The Candidates, Aquarian or Piscean?


May 30, 2016

The Candidates, Aquarian or Piscean?

I have noted before that the vast majority of Bailey students as well as new agers in general support the politics of the left. My estimate is that around 80-90% of them take this stand.

That is fine. I realize that many seekers and even initiates may disagree with each other on a number of things. The great work will still go forward if all do their best in seeing the soul within their fellow workers.

On the other hand, something about this upcoming election has brought out the worst in many people high and low in evolution.

In some circles people are not only plugging Bernie Sanders for president, but insulting anyone who may wind up voting for Donald Trump. Hillary is kind of seen that a middle of the road candidate and her supporters, though not cutting edge, are given a pass.

The talk of Bernie Sanders vs Trump goes something like this.

Bernie represents the Aquarian age, the Brotherhood of Light, reflects the teachings of DK and the Masters. If Bernie can get elected spiritual evolution will receive a great shot in the arm. Those who support him are the more enlightened of society.

Trump, on the other hand, is said to represent the old ways of the Piscean age. He is a strong authority patterned after the likes of Hitler and Mussolini and needs to be defeated at all costs. His supporters must be backward indeed for anyone in contact with the Christ within would surely shun the guy and support Bernie.

Since I would vote for Trump over either Bernie or Hillary this then places me with the Neanderthals and zealots of the Piscean age that is supposed to be dying out. It looks like my hand is forced to stand up for truth as I see it.

Here is the question to ask. Does Trump really represent the passing age of Pisces that must be discarded and does Bernie herald the Age of Aquarius?

Let us look at Bernie first. Why do his followers associate him with the age of Aquarius and the Brotherhood of Light?

There is basically one reason for this and that is that Bernie is a big government socialist and hopes to transform America into a socialist utopia. Because many new agers love their ideal of socialism being forced upon the people they equate this with the coming age of Aquarius, not the passing age of Pisces.

So, is Bernie’s idea of socialism really Aquarian in nature or is it from the old order of things?

To answer this we must realize that there are two basic types of socialistic endeavors. One is accomplished by force through the strong authority of a powerful government and the other is accomplished through free will cooperative endeavors.

Both have been around since the beginning of civilization and both existed in the days of Jesus. At that time Rome was the entity that had great authority over the lives of the people and they taxed the people to provide various social programs for the citizens.

There is not one instance of Jesus supporting such an endeavor. The only mention of taxes in relation to Jesus was a criticism that he was not paying them. (See Matt 17:24-27)

On the other hand, Jesus was an advocate of free will socialism. He told his followers to donate directly to the poor. That was a much different injunction than if he had advocated paying higher taxes for Caesar so the state could redistribute more wealth.

Today we see many examples of the type of free will socialism as advocated by Jesus in the various churches. They collect free will offerings and redistribute the wealth to the poor. The Salvation Army is a great example of this.

Other examples of free will socialism are various insurance plans that customers can take or leave, community gardens and employee-owned businesses. Free will socialism rises or falls its own merits whereas government enforced socialism can just tax the people more to compensate for a program that is not efficient or badly managed.

So which kind of socialism better represents the new Age of Aquarius?

The obvious answer is free will socialism. The Age of Pisces was governed by strong authority and powerful control over the people by both church and state. America struck a great blow at the powerful authority of the beast with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that limited the powers of outer authorities, especially the government.

The Great Seal of the United States struck the keynote of the new Aquarian Age with the words, Novus ordo seclorum, Latin for “New Order of the Ages.”

And what was this new order of the ages supposed to be? It was a limited government supporting a free people free from the control of strong authority and free from taxation without representation.

Socialism enforced by powerful authority represents the passing age whereas socialism by maximum free will is an ingredient of the new. The falling of the Berlin wall and the Old Soviet Union signaled the failure of strong social Piscean ideals enforced by strong authority.

