Percival and Master P

Dec 18, 2016

Percival and Master P

Concerning Percival Patrick writes:

As to him being the Irish “Master P”, while I have no doubt he was an initiate, it doesn’t fit, since he wasn’t Irish nor were his parents.


I agree with you that he most likely was not a Master, but I do think he was an initiate of third degree or above.

I came across a follower a while back who insisted he was Master P and did fulfill the Irish description. I can’t find verification of this. His official biography is scant and merely says his parents were English – so it is possible he has a lot of Irish blood, but I can’t verify this.

He also related this from AAB’s autobiography:

“A few years ago a very dear friend and a man who had stood very closely with Foster and me since the inception of our workMr. Henry Carpenter went out to India to try and reach the Masters at Shigatze, a small, native town in the Himalayas, just over the Tibetan frontier. He made this effort three times in spite of my telling him that he could find the Master right here in New York if he took the proper steps and the time was ripe.”

He said that since Percival lived in New York at the time then this was the Master mentioned.

I responded that AAB was most likely merely stating that a Master can be found wherever you are living if you are ready for contact.

AAB mentions the Master P twice. Here is the first one:

“The Master P. works under the Master R. in North America. He it is Who has had much to do esoterically with the various mental sciences, such as Christian Science, and New Thought, both of which are efforts put forth by the Lodge in an endeavour to teach men the reality of that which is not seen, and the power of the mind to create. This Master occupies an Irish body, is on the fourth ray, and the place of His residence may not be revealed. Much of the work of the Master Serapis was taken over by Him when the latter turned His attention to the deva evolution.”

Percival was highly critical of Christian Science. He didn’t sound like a person who had anything to do with it in a positive way. Also Serapis is on the fourth ray and Percival seems to be more on the 1-3-5 line to me.

Here is the second reference:

“and another Master also Who works, relatively unknown, in North America. I have referred to Him before as the Master P. though that is not, in reality, His initial.”

If P is not his actual initial then then it makes it quite unlikely that Percival is Master P. I would wonder though why his identity is so secret that even his initial has to be camouflaged.

I have been pouring over Percival’s writings the past couple weeks and find them quite interesting. He writes in amazing detail on a large number of subjects including the history of the human race on the planet. I question the validity of a lot of the data he comes up with, as well as predictions, but then every so often her writes about a principle that registers with my soul and this gives him enough credibility to keep my attention. Most books I have read did not even present one truth in a new and interesting way that I have not yet considered – so the fact that Percival gives out something unique eve5ry few pages puts him in a rare category.

A complaint I have with him is that even though he has a Theosophical background and gives much credit to HPB, he rarely uses Theosophical terms and has created his own vocabulary for almost everything. His writings would be much easier to follow if he used terms we are familiar with, or at least explained with greater clarity how his terms relate to Theosophical or even Christian terms.

A core teaching he presented was the overcoming of death while in a physical body. It would have been impressive if he could have a achieved this but died at a fairly normal age of 84. I did, however come across this interesting anecdotal story posted on a youtube video by Nathan LeGrand.

“In the fall of 1982…I set out for Wyoming to do research on a story I was writing on the Outlaw Trail. I was headed to Themopolis, Wyoming by train. I began my adventure at Union Station in Los Angeles having to get off in Cheyenne. When I was walking down the gangplank in LA I suddenly heard someone say, “oh how the wind soothes the soul’, I look over to see I was walking alongside a distinguished elderly man in a green beret wearing sunglasses and a suit. Shortly after the train left the station, I stopped by the club car to get a drink for the ride to our first stop at Las Vegas. As I was deciding what to buy I felt a very weird feeling. I looked down the club car where there were a number of booths. There sat this same elderly man looking through his sunglasses, with no doubt, at me. For some reason, I walked immediately to his booth and sat down across from him. Without an introduction, as if he were waiting for me, he launched into a discussion about life and beyond. One thing he said, “the circle of life was like this train we were on. We move from one car to the next…only…when we move to the next car…we have amnesia and we lose the memory of traveling on the prior car…but as you gain awareness in life, you begin to remember the earlier cars you have traveled”. The elderly man spoke for almost 2 hours. It was nearly two years later when I was purchasing the book, ‘Thinking and Destiny’ at a famous bookstore in LA (now closed) The Bodi Tree, that I turned the book over to its back cover. There was a picture of its author…astounded, I discovered, the man on the train was Harold Percival. Some 29 years after his death.”

I would be interested in hearing opinions of any who have read his works and have come to some conclusions.

Here is a link to his early articles

And here is a link to his main book that took him around 30 years to prepare.

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