Molecular Life

Molecular Life

Question: What is the composite Molecular Life of which you speak?

It will be linked to the 24 below it and to Shamballa above It. It belongs to the kingdom above human called the Kingdom of God, and we enter the kingdom through the creation of a vehicle for a group life. This life is as different from an individual human as a human is from a dog.

Imagine your dog being given the opportunity to see through human eyes and use the human brain and you get the idea of the leap we will take when we enter the Kingdom of God in correct group formation.

This life is not coming to experience being human as It will not be human. Correspondingly humans are not born to experience the life of a cell. It will take a body of expression for the purpose of guiding us back to the realm of Spirit.

Christ and the Masters are of human origin just as you and me, but the molecular life is of a higher order from a different kingdom.

Christ and his group of masters already are members of a molecular order and have created a body through which a higher life manifests. As they attain oneness with this higher life they live as if they are that life and see through Its eyes and think through Its mind.

To create a molecule among humanity a link must be established from Christ to disciples here. This link will create a magnetic living energy for the group that will draw another higher life — an entity distinct from the one used by the Masters though of the same mind. Then as disciples identify with It, they attain Its powers.

Question: Is it feasible for a kingdom-of-the-gods entity to incarnate into a molecular order consisting of something other than twelve male-female units? Or, is that the only feasible format at this time?

To answer this, contemplate the Law of Correspondences.

There are many combinations of atoms that produce molecules with various combinations. On the other hand, there are also many more combinations that do not work and will not create a stable molecule.

The twelve units composed of twenty-four individuals will be the first molecule, but eventually many more will be created using numerous different combinations. The successful numbers and how they are merged will be discovered by spiritual scientists of the future.

Question: Is there any current link of any kind with the Molecular Life?

There is a link through the Oneness Principle where our higher selves are in contact with such lives but through normal consciousness there is no association with these higher lives until they take incarnation.

All of us, regardless of evolution are connected to various groups of souls. We incarnate with some of these and others of the group remain on the other side.

These groups of souls have group consciousness that is not realized by the seeker until he applies the Oneness Principle.

The people in a seeker’s molecule may or may not be a part of his group soul. Group consciousness through a molecule is of a higher order than the consciousness of natural group souls.

Question: Were the twelve apostles (and their female counterparts) in the days of Jesus a very advanced group?”

Since they were a part of a working molecule, yes they were part of an advanced group. That does not mean that they as individuals were all high initiates, however.

Question: Any tips of getting in touch with one’s soul group?

When you finish going through the dark night of the soul you will arrive at a consciousness that allows you to sense the consciousness of your group. You will go from feeling very alone to having a sense that you will never be alone again.

These is no need to find these members on the physical plane, but if you meet one you will feel a great kinship.

Question: Have you met members of your soul group in this life?

Probably, but I have no incentive to find them as they are with me at all times within, and as a group consciousness the experience is much different than dealing with an individual consciousness.

“Many people would sooner die than think; In fact, they do so.” — Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970)

July 16, 2008

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