In addition to strong authority let us look at another characteristic of the Piscean age. Pisces is the strongest water sign and water is a symbol of the emotions. Aquarius is an air sign and air is a symbol of the mind. DK tells us that the great shift of focus to move us into the new age is a change from polarization in the emotional energies to that of the mind.

Pisces is governed by the sixth ray of whose keynote is idealism which works hand in hand with emotional energy. Emotion fixes the image of the ideal in the mind and adds to its power over the individual. Conversely, emotion attaches itself to the ideal and seeks to manifest it any way it can, even if the rights of others are trampled upon.

Christ presented the divine ideal that stimulated the higher emotion of love, but the flaws of men degenerated the two from being centered in the heart to the solar plexus. We thus saw much that was negative manifested though emotion and idealism during the Age of Pisces. Examples range from the Roman Empire to the crusades, the inquisition, The French revolution and the bloodbath that followed, to burning witches at the stake to slavery, to the Communist Revolution and the idealist authoritarian rule afterwards.

The air sign Aquarius promises a move from idealism, sacrifice and strong emotional authority to a period of time where people will be polarized in the mind and discover the joys of living in a reasonable and logical world governed by wise choices.

Will the Aquarian Age be a replay of the Piscean where we start with a great example and degenerate into the wrong use of mind, which can slay the real and enhance darkness if misdirected?

The expectation of the Hierarchy is that this will not be the case. They tell us that humanity has made major strides in spiritual evolution and we are at the cusp of entering the world of mind, “the plane whereon the Masters can be found.

Part of the reason that a grand opportunity awaits us is that we are not entering a normal Age of Aquarius. Instead, the age we are entering is a lesser age within a cycle of Aquarius that is much greater, over 25,000 years. These strong energies of mind related to service only come along with a double potion about once every 310,000 years. The last time it happened Atlantis was flourishing.

We have just moved over the cusp of the new sign but the old energies of Pisces are fighting strong for survival. They are like the power of a great Dweller on the Threshold fighting for its own survival seeking to hold us back. The old Pisces emotional and authoritarian energies are powerful indeed because the majority of humanity is still strongly polarized in their emotional astral self. They are influenced more by slogans and catchphrases than logic and reason. The emotional pull is so strong that it is likely to take us a couple hundred more years for humanity to take full advantage of the Aquarian energies of mind.

Until humanity itself makes the shift that catches us up with the shift already made in the Zodiac the negative energies of lower emotion and fixed idealism will pull strongly upon us.

When we look at Bernie Sanders we see a person fixed very strongly, not in the Aquarian energies of mind, but in the Piscean energies of idealism authoritarianism, dominated by strong emotion that often does not listen to reason.

The obvious sign of the Piscean, sixth ray idealist is a life that is spent endorsing and promoting an ideal within the mind, but making little if any headway in accomplishing anything of practical value.

This description fits Bernie very precisely. Up to about the age of forty he spent his time promoting his ideals not even having a full time job, accomplishing little of value – not even writing a treatise or book of significance. Then when he did get a full time job it was in the government. He’s never been involved substantially in any private enterprise that creates a thing of value.

Speaking of a dreamer who never accomplishes anything DK says:

A dreamer whose dreams never materialise, a builder who stores up material which he never employs, a visionary whose visions are of no use to gods or men, is a clog upon the system universal. He is in great danger of atrophying.

Letters On Occult Meditation, Page 97

Bernie is indeed a visionary who wants the world to conform to his ideals but so far has made little happen in that direction for which he is responsible.

If he were to become president would he then have his great opportunity or would he wind up just being “a clog upon the system universal”?

We have already had a number of presidents who have accomplished little and either just maintained the status quo or got in the way of Aquarian energies. We do not need another one.

As stated, one of the hallmarks of the Piscean age is the strong emotion that accompanies it. It is the most heavily weighed water sign and water is a symbol of emotion. Powerful misplaced idealism and raw solar plexus emotion dominated much of that age. The quintessential example is perhaps the French Revolution. It was led by a number of idealists with strong feelings who promised a better world for the common man. Maximilien Robespierre was one of the leaders promoting hope and change but wound up incorporating a reign of terror that made the world shiver with abhorrence. It became so bad that he became of victim of his own methods and was himself guillotined without the benefit of a trial.

