The Molecular Business, Part VI

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For some seekers business is a boring subject. Nevertheless our jobs have more power over our lives and demand more attention, than do all the spiritual teachings in the world, or the inner God itself. Is it not logical that to truly bring in the new age we must make those 40+ hours a week where we dedicate our priority strength a spiritual place to spend our time? Is it not logical that we make the product of all that energy a benefit for the whole as well as the self?

The past has been an age of dreams. The age of Aquarius is the age where dreams come true. But to make them come true takes action as well as thoughts, words and meditation. Action is the most difficult step to take for in taking action we unravel our illusions and it takes courage to face our illusions.

Business is not a subject that dreamers such as you and I naturally put as a high priority. Personally, my soul has dragged me into the business world kicking and screaming. I would much rather be teaching, writing, learning mystical things, maybe vacationing in the Caribbean. Yet when I see the vision of things to come I know that the natural resistance to the energies of the New Age must be dropped and a new understanding must come. The time must come that the power and money of the world is controlled by the unselfish rather than the selfish.

This cannot happen by force as some mislead reformers in the past have taught. A good and holy idea implemented by force becomes a great evil. All the thoughts of God must be brought about by the free will and understanding of mankind. When this happens then the ideals of mankind (which for ages have been deemed impossible) will become manifest.

I am trying to guide us as a group in the direction of the Aquarian energies and the inner world of soul contact. Piece by piece the sections covered may not make a lot of sense or be our natural inclination of interest, but when we put the pieces together and more of the whole picture is seen then the inner stirrings of the Spirit will confirm the time has been well spent.

The purpose of the Molecular Business is to duplicate nature. There is plenty of oxygen in the air out there for all of us. Similarly, there is plenty of money for all, and if we create a living business, it can breathe in all the money it needs, just as a living body can draw in all the needed oxygen.

However, the objector may say there is a limit on the money we can draw. He says this because he does not understand what money is. Money is merely a symbol of the labor which has created wealth. In other words, money is created by labor. Without the existence of labor, money would be without value and meaningless.

Just like the body is only limited by the amount of oxygen it draws from the number of breaths it takes, so is the Molecular Business only limited to the amount of money it can draw by the amount of labor it generates. There is no reason why all cannot live in abundance, for the Molecular Principle creates maximum efficiency and potential for unlimited wealth.

If the small businessman succeeds, he can create a comfortable living for himself. Even so, if a Molecular Business is to succeed, all employees (who are an expansion of the one-owner concept) may have to sacrifice, at first, so they too, as a whole, can enjoy an abundant life when success is reached.

When this equal payment principle is first explained, several objections surface:

(1) Employees in a company wouldn’t go for it.

(2) You have to pay a high wage to get skilled employees.

(3) No one would have the prospect of a high salary and everyone would have starvation wages.

OBJECTION ONE: On the surface, those who believe that employees would not go for the equal wage are correct. That is, it would be almost impossible to convince employees in orthodox businesses to change their wage structure in any direction but immediately up, especially those in the higher income bracket. You cannot put new wine in old bottles.

Therefore, the solution to objection one is to put the new wine in new bottles. All Molecular Businesses, in the beginning, will have to be built from the ground up, and in so doing, will have no problem attracting employees. As long as the standard wage being offered is a competitive one, there will always be a surplus of job applicants. The Molecular Business will not have to draw in 100, 200 and 300 thousand dollar-a-year executives from established businesses. It will evolve all the executive talent needed from the pool of ground level employees to create a well oiled machinery.

Multi-Level marketing companies have already proven that this can be done. All people join these companies at ground level, and those who rise to the top (many making more than $200,000 a year) are often from the ranks of very common people, such as janitors, laborers, teachers, salesclerks, etc.

OBJECTION TWO: It would seem that we could not pay an equal wage to everyone. Even if we could pull the managers from the ranks, there are usually certain skilled individuals such as engineers, lawyers, draftsmen, accountants, and so on who expect a fairly high starting wage.

The Molecular Business will put a lot of emphasis on training while on the job. Oftentimes a person will go to school four or more years to learn a trade and then find that most of his learning for his actual job performance comes from his working experience. Some jobs that are assumed by trained people can be taken by others who are trained on the job. Accounting is a good example. With the new computer programs taking a lot of the busywork out of keeping records and simplifying the learning process, accounting procedures can now be quickly taught to most anyone of average intelligence.

Thus, not only can all executives evolve from the ranks, but so can many skilled workers.

Nevertheless, it is recognized that there will be a need, now and then, to acquire a skilled employee at whatever cost the company has to pay. Even in this case a person of such skill may be attracted to the Molecular Business for a number of the following reasons:

  1. The combination of cash, stock and other benefits will, most probably, reach a higher total that what he would receive in working for anyone else.
  2. There would be great job satisfaction in working in a democratic business.
  3. The combined prospect of long term financial gain, security and job satisfaction will be greater in the Molecular Business than any other.

Nevertheless, if it comes down to the fact that the Molecular Business must pay a higher than normal wage to hire a crucial employee, then it always has that freedom to do so. There are never any rules that cannot be changed by the democratic process. Flexibility and adaptability are always key factors in growth.

It comes down to this: The Molecular Business always has full power to draw the talent it needs to accomplish its objectives.

OBJECTION THREE: When the principle of equal wages is explained many think that wage will be a starvation wage. It is hard for many to conceive of abundance for all.

First, one must remember that the wage is a combination of cash, stock and benefits. Their total combination will equal an attractive overall wage. The cash wage may not be a large amount when the Company is first starting, or in hard times but we will not be looking for employees that are after all-you-can-get-for-the-present-moment. We will be looking for those who want to build a secure and prosperous future as well as initiating a constructive world wide change.

When the Molecular Business first starts then, it is true, that its wages will be at a lower point then after it becomes established. So why not wait until after it succeeds and then join it?

The answer is quite simple. If it succeeds, those who started the Company will have a tremendous financial advantage because part of their payment in stock. Stock purchased at the beginning of a successful company will multiply many times in value after it gets established. Therefore, what may appear to be a lower starting wage may turn into a literal bonanza.

Then after the Company has become prosperous, the general wage will become more and more attractive until it will reach the point that employees of orthodox businesses will desire that their companies turn Molecular.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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