Parable of the Body


Parable of the Body

In the land of partial lives there lived numerous body parts. Each part had a different shape and a different talent. The head spent his attention on thinking and dreaming. Each eye spent its attention on seeing all there was to see. The nose seemed reasonably happy in merely smelling the beautiful fragrances of the earth. The mouth loved to taste of the many foods that were abundant in the land. The legs were restless and loved to wander around in the land trying to feel what new things were there for them. The arms were not capable of such movement and were pretty much confined to one location, but were expert at taking the materials within their reach and having complete control over their movement and order.

Finally, there was the main body which was controlled by the heart. The heart was a Master of Wisdom whose life energy was connected with all other life energies of completed bodies. He was familiar with the advantages of having a completed body and gazed with a certain degree of pity on the various body parts in the land of partial lives. He knew that they all felt that something was lacking, but the various parts seemed oblivious as to what it was. The heart realized that if he could solicit their cooperation in creating a whole body then they would all be greater than the sum of the parts and by their cooperation and sharing they could have an enjoyment of life beyond anything they have dreamed.

The problem was that each body part was extremely limited on its own and because of the severe handicap that each was under, it would be difficult to get them to see enough advantage to put together a whole body. For instance an eye could see, but it couldn’t get the whole picture without the other eye and without the help of the ears it could hear nothing. The legs could walk but could not appreciate where they were because they had no eyes to see. The arms could reach out, but they were limited because they had no legs to carry them and no eyes to discern the quality of that which they held. Worst of all, none of the parts were connected to the main body controlled by the heart. Without the heart they had no real life. They were deceived into thinking that the temporary elemental life they presently had was all there was.

Heart contemplated long and hard. It greatly desired a completed body, not only for the benefit of the parts, but also for itself. All it could now offer the physical world was love and wisdom, but it was very limited in this and saw that its power to express itself would be multiplied many times if it had a completed body. It had to start somewhere and it realized that the best chance of beginning was with the head. Heart saw that over the years the head had many thoughts, dreams and aspirations, but none of them could hold its attention for long because they lacked the very energy that Heart had. Heart saw that if it could touch a dream of Head with its energy then nothing could prevent its manifestation. Heart waited. It could not energize just any dream, it had to be a special one.

After a long period the time arrived as it always does to one who patiently waits. Head began to feel that there was more to living than just being a head and dreamed a dream of something more, of wholeness. Heart seized the opportunity and poured into the head its feeling of desire and love for this concept. Head then began to realize that this dream was different. This one would not flit away like the others because Head felt love from Heart toward it and knew that it could never let go of something like this because it was leading him to some glorious destiny.

Head began to tune into Heart and Heart was glad so he took his next step and sent Head a feeling of the possibilities of a completed body and asked Head to join him now so the two could become one. Head agreed and when the joining took place Head saw a vision of the completed body. “Now I know the feelings Heart sent me were correct,” said Head. “Now I know we must complete the body and pave the way for many other completed bodies.”

At first Head thought it would be easy to complete a body. “There is such a tremendous advantage for all the parts becoming whole you would think all the partial lives would be thrilled with the opportunity,” it thought.

To Head’s dismay it found that few were interested or would even listen. They all thought that happiness consisted in strengthening the powers they already had. “I want to hear better,” said an ear. “I want to run faster,” said a leg who did not even realize that he needed the support of another leg before he could have any real speed. “I want to smell the yellow roses,” said the nose who thought that there was nothing beyond enjoying a sweet fragrance. All the parts gave a similar reply. All felt incomplete, not because they thought they needed other parts, but because they were deceived into thinking they needed more of what they already had.

The parts seemed to either think the whole body was a pipe dream, or that it was something to be created far in the future. The eye gave a typical response. “Why should I concern myself with being a whole body when I have not seen everything yet? When I can see perfectly and see everything, then maybe I’ll be ready to join a body.”

Head was somewhat disappointed. It knew the body was not a pipe dream and also knew Eye would never see all there was or see it perfectly. It knew the opportunity was now, but was there anyone who could see it?

Finally, Head presented the vision to the mouth and Mouth was curious and sought contact with Heart. Mouth received desire and love for the whole body from Heart as did Head and joined with the two. The three now became one. Head enjoyed using Heart and Mouth to feel and speak its dreams. Mouth enjoyed using the dreams of Head and feelings of Heart to give life to its words. Then too, Heart enjoyed using Head and Mouth to enunciate his desires.

The three labored many years in search of parts who would cooperate in the creation of a body.

Finally came the day when a few parts gathered around Head who were interested in the idea. Some paid more attention than others, but most received some energy from Heart. Thus they began to not only understand, but to feel the sense of purpose behind the body.

Heart sent a message through Head that all those who feel the desire for completeness should make a commitment toward the union and growth of the body. Most eagerly went ahead and did this. Several were not sure and held back to wait for more assurance.

All joined in the creation of the body in the beginning and all felt some peaceful energy from Heart. Heart wished it could send more, but the amount of energy it could send depended on the amount of link-up the members had with itself and each other. Nevertheless, there was enough cooperation that the members generally felt good about the direction they were going.

