The Lords of Karma

The Lords of Karma

A Reader asked if there are really such beings as the Lords of Karma or is this term just a personification of a natural universal principle at work?

If the principle behind karma is cause-and-effect, then it would seem like we wouldn’t have the need for higher beings to step in and make sure that the principles of karma are being carried out. This is true on the physical plane to a high degree. For instance, in matter we have a reaction that is an equal and opposite reaction to gravity. If you drop a ball, gravity pulls on it and the ball falls and bounces due to cause-and-effect. If you throw something up in the air cause-and-effect will cause it to come back down again. The point I’m making is cause-and-effect on the physical plane is very predictable. But this is not the case on emotional and mental planes. For instance, you can hurt somebody’s feelings and not even be aware of it. The normal cause-and-effect that we are used to on the physical plane doesn’t play out so precisely on the emotional plane. There are emotional ups and downs that we cause in other people’s lives but there not exact feedback that happens when actions are created on the physical plane.

Therefore, an active intelligence has to step in and make sure that effect happens on a higher plane with justice so karma is carried out the way it should be. If higher lives didn’t step in and make sure that karma was fair then karma would not be carried out with justice and exactness. To make sure cause and effect are balanced out with justice there are many high lives at work. Those who are the supervisors of these many lower beings are called the Lords of Karma. The Lords of Karma exist at a high station and overlook the human race and the Earth as a whole and then delegate the nuts and bolts work to myriads of beings to make sure that emotional and mental causes create the appropriate effects.

Because intelligence exists throughout the universe, cause is balanced by opposing effects.


A reader asked about the rightness of justified lawsuits when it seems from the scriptures that Jesus asked us to not go to court.

It is written:

“And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloke also.” (Matt 5:40)

The Aquarian Gospel words it this way:

“I tell you it is better far to suffer loss than go to law, or call upon the courts of men to judge of right and wrong.

“The law of carnal man would say, Eye for eye and tooth for tooth; resist encroachment on your rights. But this is not the law of God. The Holy Breath would say, Resist not him who would deprive you of your goods.

“He who would take your coat by force is still a brother man and you should gain his heart, which by resistance cannot be done; Give him your coat and offer him still more and more; in time the man will rise above the brute; you will have saved him from himself.” Chapter 97, 15-19

Believe me I do not know anyone who would obey this injunction today. To understand the injunction of Jesus one must realize that he was emphasizing the need for non-attachment and the need to release oneself from the cares of the world.

As with any injunction the seeker must examine the spirit of the teaching and the principle to be applied.

A lawsuit does have its place and sometimes it is the only method one can use to obtain justice. That said, I believe that we have about ten times the lawsuits in this country that we should have. Many of them are initiated by people seeking to win a legal lottery and others by attorneys attempting to get rich whether justice is served or not. Most lawsuits could be settled by mediation. The Japanese have just a small percentage of attorneys that we do and in Canada and other countries the person who brings a losing suit against someone else has to pay all legal expenses. This greatly reduces frivolous lawsuits.

Our legal system is in need of reform for all of us have to pay more for goods and services because of too many unnecessary lawsuits.

Every once in a while, though, I read of one that makes me say “yes. Teach those SOBs a lesson.”

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.” — Rita Mae Brown

Sept 2, 2008

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