So, does Bernie and his supporters show signs of wrongheaded zeal in furthering the ideal and destroying the opposition.

Indeed they have. They have made every effort to not only stop Trump from speaking or being heard when he does speak, but they have blocked traffic, tried to shut down main roads leading to Trump rallies and crash the meetings and attempt to prevent anyone but themselves from being heard. A recent (as of this writing) example of their shenanigans happened Friday March 27 in California as CNN reported that about 35 people were arrested by police in riot gear. These people were out of control resisting every effort of the police to protect attending Trump supporters from harm.

Ever since thousands of protesters were able to completely shut down a Trump rally in Chicago last March they have been charged up wanting to create more mayhem and interfere with freedom of speech in any way possible.

All but the conservative media have given mere surface coverage to the forceful attacks of the Sanders supporters until it affected their own party. When the Sanders supporters threatened violence at the Nevada Democratic convention, then the left leaning media gave some serious attention to the matter.

Here is a clip from an article in Newsweek:

The unseemly tirade of Sanders supporters was a marvel, the kind of behavior more likely to be seen among British soccer hooligans than people claiming to be interested in politics. A chair was thrown. People screamed “bitch!” at Senator Barbara Boxer, a staunch liberal from California. Even the Nevada state Democratic chairwoman, Roberta Lange, who had endorsed Sanders, needed a security detail just to go to the bathroom in order to protect her from the hypocritical “humanity lovers” who seem to hate everyone but themselves and their idol. Afterward, the goons kept up their hostile hysterics. Protesters vandalized the offices of the state Democratic Party. Lange’s personal contact information, including her cell phone number, were posted online, and she has since received thousands of death threats, according to state party officials. One of the text messages to Lange said, “Praying to god someone shoots you in the FACE and blows your democracy-stealing head off!” (Only in the delusions of Sanders-land could democracy be stolen when the winner of the popular vote was winning.) Voicemail obtained by Jon Ralston, the dean of Nevada political reporters, contain such delightful statements as, “People like you should be hung in a public execution…. You are a sick, twisted piece of sh*t, and I hope you burn for this!” And, “You f**king stupid bitch! What the hell are you doing? You’re a f**king corrupt bitch!” And, “You’re a c*nt. F**k you!” And, “You probably just guaranteed fire is in Philadelphia.” Yeah, these are exactly the kind of people who Americans want to have as the next president’s base—vicious, sociopathic misogynists.


Barbara Boxer, a long time Democratic stalwart reported to CNN, “I feared for my safety and I had a lot of security around me … I’ve never had anything like this happen. It was a scary situation … If I didn’t have a lot of security, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Through all these disruptions and infringements on free speech and threats of violence Bernie has mostly just stood back giving the impression that he silently approves of such behavior.

All this brings to mind a saying from Jesus,

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matt 7:16-20

Part of Bernie’s fruit are the out of control supporters and that fruit is quite distasteful.

“But,” says the Bernie supporter, “everyone knows that the Trump people are the ones who are really out of control and should be feared.”

If one only listens to the reporting of the left this opinion is understandable for Trump and his supporters are presented as being a fearsome and violent bunch.

Here are the facts. All the problems at Trump rallies are created by Bernie supporters (maybe a few from Hillary) creating blockades harassing otherwise peaceful Trump attendees and forcing themselves into rallies creating mayhem to interrupt free speech.

If this infringement happened to any other group on the planet there would be some negative reaction take place. Let a thousand protesters try to stop Pope Frances from speaking to a large group and see what happens. Believe me, as saintly as you may think the Pope and his supporters are you can bet there would be some type of negative response take place.

The fact is this. All the attacks with intent to disrupt have come from the left, from Bernie and Hillary supporters, not from Trump. Of all the 17 original Republican candidates there has not been one group of any of their supporters who have attended a Bernie or Hillary rally and attempted to shut them down.

