Ray Four – Harmony Through Conflict

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Jan 29, 2017

Harmony Through Conflict

Ray Four is known by the phrase, “Harmony through conflict.” We certainly see the conflict played out in the political world today, but far from enough harmony.

This ray is dually expressing itself as follows:

Positive: Reasonable argument through logic, reason and measured words as well as peaceful demonstration and petition. A disciple, however, may bring up a point that may lead to conflict (as did the Christ) to bring the truth to light.

Negative: Focus on attack, distorted accusations, name calling, labeling in place of reason, distortion of the facts, guilt by association, bias, violent and disruptive demonstrations, mob action and attempts at shutting down free speech.

The negative side of this ray is a powerful tool in the hands of those on the Left Hand Path.

It is interesting that in the Bible Satan is called, “ the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.” Rev 12:10

Accusations with the power to put those who want to serve on the defensive where all they are doing is defending themselves is very destructive. It winds up making good appear as evil and evil appear as good as predicted by Isaiah.

As in all things there is a time and a place to make accusations. If a person commits a crime or an obvious harmful act, or fraud, then this needs to see the light of day and be judged by law and the court of public opinion.

But obvious infractions are not a concern of those assisting the left hand path for they will attack anyone who disagrees with them by accusations, “night and day” as the scripture says. Such accusations are often completely fabricated or based on trivial statements distorted and blown up.   The accusations will often get front page coverage, but then if the truth reveals that the accused was innocent such information will be buried or not covered at all.

In the end the good guy who is accused is remembered as the bad guy and the bad guy making the distorted accusation is remembered by many as the good guy.

Isaiah indeed spoke wisely:

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” Isa 5:20-21

Accusations take many forms. Blown up sexual misconduct or bad humor is a big one. Another popular one is to take a person’s words out of context and present them as wanting to destroy American institutions when the person had no such intention. Many are accused of hating women, minorities, little children, animals, wanting to destroy the environment, poison our water, pollute the air etc when they are often more harmless than their accuser.

Our politics would be much improved if our representatives would concentrate on honestly debating the issues rather than getting sidetracked with negativity.

Name calling and labeling is another powerful tool used by those on the dark side. Perhaps the most common accusation is in the use of the word “liar.”

Ever once in a while this accusation is justified, but often the accusation itself is the real lie.

A lie is an intentional statement that is false and the person knows it is false. All of us at times will mistakenly repeat things that are not true. Either we received incorrect information, remembered incorrectly or just made a slip of the tongue. A mistake is not a lie, but political opponents will take an honest mistake and label it a lie. This is an insidious method of attack and it is done all the time.

Some go so far as to call an opinion of an opponent a lie.

I would guess that at least 75% of the liar accusations in the political world are not lies at all, but are either mistakes or mere opinions that run contrary to what the accusers want to be true.

I have participated in a number of political forums and usually get called a liar in short order. I have many times challenged my accusers to prove one thing I said was a lie and none have ever done so. It is frustrating though to attempt to have an intelligent conversation in the midst of incessant name-calling. I pretty much avoid political forums now for that reason, though I am glad I did participate in them enough to get an understanding of how they operate.

A distortion of the facts is a big problem. Almost everyday I read some accusation that essentially says, “Mr. Smith said this and it is outrageous.”

What the writer often does is put Mr. Smith’s words in his own language which merely states what he felt when Mr. Smith spoke. Then when I look up the actual quote it is often completely different in meaning than was the accusers summary. I personally find this outrageous when I see it done, especially by establishment news media who is just supposed to give us the facts.

The problem with these accusers is the actual quote does not do the job of demonization, so they have to embellish.

Guilt by association is another tool used by the deceptive ones. A racist, killer or communist voting for or agreeing with a candidate’s point does not mean that the candidate is a racist, killer or communist.

It is interesting that a KKK newspaper article agreed with (but did not endorse) Trump on several issues while Will Quigg, a grand dragon of the Klan’s California chapter and responsible for recruitment in the western United States endorsed Hillary. Hillary also has a nephew in the Klan.

Both could have been accused of being guilty by association, but Trump was the one singled out for this while few even know about the Hillary KKK endorsement.

Which brings us to the next point – bias. Bias not only surfaces in what is said, but also what is not said. For instance, when the media pointed out KKK support for Trump, but ignored the endorsement of Clinton.

Both sides lack confidence in the trustworthiness of the major media as, according to Gallup, they have only around an 8% vote of high confidence, just a little higher than Congress.

