Removing Barriers

Removing Barriers

We are not our physical bodies, but there are three worlds of form that create for us vehicles that we use, but yet we are not them. The Physical body is just one of our vehicles.

No matter where you are you must rely on the revelations from your True Self as your guide to truth.

You find yourself on an unknown path that takes you away from home. As you follow it, you deceptively think the path is taking you home. Finally, as the territory gets more and more unfamiliar you realize that you are not going toward home — you are going away. When you realize how far away you are, you become despondent and feel alone for a time. Then, you rouse yourself and realize that the only way back is along the path that took you there in the first place. It’s a long journey but when you finally get courage to begin you feel a burden has been lifted. You know the path will be difficult and the obstacles great, but the joy of beginning is yours…

Upon arriving home you are reunited with your family (God — the One Great Life), but that which is YOU remains.

Question: Are we separate from the “One Great Life,” God, the Universe, etc., in any way other than our belief in that separation?

It may surprise you to know that the answer is Yes.

Here we arrive at some knowledge that you will not read in books. The books you read tell you that belief causes your separation from the One Great Life. That is not true. If it were true then the fact that you now believe that you are one with God would remove the barriers…

But it doesn’t.

The barriers are still there. You are still Carole, and I am still Joseph even though we both hold a similar belief in the One Great Life.

The very fact that you are in a separate physical body from me — and if you pinch your body it will hurt you more than pinching my body would hurt you — illustrates that a belief in oneness has very little effect in the separation we find ourselves in.

A belief in oneness creates oneness no more than the person lost on the path (see above parable) can get home by believing he is home. However a belief that he CAN get home is the beginning — the all important beginning.

Before you can go home you must do more than believe. You must obtain certain keys of knowledge. You must learn WHO/WHAT YOU ARE in your present condition. You must learn where you are on the Path before you can tread the Path. Going back to the parable of the Path: If you are far away from home, yet believe you are home, then you are in a great state of disadvantage, because you will not begin the journey home. If you do not begin the journey home, you will never go back.

If it is not your belief that created the separation from God, then what is it? The answer brings you close to WHO/WHAT YOU ARE.

Also continue contemplating what you are not. Is what you are not (the great illusion) the believing part of yourself?

Some are apologetic about the use of the mind but a pragmatic person must be somewhat so inclined. The plane of the mind is higher than the emotional (astral) where the majority of humanity have their polarization. Most of what people call “intuition” is also astral.

True intuition reveals principles and one principle can reveal a thousand facts, but it may take more than a thousand facts to reveal one principle. A principle is closely aligned to what I call “Keys” in my teachings.

In order to guide you to a realization the teacher must be there himself

Many seem to have the general New Age belief that all knowledge is within and that you do not need a teacher because all you have to do is look within to find an answer.

This is an illusion, and is a thoughtform that one must carry for a few lives to attain a certain level of understanding about the Life within.

To illustrate my point let us take examples of certain people who have had nowhere to search but within.

Every once in a while, we hear stories of mislead parents who lock their kid in a room for 5, 10, or even 15 years. They allow the child no contact with the outside world and slide his or her food under the door.

If the child was six years old when this began and is sixteen when he was released then he will still see himself as a six year old and have little or no recollection of this 10 year period. He will also have little or no growth.

If the child was nine when this experience began and is released at nineteen then he will still believe he is nine.

In other words; by only looking within his growth came to a standstill.

I am not saying that the truth is only without either. If one only looks without, his growth will also come to a standstill. One needs to search without and verify within to maximize spiritual growth.

Therefore, one who refuses to consider the knowledge that is without will find his spiritual growth at a standstill.

Therefore, I do not apologize for being a teacher in this world. My job is to stimulate all those seeking for truth and their next step.

A reader says he needs to know more about my personal life before he can take me seriously.

He does not realize that the personality throws up a cloud that hides the light of truth? This is because all personalities are different, and the ways that my personality is different from yours.

Let’s take the greatest teacher, the Christ for example. Many were bothered by His personality; and, after His life’s work and His crucifixion, He had only 120 followers. But shortly after He left, His followers, thousands and then millions sought after Him and His teachings. This was because His personality was out of the way only His words and teachings remained, plus His invisible Presence.

You have to decide by non-personality methods whether or not my words are true. You are stimulated by without and contemplate within, without astral influences entering in.

You say you want to know how I live? Feel how I live in my writings. You want to know if I have a loving heart — feel the love in the givingness of my words. You want to know if I am honorable. Every false teacher will tell you that he is. I will show you honor by the consistency of my words if you follow them over a period of time. You ask if I am serving “all Life.” I am here as a servant — free of charge to “all life” that comes forward.

Question: Why do I think of death as an enemy that needs overcoming?

In the sense of continuance of life, you are right there is no death, but most would agree that we are currently plagued by the death of the physical body.

The reason it is advantageous is because it brings us greater freedom to communicate in the physical when desired, and, for the path of humanity, the next stage of greater freedom is always desirable.

There are seven worlds or spheres of matter and we are presently in the one of coarsest vibration. In this world we are greatly handicapped because we are stuck here. Those who have not overcome death cannot consciously travel anywhere but the physical. The only exception is that some travel briefly to the astral and come back with a partial recollection, but that still leaves five other worlds or planes where even this person cannot go.

One way to visit the two worlds higher than the physical is to die (physically). In this case some wind up in the astral world and become stuck there. He cannot now visit the physical world where many of his friends and family are and he usually can’t go to the higher worlds either.

Those who are subject to physical death are not free on either side of the veil. It’s like being told that you cannot leave your home town. You may not be unhappy with that restriction when you are young, but when you grow up the desire to see the country becomes overwhelming. When you realize you are restricted then you will want to be free.

Those who overcome physical death take a great step (but not the ultimate) toward greater freedom. They are able to visit freely all the three lower worlds of form, and are given the keys to explore the formless worlds.

I know of no one who will choose slavery to freedom after he realizes that greater freedom is there waiting…

“He who lives for humanity does even more than him who dies for it.” — Helena P. Blavatsky (HPB)

Oct 27, 2008

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