Now considerer what would have been reported if a couple thousand Trump supporters crashed a Bernie rally and blocked toads and entrances. You can bet that the Bernie people would have reacted violently and the supportive media would have placed all the blame on Trump.

When you tabulate the number of defensive attacks by Trump supporters, made only at Trump rallies which have been invaded, you have to give them credit for restraint, instead of blaming them for the problem. If Bernie supporters had remained peaceful there wouldn’t have been enough negativity from the Trump people to make any news.

So, let us examine these two groups – Bernie and Trump supporters. The Trump people just want to attend their guy’s gathering, listen and then go home in peace. On the other hand, the Bernie people are just not happy leaving well enough alone. They feel they must invade the space of the Trump people and prevent them from even hearing their guy. This is sad indeed and certainly does not speak for Bernie as one who is a herald of the new Age of Aquarius.

Another point to consider is that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is dominated by the seventh ray. On top of this the seventh ray is coming into incarnation and having an increased influence as we move into the new age. This means that if we want to find a true Aquarian candidate we would want to see aspects of the seventh ray manifested.

The seventh ray governs business, finance, organizational ability, ceremony and law.

Bernie is the strongest anti business, anti finance with the least organizational experience in the presidential equation and Hillary is not far behind. In many cases he does not support compliance with the law.

Trump on the other hand, is very strong seventh ray in this regard He has been in business all his life and has had many dealings with the financial world. He also runs and has run a number of large organizations. He is also a supporter of obedience to law. As far as the seventh ray aspect goes Trump is the Aquarian candidate, hands down.

As far as the sun signs of the candidates go Trump is a Gemini, Bernie is a Virgo and Hillary a Scorpio. Aquarius is an air sign and Trump is the only one who has a corresponding air sign – Gemini. Bernie’s is an earth sign and Hillary in Scorpio is a water sign. In fact water related to the age of Pisces is very strong in her chart.

Air and space exploration is also strongly related to Aquarius. Through the years Bernie has been one of the least supportive in Congress of the space program. He says that social programs are much more important than exploring space. Hillary has a similar attitude, but not as pronounced.

Trump not only has his own private jet but has been a supporter of space exploration and strongly criticized Obama for cutting funds. He wants to get the space program revitalized after he gets the economy headed the right direction.

Another strong characteristic of the Aquarian Age will be law which is an aspect of the seventh ray which is both coming into incarnation as well as being strong in Aquarius by being the dominate ray of Uranus which rules this sign.

So, why is law and order an Aquarian characteristic? After all, many new agers kind of see the coming new age as something existing in a laid back atmosphere where people do their own thing, kind of like a hippie commune satiation.

The hippies had their place in our societal evolution, but their casual adherence to law was not what we were supposed to incorporate from them.

Many seekers do not realize the importance of law and associate law and order with the old age that needs to be left behind. Nothing could be further from the truth. Laws that are accepted and respected are essential to create a peaceful, strong and progressive society. Where there is a breakdown of law you have a descent into either chaos, tyranny, or both.

When you have laws that are properly enforced and respected by the people as being just then you have a general population that can plan their careers, their activities, their recreation, their gatherings, their families, their business etc in a methodical order which can achieve positive results. Without good law constructive progress is greatly hindered.

What interferes with the implementation of constructive law? There are a number of items.

(1) A leader or leaders taking too much authority to themselves so that their word is law above that of the written law passed by legislative bodies. In tyrannies many victims may not break any law but merely offend some authority and are punished on a whim.

(2) Authorities that are tolerated in picking and choosing which laws are to be enforced.

We have a prime example of this with immigration. Many authorities are choosing to ignore immigration laws thus creating a volatile situation where many are upset and few are satisfied.

