The Molecular Business — Part 1

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The Molecular Business — Part 1

First published online Jan 29, 1999

The Molecular Business, Part One

The Molecular Relationship is Nature’s order and so it is a natural thing that all of humanity’s organizations will gravitate, in their evolutionary process, toward it.

The business world is no exception and is presently leading all other organized activity toward this natural system. The paramount principle of the Molecular Relationship is that it encourages initiation, and in today’s world there are more initiates being made in the business community than any other. Every entrepreneur is in the process of initiation, or attempted initiation.

Still, there is a long way to go, even in the avant-garde business world. At present, business leaders sense the need of the Molecular Relationship and are feeling their way in the right general direction, but still lack the vision, and self-sacrifice necessary to see the whole picture.

The bottleneck for businesses all over the world is the same that bothers all other organizations to some degree: there is always a lack of freedom to initiate. Complete freedom to initiate is the great power that will bring in the New Age of peace and abundance that holy men have looked toward for thousands of years. It is that simple, but unfortunately, simplicity usually eludes us. If our eyes are caught on the illusion then we always see the complex. If our eyes see the real, we see the simplicity behind all things, no matter how diverse they may be.

Since the beginning of business history the basic mode of operation has been the same: the man with the bucks has power to initiate a commercial endeavor. If he has a degree of common sense he succeeds and makes it profitable. In the process he hires a number of employees to work for him. Because he is the initiator he has full life-and-death power over their jobs, of which there is always a scarcity. Because of the scarcity of employment the initiator (or “boss” as we will call him) assumes a position of tremendous power over the lives of these subordinates. Any hint that they may be terminated fills them with foreboding fear and distress. Thus the boss assumes life-and-death power (concerning career) over his subjects just as a king, or dictator, has life and death power over his people. The boss, therefore, establishes for himself a little kingdom, and for eight to ten hours a day he rules with supreme authority. Only after the workday ends do the subjects regain their freedom to run their lives, hobbies or additional work as they see fit.

As a kingdom grows, so grows the bureaucracy of the king. Alone he cannot control (or govern) the lives of all his subjects, so he selects others who agree with his philosophy and gives them power to be governors, or overlords, over the lives of the people. The people have no voice in the selection of these overlords but are chosen completely by the decree of the king. Each overlord has the same power as the king over the subjects, but controls a smaller group. The overlord is subject to the king just as the people are subject to him and he maintains his power as long as he pleases the king and stays within the guidelines of His Eminence’s philosophy. Thus, the overlords are not free, for they are also subjects, but they do have the advantage of power of dominion.

Correspondingly, we can easily see that as a business grows, it becomes a microcosmic kingdom. The boss cannot control the whole enterprise so he selects a bureaucracy of overlords. These overlords (executives, vice presidents, supervisors, foremen) direct the working lives of the employees and have the same power over their lives as the Number One Boss, except over a smaller number. The employees have no voice in the selection of these overlords but are chosen completely by the decree of the boss. The overlord is subject to the boss just as the employees are subject to him, and he maintains his power as long as he pleases the boss and stays within the guidelines of His Eminence’s philosophy. Thus, the overlords are not free, for they are also subjects, but they do have the advantage of power of dominion.

This is an interesting correspondence, isn’t it? We think we are a free people, but when we stop to think of it, there are eight hours a day when most of us are not. We have a life-and-death subjection (career-wise) to a mini-dictator five or more days a week.

One may argue and say: “My boss is a nice guy and lets me have latitude in my job. He is not a dictator.” It may be true that he is a nice guy but the fact that he is a dictator is dependent on his power, not whether he is a nice guy. A man may be a dictator or king and at the same time be a benevolent person, and the people will enjoy a large range of freedoms. This does not mean they are not ruled by a dictator. Just watch what happens if this benevolent man dies and is replaced by one with a lust-for-power. It then becomes obvious that the leader has absolute power.

