Teaching is Assisting

Teaching is Assisting

The question of the recognition of higher sources came up. I personally do not assume that anything from any source is true unless it is verified by my soul. If we understand the verifications of our soul correctly, then those communications will be our ONLY infallible guide on this planet. If we meet a teacher that speaks to our souls then we can know that we can trust such a teacher as long as that verification continues.

An extra earthly source is not necessarily a “higher” source. I would not even consider anyone a true seeker if he or she accepted my teachings without feeling some verification from the Soul.

I’m aware that many are not interested in being my students or teachers, or that of any one else for that matter. A reader says that not being a student or teacher is not a position of limbo. “It is merely walking another path.” I agree that it is walking another path, but I would call it the path of Limbo. Such a person only learns by trial and error, not by a force that is intelligently harnessed. Therefore, his true learning is at glacier speed unless he has a strong soul contact. He may be very intelligent, but his intelligence is from his past learnings rather than present evolution.

You say that you learn from everyone you meet. So do I, but the amount that we learn from trivial daily encounters is very small indeed. Learning from daily encounters compared to learning from a person with some definite knowledge is like trying to get a tan from the stars as compared to the Sun. You get some light from the stars but the effect is hardly noticeable. Everything produces some effect, but some effects are much more profound than others.

Telling yourself that all effects are the same is a method many use to “rest” from making any progression for a number of lives.

I hope your rest is nearly over my brother. Rouse yourself and realize that progression takes a strenuous effort and is not poured into you like you are a jar.

You talk as if there are many paths. This is an illusion. There only seems to be many because all of us (and I mean all) take detours so the road home that each takes is woven a different way. But in the crisscrossing of the Path on the way home each entity has to cross the Path many times. Each time he does his Soul affirms to him the Path is there and that he is doing something right. Finally, each entity learns to Hold his “mind steady in the light.” It is here he understands the oneness of souls and the oneness of the Path.

I neither claim nor desire to be a go-between your soul and yourself. I claim to have a certain amount of knowledge that will be beneficial to many seekers. Knowledge, contrary to popular belief, does not come from within. In this world it is stimulated from without and verified from within. If you take a baby and never let him have human contact then he will never know anything to speak of. He and all of us must be stimulated first.

It sounds as if you are not looking for stimulation.

Those who are ready for service seek to stimulate or be stimulated by more than random contacts.

It is true that I have a level of understanding of the principles I teach. And when another reaches that level of understanding by communicating it with me, then the two of us will have a certain merging of soul energy. At that point I will know that he knows and he or she will know that I know he knows.

If you want to learn Spanish, it is a great aid to hear the language spoken by one who knows. Without this help you may never pick up the inflections correctly.

With spiritual knowledge a true teacher is a great stimulant and helper. He is by no means an unjust authority. He is merely saying “I have certain knowledge available to share. If you want to participate, I’ll help you acquire it. If not, ignore me.” The moment a teacher tries to assume dominion over the souls of mankind he loses his perception of the truth, and all teachings will have deceptions in them. He then does the true teacher a favor by gathering the self-deluded away to himself.

You indicate that the answer to the question “Who and/or What Am I?” cannot be put into words.

I will relate a truth few have considered: “The Word is God…” With God all things are possible. Therefore, if a thing is understood then it is possible to express it in words, though I will add that words may fall short of a full communication. To say “I understand, but cannot express…” is to say “I feel something, but I do not understand neither do I comprehend.”

To refuse to acknowledge that you do not understand is to close the door to knowledge.

To merely answer “I AM” is to tell me no more about who you are than what an atom or a rock is. If they could speak, they could accurately declare “I AM.”

What are you that makes you different than the lesser lives?

I hope you take this in the spirit it was intended.

“Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original and the part that is original is not good.” — Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1784), (attributed)

Oct 28, 2008

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