McCall Gathering 2007, Part 43

This entry is part 43 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Mastering the Ego

Audience: It seems to correspond somewhat to fear or to some force that you have a weakness with and Hercules choking it is like the law of attrition where the lion cannot get air anymore and it is now deflated.
Audience: Is the lion the personality?

JJ: Very close, what part of the personality in particular do you think?

Audience: Ego?

Audience: The pride?

JJ: Right, it is the ego, the personality and the faults and imperfections that go along with it. Why was everybody so terrified of the lion?

Audience: Have you ever tried to reckon with someone else’s ego?

JJ: (Laughing) Right, and especially our own. Remember all this is an extension of Hercules so looking at it this way, as disciples, are we afraid of our egos and our own lower personalities? Are we afraid of confronting that within our selves?

Audience: I think we are afraid to let it go – we are so wrapped up and invested in that being who we really are.

JJ: Right we do not want to slay it do we? We do not want to slay it because we identify with the lower self. We think that is who we really are but the truth is that we are really sons of God. We are really not that lion and we have to slay the personality so that what we really are can shine forth. We are really sons of God rather than just animal man.

Remember one of the symbolisms behind all the animals is the lower nature which is the animal self that has to be either mastered or slain. The animal self has to be mastered or slain in all of us. So it is interesting that this ego scared everybody. Externally if a person with a big ego comes in the room – have you ever noticed that nobody challenges the guy? They almost seem afraid if him especially if he is an authority figure of some kind. Have you ever been in a class where a distinguished professor is lecturing and nobody dares challenge him? Nobody dare asks him, “what makes you think you are right on this issue,” or point or whatever. Or a religious authority is visiting or something and no one asks “what makes you think that you are right?” Nobody dares to challenge the guy.

Audience: He is intimidating.

Yes he is very intimidating. Have you ever been around someone very intimidating and you felt like you did not dare ask him a question? Especially when I was younger I encountered a number of people like that and as I get older and wiser I am more prepared to confront the lion of the ego in myself, and others. When you think back to when you were younger in school, college it is amazing how easily people of renown and respect may have intimidated you.

So the lion represents the ego. Say you are having a party and when a dominant personality enters the room. People get the impression he speaks with authority and he speaks with a lot of ego presence. Everybody just listens and if people disagree with him they will say nothing. I have been in situations where nobody was speaking up and I thought, boy does everybody in this room think exactly the same way that this guy is talking? And so I challenge the guy and have an argument with him and later people will come up to me later and say, you know I really agreed with you and disagreed with him all the time and I am really glad that you spoke up and challenged the guy. It turns out that few really did agree with him but nobody challenged him because he was the like the lion that everybody was afraid to challenge.

Audience: Dan: Sometimes there is just doesn’t seem like there is any point though.

JJ: Yes, sometimes there is not any point and I do not do that all the time because it may be seen as rude or not do any good, but I do it when I feel that the guy has a powerful ego and he needs a little humility. I am on the mental plane like Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the physical plane and if the guy deserves it then I am going to let him have it. But if he is just rambling on and not making any point then fine but when I feel that these people are following him like sheep and the guy deserves to be questioned because he has such a powerful ego, then I am going to ask him a couple of little questions that is going to upset his little applecart.

When you do this, these guys usually get very upset and insinuate, “who do you think you are questioning me?” They are like the Nemean Lion in this labor of Hercules. Like I say though, it mostly applies to us because all of us have the ego to be conquered and mastered again and again.

We are told that we not only meet the lion in this labor but we meet the lion again and again as we go throughout our discipleship. It is not just slain once and then put away for good. We slay it and then it is dormant for a while and then in another lifetime it will wind up surfacing again. So all of us have to deal with it over a period of cycles until the ego is completely mastered.

Now what did it mean when Hercules wore the skin of the lion?

Audience: Well you still have to have a personality.

JJ: Right but he discarded the old skin and put on a new skin, what does this mean?

Audience: As you change you discard the old personality and put on a new one?

JJ: Often in different types of initiations in groups like the Masons you are given a new name and in the scriptures Abraham was given a new name, Jacob was given a new name. It was changed from Jacob to Israel.

Audience: Star Wars.

JJ: Star Wars?

Audience: Yea, you know where the dark lord sith says to Anakin Skywalker “I shall call you Darth Vader”

JJ: Yes the dark side copies the light.

Audience: You have seen too many movies!

Audience: Yes, I certainly have!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: When Hercules was young he had become an aspirant and this caused him to change his personality and to put on a new skin right there. But then when he eventually had strong soul contact he shed his old personality and put on a new one. One of the things the Tibetan says about the personality is the disciple manufactures his own personality after he advances so far.

In other words, he decides what his personality is going to be. And so his personality then becomes developed again to become a useful tool for service, where his old skin was no longer useful and he felt he had no control over it. But the new skin he puts on shows us that he still has a personality that he likes and is useful in the service of mankind. He no longer says, “I am what I am and there is nothing I can do about it.” Have you ever tried to point out a needed change in a person and they say, “Well, that is just the way that I am, that is me.”

I will tell one more story then we will continue. When was on a mission for the Mormon Church every companion I was assigned to had at least one irritating thing about them. On a mission you change people you worked with about every 3 months and I got this new guy and I really liked him and I thought this was somebody that I liked completely except he had one little fault. He sang all day long. He sang Rogers & Hammerstein and at that time I did not like them very well for I liked rock & roll. He would sing this stuff all day long and we would be walking along and he would be singing, “Some Enchanted Evening” (JJ singing the line)

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: Now I was a little bit intimidated by the Nemean Lion in this guy and I did not say anything for about six weeks and finally I could not handle it anymore for it was just about to drive me crazy. Finally, I said, elder, you are a good singer of classical songs (putting it to him as gently as I could) but your singing is driving me crazy! Could you please not sing so much? And he told me – he said, “That is just who I am, sorry.” Then he began to sing again, “some enchanted evening.” (JJ singing the line again)

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: I felt like hitting the guy and knocking him out and boy was I ever happy to get transferred away from him! Laughing!

When Hercules finally went to slay the lion he had to chase it around and this is what we have to do with the ego. We have to pursue it because the ego is very elusive and it makes a lot of noise but once it finds out that you are going to master it and destroy its power over you, you find out that all that power was just noise and it is really afraid of you.

So you have to go after the lower self because the lower self wants to remain in control. You know if you pay attention to your lower nature it is almost like it is a separate entity. For instance, have you ever noticed that if you get angry you feel those stirrings inside of you and if you silence yourself down for a moment and let those emotions continue to rumble you will notice that it is like there are little lives inside of you with a life of their own.

There are little deva and elemental lives that are giving the anger that energy and this is an interesting thing to contemplate that when you feel these emotions they really have a life of their own. We are a composite life of many other smaller lives.

The easiest life to feel is the anger and even afterwards it lingers for a period of time, even if you get yourself in the soul. If you separate yourself and be the observer then you can see that your emotions are really not you but they are a vehicle composed of smaller lives, yet very potent. When these lower lives see that you are after them as a whole to master them and dominate them then instead of them coming after you, you must go after them for they become afraid of you.

The lower parts of our selves do not want to be dominated and they will resist domination completely and change shape or do whatever is necessary. Finally the lion goes and enters into a cave and what does this cave mean? A cave is normally symbolic of consciousness and whenever you have a dream and you dream of going into a room or a cave or anything like this it is a symbol of you entering into a conscious state which is hidden from your normal vision. In other words if you dream of entering a basement it is a symbol of lower consciousness. If you are going up stairs then you are going to a higher state of consciousness but there is usually something in these rooms that is hidden from your normal state of consciousness. So if you ever dream about going into rooms or a cave pay attention to what is going there because there will be clues there to what your subconscious mind is trying to give you that you are not catching onto in your physical life.

