McCall Gathering Part 14

McCall Gathering Part 14

Trusting the Soul

Audience: As I was coming out of a religion, I gave up a lot of foundation beliefs. Then I got into some other belief systems and those turned out to not be so good, so I had the rug pulled out from under me again. Now I have soul contact with your teachings but there is no way I’m in an emotional position to let anything you tell me become a foundational belief again because somebody else could come along and pull the rug out from under me where your teachings are concerned. So, I have this fear of having any foundation beliefs.

JJ: Foundation beliefs are unavoidable. The key is that these beliefs need to represent the highest we know and to be open to having them replaced by a higher vision still.

Audience: You need reasonable foundation beliefs that can allow you to be guided by your soul.

JJ: Soul contact is the key, but do not rely 100% on your interpretation of it. I’ve received soul contact on different things that led me in the right direction but what led me in the right direction wasn’t 100% true.

Audience: That’s my fear. If I put any trust in a foundation belief then later find out I was wrong I don’t want to go through that.

JJ: If you receive soul contact on something, believe it. If your beliefs are wrong, which they can be to a degree, they’ll be corrected when greater light comes.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say we get a confirmation that Jesus is a Master, a great teacher or some confirmation about Him. We get a confirmation on that then we go along and find out new things about Him we didn’t realize earlier. We find the person we thought was Jesus was actually two people. We find that at His baptism, the Master Jesus was Joshua from a previous life and the spirit that came into His body at the baptism was Melchizedek. There were two people in one body at the same time. What you had received was true, Jesus was a Master, but now you get a new revelation about who and what He was. It changes things.

You look further and find out there are also messiahs, masters and hierarchies on other worlds besides this one. He’s not the only messiah in the universe. There are millions like Him. It adds more dimension but doesn’t take away from the original revelation that Jesus was a Master.

Audience: So we have to have soul contact and trust?

JJ: Yes, you will trust what you believe but also you’ll be open to the possibility that when you receive more you may have a picture open to you that is different than you have now.

Audience: I got a revelation years ago that I was a gift. I knew it I was a gift but I didn’t know what the heck that meant. I thought, “Gift? Okay.” Then to add to it that I got a gift for a Master and again I’m thinking, “Okay. I still don’t know what that means.” It didn’t mean the same as the original. Now if I had interpreted that I correctly it’d be different. I thought I knew that it meant I could be a gift to a man as a wife. I was wrong. It was right but my interpretation of it was wrong.

JJ: So if your interpretation of beliefs is created through illusion, not through revelation of the spirit then you’re headed to do some rediscovering. But if you get a revelation through the soul from the spirit and you believe it, you will get more understanding about it as you progress. You’ll find out you didn’t have the whole picture.

In regards to a molecule, I wrote the book about it. Many of you have read it but we’re going to get more revelation on how a molecule works and we’ll fit more pieces of the puzzle together. A couple hundred years from now people will look at it totally differently than we see it now. That won’t make the foundation wrong. That which is given for this period is correct according to our capacity to grasp it. In all the churches of the world they have their various truths. The Mormon Church has its truths as does the Catholic Church and the others. Whenever you read or hear something and get a “Yes,” remember that. There is some truth in that message for you to understand and as the revelation unfolds it will become more and more clear.

Audience: Do you know what took me out of the LDS Church? Urantia.


And that’s understandable. A lot of people have had that happen. According to my personal beliefs, Urantia and other books like that have a lot of illusion in them but they still accomplish good in the fact that they can take the person a little higher than he is and if the person is at that level he will see what the answer is. If he reads the answer and still wants more, it can be a stepping stone for him. (End of session)

New Session

Welcome to the Saturday night session, the last one. Before we continue, I want to remind you about the mystery we discussed earlier about the spot is neither wet nor dry must provide the standing place upon which the white magician’s feet are set. Where water, land and air meet there is a place where magic is to be wrought. Where is the point on the physical plane?

Audience: Is it a single point?

JJ: Yes and no. I’ll tell you what the magic is and you can go from there. You see these boats out here floating on water but they float because they have air in them or they’re lighter than water. The magic is that this midway place can make something heavier than water float upon the water without using air pockets or devices to make the object lighter than water. Have you seen that done or do you know how that can be done?

Audience: Pockets of air? Boats?

JJ: Boats float because of the pockets of air. A crow bar doesn’t float because it’s heavier than water. The magic we’re going to show you is how to make something heavier than water float on the water.

We’ll leave this question with the Keys members. What is a physical example of land water and air meeting where magic is wrought?

First posted Aug 30, 2004. The Gathering took place June, 2000.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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