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Descent into Madness

JJ: Now it is a common thing among Christians to say, God picks the humble people in the field who do not know anything and He sends them out to accomplish great things. Usually when that happens it is most likely somebody who is very skilled in many areas from past lives and he is just in a humble state. If you examine the great people that came from humble back rounds, like say like Abraham Lincoln for instance, you find that they have great minds. I know when one person came to interview Lincoln and as I told you before the New York Times and all the papers just hated the guy and portrayed him as an ape and things like this.

Well a reporter came to visit him one time and Lincoln was explaining to him that he liked to go to plays and the reporter asked him what one of his favorite plays was, I cannot remember the name of it but it was by Shakespeare. Lincoln quoted him two or three pages, word for word from one of the plays from Shakespeare and the guy was just amazed and astounded and very impressed because he was under the impression that Lincoln was not that bright. People under estimated Lincoln. He was very well educated but self taught and memorized a lot of things and not only things of culture like Shakespeare but he had a repertoire of stories you would not believe.

He had stories about everything. He collected stories and whenever he would get together in a room with people he would say, that reminds me of a story and he would tell some type of story that would bring his point home. The stories were powerful because people can understand them, especially a story with humor behind it. There is no better way to destroy your enemies than to make them look silly and Lincoln had the capacity to do that.

So the true disciples of the world, when you examine them, are very intelligent and learned in their own way. Many of them are not educated in the normal way but are well educated.

Lincoln did not go to a regular school. He mostly educated himself and he had an enormous grasp of knowledge in many different areas that surprised his enemies. Back then all they had was the more elementary communication, not like today where have information at our fingertips.

So all they knew about Lincoln was what they read in the papers and they also had these little paperback rags that were like mini National Enquirers of that day with stories that were circulated about him and other people famous people. Some of it was true and some of it was not. You never knew what was true and what was false back in that day. It is easier to find the truth today. There are a lot more untruths put out but the seeker today can find the truth on the Internet or through other sources if he is willing to look. Unfortunately most people are lazy and if a lot of propaganda bombards them most will just believe it. The few who seek, however, can discover the truth if they s o desire.

Audience: Was Lincoln a walk in where a Master uses his body to do work here with mankind?

JJ: I mentioned that yesterday that I really think he was a walk in. If we have enough time later I will go into this more but for now I would like to cover the labors.

It is also said that Hercules killed a lion when he was young and he wore the lion’s skin throughout his entire life until he slew the Nemean lion. The lion skin represents the personality so he kept the personality within him even though he was functioning as a disciple. He did not destroy the personality but he wore it on him so to speak.

Another story about Hercules is kind of interesting we are told that he went mad for a period of time and killed those he loved. This is symbolic of the disciple when he gets some spiritual energy before he performed the labors when he was aspiring to become a disciple. He points out that when a charge of spiritual energy goes into someone that is unprepared for it, especially when they get it for the first time, that they have hard time handling it and drives them somewhat mad.

I have seen this happen in a number of people that I have even personally taught. You teach them and they get very enthused and then they get wild eyed and get the weirdest ideas you have ever heard of. Fortunately I have not had anybody go and kill his or her family! But what they will do is symbolically kill their family in the fact that they will alienate their family and also their friends because they go a little mad and get some wild-eyed ideas.

For instance I have noticed that when I have taught reincarnation to people that did not know about it earlier and when I teach it to them they get very enthused about it and then not long after they begin to wonder who they were. At first they think they could have been a follower of say Moses or Jesus or maybe they were one of the twelve apostles and then a little bit later some begin to think that maybe they were actually Jesus and next they think maybe they were actually the God of Jesus and they just keep going higher and higher!

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: One guy I taught thinks he is the god of the galaxy and I have not seen him for a while and he probably thinks he is the god of the universe by now. Where he goes from there I do not know but he just keeps going higher and higher. It is amazing how the ego takes over.

Some of these people I have taught in the past definitely had a flow of spiritual energy come to them and they knew that certain things were true and then they turned to madness. Just like Hercules when he received a little spiritual energy he went insane for a period of time.

This often happens to the beginning disciple and he expands into illusion. If he has the ego there then that ego begins to expand the illusion from being a humble guy to a disciple to an apostle to Jesus, to Christ to the god of the world and so on. Some people go the other direction in illusion and think he was Hitler, or the devil and so on because some people have fantasies about being a super bad guy. Then other people have fantasies about being the super good guy.

One of the greatest statements that DK said is this, “True humility is recognizing where you are on the path and acting accordingly.” Once we can do this then we have made a major step in our progression. Almost everybody either thinks they are farther along the path then they are or farther back on the path.

Audience: I think a lot of that comes from if you touch your soul and realize that it is truly grandiose that if affects people in that way because you do touch on greatness and then the personality thinks that it must be great.

JJ: That could be part of it. It is interesting on Susan’s and Sterling’s list that a lot of them think they were somebody great in the past. There is a really big competition there and the problem is these people that are on the forum are ex-Mormons and ex-Mormons are a very unusual bunch. Many have very powerful egos.

Now in the Mormon Church there is a prophecy of one mighty and strong that will come forth and set the kingdom of God in order. After many of them are ex-communicated they think that they must the one that is mighty and strong because the church did not see things their way so they need to set the church in order and be like a Moses.

I have not met one of them that are mighty or strong in any possible way. Most of them have maybe two followers at the most and they all seem to gravitate towards this list that Susan and Sterling have for the ex-Mormons that want to struggle and receive more light.

Some of the people post some interesting things on there but much of it is competition to see who is the one mighty and strong or who is the god of the world or who is the new Jesus. They seem to go back and forth trying to make claims that they are the new mighty and strong one.

This one guy has an interesting story. He does not believe in reincarnation but he believes he is a time traveler and he thinks that he, is all the great people in history, and he fluctuates from one life to the other. He was Adam, Elijah, Moses, the Holy Spirit incarnate, Michael and others. We are all supposed to submit to him and no one does so he is angry and has condemned all of us to hell because he is god and has the authority to do it.

He condemned me to be a son of perdition after I asked him a few questions. He said I have never done this to anyone before but you are denying the Holy Spirit because I am the holy spirit and you are condemned to be a son of perdition for eternity. I thought Ohhh, you scare me so much! Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: there are strange people out there. I have encountered other people who want me to be there spokesman because they say they are Moses. Then there are people like Jim Jones who had everybody drink the poison Kool-Aid and David Koresh who withstood the FBI and what he thought was Armageddon and all these things happened because once a person becomes tapped into a bit of spiritual energy the Herculean person goes through a period of madness for a period of time. If he has a whole bunch of people under his control then those people are in danger.

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