So the ego goes into this cave and Hercules goes after it in the depths of his own consciousness to try and find the ego but he cannot find it and the ego has disappeared. So the disciple searches for the ego to master and when he goes inside of himself he concludes that maybe my ego is not here after all and maybe I am okay and everybody is okay.

Then he finds the lion roaming around outside again terrorizing the neighborhood and he finds that he does have an ego to master after all. So what he finally does is to seal an exit. He recognizes that the ego is in his consciousness and the lower self has to be dominated and he is going to find it this time and is not going to allow an exit.

He goes into his own consciousness and examines himself and comes face to face with the problems created by his own lower personality. He finally realizes and comes face to face with the fact that his lower personality is creating a lot of problems for himself, his friends, his family, his community and it terrorizes and creates difficulties and problems.

Have you ever noticed that people often want to avoid someone with a very powerful personality? People think that the guy with a strong personality is well-liked but the truth is that few really want to be around him because of a powerful personality. They may want to be around him in maybe a professional relationship that serves their need but in the private intimate relationship the lion has few true friends for himself until he dominates the personality because people are agitated, irritated or scared of the powerful ego.

So the disciple comes face to face with that in himself. You will notice that many people that do become teachers have powerful personalities and many of them are hard to bear in normal or intimate circumstances. I hope I am not too hard for you people bear for I have been accused many times of having a powerful ego myself and I am sure every teacher has, but eventually everybody must come face to face with that ego and not allow it to exit and dominate it and slay it. Then one must take its skin and make clothes for the outer personality in a way that is intelligible and usable for the disciple.

You will notice that when Hercules goes into town wearing the lion’s skin that the lion’s skin is now a usable thing and does not scare anybody because that old life that was in it does not exist anymore. The new life of the soul which is now Hercules is now covered by the skin so when the soul is covered by the personality and within the personality is the dominate soul of Hercules then the people rejoice and are happy to have the skin of the lion there where before they were afraid or they did not like the lion in their community.

Audience: Could this labor correspond to the dweller on the threshold or not?

JJ: It could. Several of the labors in here could correspond to the dweller for the ego could be part of the dweller experience. I would not say it is directly related to the dweller because the ego does not attack us, it feeds us whereas when we go after the dweller it will attack us head with in a full frontal assault. It is a little bit similar but the personality itself is not the dweller. If I remember correctly one of these other labors, maybe involving the hydra, could more correspond to that dweller.

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 42

This entry is part 42 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Nemean Lion

This next is a very interesting one and it is Curtis’s favorite because he is a Leo and it is about the slaying of the Nemean lion. There was once this land where people lived that was plagued by this giant, terrible, frightful lion. He roamed the countryside and if anyone got into his way he tore them to pieces and ate them and this terrified the people who lived there and they were afraid to go outside. People were starving to death because they could not even plow their fields for fear of getting eaten by this horrible lion. They did not leave their homes unless their life was at stake and this whole land was filled with terror because of this lion. He was a terrible thing and they were praying for some type of deliverer to come and free them from this horrible nightmare they were trapped in.

Hercules was told to go and free the people from the Nemean Lion. So all he takes with him is his trusty club along with his bow and arrows. So when goes to the land where the lion is they see that he traveled light with hardly any weapons. They wanted a man with armor and many weapons because this lion feared nothing. They wanted someone to put the fear of God into it and destroy it.

The people did not have much faith in Hercules because he traveled light but Hercules was sublimely confident and told the people that they did not to worry that he would take care of this lion. One day the lion shows up terrifying the land and its people and he spotted Hercules and he started to run towards him. Hercules did not run from the lion and this was the first man the lion had ever met who was not afraid of him.

Hercules stood his ground, prepared to fight the lion and as the lion approached him he became a little nervous thinking, “Why is this man not afraid of me?” He came very close to Hercules and let out a terrible roar that made the trees shake and Hercules just stood there ready to do battle with the lion. This made lion a little nervous so he took off and hid from Hercules. The story continues where Hercules had to pursue the lion. One time he got the lion within his line of sight and he shot an arrow at him and it just ricocheted off the lion and did not even hurt him.

Hercules wondered how he would kill this lion, he seemed to so powerful, but Hercules was determined to proceed because this was his mission so he had to kill this lion. He pursues the lion through the forest and the lion keeps evading him until finally they come to this cave.

Here Hercules has an idea, he will chase the lion into this cave and then the lion will have to face him. The lion goes into the cave and Hercules follows only to find that there is no lion in the cave and he cannot figure out where the lion went to, so he waits and he chases the lion in the cave again and once again the lion is not in there. So Hercules looks around the cave and he finds that it has an exit out the other side and he figures out that when he chases the lion in the cave, the lion then exits out the other side and escapes.

This time Hercules seals off the exit so that he cannot escape and has the lion cornered. He realizes that his bow and arrow are useless against the lion and the only way for him to kill him was with his bare hands. So he approaches the lion with only his bare hands and a great struggle ensues, after a great struggle with the lion he chokes him to death.

The garb that Hercules wore was made from the lion that he had killed when he was a child and this was very worn by now so he discards it and takes the new skin of the Nemean Lion that he had just killed and he asks his teacher if he could wear it to substitute for the old skin and the teacher said yes. So he put on the skin of the Nemean Lion and goes back to the towns’ people and explains to them that he has killed the lion and they are free. Hercules is wearing the skin of the lion. There is rejoicing throughout the land and Hercules is the hero, and he has accomplished his mission.

JJ: What do you suppose the lion represents?

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 41

This entry is part 41 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Mastering the Intuition

Hercules would hold the doe close to his heart for he did not even have to chase him. Now what does this tell us?

Audience: That we are destined to become a part of the intuition.

JJ: Right the disciples pursue the doe over and over again and it gets easier and easier and eventually they develop the intuition to the extent that they can tune into it whenever they want. They can tune into the oneness principle whenever they want and they can have all the knowledge available but until the great struggle is consummated there is great difficulty. They see a little flash here and another little flash there. For instance, I hear a lot of people say they get soul contact and perceive things that are true a little bit here and there but the knowledge is fleeting and the source seems illusive.

Audience: So what connects the link or the anchor? Is that aspiration or focus? How do you create the link as when Hercules shot the doe in the foot?

JJ: Let us go through the symbolism. The arrow symbolizes the mind stretching and searching for truth at a higher level, so, in other words, to shoot the arrow you have to aim with a sure eye. So you are looking for the intuition but it is fleeting time and time again Then, all of a sudden, you spot it at a time when it is just sitting there. You rise to the intuitive level for the first time in many lifetimes. Perhaps you have gotten a glimpse of reality and it is not going away and you are in a state of consciousness which is just there, so you focus with your mind and anchor that position.

We have to create an anchor to keep the higher things with us. The will of God when perceived is fleeting like the intuition. There has to an anchor made with all higher realities and that is symbolized when Hercules shoots the arrow part where it anchors the higher and the lower in his consciousness and then he can go back and reflect on that moment when he had that higher state of consciousness and anchor it in the mind and secure it in consciousness. This allowed Hercules to capture the doe and keep it with him close to his heart.

Audience: So you basically focus and reflect on that bit of intuition that you had and contemplate it until it becomes anchored.

