Ray Two – Truth

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Ray Qualities and Trump, Part 2

Ray Two – Truth

Ray two is normally associated with love and wisdom, but real love and wisdom always leads to truth. There can be no wisdom without the power to discern truth and apply it. In addition there can be no discernment of real truth for one who does not love the truth. Selfish and possessive love from the solar plexus is fine with distorting the truth but this is not the case for the pure energies of the heart.

The question we must approach here is how the two sides rate in dealing with the truth.

As far as name calling and labeling go the left has certainly done more of this than the right. Just watch any cable program where you have a member of the left and right engaged in an argument. You do not have to wait long before you hear baseless accusations of racism and worse from the anti Trump person while the Trump person will be defending himself, trying to relate facts on the issues. Now there are a few exceptions, but this is a general trend.

Trump and often his voters are accused of racism more than any other candidate in my lifetime, including George Wallace, the famous Democrat anti segregationist.

Let us look at this most frequent accusation of racism and see if there is anything to it.

So where does this accusation come from? We all know it mostly comes from the fact that Trump wants to secure the border and build a wall to help accomplish that as well as enforce the current law in dealing with those here illegally.

To consider that this is racist one has to think that Trump doesn’t want them in the country merely because they are Mexicans with a darker skin than himself.

This would imply that if we had a similar invasion of millions illegal Canadians that we would just give them a pass.

This is plain silly when you think of it. No one from the right I know who wants to secure the border has any bias toward Mexicans, but merely believe we must legally control the influx of immigrants. The Democrats used to think this way also as many of them voted for our immigration laws that have made entering our country without permission illegal

In his 1995 State of the Union address President Clinton said:

“All Americans, not only in the states most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country, The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public service they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.”

This was followed by a standing ovation from the Democrats.

In 2003 during an interview on The John Gambling Radio Show when she was a New York senator, Hillary Clinton said, “I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants. … We’ve got to do more at our borders and people have got to stop employing illegal immigrants.”

During a CNN interview with Lou Dobbs in 2007 Bernie Sanders said:

If poverty is increasing and if wages are going down, I don’t know why we need millions of people to be coming in to this country as guest workers who will work for lower wages than American workers and will drive wages down even lower than they are right now,”

Sanders, Bill and Hillary all sounded like Trump just a few years ago yet I do not recall anyone calling them racist, Nazis or like Hitler.

It is indeed a distortion of truth and very far away from heart centered truth to charge Trump and supporters with racism while giving their icons a pass.

I personally have worked for 6 years of my life in orchards, picking fruit and other orchard work, side by side with visiting Mexicans. I merely viewed them as fellow human beings like myself trying to make a few dollars. It never occurred to me to see them as inferior in any way, yet the left dreams up all kinds of reasons why that is the way we think.

Where millions of people are involved you can always find a few people who will think most anything, but the real truth is that Trump and the vast majority of supporters want our borders secured for the sake of internal security and stability that has nothing to do with race. Their position would be the same if Mexicans were white, yellow or green.

Part of the racism charge is that he is anti Jewish which is a clear attempt at deception, for his daughter Ivanka is Jewish and her husband Jared, his closest advisor, is Jewish also. Trump is a big supporter of Israel.

Trump is also accused of being a racist because he wants to profile Muslims before they enter the country and make sure they are harmless. Islam, like Christianity, however is not a race but a religion composed of all races.

Some of the radical Muslims see the United States as the Great Satan that needs to be destroyed and, common sense, not racism or bigotry, demands that we do some screening to filter these out.

If the motive here for screening is race or bigotry then why doesn’t this show up in the right toward Asians or people from India, or Hindus, or Buddhists?

All fair mined people know that the answer is concern for security, not race or religion.

Another accusation is that Trump approves of the KKK since he was endorsed by them.

First this is not true. They did not endorse him, but published that they supported some (not all) of his policies.

On the other hand, buried by the left is the fact that Will Quigg, a grand dragon of the Klan’s California chapter and responsible for recruitment in the western United States told The UK Telegraph, “We want Hillary Clinton to win. She is telling everybody one thing, but she has a hidden agenda. She’s telling everybody what they want to hear so she can get elected.”

Hillary also has a nephew who is a member of the KKK.

The fact that there is just as much evidence that Hillary is in league with the KKK makes it very deceptive that Trump is singled out as being in league with them.

All real seekers of truth know that when there are only two major choices that you are going to have both good and bad guys voting for each side.

