Judgement and Opposition

Judgement and Opposition

Question: How can a limiting judgment be in error if it is true?

Let me clarify with a few comments.

A limiting judgement, or the negative use of judgement, is never completely true and always involves error.

Let us look at a couple negative judgements.

[1] “You’ll never amount to anything.”

Here the person in error is attempting to place a horrible limit on an unlimited human being in the image of God. He is attempting to lead another soul into limiting illusion.

[2] “You are rotten to the core.”

At the core of each of us is the soul, which is the opposite of rotten. If you point out a specific action and describe why it was wrong then you are relating a specific fact, but to make a negative all-inclusive judgement is rarely correct.

[3] “You are ugly.”

This is not a limiting judgment in the normal sense and could be a statement of fact according to most people upon the physical plane. Even if it is true it may be harmful to say it. We can hurt people with the truth as a weapon and this, of course, generates bad karma. All of our spoken words should be true, but they should also be selected carefully.

Think back to the Seinfeld episode where their friend had an ugly baby and even that insensitive group were nervous about hurting the parents’ feelings.

Yes, it was an ugly baby but for crying out loud hold your tongue. Don’t lie and say it is beautiful, but there is always something positive you can say. Maybe he looks smart and you can say, “I’ll bet this kid is going to be one smart cookie.”


Why The Craziness?

Our forum has  come a long way since it began in 1998. How time flies when you’re having fun.

One thing we should be thankful for is how stable the group is and the quality of people we have here. Overall, most of the group really want to learn and share and refrain from letting their egos get out of control.

The group started out with a lot of passion with 30 or so members. It is interesting that in those early days I believe we had more posts per day than any other time. It seemed that almost every member was posting and with enthusiasm. We often had more than 50 posts per day. We were posting more than any other group on the Internet that I could find — some with 50 times our membership.

Then things settled down and challengers started coming on board. These challengers brought out some interesting teachings, and even some parables, but overall, they were discouraging to some members who just wanted to discuss and learn.

Finally, we had so many distractions, and even some threats, that we had to put the group on moderation. This wasn’t a cure-all from distraction as I have the philosophy that we should let everything through that adds to the discussion.

What we generally found though is that most of those who do challenge us stay about a month, make their case and move on. Some of them have such a different vibration that they cannot bear to be here for long.

We have been fortunate here in that not many have claimed to be the Messiah, Davidic Servant, a prophet like Moses, the Two Witnesses, the One Mighty and Strong, God, and others. There are other religious groups with a major problem in this area where a major call to listen from beast-like authority is dictated every few days.

The recent challenger is the first person with big ego proclamations to come along in a while. She believes she is a prophet and one of the Two Witnesses as well as one of the seven angels of Revelation. That’s quite a package.

There is a rule of thumb here: The bigger the claim the less sense the person makes.

This brings us to a new topic for discussion.

We notice that the bigger the claim of authority a person makes the less sense he makes. Sometimes this seems to border on insanity. This not only happens with religious ones but also in other fields.

Why do you suppose this is the case?

Hint: DK gave some information on this.

Can you think of one person who presented himself as a great authority who made any sense at all?

Don’t say Jesus because he never presented himself as the Christ to the general public and told his disciples to not reveal who he was while he was teaching. His works proclaimed him.

A reader responds with this: “Joseph Smith claimed authority from God himself and his son as well as from John the Baptist and Peter. So he was claiming a lot of authority. Sometimes he made sense and sometimes he didn’t.”

JJ: On the other hand, he taught that the great authority of the Priesthood was available to the humblest of the brethren making them equal with him.

He rarely made mention to his supposed high station as a reason for people to conform.

On the other hand, the creation of the Mormon Church was one of the last spiritual creations of the Piscean Age and the emphasis on authority has made the church, as a whole, unable to move toward the Aquarian Age. When the New Age has come fully in they are likely to be on the outside looking in with most of the other orthodox religions.

A reader points out that Jesus made some pretty strong claims such as:

“I and the Father are one.’

“I am the way, the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father but by me.’

“If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.’

Most of these statements were made to the inner circle and not for the purpose of forcing compliance. He did tell his enemies that he was one with the Father, but this was with the knowledge that all of us are one with the Father if we could but realize it.

The few times he did attempt to get his followers to comply with his wishes he did not use authority, but love and reason. His strongest statement desiring compliance was:

“If you love me keep my commandments.”

The modern day Messiahs will say something like this.

“I am the Christ, and if you do not obey me you are in for hellfire.”

When Jesus strongly desired Peter to feed his sheep he did not use his authority, but asked him three times in a row so when he was gone he would remember the gentle request.

Another thing to consider is that some of the scriptures have been altered to make them sound more authoritative.

Authority and sacrifice were the keynotes of the Piscean Age, but service and freewill are the keynotes of the Aquarian Age.

Even so, Christ demonstrated His greatness, not with His claims, but with His great words and works.

The modern-day ones who claim to be “a great one” have hollow words only. Rarely do they have any works of significance.

“One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything — and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.” — Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 – 1799)

Aug 20, 2008

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