JJ; Right, in the beginning the doe is just fleeting about and you are not even sure you are seeing it because it fleets about so fast and you think, did I see the doe or did I not? I thought I saw and I saw enough to that I think it is there so I am going to pursue it. Eventually you have some experience come to you where heaven and earth is united within you. You use the intuition and you know you are focused upon it and you are sure of it and keep it in your sights and anchor it to the higher and lower self so you can return to that moment and retrieve the intuition of that thing anytime you want.

But there are all kinds of things to learn through the intuitive level and you will earn them and have to re-capture them. When you do it the second time is easier and the third is easier still and then eventually the intuition of the doe comes to you because it becomes your friend. Eventually you do not even have to search for it and it will come to you.

Audience: What is the meaning of putting the doe on the sacred alter?

JJ: this is a good question. It means that the things that you received from the intuition, you return to the alter of God. In other words, you give credit to God and you recognize that God is the source of the things that come through the intuitive mind.

Audience: I was thinking sacrificial.

JJ: No it is not a sacrifice but a dedication to God.

Audience: What is the relationship to the sign of Cancer with intuition?

JJ: That is a good question, Cancer is a water sign and Cancer is represented by the crab that sticks his arms and legs out into the feeling world and then brings them back and he does it very cautiously at first. He senses all these feelings for this is a normal thing for him. Now intuition is a higher octave of feeling.

The orthodox interpretation of Cancer concerns dealing with regular emotion, but here in the labor of Hercules we are talking about the higher level of feeling which is intuition so it is a little bit like the crab who explores the feeling world a little bit at time. It explores then withdraws, explores then withdraws, until it is finally able to feel comfortable with all those feelings out there.

He does the same thing on the higher world but he explores and gets a little taste of the intuition withdraws and then explores a little more until he immerses himself in the intuition and it becomes his friend so to speak.

Those who fought Hercules and tried to stop him were Artemis, which is instinct, and Diana the huntress which represents the intellect. Then there is Apollo the sun god who truly owned the intuition. In other words the intuitive level belongs to God within and that is where it rightfully belongs.  Then there is the false God without that is the source of illusion.

But there are two goddesses that claim it who do not have a right to it. In other words, many people think that instinct and intuition are the same thing and they are not. They are two different things. What is the difference between them?

Audience: Instinct is a built in drive of survival and intuition is a developed higher feeling nature that you have to acquire with hard work, attention and focus.

Audience; From my view it seems like instinct is submerged in details and facts of a situation and its nature is to react and respond to a stimulus whereas intuition is all above it and has that overshadowing kind of effect, it can understand and see.

JJ: Natives in the jungle are very instinctive because they are  in tune with the animal nature so they get a feeling when it is going to rain or they may know that there are certain dangers from an animal in the jungle that guys like us would not have a clue about. Or they may have a feeling as to where and find water or something like that.

Animals are very instinctive; they are instinctive as to when there is danger and this where their instinct helps to save their lives. Instinct is not intuition and because they are both kind of supernatural they are often times lumped together but they are two separate things. Intuition is a much higher octave of instinct in the fact that intuition is a super sensory thing that takes us to the intuitive plane where we bring down ideas, concepts and principles so that it is registered in the brain.

When this happens it does not have a lot to do with instinct, but just like instinct keeps us alive physically the intuitive nature keeps us alive spiritually. Now the other person that claimed it was Diana the huntress who represents intellect. She thought that the intellect, especially the higher intellect was the same as intuition. Because many people look at a problem and solve it through the intellect and they compare this to somebody else who has solved it through the intuition they think they are doing the same thing but they are not.

Solving something through the intellect can take you so far but in the teaching state, the mind slays the real and you get to the point where you reach a dead end with the intellect alone. You can solve a lot of problems with the intellect alone but in a lot of areas especially when we get into the spiritual dimension we reach a dead end and the most popular dead end for the intellect lies with a simple question, “Is there a God?”

You can make an intellectual argument for the existence of God and you can make an intellectual argument for their not being a God. The only way you are going to get a higher grasp of it is through the intuition – not through the intellect because you reach a dead end with it. You get into the intuitive level and when you get that flash of that doe you think that doe belongs to God and “if I follow that doe, I can find God.” This turns out to be true.

Many atheists have broken through the veil of atheism by seeing a glimpse of that doe after they hit that dead end and they think I am going to follow that doe to see if it does lead to God and they find out that it does. They discover God and find out the mystery through the intuition rather than the intellect. Then after they find out they use it again and again and again and they go and pursue the intuition and discover many dimensions of learning that was beyond what the mind alone could do. Every time something is discovered through the intuition seekers also find that it is satisfying to the intellect. It is logical and it makes sense and the person will ask, how come my mind could not figure this out because in hindsight it is really pretty simple. But to discover it they needed the intuition.

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 40

This entry is part 40 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Capture of the Doe

Next is labor four – the sign of Cancer, the capture of the doe or hind. Hercules was told go and capture this doe which is very quick on its feet and runs around in the woods, and it is very fleeting. He says this is a real simple test for you Hercules; all you have to do is go and capture this doe and take it to the sacred alter. Hercules says, well that sounds pretty simple.

There are a couple other problems involved though; there are several other people that claim the doe. Diana the hunter who claimed to have ownership of the doe, Apollo the sun god claimed the rightful ownership and Artemis also claimed ownership as well. So three other gods claimed ownership of the doe and the presiding one says to Hercules that he might have a problem with them but go and find the doe anyway.

Hercules goes to the woods and every time he sees the doe it is very quick and fleeting. It feeds quickly and then jumps into the woods again. So he searches and catches another glimpse of it and pursues it and loses it again. It is just gone, it is really a very fast little thing for it goes through the pastures and it fleets through them very quickly and then it is gone.

On top of this, the other two gods, Artemis and Diana think they own it so they do everything they can to subvert Hercules and they trick him into not finding the doe. And for a long period time he just catches a glimpse here and a glimpse there and he has the hardest time trying to track down this doe – it is not as easy as he thought it was going to be.

Then finally he catches a glimpse of the doe in a pasture and very quietly he pulls his bow and arrow out and he shoots the doe in the foot and that slows it down enough to where he is able to grab it. He grasps it, holds it close to his heart and takes it to the great central alter of the gods. The gods accept the doe and tell him this is good and they will keep it but Hercules wanted to keep it to himself because he had spent so much time searching and tracking the doe. The gods said no, that he had to let it go.

So he left it at the sacred alter and then he came back the next day and found that the doe was not at the alter but fleeting around the woods again. He said boy this is weird what is going on here I took it to the alter and now it fleeting around the woods. I thought they wanted it left at the alter. The great teacher said to him, the doe must be captured again and again and again until it is held close to the heart and you are entirely familiar with it.

Does anyone have any idea what this doe is?

Audience: The soul?

JJ: Close, something discovered through the soul.

Audience: Wisdom?

JJ: No

Audience: Soul contact?

JJ: No

Audience: The mind?

JJ: No

Audience: Intuition?

JJ: Correct, we are all disciples like Hercules and commanded to go and find our intuition and when we first begin to develop it we just see a flash of it like the doe flashing through the woods and we say what was that? And when we first catch a glimpse of it we think that there is something important there but it came and went so fast that we didn’t get it. But you get a sense this is something one must pursue because there is something important in finding the intuition. So he continues to pursue it and he catches another glimpse and another glimpse and another glimpse and he does not get discouraged. He does not quit because the more he catches a glimpse the more the disciple understands that developing intuitive powers is extremely important. So finally he catches a glimpse of the doe in the pasture and he pulls his trusty arrow and he shoots the doe in the foot. Do you have any idea what that would symbolize?

