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Yes, this is one of the few real contradictions in DK's [Djwhal Khul's] writings. I know that Jesus did not vacate his body, but shared it with the Christ. [...] It is also possible that Alice A. Bailey (AAB) used the word "vacated" when DK intended another.


"If she could make this one mistake then isn't also entirely possible she made others? Isn't it possible that she interjected a lot more "facts" that she thought were correct and which she really didn't get from a DK? You have previously taught that when a disciple (seeing AAB as a disciple of DK) makes a mistake or misunderstands a communication the master won't necessarily correct it?

"Another possible mistake that I mentioned earlier is the idea that the Apostle Paul is now the Master Hilarion. From your own teachings that would not seem very likely. You have taught that you believe that Oliver Cowdery was a reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. From my limited reading of Mormon history I find it hard to imagine that Oliver is now a Master? But I believe that AAB/DK has him becoming a Master somewhere back in the 4-5th century? That would clearly contradict your own teachings if true."


A Master can always go back into incarnation. Even Jesus and the Christ could appear among us starting as babes if it is necessary to do their work.

Thus, one possibility is that Hilarian [Hilarion] reincarnated. Keep in mind though that when this happens he starts over as a babe and will be an intelligent individual, but rarely viewed as some master.

The second possibility is this, Paul also was overshadowed. He was not divinely possessed, but a high initiate worked very closely with him. This is one reason his name was changed from Saul to Paul. He was indeed a new person. It is possible that this initiate was the Master Hilarian [Hilarion] and the lower entity became Oliver.

The third possibility is that AAB made a mistake or an insertion that was not correct. It is interesting that her most controversial statements are made in [AAB's book] "Inititiation, Human and Solar." This was the first book where AAB and DK were adjusting to each other. Only here does it states that Paul was Hilarion. It reads:

"On the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science, we find the Master Hilarion, who, in an earlier incarnation was Paul of Tarsus."

It is quite possible that AAB added the statement "in an earlier incarnation was Paul of Tarsus," since it was never repeated again.

I personally believe that there is a link between Paul, Hilarion and Oliver Cowdery, but not sure of the details. I seek to place my attention on principles helpful to future evolution instead of solving the riddles of the past. We tend to receive that upon which we place attention. Revelations clarifying the mysteries of the past will be given out when the time is right.


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