Many think laws should be ignored if they are seen as bad, but no less than Abraham Lincoln, a quintessential Aquarian, would disagree. Some of the worst laws we have had concerned slavery, yet even though he strongly disagreed with them he recognized the importance of adhering to law to prevent chaos. He had the attitude of supporting written law whether it be good or bad, but then worked to change that which did more harm than good. On this note he made one of the greatest changes in law in history and became the Great Emancipator, bringing freedom to the slaves.

To have a stable society we must follow Lincoln’s example. We should follow existing law, but then change that which does not work with better law.

If we think immigration law on the books is wrong then we should not ignore it, but work to change it and improve it.

Trump has been strongly criticized for expressing intent to enforce immigration law, even though he says he will create a wide door to let the harmless ones back in. What the critical new agers do not understand is that this is the correct attitude of the true leader in the coming Aquarian Age. Such a leader must be like Lincoln and work with existing law, but then make effort to change it if it is imperfect.

Picking and choosing which laws we will enforce as Bernie and Hillary are doing is not the Aquarian way.

(3) Too many laws and rules. If there are too many laws then confusion results. People will be breaking the law just because they do not even know it exists or the shear number can create frustration and chaos.

An example was Obamacare which consisted of thousands of pages. Few read much of it before voting and afterwards even supporters found problems with the wording.

The key to order is not to pass lots of law but pass essential and just law and then enforce it. Once we realize the importance of this we can begin to create a society worthy of the New Age of Aquarius.

I could go on and write a book on this subject, but this will have to suffice for the moment. There should be enough food for thought here to convince the objective reader that it is wrong headed to just make the knee jerk assumption that Bernie is the herald of the Aquarian Age. A Piscean idealist does not an Aquarian make.

Read Part 1 of this treatise HERE

For a 11 part treatise on on how DK’s views fall surprisingly to the political right go HERE.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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The Trump Category

March 7, 2016

The Trump Category

lwk Quotes me as follows:

“…the dark brothers are dishonest and they will lie to you and never tell you exactly what they believe and what they think. You cannot tell what they believe by listening to them. They will tell you what they believe is necessary to get them elected or gain your trust.”

Then makes this comment:

Sounds exactly like Donald Trump in spades. How so many people place any trust in him given his history is amazing. The ability of humans to practice self deception is amazing. Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal” and proved over and over again he would renege on any deal he could if it was in his interest at the time.


I wouldn’t put Trump in the same category as the numerous politicians, past and present, who try and present themselves as different than they really are in order to get elected.

There are generally two types who run for office.

The first category is in the minority, and that is the fairly honest politician who is up front about his beliefs and tells the people what he will do. If he is asked a question he will give a reasonably honest answer.

Examples of this first category are Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders.

The more common politician will tell his or her voters what he thinks they want to hear in order to get their trust and their votes. It is not until they get elected and we actually see their actions in office that we see what their core beliefs are and how they stand up under pressure.

The strange thing is that even when many politicians betray the trust of their voters they are still able to come back and lie to them near election day and make them think their vote of betrayal was justified, or an anomaly, and that they have listened to the common guy, get the message and will really represent them this time.

Examples of politicians who say what people want to hear to get elected are President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.

This category of politician fools many of the common people who do not pay attention, but they always give clues in advance that are available for those who are alert.

Obama was one of the best in recent times at presenting a false image of himself and what he was going to do.

When campaigning in 2008 he convinced many that he was all for fiscal responsibility. He was going to go through that budget line by line and streamline and trim like no president ever has. He would save us more than Obamacare was going to cost. In fact the average person would pay over $2000 less for insurance.

He said he was a big supporter of the Constitution and the Second Amendment and reasonable free enterprise. He was not a socialist by any means, just a common sense guy who believed in fairness and giving people a shot at the American Dream.

He presented himself as a standard Christian who wasn’t aware of the inflammatory words spoken by his minister of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright.

Sure, he said he was going to fundamentally transform America, but that was going to be a good thing that everyone was going to love.

Those who paid attention were not fooled and not surprised by anything he did or attempted to do while in office.