Audience: Attention, focus?

JJ: does anyone remember what the Antahkarana is in the words of the Tibetan?

Audience: The link between the monad and the personality?

JJ: It is the link between the higher and the lower self. He established an anchor with the intuition, an anchor between the material side of life and the intuition. You establish that anchor by striking it in the symbolic foot. He did not strike it in the heart – he did not kill the intuition but it established an anchor or a link and by establishing a link with the intuition he was able to hold it close to the heart as he did when he carried it to the alter of God.

When he took it to the alter of God it seemed like he would then have it forever but it was released and there it was fleeting back in the woods again. This tells us that we have to establish an anchor and then we let it go a little and leave everything in the hands of God and behold all of sudden we pursue another line of endeavor and we find that we have to pursue the intuition all over again with another line of endeavor.

When we pursue the intuition the first time it leads us to the answer of some mystery or question or some principle that we are reflecting upon and then we get a full knowledge of that one thing. Then we have to leave it at the altar but when we want to seek another avenue of learning we find that the intuition is floating about the woods again. We have to rediscover it all over again.

It is interesting the story ends with Hercules staying at this particular place and going in and out of the gate of this particular labor and pursuing the doe over and over again not because he has to but eventually because he enjoys it. After a period of time going in and out of the gate, meaning going in and out of incarnation, he pursues the doe again and again and it says eventually the doe will become a friend to Hercules and later the doe even comes up to him. They become so close together that often times the doe would come up to him and Hercules would hold the doe close to his heart for he did not even have to chase him. Now what does this tell us?

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 39

This entry is part 39 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Journey to Wisdom

JJ: So next in his quest Hercules comes across Prometheus – another human being who is being tortured and in dire need. He thinks he is giving up his quest for the golden apples when what is really happening?
Audience: He is getting closer to them.

JJ: Right, he was actually taking one of the real steps toward the golden apples and that was service. To get the golden apples of wisdom one of the paths that we have to take is service, to be of service to all men, to be able to help people alleviate their pains. Prometheus represented humanity as a whole. The vultures were picking at his solar plexus. This depicts our emotional nature for our emotional nature gives us much grief and pain. Understanding our emotional nature and our complexities and being able to help people that are in emotional pain and lift them out of it requires a lot of wisdom. If a person is in a physical situation like Prometheus it is a bit different but when we switch over to an emotional nature, solving emotional problems like being a marriage counselor is probably one of the most difficult jobs on the earth.

Audience: Wasn’t Prometheus bound to that rock because he stole fire from the gods?

JJ: Yes that is part of the story as a matter of fact Prometheus shows up again in another labor and we will talk about him more then.

Audience: So Prometheus as a symbol is all of humanity doing what? Evolving?

Audience member answering: When Prometheus stole fire from the gods it is like when we get an inflated ego from our actions and so he had to suffer. The graphic suffering being his liver, he suffered this by day but it healed by night because it is in the darkness of ourselves that we struggle and then we come back around to that feeling of wholeness and self humility that we arrive at and that is just the story of man.

JJ Okay thank you, now Atlas was holding up all the cares of the world on his shoulders what does this represent?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: One of the interesting statements from Jesus is, “Follow me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” When you think of the story of the crucifixion you do not really think that. Whether or not your burden is light is not dependent on what is happening outwardly. It is interesting that people believe that He took upon himself the sins of the world. He went to the Garden of Gethsemane and he sweated blood and then he goes to the cross and yet He says my yoke is easy and my burden is light!

Now if He can say, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” why can’t we say that? We look at our own lives and we think, wow I have it harder than anybody I know. Many people think this about themselves. Of course we do not know everything that is going on in everyone’s mind but once you explore a little bit you find that most people think they have it pretty tough. So it is interesting that He made that statement “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” when he faced such a monumental amount of pain that He had to go through. This boils down to attitude.

Atlas stands for humanity and we as human beings think that we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders and we are waiting for Hercules the higher self to come and take that weight off of us. We are all waiting and let me ask you this – where is the Hercules in our lives that all of us are waiting for? For some people it may be your parents, for others it may be your spouse. For some it may be your Guru, for others it may be dying and going to heaven. Some say, “I am not going to be burdened anymore, this life is the pits but Jesus is going to reward me when I go to heaven. We are all waiting for Hercules to come and take the burden off of our shoulders. What did Hercules find out about the burden?

Audience: The world was okay without him holding it up.

JJ: Yes the world can take care of itself. It was all for nothing and there was no burden to be worried about. In other words, the things that burden us down and make us feel the weight of responsibility is built on illusion and is not even really there. That is why even when Jesus was faced with a terrible situation he could say, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” – because of the way He looked at the situation.

As a matter of fact there was a story in one of the apocrypha books that was supposed to be written by Peter. When Jesus was being nailed to the cross He was laughing. I thought that was kind of funny but on the other hand I think it is entirely possible that it may have been true.

Since Jesus was a Master of the physical world it is quite possible that He could have negated the physical pain if He so chose. He might have thought the situation was kind of amusing.

So it is interesting that what maybe really happened could have been totally different than the Passion of The Christ as presented by Mel Gibson even though that movie does make you really think it is quite possible that the reality was quite different. Maybe His yoke was easy and His burden was light clear to the end. There was one great struggle He had which was in the Garden of Gethsemane which was like one of the labors of Hercules where we have to face a great crisis. We will talk more about that as well.

Lets move on. It turned out that Atlas and the three maidens were guarding the tree and when they saw that Hercules had obtained wisdom, that he desired to serve and to alleviate people from their suffering. This produced wisdom so they gave him the golden apples freely. But then when he had the golden apples he decided he would just leave them there for the next person. He did not even eat them himself but saw that the best thing to do would be to leave them for the next traveler.

It is interesting that when he had the physical apples that he chose not to partake in them. Why? Because wisdom is not physical. You cannot hold wisdom in your hand. Anything representative of wisdom he would leave it for the next guy and he would find out the reality of it as he goes through the same struggle. I think that is a beautiful story.

Audience: We had Aries and Taurus, did this come in as a Gemini?

JJ: Yes the golden apples are in the sign of Gemini and one of the lessons that we overlooked was the fact that he had to learn the duality of things because the Gemini represents the dualities. So on his search for wisdom he balanced off the outward with the inner. The two sides of the Gemini are the outward and the inner, matter and spirit as he balanced them together and by finding that balance he obtained the wisdom.

JJ: There is a story of a student that came to Socrates and he says, Socrates I want wisdom and knowledge like you have; what do I have to do? And that is what Hercules asked, where do I find the golden apples? And he was told “I am not going to tell you.”

Socrates said to the student, come out with me and wade in this lake about waist high and I will show you The student said okay so they wondered out into the lake about waist high and Socrates grabs him by the head and pushes his head under water and holds it there about a minute and then brings his head up. The student says what in the world did you do that for? Socrates says, when I had your head in the water what did you want more than anything else in the world? He says air and the longer I was down there the more I wanted it. Socrates replied, “When you want wisdom as much as you wanted air you will then be as smart as me.

I’ve always liked that story which likened to Hercules wanting wisdom, Hercules wanted wisdom like he wanted air and he searched for it and he did not give up and when he found it was not in the way that he thought he would find it. When he was being delayed by helping Prometheus, Atlas and all these other guys that was really part of his journey in finding wisdom. The finding if the wisdom was in the journey not in the ultimate destination. It is a little bit like fun; fun is in the journey, not in getting there.