The last category is particularly disruptive as it has been used by tyrants to take power to themselves – that is violent and disruptive demonstrations, mob action and attempts at shutting down free speech.”

This type of action is particularly dangerous to a free society. Peaceful demonstrations are a part of a free society, but when we see demonstrators defy the law and wear masks and then defy and attack police, overturn and burn vehicles, break windows, loot businesses, make physical attacks, stop traffic, invade meetings, shout down speakers as well as put them in danger, then we see people who are agents of the brothers of the left hand path.

Unfortunately for the political left almost all of these problems originate from their side. Some are disgusted by it but far too many are either silent or endorse such actions.

In a piece of strange irony protesters of Trumps Muslim immigration policies on Inauguration Day did $70,000 worth of destruction to a limousine that belonged to a Muslim immigrant. Here’s the story.

When Bill O’Reilly reports something negative about one party he usually tries to find something negative about the other and saying, “both sides do it..” When reporting about this type of mob action though he stated that he looked through the archives and could not find any comparative examples from the political right. I agree, as I cannot recall seeing any people of the right doing this type of mob action. While it is true both sides have their flaws, this type of destructive behavior seems to be the exclusive property of the political left at this present time.

The peaceful people of the left should not put up with such things as it has to be embarrassing to have their side identified with such destructive behavior.

We’ve covered a lot concerning the negative political aspects of the Fourth Ray, and a lot more could be written than on the positive which is basically this:

Reasonable argument through logic, reason and measured words as well as peaceful demonstration and petition.

Both sides of the political spectrum could use a dose of good reason and logic into their discussions. It is very refreshing to see it and when it happens it is quite stimulating and gets a lot of circulation on the internet.

The problem is that many are just cheerleaders for their political side and often think they are hearing reason and logic when there is none to speak of. Often, all we get are talking points and many of them are distortions of fact.

It will not do much good for me to explain what is reasonable and logical. Intelligent people can recognize it but ideologues will think that anything that follows the party line is pure truth.

Part of the problem is the influence left over from the Age of Pisces of strong Sixth Ray influence of idealism. Fortunately this will be losing strength during the next hundred years and it is assumed by the teachers of the race that mind will then dominate over emotion and pure reason will be much more widely recognized and sought.

Thus we have before us the great work to be done by the disciples of the Christ which is.

Deal with opposition with the wisdom of a serpent, yet harmless as a dove. Let the light of reason and logic shine in the darkness which has to, by law, flee and make way for the light of truth. However, the light must be steady, focused and continuous or the darkness will return.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works … if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Matt 5:16 & 6:22

In summary, this Ray is named “Harmony through Conflict” for a reason. Some have difficulty in seeing the relationship between these two opposing words but the interplay is significant.

One must understand that harmony is not created by the suppression of numerous voices, as is the case in North Korea, for example. If people there did not fear for their lives then the true lack of harmony would be obvious.

You do not obtain harmony on a piano by playing the same note over and over. Instead, the student plays many notes and chords and learns by trial and error which notes to press to create true harmony.

Even so, a society must have the free will to express opposition which leads to a conflict of ideas. Citizens are then like the piano student who hears the different notes expressed and after a time we realizes that which produces harmony and that which does not. When society has absorbed the lesson of the Fourth Ray they will then have a lasting harmony with both sides of the political spectrum playing their part

.May each of us do our part in hastening that day.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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4 thoughts on “Ray Four – Harmony Through Conflict

  1. The rays are not here to bring what you think is a just social order or apparent peace. Nor anyone’s, not even mine. It is here to being whatever experiences are necessary to open human souls to new ways of perceiving reality and therefore true liberty. It is ultimately harmony but it is necessarily born out of chaos/conflict especially pertaining to the ego and this world. Freedom Is, and this intepretation is also a part of life – but it is only part of the truth. And there is no other way to say this but that it is devoid of the Flame of the grander scheme of things.

  2. You have a very intellectual understanding of the fourth ray and you are trying to apply it in ethical/political discourse. The rays are divine forces belonging to the soul and concerns with spiritual truths originating from the Source, not material duality. The fourth ray in particular is the most intuitive of them all perhaps in conjunction with the second ray. I don’t see you having that intuition and most of all the Divine Discontent belonging to the ray.

  3. This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read on the Rays. Clearly, you do not understand the Rays, nor do you know what you are talking about politically. Please just stop your nonsense. You are not helping your cause, nor anyone else’s.

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