Cycles, Chi and Youth

Cycles, Chi and Youth

We’ve recently had a very young Bailey student join us. Plowing into this esoteric material at a young age can be quite advantageous.

I say “can” because it can also be a disadvantage. Those with an religious background can often see this playing out. Many in the churches get an early start in studying doctrine and by the time they are around 25-30 feel that they are far superior in knowledge to ordinary members (which they are) and concretize the teachings into a package in their mind.

Then when someone like myself presents them with esoteric teachings, even proving them with their own scriptures, they become very resistant because they cannot imagine one of their own having an entirely new vista of knowledge.

If, on the other hand, one who has learned much at a young age can remain open “as a little child” then the head start can become a great advantage.

I bought my first Alice A. Bailey book when I was about 21-22 and after I read the first chapter I realized that I had encountered my first credible challenge to my belief system. I didn’t feel ready to deal with it at the time so I put it on the shelf where it remained for a couple years before it was taken down again. Even so, that chapter remained in my consciousness gnawing at me calling me back. Finally, after I discovered the truth about reincarnation I did come back and have been a student ever since.

A reader commented on an early article I wrote called Eternal Progression. Actually, at the time I wrote this I wasn’t aware of any Mormon or ex-Mormon writing about progression between the kingdoms. I had no association with rebel Mormons at all at the time. My conclusions were reached purely through the study of the scriptures, early LDS writings and listening to the soul.

It is interesting that an idea can have great influence even though the original circulation may be low. For instance, all the 20+ Alice A. Bailey books in total have not sold as many books as did the Celestine prophecy. Very few people have actually read one from cover to cover. Even so, those who have read the books have had a powerful influence on many people, causing DK’s influence to be much greater than meets the eye.

I have seen a number of my teachings in print and circulated on the internet that did not reference me as the original source. The teachings mentioned from my treatise, Reincarnation and the Bible (also reincarnation and Mormonism) are sometimes copied and pasted into other writings.

It is important that the fundamental teachings of the new age get out to the masses no matter how it happens.

Someone asked me to elaborate about the seven cycles.

I have taught that we go through seven cycles as a male and seven as a female. Until the pilgrim becomes a disciple this sometimes plays out as seven lives as a male followed by seven lives as a female, but this is not a black and white law. If the purpose of a life is cut short for a life or two then it may take 2-3 lives to go through one of the energy cycles. Then too, karma my cause the soul to switch the entity from one sex to another early so certain lessons can be learned.

After the person becomes a disciple he works with this soul between incarnations and can predetermine his energy, sex and race to insure he is best equipped to accomplish the service he desires.

This teaching only illustrates the illusion that can result by attempting to apply black and white rules and laws to metaphysical understanding. Intelligence applied to laws and cycles causes results that are not mathematically predictable – at least, not by ordinary humans.

Remember the cycle of 7+7 repeats itself many times before liberation is gained.

I was asked about Chi.

Chi is manifests through the power of focused attention. The powers of godliness within us are always revealed when attention is rightly focused. Attention can draw the energies of prana to a central point and can produce seemingly magical results.

Aug 28, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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