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 38

This entry is part 38 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Finding the God Within

JJ: So let us go through this parable and examine it. What do you suppose the golden apples represented?

Audience: Truth?

JJ: Close

Audience: Wisdom?

JJ: Right the golden apples represented wisdom. In this life Hercules had to learn wisdom. For the third labor of Hercules  he was sent and not given much instruction. Now how do you tell someone how to go and learn wisdom? How do you learn to be wise?  How do you learn to make the right decisions? You learn it by going through it.

When in a quest in search of wisdom we get help along the way and others who have trodden the path come and give us good advice. This was the first thing that his teacher from the other side saw and so he sent him a Nereus to give him hints, and what did Hercules do? He ignored the hints saying, “well that does not sound like much help to me, I will find my own way.”

So Hercules ignored Nereus and this happens to us in our efforts to find wisdom. We get a lot of good advice but we often ignore it. Because if we have not gone through it, even though the advice is good, it is very difficult to see whether the advice is good or bad. How often have we been told something by our parents, by other teachers, by wise people – something that we ignore and then later on in life we think, boy you know that guy was right after all or my father and mother were smarter than I thought they were or something like this. The first step in learning wisdom is ignoring what we are told. This seems like a step backwards but it is a necessary step on the path to wisdom because wisdom has to be discovered pretty much on our own through our own experiences and somebody cannot just come and give it to us.

Even though the advice we are given is good we have to learn how to incorporate it into our lives so that we can really grasp it and hold on to it. The next thing Hercules did was wrestle a dragon and what do you suppose the dragon represented? The dragon represented illusion – and glamour, which also leads to illusion. We think we are really important and then we have wrong beliefs that we are tricked into believing that we have not unraveled yet and found the full truth behind and so on the path to wisdom we have to face these glamours. We have to face our ego; we have to face all the things that have been tricking us, the things we have been taught that may or may not be true. When Hercules attacked the dragon and tried to overcome it what happened?

Audience: The dragon got stronger.

JJ: The dragon got stronger. So if we just tackle our ego and illusions directly and wrestle with them they only get stronger. How did Hercules overcome the dragon?

Audience: He lifted it into the air.

JJ: He lifted it into the air, was does that symbolize?

Audience: Higher mind

JJ: Right, he lifted it into the light of day, the light of reasoning, the light of the mind, the light of the soul, and in the light the wrong beliefs, the illusions, the glamour and the ego – the feeling of self-importance that we have are all put into the right place. When they are in the right we slay the dragon that keeps us from the golden apples.

Then Hercules continued on his way and encountered perhaps his biggest problem of all and what was it? He was deceived by the false teacher. Have any of you ever encountered a guy like this before who just captivated you.  You thought, wow this guy is great, he is almost like God and I can trust everything he says. So what did this do to Hercules in his search?

Audience: He stopped searching.

JJ: Yes, he stopped his search. Remember that Christian bumper sticker that says, “I found it?” When you find it then you stop your search for wisdom because you found it. I found Jesus or some guru or some politician and I have been searching for the right guy and now I have found him so now I can rest.

But wisdom is a growing thing and you can never get all the wisdom in the universe so you never stop looking for it. When you find the ultimate teacher, the ultimate philosophy, then you stop in your search for wisdom and it ends and not only does it end, but you start going backwards. And when does it go backwards? When the teacher turns on you and he binds you with chains.

First it looks as though he is going to free you. He is going to free you because you do not have to search for golden apples anymore. You can end your quest – it is over – you have found it and that is it. The disciple may say something like, “I am saved by the blood of Jesus, I have found my guru and my guru is god, and I do not have to think anymore because he knows all the answers and I just ask him and what he says is it, there is no questioning.”

So the teacher binds you with chains for a whole year. A year is a symbolic amount, meaning quite a long time. This is what happens to a seeker – they are often bound not only for a year but for a lifetime and often several lifetimes in a certain belief system that hold them in bondage and keeps them from looking within and discovering wisdom. This keeps them from being reliant on the true God within and they rely on the god without instead.

The Beast of the Book of Revelations is really the god without. When God is substituted by a human being, a thought system, a book or anything in physical form, when you look toward that something without as being in the place of the God within, you are worshiping the beast in the Book of Revelations.

The mark of the beast on the right hand symbolizes that you will not do any labor unless it is approved by your outward authority that has taken the place of God. The mark of the beast on the forehead symbolizes that you will not think any thought unless it is approved by this outward authority which has taken the place of God that sits in the temple of God and shows himself to be God. Ten we have the 144,000 who have escaped the mark of the beast. Instead of a mark in they have the name of God – and where is that name written?

Audience: Within

JJ: Within where? Within their foreheads. The 144,000 that are free from the mark of the beast have found the name of God written in their foreheads. What is the name of God? It is basically you – you are one with God, like Christ taught, “I and my Father are one and you are to be one with me as I and my Father are one.”

In other words, when you realize where God, the Father is you become free. Jesus said that the “Father is within me” and so when you recognize that the true authority, the true teacher and the true wisdom is within then you no longer have the mark of the beast on the right hand because your actions are determined from within. You no longer have the mark of the beast on the forehead because your thoughts and what you believe is determined by what is verified within.

Both within and without are important, we can’t say everything is within and we can’t say everything is without because the universe is a composite of everything within and everything without but the purpose of that which is without is to stimulate and the purpose of that which is within is to verify.

You notice all these things that happened to Hercules stimulated him. They happened in the world without and they stimulated him and when the lesson was over it was verified within himself. Deep within the very core of his being he registered the truth of what was taught him from without.

It took him a whole year of being chained by this teacher before he thought something is wrong with this picture. Now imagine the first six months he accepted him and he says well I guess the teacher has his reasons for chaining me here. After all, he is infallible.

Then eight months, nine months and finally after a year he begins to smell a rat. Each of us can only take suppression so long no matter how much you believe in a book a person or a thing. After so much time being chained the Son of God will rise up and break the chains and say I am not going to take it any longer. And this is what Hercules finally did.

He could not take his teacher any longer and the cute part of the story is that he took the teacher and he chained him to the chair and left him to fend for himself. Now his teacher could begin to understand the same lesson that he just learned because he had yet to trod the path that Hercules had taken.

This is interesting because often times the teacher is not as advanced as the student. One for the teachings of the ancient wisdom is that you should not allow yourself to be spiritually taught by somebody that is farther back on the path than you yourself are or you will wind up being chained and imprisoned by the person. You know how it is, even in your work career. If your boss thinks you are overshadowing him maybe he will pass you up for promotion and he will do everything he can to destroy you. It is kind of human nature to have that happen. Has anyone ever had that happen before? You show up your boss a little bit and he gets threatened? Show up your husband and beat him in tennis and he gets all bent out of shape.

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 37

This entry is part 37 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Golden Apples of Hesperides

The third labor Hercules and this is one of my favorites. It is the gathering of the golden apples of Hesperides. Hercules was commanded to go and gather these golden apples in this elusive field, he was told it would be difficult and he was not given much instruction as to how to do it. He was just told to go and find the golden apples of Hesperides. This was the third great labor and his teacher sent him on this mission.

He was not even sure what he was looking for outside of golden apples and they were well guarded and so he went high and low around the countryside and asked people everywhere he went about the golden apples and nobody seemed to know where they were. In other labors he confined his search to certain areas but in this one he searched throughout the entire earth – searching north and south and east and west even though he had very few clues.