Those who read his book, Dreams of My Father, saw that he had many radical socialist and communist influences that he embraced in his youth.

Those who watched the interview with Joe the Plumber got a giant hint about his true feelings of sharing the wealth.

Those who heard his leaked speech condemning those “who cling to their guns and religion” got an idea as to his true feelings toward standard Christians and Second Amendment supporters.

I also heard a teacher from the University of Chicago testify that Obama had told him when teaching there that he didn’t agree with the Second Amendment and he would disarm the people if there was a way to do it.

The only thing that Obama has done that surprised me was how much money he has spent. I knew he was going to be a big spender and was not going to trim the budget as he promised, but $10 trillion? Now that’s a lot of money. Up to $6-7 trillion was more in the range of my expectations, though his outrageous spending was not completely off my radar. I would have thought that some Democrats would have been alarmed with the massive borrowing, but many of them think he has not burrowed enough. It is like insanity is a contagious disease going around.

Now I see Donald Trump as being in a third category – I would call this the Dealmaker. The last real dealmaker we had as president was Lyndon Johnson, but there is a difference between him and Trump. Johnson’s top priority was his own agenda and power. I think Trump really is motivated to run because he thinks he can fix some of the messes we have gotten ourselves into. He likes personal power but fixing our major problems comes first in his mind, rather than just enjoying the perks of being president.

I do not see it as being deceptive to start with an outrageous offer and then modifying it to reach a deal. In deal making it is expected that the first offer may not be the final one. If I am at a garage sale and offer $10 for an item that does not mean that I will not pay $15 if I think the deal is worth it.

If elected I would expect that Donald will do his best to get the economy moving again and negotiate better deals with our potential enemies as well as friends.

I have two concerns with him. The first is that he may be too authoritarian and bypass Congress to get his way as has Obama.

The second is that if he is too harsh on his trade restrictions with China that China could retaliate and we could face physical conflict.

Japan attacked us at the beginning of World War II partially because of trade restrictions that starved them of raw materials.

I have concerns with all the candidates. You never know what you will get until the person is in office for a while.

Let us hope the best person wins.

March 10, 2016


The left is ruled by the academic community


This does indeed seem to be true. In most colleges fewer than 10% of the professors are Republicans. This seems to have been the trend for about a century or so.

It is interesting that many of our liberal universities though were founded by very conservative Christians. It would be interesting to calculate how long this liberal/conservative educational cycle is. I would guess we will be swinging back toward the conservative cycle within the next few years. Both cycles have their good and bad points, but each new cycle brings us closer toward the center.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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Bernie Sanders – The New Hitler


APRIL 1, 2016 

Bernie Sanders – The New Hitler

Since the left is so eager to use the Hitler/Nazi card on the people of the right let us see how they like it if we use the same tactics, but with one caveat. We will not tell any lies or distort anything that Bernie has said.

Surely you must be joking,” says a Bernie supporter. “Bernie is just a kind old man, the furthest thing from Hitler.”

I have news for you. Many on the right think the accusations of their guys being like Hitler are ridiculous and mean spirited also. Turnabout is fair play, so let us compare Bernie to Hitler and Nazism and see how he measures up.

Here are some correspondences just as good or better than those made recently against Trump.

(1) Bernie draws large enthusiastic supportive crowds, just like Hitler did.

(2) Bernie’s supporters use intimidating methods in attempts to silence those who may oppose him or speak against him.

Just as Hitler did not need to give direct orders to silence opposition Bernie’s supports knew what to do and shut down Trump’s Chicago rally while shouting out Bernie’s name. They are trying to prevent Trumps free speech in numerous other towns even going so far as to block a major highway in Arizona. That could not only have limited free speech but was also a route to a hospital and may have endangered lives. The protesters did not care though just as the Nazis did not care about such things.

(3) Hitler’s National Socialist Party had much in common with Bernie’s national socialism. It is a fact that they both called themselves socialists.

Both of them support the power of the state stepping in and forcing business to work toward the common good.

