Knowledge and Knowing

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Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  By observing that which is without and reflecting it off that which is within, you can eventually access all knowledge that is available in the universal mind of God.

2  The knowledge of the formless worlds becomes practical when you acquire the ability to still your regular consciousness and shift your attention to the higher life consciousness.

3  No great knowledge will ever come to our consciousness that you are not supposed to have.

4  Often the greatest knowledge will come when the mind is a complete blank.

5  Seek out true sources of knowledge, study and incorporate them into your life. Knowledge dispels error and illusion.

6  It does seem to be a law that all things of value come to us after a period of intense struggle and this would include knowledge.

7  Many are praised for having much knowledge when in reality a large percentage of what is in their brain is not true.

8  In the days of Columbus many thought they had “knowledge” that the earth was flat, but real knowledge was only to be had when it was realized the earth was round.

9  If the seeker has a foundation of twelve pieces of data and has one that is false then all he thinks of as knowledge, which is built on this foundation, may be distorted and not be true knowledge.

10  Soul contact begins as such a “small voice” that you think it is your imagination. But each time you trust in it, the flame is fanned and grows until the light is bright, and the heat is sure, and your faith is replaced by knowledge.

11  Resist the temptation to feed the ego and realize that without the voice of the soul you have no real knowledge.

12  Knowledge without soul contact is useful, but has no guidance.

13  True knowledge (or knowing) is acquired by soul contact.

14  Knowledge with soul contact has two main advantages. First, one has guidance in the correct use of knowledge. Secondly one can know that he knows.

15  Knowledge is connected to the throat center, wisdom belongs in the heart and understanding is directed by the head.

16  Knowledge, by itself, even when confirmed through soul contact, has no stability without the other two legs of the triangle which are Wisdom and Understanding.

17  If knowledge and wisdom are not put to use then it would be as if they did not exist.

18  They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is incomplete knowledge.

19  A large element of control by unjust authority is selective incomplete knowledge that can completely distort reality.

20  The idea behind all knowledge is eternal, but our need for its use is temporary and passes in and out of incarnation.

21  Any time you do not feel free it is because some knowledge is lacking.

22  God’s gifts are always here for me
He knows, I know, and I see.

23  In the Bible the word for sex is “know” the same word which is used as in “knowing God.”  Why do you suppose the ancients used this word for sex and does sex correspond to knowing God?

24  The core, and most important lesson of the perfect sexual climax is, that this is a foreshadowing of the bliss, oneness and joyousness of knowing God.

25  “Knowing God” begins with the still small voice and is almost imperceptible, but it ends with the baptism of fire.

26  If the average person had to choose between great sex and knowing God, he would choose sex because this is something he understands.

27  If we truly realized that the perfect climax is only a foreshadowing of what it feels like to “know God,” then the disciple would have a little more enthusiasm about seeking God.

28  You must prove matters from your own experience.

29  There is a knowing that comes with the Spirit.

30  There is a difference between knowing and knowing that you know.

31  In regular knowing an item seems true and all evidence seems to bear this out. When your soul confirms knowledge you go a step further and “know that you know” because the witness speaks to the real part of yourself which never fails.

32  Communion through the soul is done through the transmission of principles which always lead to pure knowledge.

33  There are other ways of knowing besides psychic vision and different people are given different gifts.

34  One must use [their] power of one-pointed attention to create a point of tension. The point of tension can then break through to Patanjali’s “rain cloud of knowable things.”  Both the heart and the mind, together as one, must participate in this divine focus.

35  One must understand what one is doing to create certain effects.

36  He who has understanding will see how to communicate the knowledge so it will be received and put to use.

37  When our ignorance ceases, we are free.

38  Higher knowledge deals with principles and requires a certain attuning with the spiritual self to be able to apply it.

39  The purpose of revelations past and present is to give us knowledge that is not readily available from the Bible.

40  True gnosis occurs in the plane above the mind, but there are three planes yet above this. This fourth plane is also a vehicle that presents before the mind ideas and principles as in a flash of inspiration.

41  The two keys of knowing are soul contact and the application of the Law of Correspondences.

42  In Atlantis the Masters of Light and the Dark Brothers walked among men and gave them their knowledge, but in this current age there exists a firm decree that the lost knowledge must be earned by man himself by the use of mind and the dominance of mind.

43  To use the inner flame correctly one must be careful about presenting higher knowledge to those unprepared.

44  It is only a matter of time before the true seeker enters the path as a knower.

45  There is no way for us to know all things and understand all things without the experience of both sexes.

46  The fact that you know how to make something does not indicate an understanding.

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Spirit, Spirituality & Spiritual Progression

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “All forms of human endeavor are spiritual if it elevates the soul of man.”

2.  “The closest the average person comes to the higher spiritual sensation is the sexual climax.”

