverty – and we are pointing fingers at “terrorists” and claiming they are perpetuating evil and injustice?

JJ: Since Yasser Arafat is one of the richest men in the world then, using your logic his people should hate him for hoarding all the money he receives – same with Osama Bin Laden who lives well while others do not.

Obviously, the answer lies deeper than the fact that some are successful and some are not. Many of the poor hate because they are manipulated by wealthy powerful people of evil design. When they are not manipulated, they do not hate any more than the rich.

The Western nations are doing a lot to help the poor, but often when food and supplies are sent, they are stolen by dictators and warlords and used for political control. Even if we had the means and sought to feed all the people of the world few would get fed because localized powerful people would prevent it.

The only permanent solution is to teach the poor to take care of themselves and supply help when it actually can be received by them.

CS: We must realize that so-called terrorism will get a lot worse if poverty continues to enthrall half the population of the world.

JJ: If we sought to feed, clothe and house all the poor living under the terrorist control little would change. They would still see us as the great Satan that must be destroyed and replaced by their ideology.

CS: I am not a fan of the materialism that engulfs the affluent western world, especially the G8 nations, but I have plenty of food in my refrigerator and cupboards.

JJ: It is not any evil materialism to work hard and have plenty of food and drink – as well as a few amenities. Materialism which is destructive comes from priorities. If the person’s attention is on the riches of the world for the benefit of self only to the exclusion of spiritual progress then we have a problem. To work hard to have the essentials of life is a virtue. To obtain abundance and then do good with it is also a virtue.

A current materialism that is of great concern are those countries and business who will profit by aiding unstable nations in obtaining nuclear and other WMD’s.

CS: But if I did not have these things, especially the essentials, can you understand why I would want to see America and her allies crumble?

JJ: If they were not indoctrinated by their wealthy authorities they would question why their leaders live in luxury rather than  far off people in other nations. Illusion turns things upside down for them.

CS: Can you understand why I would have hatred towards a country and a culture that is morphing my country and culture into Americana?

JJ: You mean like we did with Japan and Germany after WWII? I haven’t seen any hate there because they have been morphed. When people  embrace greater freedom there are no regrets.

CS: Can you understand why I would have anger when my family and I live in poverty while the American representative in suit and tie declares the freedom of his nation is under attack?

JJ: Are you working for the Taliban? If not it is difficult to understand this line of reasoning.

I have lost everything a couple times in my life and have been very broke, but not hated anyone. I have never seen myself as poor, because that is not my consciousness.

CS: The terrorists of the past few years may not have lived in poverty and al-Qaeda can be sitting under millions of dollars – but these so-called terrorists represent their nations and become heroes and celebrities.

JJ: This is where some of the illusion fits in and controls the underclass. Dispelling this illusion would do more for the poor than dumping all the food and money of the world in the lap of greedy leaders.

CS: So how and where does religion fit into this? Their religious beliefs are intertwined into the fabric of their culture and when their culture begins to be erode, their religion begins to erode. The line between culture and religion is so fine that it cannot be seen in many nations. Why would these people NOT take personal offense to the commercialization of their culture/religion?

JJ: France and other nations have complained about their people adopting American commercialization, but they do not go to war with us. Almost all the commercialization is done through free will, because people are demanding it. Those who do not want it will resent those who do as well as the suppliers. Should the majority of a country be denied abundance because a minority is offended? Change always creates disturbance. We could just let be those who are in the stone age alone and let them live on their two dollars a day, but you seem to be against this also.

CS: In the view of many people, the culture of the United States of America represents greedy materialism, the love of money and possessions and the goal of financial profit at the expense of societal values and human suffering – of course there are going to be people who will defend their country/culture/religion from this type of country/culture/religion.

JJ: Sounds like something Fidel Castro may have said. Maybe you would be happier in Cuba.

CS: Today, the United States are giving thirteen cents per hundred dollars of gross national product (GNP) to developing aid …and it’s been estimated that if she gave another thirty-five cents the UN Millennium Project goals would be achieved.

JJ: We do give that other 35 cents, but receive no credit for it. If you take the money we spend on helping illegal aliens (30-40 billion a year) it surpasses the money much of the world spends on aid.  (Note: As of 2021 the cost is around $116 billion)

I don’t think the average American sees himself as some greedy SOB the way you seem to. The average guy has all he can do just to pay his bills and does what he can to help those in need.

It sounds like your solution is through the path of self condemnation and self guilt.

There is a lot of truth in the old cliché that you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

The solution is not to give all our fish to our neighbors but to teach them to fish. JFK’s Peace Corp was a great step in this direction.

I have found in my own life that when I just give to others that they will soon demand more and often wind up hating me because I am not giving enough. Read about lottery winners getting similar results who attempt to share their prize. Overall, I have found that helping people through giving alone is very dangerous. On the other hand, when I have taught others to fish things are different. In this situation both the giver and the receiver benefit and remain friends.

Do you practice what you preach and give to the poor?

June 24, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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