Bernie Sanders – The New Hitler


APRIL 1, 2016 

Bernie Sanders – The New Hitler

Since the left is so eager to use the Hitler/Nazi card on the people of the right let us see how they like it if we use the same tactics, but with one caveat. We will not tell any lies or distort anything that Bernie has said.

Surely you must be joking,” says a Bernie supporter. “Bernie is just a kind old man, the furthest thing from Hitler.”

I have news for you. Many on the right think the accusations of their guys being like Hitler are ridiculous and mean spirited also. Turnabout is fair play, so let us compare Bernie to Hitler and Nazism and see how he measures up.

Here are some correspondences just as good or better than those made recently against Trump.

(1) Bernie draws large enthusiastic supportive crowds, just like Hitler did.

(2) Bernie’s supporters use intimidating methods in attempts to silence those who may oppose him or speak against him.

Just as Hitler did not need to give direct orders to silence opposition Bernie’s supports knew what to do and shut down Trump’s Chicago rally while shouting out Bernie’s name. They are trying to prevent Trumps free speech in numerous other towns even going so far as to block a major highway in Arizona. That could not only have limited free speech but was also a route to a hospital and may have endangered lives. The protesters did not care though just as the Nazis did not care about such things.

(3) Hitler’s National Socialist Party had much in common with Bernie’s national socialism. It is a fact that they both called themselves socialists.

Both of them support the power of the state stepping in and forcing business to work toward the common good.

Both advocate free education with the government making sure the youth are educated properly.

Both advocated freedom of religion UNLESS they offend the “moral and ethical sense” of those in charge.

The stated Nazi goal was:


In order to carry out this program we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the State, the unconditional authority by the political central parliament of the whole State and all its organizations.

Bernie indeed wants a strong central government which would be necessary to carry out his reforms.

(4) Both Sanders and Hitler believed in “common sense” gun control and restrictions regulated by the national, not state or local governments.

(5) Neither Hitler and Sanders had a regular job until they were about 40. Until that time they spent much of their time promoting their political agendas. Both got in trouble with the law because of their political activities.

(6) The only real and regular jobs both men had was working for the state and being paid by taxpayers.

(7) Both Sanders and Hitler believed and promoted universal health care.

(8) Both men stressed the importance of creating a “living wage” for the masses.

(9) Both men liked carrots.

We could continue, but you get the point, right?

Bernie Sanders must be Hitler come again.

Don’t laugh. That is what I would be proclaiming if I had the same mindset as Bernie and Clinton supporters calling Trump and others Hitler.

Do I really think Bernie is like Hitler?

Overall, the answer is no, but there are some similarities. After all, all of us have some things in common with Hitler as well as every other human being on the planet.

Both Hitler and Bernie like carrots. I also like carrots, but I am not much like either of them.

These comparisons were done to make a point. You can find as much or more that Bernie has in common with Hitler than Trump, Cruz or any conservative.

In real life I would not compare Sanders or anyone else, as a whole, to Hitler unless they really started acting out the horrific things Hitler did. Such accusations are below the belt.

Instead of mindless Hitler accusations we are much better off debating the issues involved in a civil manner. Maybe if we actually do some thinking instead of just reacting on an emotional level some minds may be changed for the better.

Copyright 2016 By J J Dewey

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2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders – The New Hitler

  1. Using the name of Hitler, the greatest mind and the greatest man and leader the modern world ever knew as a pejorative comparison and as a maligning instrument to fight Bernie Sanders is neither a clever nor an intelligent and honest argument to make a case against a despicable Bolshevik Jew. It is utterly offensive to those of us who love the Führer.

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