The Point in Evolution

The Point in Evolution

Robert writes: I recently read the following questions and answers in a magazine and consider it to be fulfilling food for thought.

The question(s) – “Every human being in incarnation has a level of evolution, so there must exist an average level of evolution for humanity as a whole. What was it (1) for the year AD 2000, (2) 2,000 years ago, (3) 4,000 years ago?”

The answer(s) – “(1) 0.25 (2) 0.01 (3) 0.002.”

John C responds: In the first 2000 years (2000BC – 1 AD) the level increased 5-fold.

In the next 2000 years (1AD – 2000 AD) it increased 25-fold. So, the rate is accelerating.

Even if the rate stays constant at a 25-fold increase, over the next 2000 years, we could expect the level to be 6.25 (25 times 0.25).

JJ: Good logic John.

If we extend this logic we will see that these channeled figures are impossible and cannot be correct.

Individualized man has been here since the third root race for over 18 million years. It has taken this long to advanced to the fifth root race. We have two more root races to go which DK tells us will take millions of additional years, quite possibly another 18 million.

We can also figure that it takes around 1000 lifetimes to reach perfection which would be the fifth initiation or higher.

Since humanity is around the midway point in their evolution we could say that the average person has 4-500 lifetimes yet to go.

Now let us put this data to use.

John uses good logic here and tells us that if the next 2000 years continues at the pace of the last two thousand that the average person will be more evolved than DK, close to Christ himself at around 6.25. But we have much more than 2000 years left to complete our evolution and if we project this momentum up to just a million years in the future the average person would be at the trillion level, and, of course there is no trillionth degree in evolution. There are only seven initiations on this earth.

Also consider this. The average person incarnated today has had 3-4 lives in the last 2000 years. Those who are not initiates increase only incrementally (with some momentum) in evolution and three to four lifetimes would move the average person ahead four tenths of one percent. If we add in the momentum for the second half of evolution and a more advanced civilization, we may arrive at a maximum of one or two per cent.

Therefore, if the average entity were at a level of .01 at the time of Christ he it would be generous to say he would be at .0101 (or slightly higher) today.

Here is my take.

The average person was very near .5 at the time of Christ who appeared at the midway point in humanities evolution toward initiation. Because of the tremendous stimulation over the past 2000 years humanity has moved to about .52 at present.

It seems like individuals have evolved more than they have because the circumstances have changed but let me tell you this. If you could go back in time and bring back the average baby from 4000 years ago and raise him in the circumstances of today he would seem like the average person of today and much more advanced than the average person of his era. The truth is his point of evolution would be very similar in both surroundings, but would achieve some extra stimulation from our advanced age – but would make no quantum leap.

So, is there any truth to the common idea that evolution is proceeding at an accelerated rate?

Answer: The rate of increase for the average person is still incrementally slow by most standards, but is increasing because of the stimulation of our more advanced civilization.

However, the disciples of the world are another matter. Those who have taken initiation are beginning to increase in evolution in a geometrical progression when compared to a non initiate.

“When one door of happiness closes another opens; but we often look so long at the closed one that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” Helen Keller (1880 – 1968)

June 10, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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