Finally, the teacher thought Hercules was not making much progress “so we are going to send one of our guys to give him some help.” So they sent him Nereus to help Hercules find these apples. So Hercules kept bumping into him and Nereus kept giving him these hints and Hercules was oblivious to them as he bumped into Nereus again and again. He gave him other hints and Hercules ignored him.

This happened repeatedly until they about gave up trying to help Hercules find the golden apples but Hercules did not give up and kept looking and he finally received a clue. He went south and he found the golden apples, but a great and powerful dragon guarded the golden apples. Now Hercules had fought a dragon just after he was born and he thought fighting this dragon would be easy. He wrestled with this dragon and found that he could not overcome it and he struggled and struggled and the dragon kept getting stronger and stronger and then finally he had an idea. He noticed that the dragon seemed to take power from the earth and so he picked up the dragon and held it up in the air and as he held the dragon in the air the dragon seemed to lose its strength. So he kept the dragon in the air until he died and then he continued on his quest for the golden apples.

Then he met this teacher named Busiris and this teacher seemed to have the answers for everything and was so wonderful that he forgot all about searching for the golden apples. This teacher seemed to have great wisdom and completely captivated Hercules. Finally the teacher turned on him and bound and chained Hercules to a chair and kept him there for a full year bound and chained to this chair.

During this period Hercules still loved his teacher and finally after about a year Hercules realized this was not right – that his teacher should keep him bound like this – and he finally lifted himself as a son of God and he broke free from the chains and took his teacher and bound him the chair with the chains and he left him.

Then he continued on his quest to find the golden apples again. The next step as he was searching for the golden apples he came across Prometheus and he was bound and chained on this mountain and the vultures were trying to eat him up. They were picking at his liver and he was bleeding and he was in great pain. When Hercules saw that Prometheus was suffering so he said I cannot let this man suffer. So he gave up his quest for the golden apples and decided to help Prometheus and he broke Prometheus free and lead him to safety.

So Hercules began his quest to search for the golden apples one more time, and as he was searching for them again he came across Atlas who was holding the world on his shoulders. This was a great struggle for Atlas because he had the whole weight of the world on his shoulders and he was in great pain and discomfort, but Atlas felt a tremendous responsibility and he continued to hold the world upon his shoulders.

Hercules felt sorry for Atlas so he said, “I will give you reprieve. If you will slide the world over on my shoulders then I will hold it for you and you can go free.” And Atlas said well that sounds like a good deal and so Atlas slid the world over to Hercules shoulders and as he did this the world slid off of Hercules shoulders.

It turned out that the world could take care of itself. Not only was Atlas free but Hercules did not have to carry the weight of the world. After this happened Atlas said, “I have the golden apples,” and he went and picked apples from the tree and he handed them to Hercules. Then three maidens also picked apples from the tree and handed them to Hercules. It turned out that the apples could only be found through the journey that Hercules took.

So let us go through this parable and examine it. What do you suppose the golden apples represented?

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 34

This entry is part 34 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Labor One – Controlling Thought

JJ: So Hercules was sent forth on his first great labor in the sign of Aries. In the sign of Aries he was to capture these man-eating mares and these man-eating mares were owned by Diomedes, the son of Mars. They roamed the countryside and they were terrible mares and they of course were female. This was his first labor and it was to be introduced to female energy because that is the greatest mystery for us guys – to figure out – that is how to handle females.

These mares would roam the countryside and if someone got in their way they would run them down. Everyone was terrified of them plus they bred very quickly and the animals they bred were worse than themselves so the situation kept deteriorating. His first labor was to capture the man-eating mares and herd them into a safe place where they would not hurt anybody.

Hercules says I will get my good friend Abduras to come with me and he calls him to come with him and round up the mares. They rounded them up and they were driving them to the pastures where they were supposed to be safely placed. Hercules was very proud of himself and everything seemed to be under control so he tells Abduras go ahead and finish of the job and he will go and tell the townspeople they are safe.

So Hercules went and tells the townspeople this and he gets all the glory. In the meantime Abduras is herding these mares back and they turn on him and Abduras was not strong enough like Hercules, and they trampled him and mortally wounded him.

Now Hercules was in the town receiving all the glory when he heard of this and he went back to Abduras and as Abduras lay dying Hercules had to herd the mares by himself and put them in the pasture where they were supposed to be. And as the story goes Hercules finished the job but Abduras his best friend lay dead.

Then the Presiding One says the first labor is done, but badly done.

We are going to examine the meaning of all this. The symbology of horses signifies thought. They are thoughts out of control. The horses were female and female symbolizes the emotional nature so it would be the emotional nature controlling where thought goes. For instance, let us say that you do not like someone and your mind thinks about how you don’t like him but your emotional sends it forth in ways of gossip, or spreading lies about the person or things like this.

So these are thoughts that are mingled with emotion that are very destructive and they are like horses that roam around the countryside and if anybody gets in their way they run them down, kill them or injure them and they terrify everybody in the area. This is what happens when the person’s thoughts are out of control and not directed intelligently. They create great destruction and people begin to be afraid of what this person is going to come up with next and begin to avoid this person with these destructive thoughts. So this is symbolic of what the disciple must do for his first labor of Hercules. He must learn how to control his thoughts and his speech so they are harmless. Abduras, any idea what he represents?

Audience: I read it already, the personality.

JJ: He represents the lower personality and it takes the lower personality mingled with Hercules, the soul, working together. These two can round up the mares quite easily, which they both did. Then what happened is Hercules thought he had his unruly thoughts under his control so he thinks the soul is not really necessary to control this anymore, it is pretty automatic so he just let his personality handle it.

So his personality tries to handle things but without the energy of the soul his thoughts begin to get out of control again and start to trample whoever is in their way all over again. When the disciple realizes this, that his thoughts are out of control without the soul being there, then the soul has to return and master the situation again and this time make sure the soul is there when the horses are put back in the right pasture. Notice that when the effort was finished, the soul had to be there to bind the unruly and harmful thoughts so that they could no longer be released to destroy his family, friends, his best friend and terrorize the neighborhood and make everyone that came into contact with him feel uncomfortable. People wonder, what is this guy going to say next and have you ever met someone like this? What kind of harmful thought, statement or phrase is he going to come up with next?

Audience: The personality does not actually die does it?

JJ: The personality has the harmful thoughts that are out of control. It does not die per say but that part of the personality that allows the thoughts to be unregulated – that eventually dies and the soul has to dominate. In other words, Hercules had the idea that the lower self could pretty much handle this and when he found out that it could not – that lower self had to be taken out of the way or dead to the situation. He found out that these unruly thoughts had to be taken out and that they can’t be turned over to the lower self. It does not mean that the lower self is gone completely but the lower self lacks control without the help of soul.

Audience: So this was handled badly?

JJ: Yes it was handled badly.

Audience: so was the personality not supposed to die?

JJ: Ideally if it was handled correctly the personality and the soul work together as one. Now it still does this in the end but Hercules turned it over to the personality completely and the personality had no control over the situation at all. So Hercules, or the soul, came back and the soul dominated and the soul had to dominate completely because now the thoughts were even more out of control than ever before.

They were even worse than they were before they herded them in the first time so the soul had to really amplify its power and dominate. If he had done the labor correctly there would have been more of a balance between the soul and the personality. It was interesting that the teacher said that it was badly done but at least it got done. He will fine-tune this as he moves on and even though it was badly done the lesson was learned.

This happens to us in our own lives as we perform our own labors of Hercules where we learn our lessons. Often the greatest lessons we learn are from a labor badly done and I know that is the case in my life. Some of the times that I have learned the most are when I have bungled the most.

