Your Place on the Path


Oct 2, 2016

Your Place on the Path

Yesterday’s quote read:

“To correctly assess your place on the spiritual path is a great accomplishment. Then you can see the next step to be taken.”

To this a reader asks: “But how do I do that? Do you know your path?”

This is a question of concern for many seekers. What confuses matters more is that most of those who do proclaim their position, or that they are on their last life, are generally way off the mark and give the wrong impression of what an advanced disciple is supposed to be.

The best way to find out is to get confirmation through your own soul, but before that happens you must assess your own self to the best of your ability. Many people think they have received from their soul when they have merely received from their ego filtered through their astral body.

There are four hurdles that each seeker must pass.

The first the maya or illusion caused by the pull of matter. To overcome this the disciple must get control over his physical passions and appetites. Here are some indications of success:

  • If he decides to go on a certain diet or fast he has the power to do it.
  • If he commits to a relationship he will be faithful and will not yield to sexual temptation. He will be faithful to the sexual virtues of his belief system.
  • If he has a goal that demands a harsh physical regimen he can stick to it.
  • Basically, by the force of his will he has a measure of control over the pull of matter which draws him to the path of lest resistance. He can take the path of most resistance and not back down.

This mastery is essential to the first initiation.

The next hurdle is even more difficult and this is to gain mastery over your emotional body.

A few signs of such mastery are:

  • Generally returning good for evil.
  • The person does not respond negatively to insults.
  • He releases his emotions and does not allow them to bottle up.
  • He has neutralized guilt.
  • Slow to anger
  • Does not seek revenge.
  • Has his ego in check so glamour does not control him.

When the emotional body and ego are under control the seeker has basically arrived at the Second Initiation.

The third hurdle is the mastery of illusion which thing has little meaning to the masses because they are controlled by it and often do not see illusion which stares them in the face.

For instance, there is great illusion on both sides of the political spectrum and is one of the reasons that well meaning people on the left and the right have such a huge divide in what they see as truth.

It is ironic that we will often have first and second degree initiates on both sides opposing each other – not because of lack of virtue, but because of illusion. They both sincerely believe the other is misled. In case of a rift one of them is always in error and often both are.

The main question to ask yourself to see if you have mastered illusion is this:

Can I see and understand true principles though soul contact and have I proven to my self that such vision is totally reliable?

Many who have not mastered illusion will answer yes to that question, but if nothing else it will supply a seed thought for reflection on the path to liberation.

So what do you do if you have studied all you can and are still not sure of your place on the path?

The answer is that you certainly do not give up and do nothing. Your life experience and the whisperings from your soul will give you clues. Follow the highest you know doing some type of service that will be helpful to others. If it turns out you have made the wrong decision and should be following another direction the truth will be revealed to you as you move along. But the key is that you must move. Do not become lazy and stand still for any length of time.

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