Watch what happens in business when the nice boss is replaced by an authoritarian one who is not concerned with human rights. You will find that he does have power to dictate. You might also watch what happens when the boss who is a nice guy has his job threatened by his superior and then has his own wishes crossed by a subordinate. We will see that even the “nice guy” uses his dictatorial powers now and then, and perhaps unjustly.

For a leader to have the power of a king or dictator would be fine if we were all perfect men and women in meeting out justice, but since none of us are perfect, authoritarian power is always meted out with imperfection. Therefore, the only solution to the establishment of pure efficiency is the creation of a relationship which will limit authoritarian power to control our desire to initiate, yet at the same time give the leader power to do his job.

The Molecular Business operates on similar principles as the Spiritual Molecule except that the numbers of individuals in the various molecules will not be determined in advance, but will be resolved as needed. Nevertheless, when a company finds certain number combinations that work they should try and uniformly duplicate them as much as possible just as nature does with its molecules.

In any molecular structure that is created, we must remember that the number three is of prime importance. If we look through an electron microscope, for instance, we will always see that the atoms form numerous associations in triangular relationships. This is because the Trinity is the foundation of all life. We observe this truth consistently throughout nature.

If we look at any successful organization or cause, we will also see the Trinity of energies at work. The political machinery of the United States is a good example. We have, as representing the First Ray, or Father Energy, the President, or the executive branch. Secondly, there is the Legislative branch representing the Third Ray of Intelligent Activity, or the Holy Ghost Energy. Finally, we have the Supreme Court, or the judicial branch, representing the Second Ray, or the Love-Wisdom, or the Christ Mediating Energy which mediates the laws for the benefit of the people.

The Founding Fathers probably had no knowledge that a Trinity was needed for creation; instead, they followed their intuition which guided them in that direction. What they did not realize was that if they did not follow this Trinity Principle, then the great creation that they wished to initiate would have never been given life and the old kingdom government would have reigned here in America.

This Trinity Principle can be seen today in any business or organization that will outlive its founder. First, there will exist the Chairman of the Board, or the President and his advisors as representing the Father Energy. This group executes the laws. Next there will be the members of the Board of Directors who make the laws or set the policies. These represent the Third Ray, or Intelligent Activity Energy. Finally, there will be the managers representing the Christ Mediating Energy, who carry out and interpret policy for the general workers.

Every successful business will have this Trinity of energies operating in it, but there is no black and white pattern that they all will follow. It may merely involve a father, mother and child depicting the Three, or it could involve three divisions of a giant corporation. The important point to remember is that there is power in the use of the three energies and all business should look for methods of using them.

There are three basic problems that cause inefficiency in a business that the Molecular Relationship will correct:

Poor choice of management for key positions.

Too often a business will turn into a microcosm of the government bureaucracy and incompetents will fill important positions and set up their little mini-dictatorships. People under them will be resentfully aware that they should be replaced. Instead, they find their hands are tied in influencing the structure of the organization. All power to hand out any position is controlled from the top down.

Employees are not committed.

This complaint is universal among business owners and managers. Employees only seem interested in putting in their time and taking home their pay. How can they be made more conscientious and have a greater sense of responsibility so performance and reliability will be enhanced?

Inflexible wage scales.

Every substantial business is committed to certain fixed employee salaries. This is fine when business is good, but, when business is slow, meeting these paydays hurts and can often spell doom to a company. Many businesses may have succeeded if there had been some employee flexibility regarding wages.

The business world has created these three problems because it is out of harmony with nature by being much too authoritarian. This has made individual responsibility impossible in many cases, and has created numerous mini-dictators who must be obeyed without question. All living things in nature enjoy a shared responsibility and cooperation rarely found in the business world of today.

What executives do not realize is that this cooperation and sense of responsibility will occur naturally in a business or organization if the black-and-white authoritarian process is replaced by one of shared responsibility.

Next we will discuss how key positions in a company should be selected. Can you think of a better way than we do it now?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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