I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make is when an employer or somebody gives someone a job to do and they bungle it completely and they have devastated themselves because they did not do it correctly. The guy who gave them the job says, well you screwed up so I am giving it to Smith over here. He should not do that because this guy has learned a lesson that Smith has not yet learned and he is not going to make that mistake again because it is ingrained in his mind.

When I am in charge of anything and somebody has done that I give them another chance because I know this guy has learned an important lesson and you can tell by his attitude whether it has really sunk in. Now if he is really apologetic and feels bad and wishes he had it to do over again then give it to him to over again. He is much more likely to succeed than the guy without that experience because we learn by our failures and this is what a lot of bosses and people do not realize.

They think if you fail then they will get someone else that won’t fail. Well they will probably fail as well and failure is part of the learning process, as long as you accept the failure and want to improve on it. There are people that you may hire that are happy to fail and do not care of they do fail. These are the type of people you do not want to give a job but if they fail and if they really understand the repercussions of the failure and want to succeed next time then this is the guy you should have to do the labor.

I read an interesting account about a company that spent $200,000 training this guy and then after they spent the money he underwent a tremendous failure. Then the boss gave him another chance and another guy comes up to him and says, why do that, the guy failed? And he says, well we spent $200,000 training this guy and I am not going to throw $200,000 away! And he has learned the lesson and he is ready. And that is what they would have done – they would have thrown $200,000 away on somebody that has learned his lesson.

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 33

This entry is part 33 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Disciple Prepares

JJ: Fortunately a lot of the ones that we know are only half way mad like on Susan’s list. They usually only have one or two followers so they are limited in the amount of harm they can cause

Audience: So JJ, are you saying that everyone who taps into spiritual energy goes through a period of madness?

JJ: When they first tap into it, yes. When this happens people go mad in different ways and like I said the madness that I have personally seen from the people I have taught hasn’t been over the edge. They have not gone out and killed anybody but they have still gone kind of mad.

Audience: JJ as a group can we go through these because we were talking about when we first connected as group and we all went a little mad. We all wanted to get together and live in the same city and work together and so on and now of course we realize that we all lives and must continue on our present path. Can we talk about this?

JJ: Well when you first get a taste of the spiritual energy you naturally want to be with others that are like yourself which is normal but it is like Isaiah says, “He that believeth shall not make haste” and like Annie said yesterday, “make haste slowly” so to speak. The Tibetan says that the tortoise beats the hare every time. That is because the hare gets all excited and jumps up and down, and the tortoise proceeds slowly towards the goal and does not stop and he gets to the finish line and always wins the race. So the nuts and bolts person who applies the practical solutions moves ahead slowly and will eventually get there before the excited hare will get there.

The next thing Hercules did before he began his journey is he killed all of his teachers. This is symbolic again in the fact that we were saying yesterday that the person in the Ephesus stage that begins his journey finds that those who were his teachers and apostles proved to be liars and so he discontinued their association. In other words, he killed their association with him.

The disciple learns this – he finds that the people he thought who were teaching him the truth in fact were not teaching him the truth so he eliminated them from his life and this is what the disciple has to do. If he has a priest, prophet, teacher, king or whatever that is misleading him then he must find those that are misleading him and cut him self off from them. It does not say in here that he eliminates all teachers because throughout the whole book the presiding one so always has true teachers available for Hercules.

For every one true teacher there are many false teachers that Hercules has to discover and eliminate from his life. What you have to do is eliminate your relationship with false teachers and what that means is that you do let their teachings permeate you so they do not have a negative influence on you. It is impossible to shield yourself from all false teachings out there because you turn on the TV or radio, open a book or read the paper or the internet and there they are, but you do not let them have any negative influence on you and you no longer have the god outside of you and you only the God within guiding you.

Audience: I think of this scripture a lot, “when I was a child I spoke as a child and when I became a man I put away childish things.” I think that there are some teachers that are there for a child level work, an astral level that eventually you just out grow them and it is not that they are necessarily a false teacher, they are just a lower level teacher teaching a principle that once is learned then it is time to go on to higher principle.

JJ: There is a lot of truth in that too but then when you want to progress unlike in kindergarten, when it comes time to graduate and move to the first grade in real life the teacher says okay it is great that you are moving on, but often in the spiritual arena the teacher does not want you to move on. He wants you to stay there so he can continue to have power over you and so you have to break away from him. So there is a correspondence to what you are saying but then there is that other area where you have to actually free yourself from the teacher. For instance the Mormon Church never said to you, well you have learned everything in Mormonism why don’t you go on to the greater mysteries.

Audience: I did have a teacher like that; he said that if people were following him too long then he would tell them to do outrageous things to make them mad so that they would move on.

JJ: Was he still a good member of the church?

Audience: Absolutely not!

JJ: Okay, what I am saying is that the Mormon Church does not tell that but you had a good teacher and that is a sign that he was a true teacher.

Audience: I always got the feeling that those who are in a seat of spiritual authority that they would like to kill those who do not believe.

JJ: Yes a lot of them still would if it were legal and this is one of the reasons I think that so many people are terrified of the religious people gaining control even though right now they do not have much control. I think people fear them because in past lives these people might have just burned a lot of these guys at the stake and if you are burned to death at the stake for being a heretic and religious people put you death in a painful way and you have come back then you are probably pretty nervous about religious people gaining authority again. You will notice that there are quite a few people that are really nervous about any religious people getting any kind of power in the government and that is probably why – because of past life memories of what was done to them.

Audience: Isn’t Romney running for president this year?

JJ: Yes he is.

So the gods get together and say to Hercules that they are going to help him as much as possible. While he goes through these labors they are going to give him some gifts. So they give him a bunch of gifts, Minerva gave him a robe and it is a symbol of like the mantel of Elijah. Remember when Elijah left he gave his mantel to Elisha, and he said I want the spirit and power from me rest upon you, and Elijah said “I will let my mantel fall upon you.”

Minerva is doing the same thing and letting his mantel fall upon Hercules and give him additional power to do his works. Vulcan came and gave him a golden breastplate symbolizing spiritual power, Neptune came and gave him twin horses which gave him power to control his emotions and his thoughts and his impulses, Mercury came and gave him a sword of rare design. The sword is a symbol of the mind, the power to think and reason.

Apollo came to him and gave him a bow of light. The bow of light symbolizes the capacity to shoot straight to the target, to go straight towards the goal and shoot straight to the heart so to speak.

So Hercules was given all these gifts and he says, I do not feel comfortable taking all these gifts so he sheds them all and goes out into the woods and he finds a living tree. He fashions himself a club of it and he comes back and says, I feel comfortable with this club. I am going to take this club and go and do the mighty deeds with this.

So the gods say that these gifts will be there when you need them. Now this is symbolic of when the disciple begins his deeds he has all of the gifts of the gods. He has all the qualities of the soul within him. He has all these abilities and he does not really believe that he is ready for them and he does not really believe that he can tap into them so instead he gets a blunt club that he fashions with his own hands and is comfortable with this.

We know how to use this club and we start with our club to go do these great deeds that we have to do rather than use these fine tools given to us of the gods but by the time we are done with the labors we know how to use all the tools. But when we begin the labors we are uncomfortable because we think that we are just regular people not capable of getting a great revelation or doing these great deeds.