3.  “To make real progress in spiritual evolution one must be willing to accept change, even if his whole belief system is shattered.”

4.  “There is no way one can supply the exterior world with a measurement of spiritual progress.”

5.  “Often those who are making the greatest progress are seen as the greatest devils.”

6.  “If a person believes that he has already achieved the highest contact possible, he will not seek any further.”

7.  “If one truly desires a quantum leap in spiritual evolution for his brethren, let him set up an ensign and remember the ancient law that we become as that which we gaze upon, or that which draws our attention.”

8.  “As we climb the ladder of spiritual progress the number of entities who turn around in their progress lessens because as we move toward greater and greater light it becomes more obvious that it is indeed wisdom to continue forward.”

9.  “After we finish one long cycle of spiritual evolution then, after a period of rest, we will begin another with temptations anew and perils unlike any encountered before.”

10.  “We either go forward in spiritual evolution or we go backward. We never stand still. If we try and just stand still and ‘just be’ as many new agers teach then the person will go backwards on the path.”

11.  “Spiritual progression is directly proportional to a person’s understanding and acceptance of the principle of freedom; therefore, let us contemplate that principle and embrace the greater livingness.”

12.  “A change in direction, belief or thought process toward what seems to be the light does not indicate a leap in spiritual evolution.”

13.  “Gaining much knowledge does not indicate advance in spiritual evolution.”

14.  “Whenever anyone makes a step forward in spiritual evolution he has to earn that step by facing a temporary aloneness and spiritual blackout. If you continue to stumble through the darkness, no matter what, then the light will come back and completely dispel the darkness and the step forward will then become a reality.”

15.  “One who has felt what I call the New Jerusalem feeling will have a sense of oneness and brotherhood with others who have felt it, and those who have not yet had this baptism of fire, yet think they have, will never be able to adequately describe it.”

16.  “This spiritual fire is usually given to you as a witness to some truth that you are supposed to register and incorporate into your life or mission. It gives you a surety that you are headed in the right direction.”

17.  “In this age, the true baptism of fire is very rare and only comes through a high demonstration of faith.”

18.  “You are commanded to “try the spirits whether they are of God.” (1 John 4:1). Remember you are not commanded to ignore the spirits or claim they are from the devil, or to try and destroy them, but ‘try them’.”

19.  “The weakest link determines the power of the spiritual flow.”

20.  “The Molecular Relationship creates the vehicle for the Kingdom of God, but spiritual fusion creates the greater life.”

21.  “Whether it be symbolic marriage or real physical marriage a disciple is considered a virgin before God if he has no spiritual intercourse with false gods.”

22.  “The Beast robs the seeker of his spiritual virginity.”

23.  “Even though we attempt to follow the spiritual path we must still live in the real world and nurture a certain amount of plans and goals to take care of our needs as well as our loved ones.”

24.  “All your desires to tread the spiritual path will be clouded if an unrealized vow is hanging over your head.”

25.  “When a person who has had contact with the Spirit goes against what he has received and reverts back to the old ways and seeks to steady the ark of God in the hearts of others with black and white laws of stone, then such a one will be in danger of being burned by the spiritual fire and can actually physically self destruct.”

26.  “Let me give you and others who receive a spiritual contact a word of warning. The power to hold this contact must be earned and not taken for granted. Approximately three days after a higher contact, the seeker usually undergoes a mini dark night. The void can be so great that he will be tempted to forget, discount or disbelieve his contact. The disciple must make a mental commitment to hold steady in the light and hold the memory of the Presence. This focus will take you through the dark night and eventually toward higher more permanent contact.”

27.  “The subtle authority that controls man and places a veil of illusion between him and the truth must be understood before a group can take the next great step in spiritual evolution.”

28.  “Spiritual oneness encompasses the oneness of the mind and emotions.”

29.  “Before illusion is overcome a person may experience quite a few spiritual contacts through the soul, but the door has yet to be opened completely. But when illusion is unraveled the door swings open wide and a world of vision and new opportunities are revealed.”

30.  “It is fine to enter into the world of soul and then return and be ‘in the world,’ but when the consciousness settles down in this reality, we tend to get spiritual amnesia and lose sight of the soul.”

31.  “Every great step forward is taken in the midst of a point of tension.”

32.  “Progression on an individual basis will only take us so far. The next step is progression as a group of individuals with soul contact.”

33.  “When a person first experiences the spiritual fire he will usually have an initial endowment of power that will have a residual effect for about three days.”

34.  “Lack of progression is something that I have observed in {both} extremes of thought. The literal Bible believer cannot get past his outward authority riveting him into his mindset and the “all is within” person will not take an objective look at reality as it is.”

35.  “Once the male and, or female relationship is in balance then higher non-sexual sharing on a spiritual level can create the next great step in our human evolution.”

36.  “Many in the East and West need to shift the focus of their meditation technique from formlessness to form if they want to make maximum progress.”