According to Snopes the Communist party “did issue a statement urging members to vote against Trump.” That is a virtual endorsement of Hillary as she was the only choice left with a chance of winning. Even though the Communist party did not specifically name Hillary, John Bachtell, the national chair of the Communist Party USA gave this endorsement:

“The election of Clinton as the first woman president would make history. A landslide would not end sexism, but it would represent a mighty blow just as the election of President Obama was a blow against racism. It would advance democracy.

“A landslide makes it more likely that GOP Congressional and state legislative majorities can be ousted and an end put to the politics of obstruction. Most people tend to vote straight ticket.”

Pornographer Larry Flynt Endorsed Hillary. Does this mean she supports his view of women as objects to be exploited?

This guilt by association is a deceptive tactic used regularly by Trump opposition and the left. The right has just as good a case for using it but rarely does. When it does try to use this tactic it doesn’t get much traction as the media, which mostly leans left, gives it little coverage.

Perhaps the most insidious accusation is that Trump and his voters are like Hitler and the Nazis. This is especially deceptive talk when considering that Trump has never in his 70 years been in public office where he has demonstrated any unjust power over private citizens.

Most presidents get compared to Hitler by a handful of discontents after they get in office and actually do something that half the public does not like, but it is unprecedented for so many to make such accusations of one who is not yet president and never held office.

I have already taken time to destroy this crazy deceptive attack. Here is an article addressing the false accusation that Trump is like Hitler.


And here is another addressing the accusation that trump is like Mussolini


And just to illustrate that if the Trump supporters wanted to take the same mean spirited deceptive approach we could even compare the fuzzy friendly Bernie Sanders to Hitler.


A breakoff from the Hitler Nazi accusation is that of White Supremacy.

The left has been very clever and deceptive in bringing this accusation before the public consciousness in such a way that many low information voters have accepted it.

To accomplish this objective, with the help of the major media and Hollywood, they glommed on to the label of “Alt-right” originally created by White supremacist Richard B. Spencer (who has only a handful of followers) in 2010. They slyly knew that the term “white supremacist” would be strongly rejected by Republicans, Libertarians and Trump voters but by throwing the new label “Alt-right” out there they would not create so much resistance. So what they concentrated on after Trump gained some traction was to associate him and supporters with this Alt-right label.

This was a clever tactic in deception for it even fooled me for a while. The first few times I saw it used I did not associate it with anything sinister, such as white supremacy, but merely thought it referred to those on the right who were not supporters of the swamp that needed to be drained.

Then after the left was successful in making the label Alt-right a term that permeated public consciousness they openly came out and associated it with anything and anyone who supported Trump along with the associated accusation of white supremacy. They also created another label called the “white nationalists” which they often use to link Trump people with white supremacy.

This is extremely deceptive, yet unfortunately effective, as it keeps the people on the right on the defensive, being forced to explain their true position over and over.

The truth is this. No mainstream Republican organization or person, including Breitbart and Steve Brannon, have identified themselves as white supremacists, white nationals, or with a racist Alt-right. All this has been conjured up by the left to create a deceptive image of the right in the eyes of the public.

There has been no comparable deception by the right against the left. Sure there are small pockets of crazy people everywhere, but no deception like this from the mainstream right.

Breitbart, a Trump friendly site has been labeled as white supremacist, white nationalist and Alt-right since Trump became a serious candidate. Much of the media uses these labels in association with it as if it were an established fact. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have been a reader of the site since its beginning, almost a decade ago, and not once have I read anything there that supports racism, white nationalism or white supremacy.

Overall Trump increased the percentages of women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities voting for him over the previous election. The white vote was within a one percentage point of what Romney received and without the additional support of minorities who rejected media hype, Trump could not have won.

It is also an interesting, but buried fact, that Trump’s favorability ratings have jumped around 10 extra points since the election.

Overall the campaigns of this past election has centered way too much on personality flaws rather than policies. We should have been looking at the major policy differences, the main one being that Hillary wants a bigger government, less power to the states, with more regulations and higher taxes whereas Trump wants a smaller government, more power to the states and fewer taxes and regulations. The choice should be simple for those looking at policy rather than personalities.

Here are DKs wise words concerning where we should place personality problems:

Let me put it this way: the petty selfishness and the silly little vanities and the irritations which disturb you, the unkind words you may speak of or to others, and the withholding of love or the fact of wrong emphasis in your daily life are not noted by me or by any Master. They are the affair of your own soul; the results affect your family, friend, or communal group, and are none of Our business. Yet those are the things which you notice in others and which affect your judgment, evoking like or dislike, praise or blame, but inevitably putting you—as an individual—upon the judgment seat. There no Master sits.    

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Pages 334-335

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