Unless we are very powerful in the ego we all like to think of ourselves as regular people. This is what Hercules thought as well – that he was just a regular guy and he just wanted to use something he was familiar with. You take an old person who has never been on the computer and put them on the Internet and they would just be all thumbs and say I can never use this. It takes a while for them to get used to the new tools and this is the way we are. We have been using the same tools for hundreds of lifetimes and now finally we begin the labors of Hercules as a disciple and the soul begins to open up and we have all these tools at our disposal. The oneness principle that is out there and all the powers of Godliness are available to us and we are afraid to use them or we do not feel worthy to use them or we don’t feel we have enough skill to use them.

There is deception here. Hercules could have used them earlier but he did not because he went with what he was comfortable with. But the disciple has to start somewhere so he said, give me great deeds to do, I want to go forth! He was eager to go and do great deeds and he said, when you give me these great deeds, I would show you what I can do; I will show you great things. So even though he was hesitant to use the great tools he was confident that he was going to do these great deeds, and he did and he didn’t. Sometimes he screwed up and sometimes he performed well.

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 32

This entry is part 32 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Descent into Madness

JJ: Now it is a common thing among Christians to say, God picks the humble people in the field who do not know anything and He sends them out to accomplish great things. Usually when that happens it is most likely somebody who is very skilled in many areas from past lives and he is just in a humble state. If you examine the great people that came from humble back rounds, like say like Abraham Lincoln for instance, you find that they have great minds. I know when one person came to interview Lincoln and as I told you before the New York Times and all the papers just hated the guy and portrayed him as an ape and things like this.

Well a reporter came to visit him one time and Lincoln was explaining to him that he liked to go to plays and the reporter asked him what one of his favorite plays was, I cannot remember the name of it but it was by Shakespeare. Lincoln quoted him two or three pages, word for word from one of the plays from Shakespeare and the guy was just amazed and astounded and very impressed because he was under the impression that Lincoln was not that bright. People under estimated Lincoln. He was very well educated but self taught and memorized a lot of things and not only things of culture like Shakespeare but he had a repertoire of stories you would not believe.

He had stories about everything. He collected stories and whenever he would get together in a room with people he would say, that reminds me of a story and he would tell some type of story that would bring his point home. The stories were powerful because people can understand them, especially a story with humor behind it. There is no better way to destroy your enemies than to make them look silly and Lincoln had the capacity to do that.

So the true disciples of the world, when you examine them, are very intelligent and learned in their own way. Many of them are not educated in the normal way but are well educated.

Lincoln did not go to a regular school. He mostly educated himself and he had an enormous grasp of knowledge in many different areas that surprised his enemies. Back then all they had was the more elementary communication, not like today where have information at our fingertips.

So all they knew about Lincoln was what they read in the papers and they also had these little paperback rags that were like mini National Enquirers of that day with stories that were circulated about him and other people famous people. Some of it was true and some of it was not. You never knew what was true and what was false back in that day. It is easier to find the truth today. There are a lot more untruths put out but the seeker today can find the truth on the Internet or through other sources if he is willing to look. Unfortunately most people are lazy and if a lot of propaganda bombards them most will just believe it. The few who seek, however, can discover the truth if they s o desire.

Audience: Was Lincoln a walk in where a Master uses his body to do work here with mankind?

JJ: I mentioned that yesterday that I really think he was a walk in. If we have enough time later I will go into this more but for now I would like to cover the labors.

It is also said that Hercules killed a lion when he was young and he wore the lion’s skin throughout his entire life until he slew the Nemean lion. The lion skin represents the personality so he kept the personality within him even though he was functioning as a disciple. He did not destroy the personality but he wore it on him so to speak.

Another story about Hercules is kind of interesting we are told that he went mad for a period of time and killed those he loved. This is symbolic of the disciple when he gets some spiritual energy before he performed the labors when he was aspiring to become a disciple. He points out that when a charge of spiritual energy goes into someone that is unprepared for it, especially when they get it for the first time, that they have hard time handling it and drives them somewhat mad.

I have seen this happen in a number of people that I have even personally taught. You teach them and they get very enthused and then they get wild eyed and get the weirdest ideas you have ever heard of. Fortunately I have not had anybody go and kill his or her family! But what they will do is symbolically kill their family in the fact that they will alienate their family and also their friends because they go a little mad and get some wild-eyed ideas.

For instance I have noticed that when I have taught reincarnation to people that did not know about it earlier and when I teach it to them they get very enthused about it and then not long after they begin to wonder who they were. At first they think they could have been a follower of say Moses or Jesus or maybe they were one of the twelve apostles and then a little bit later some begin to think that maybe they were actually Jesus and next they think maybe they were actually the God of Jesus and they just keep going higher and higher!

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: One guy I taught thinks he is the god of the galaxy and I have not seen him for a while and he probably thinks he is the god of the universe by now. Where he goes from there I do not know but he just keeps going higher and higher. It is amazing how the ego takes over.

Some of these people I have taught in the past definitely had a flow of spiritual energy come to them and they knew that certain things were true and then they turned to madness. Just like Hercules when he received a little spiritual energy he went insane for a period of time.

This often happens to the beginning disciple and he expands into illusion. If he has the ego there then that ego begins to expand the illusion from being a humble guy to a disciple to an apostle to Jesus, to Christ to the god of the world and so on. Some people go the other direction in illusion and think he was Hitler, or the devil and so on because some people have fantasies about being a super bad guy. Then other people have fantasies about being the super good guy.

One of the greatest statements that DK said is this, “True humility is recognizing where you are on the path and acting accordingly.” Once we can do this then we have made a major step in our progression. Almost everybody either thinks they are farther along the path then they are or farther back on the path.

Audience: I think a lot of that comes from if you touch your soul and realize that it is truly grandiose that if affects people in that way because you do touch on greatness and then the personality thinks that it must be great.

JJ: That could be part of it. It is interesting on Susan’s and Sterling’s list that a lot of them think they were somebody great in the past. There is a really big competition there and the problem is these people that are on the forum are ex-Mormons and ex-Mormons are a very unusual bunch. Many have very powerful egos.

Now in the Mormon Church there is a prophecy of one mighty and strong that will come forth and set the kingdom of God in order. After many of them are ex-communicated they think that they must the one that is mighty and strong because the church did not see things their way so they need to set the church in order and be like a Moses.

I have not met one of them that are mighty or strong in any possible way. Most of them have maybe two followers at the most and they all seem to gravitate towards this list that Susan and Sterling have for the ex-Mormons that want to struggle and receive more light.

Some of the people post some interesting things on there but much of it is competition to see who is the one mighty and strong or who is the god of the world or who is the new Jesus. They seem to go back and forth trying to make claims that they are the new mighty and strong one.

This one guy has an interesting story. He does not believe in reincarnation but he believes he is a time traveler and he thinks that he, is all the great people in history, and he fluctuates from one life to the other. He was Adam, Elijah, Moses, the Holy Spirit incarnate, Michael and others. We are all supposed to submit to him and no one does so he is angry and has condemned all of us to hell because he is god and has the authority to do it.

He condemned me to be a son of perdition after I asked him a few questions. He said I have never done this to anyone before but you are denying the Holy Spirit because I am the holy spirit and you are condemned to be a son of perdition for eternity. I thought Ohhh, you scare me so much! Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: there are strange people out there. I have encountered other people who want me to be there spokesman because they say they are Moses. Then there are people like Jim Jones who had everybody drink the poison Kool-Aid and David Koresh who withstood the FBI and what he thought was Armageddon and all these things happened because once a person becomes tapped into a bit of spiritual energy the Herculean person goes through a period of madness for a period of time. If he has a whole bunch of people under his control then those people are in danger.

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