37.  “There are those who have prayed regularly all their lives, and made sure others did too, yet the closest they have reached to the soul was the solar plexus emotion.”

38.  “One of the main purposes of soul contact is to reveal to us the next steps in our progression.”

39.  “Time after time the work of disciples fall short of the goal, and mankind does not progress as hoped for. In such circumstances even the Great Ones have to accept what is and move the Plan forward the best they can.”

40.  “An advanced disciple or master incarnate will never reveal his point in evolution publicly.”

41.  “If we follow the highest we know and move ahead to the best of our ability we will indeed make many mistakes, but the pure in heart will discover their mistakes and correct them.”

42.  “The lesser evolved shove to be first. The more advanced push forward without thought of first or last but for the pure joy of service, benefiting the whole and moving ahead to the new plateau of realization.”

43.  “The fact that you’re even seeking indicates that you are at least aspiring to something higher. Either you’re just looking or you’re committed to the purpose of your inner soul. You probably feel inside which category you’re in.”

44.  “The key to progression is always harmlessness.”

45.  “If our desire to be an island of independence separates us from reality then our progression will come to a standstill.”

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The Intuition

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  This is the purpose of the Intuitive Principle – to cause you to contemplate on questions in hope of touching the soul.

2  Probably the most misunderstood higher contact made through the soul is the intuition.

3  Perhaps the most common thing to be mistaken for the intuition is psychic reception.

4  When we speak of intuition we are not using it according to the common definition in the world, for the world does not understand what soul intuition is and therefore is not equipped to give a definition.

5  Intuition operates through the language of principles and psychic impression operates through the transference of information or data.

6  The closest the average person comes to approaching the intuition is in use of ideas.

7  We could call intuition a higher idea stimulated by soul contact and a regular idea a “lower idea.”

8  The intuition uses all the faculties of the lower self including lower ideas, but takes them further.

9  When the intuition works properly, the seeker can often write a book on the one holy instant of downloading what came into the physical brain.

10  In ancient times initiates were often given dangerous tests to force a point of tension to stimulate the intuition of the disciple. Partially because of the complexity of the modern world such tests are not necessary, for in the day to day world of complex situations and living, it is usually possible to create our own points of tension making a trek to a far away pyramid unnecessary.

11  Intuition is ALWAYS accompanied by understanding. He who receives information, but does not understand it, receives it by some other way.

12  Many who teach and claim to have Christ Consciousness possess little more than higher emotional feeling. Such feeling is pleasant, but it does not mean that the world of the intuition is opened up so the Oneness Principle is activated.

13  The first soul contact comes long before development of the intuition.

14  Soul contact opens the door to all higher contacts, and the intuition opens still another door to even higher levels. Intuition could, therefore, be called the revelation of that which lies behind knowledge or the revelation of principles.

15  He who uses intuition reflects the higher light off the mind and filters the knowledge down to the physical brain.

16  Some psychic impression is accurate and some is not, but even if it is accurate this reception works through different principles than intuition does.

17  If a person obtains knowledge outside the normal realm of learning this does not mean he has used the intuition.

18  Definition of Intuition (not found in any standard dictionary) is:  “The reception by the mind, as a result of a point of tension reached through contemplation, of a principle which leads to a ‘flashing forth’ of understanding, which leads to unlimited knowledge.”

19  A child does not use intuition as we have defined it here. A child’s mind is not equipped to do the type of contemplation needed.

20  Those who are the true intuitives of the world will never feel alone and isolated because mentally they are already gathered, or synthesized.

21  Whereas instinct impresses important facts upon the mind of the receiver, intuition impresses the principles behind the facts. He who wields instinct knows. He who masters intuition knows, and knows that he knows, and knows why he knows.

22  As far as I know this is a first for the introduction of new teachings and principles through the intuitive principle which are virtually unrevealed to the world at large.

23  Understand and develop the principle of intuition through which quantums of truth can be downloaded into your mind and understood by the heart.

24  The problem with understanding intuition is that a full realization of it requires a degree of soul contact. If the principle is explained to one who does not have soul contact, this person will not comprehend it.

25  The intuition leads to comprehension of a principle which leads to knowledge and not knowledge or facts only.

26  Without the connecting link of the intuition the mind determines that illusion is real, and because it is full of facts and does not understand all true principles, it rejects or “slays” the true reality.

27  The mind must be led out of deception and illusion by the power of the intuition.

28  The path to the intuition is forged on the plane of the mind.

29  The main obstacle that prevents the mind from finding intuition is that the mind “slays the real.”

30  Feeling alone excludes reason whereas intuition includes it.

31  The intuition is only correctly perceived when heart and mind have been balanced. Without balance great deception will be present.

32  One cannot develop the full powers of the intuition unless he first masters the powers of the mind and its power to reason and see logical correspondences.

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