Some of the members began to struggle with the commitment they had taken. They had promised to use all their power at their command to help in the creation and union of the body. But some did not understand and reasoned among themselves, until one of the legs said: “I am spending too much time helping the body and getting nothing back. I would do more good for myself as well as the body if I strengthened my own muscles and worked with other unconnected parts out there helping them to increase their own abilities. At least my power to stand will be recognized there.”

Thus did the leg sever himself from the body except for an occasional visit to see how they were standing with a leg missing. When he saw the body floundering in any attempt to move forward he thought: “I knew I was right in withdrawing my energy. Just look at the body’s pathetic state with a leg missing.” Other parts nearby who also considered the body a ridiculous idea came and looked and laughed at the body. Some members felt a feeling of shame, others tried to ignore the scorners.

Heart felt a sad feeling and Head felt it with him. Heart said to Head: “This leg was too anxious to receive strength. When a leg joins to support a body it will feel weaker at first because of the extra load. The weakness made the leg discouraged and he gave up before I could reward him with my energy. All parts must receive my energy or they cannot live in the body. If it could have felt a fullness of the talents of all the body parts, it would have received much satisfaction in helping the body move from one place to another and sharing in the feeling, the thinking, the hearing, the seeing, the smelling, the tasting…

“Separative parts may laugh because we are missing a leg, but there are other legs, and if our leg does not come back then I will replace it and the body will stand up again and the strength thereof will overwhelm the severed leg. He will then feel his own ability to stand decreasing whereas the legs attached to the body will grow in strength and fulfillment.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and sup with him, and he with me.

“Do not wait until you are weak to come to me, my friend, help me while you are yet in your strength.”

“You complain that the body is in danger of dying, and rightly so, but you blame it on everything but the real cause. Give me my power to breathe and I will fill you with life. The heart must receive oxygen, but it gives out to all cells in the body more than it receives. Give me power to have oxygen and you shall have gifts and more returned to you. Why do you not believe this? Do you not think that I have power to return the gift? Behold, my power is increased as more parts give, but if one part of my body is not working then I must put my attention on it and either heal it or it must be replaced.

“What do you expect me to do if the ear does not hear, or the eye refuses to see for the body, but only for itself? I make the head feel after it to try and activate it and what answer do we get? You are trying to force us. or you are not letting the ear be the ear.

“No one forced you to seek union through the body, but now you have made the commitment you do have a responsibility to do your share. If I remind you of your responsibility you feel forced, but this is your own fault. Live up to your responsibilities that you have freely accepted and you shall be free. If responsibility makes you feel forced then you should ask the head to be relieved of having any responsibility which is being relieved of your commitment. If a part does not believe in taking the responsibility of living up to the commitment then he should not be under it.

“If the ear is only hearing for itself and not for the body, then I will point out the need for cooperation. I am not trying to get the ear to be anything other than the ear. On the contrary, I am saying that if the ear is joined to the body, then it must play its role and be the ear. I will graciously accept whatever the ear can give, but if it gives nothing at all then it is not being an ear for us, is it?

“Thus saith the still small voice of your Master. Oh ye parts of my body, or parts that aspire to be my body. How can we have a body together unless we are all cooperatively able to see, feel, hear, breathe, taste, smell and move? I need you and you need me, but I will not work with a body that is dead. Be alive and you will feel me. Care for the whole and you shall hear me. Open your eyes and you can see me. I am not far away and the day is at hand when the heart center in the head will be open and you will hear my voice through the head. I will come to all of you in an hour that ye think not. Therefore, be ready.

“Behold, if you listen to the words of the Master speaking within your hearts and do according to the feelings which are from me a great miracle can happen. The ears that were loosely connected upside down will join themselves correctly, cooperate together and the whole body will hear the voice of God together in agreement. The eyes which have been suffering with amblyopia will see together as one and the vision of strength, abundance and happiness through union will be wonderful to gaze upon and the whole body will see it together. The nose which has been smelling yellow roses for itself will then smell the flowers of heaven for the body and send the sweet fragrance of enlightenment to all body members. The arms which have been fruitlessly grasping for purpose in the dark will, with the help of the eyes, be able to see in the light of day that which has always been there. They will then easily reach forth and hold with great strength and surety on to purpose and the whole body together will experience the joy of the creation of God.

“The legs will join their strength, face the same direction and gladly shoulder the weight of the body. They will increase in strength until they will be able to carry the whole body more easily than they carried themselves alone. The throat which has been speaking afar off will be attracted to his right place and put the inspiration of God into words that will make all members proud of the body. The head which has been putting all his thought into the survival of the body will be free to dream new dreams, give the body new goals and vision, and show the parts new worlds to conquer.

“The heart, which has had trouble touching all the parts with its life-force and love, will be free to share the feelings of the peace of God, the fires of heaven, and the bliss of union.

“Can you not see that all are to enjoy the fruits of the body as one life? Each individual part will be able to go wherever it wants with the help of the legs, see where it is going with the help of the eyes, hear the birds sing along the way thanks to the ears, smell the flowers with the help of the nose, gather up valuables with the help of the arms, sing the songs of angels with the help of the throat, dream the dreams of God with the help of the brain, and feel the Love of God with the help of the heart.

“Remember the words of the ancient scripture: The Lord our God is One.”

“May the peace of God be with you.”

May 22, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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