Both advocate free education with the government making sure the youth are educated properly.

Both advocated freedom of religion UNLESS they offend the “moral and ethical sense” of those in charge.

The stated Nazi goal was:


In order to carry out this program we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the State, the unconditional authority by the political central parliament of the whole State and all its organizations.

Bernie indeed wants a strong central government which would be necessary to carry out his reforms.

(4) Both Sanders and Hitler believed in “common sense” gun control and restrictions regulated by the national, not state or local governments.

(5) Neither Hitler and Sanders had a regular job until they were about 40. Until that time they spent much of their time promoting their political agendas. Both got in trouble with the law because of their political activities.

(6) The only real and regular jobs both men had was working for the state and being paid by taxpayers.

(7) Both Sanders and Hitler believed and promoted universal health care.

(8) Both men stressed the importance of creating a “living wage” for the masses.

(9) Both men liked carrots.

We could continue, but you get the point, right?

Bernie Sanders must be Hitler come again.

Don’t laugh. That is what I would be proclaiming if I had the same mindset as Bernie and Clinton supporters calling Trump and others Hitler.

Do I really think Bernie is like Hitler?

Overall, the answer is no, but there are some similarities. After all, all of us have some things in common with Hitler as well as every other human being on the planet.

Both Hitler and Bernie like carrots. I also like carrots, but I am not much like either of them.

These comparisons were done to make a point. You can find as much or more that Bernie has in common with Hitler than Trump, Cruz or any conservative.

In real life I would not compare Sanders or anyone else, as a whole, to Hitler unless they really started acting out the horrific things Hitler did. Such accusations are below the belt.

Instead of mindless Hitler accusations we are much better off debating the issues involved in a civil manner. Maybe if we actually do some thinking instead of just reacting on an emotional level some minds may be changed for the better.

Copyright 2016 By J J Dewey

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Handwriting Analysis of Prominent 2016 Presidential Candidates

Jan 23, 2016

Handwriting Analysis of

Prominent 2016 Presidential Candidates


Donald Trump

Donald has the most interesting handwriting of any recent presidential candidate. He is the most intelligent candidate since JFK.



What is quite interesting is that he is not seeking attention toward self so he can get recognition and draw attention, as is the case with most candidates. Indeed he draws attention, but not because of a personal need, but because of his passion, intelligence and charismatic personality. Most any project he tackles with his creative mind will draw attention to himself whether he wants it or not. He is not the egomaniac that is conjured up in the minds of his enemies. He draws attention to himself to further his goals, not for a need for attention.

The thing that stands out in the handwriting is the great difference between his regular handwriting and his signature.

The signature shows how the person presents himself to the world and the regular handwriting reveals more of what the person is like away from the spotlight.

You’ll notice that his signature has sharp points in every stroke, almost like spikes whereas the regular writing is much softer. The signature gives the impression that if you mess with him you will suffer puncture wounds. That is what he wants you to think. He is indeed the dealmaker he claims to be. His tactic is to come across as hard as nails, but then when the real negotiations get underway he will soften up, make friends and the guy on the other end of the table will often think he came out on top when it was Donald that really got what he wanted.

He doesn’t give in easily though. If you want to change his mind you have to make a solid case. This can be done but one has to make perfect sense. Otherwise, he will go full stream ahead with his own ideas. He hates to change his mind but will if the situation warrants it.

The problem people have in dealing with him is that most will not understand what is going on in his mind. Donald rarely will put all his cards on the table. His inner circle and loved ones will see quite a different side of him than the general public or those doing business with him.

He is extremely versatile and intelligent and has great organizational ability. He is great about visualizing a thing on the physical plane and then turning it into a reality.

Notice the beginning and ending strokes on his name. They look like two buildings. He had to go out of his way to get that effect at the end because the P looks nothing like a P. If there was ever a signature of a builder then this is it.

In this one small sample we see three different modes of writing. The first is the regular writing in the note. The second shows up in the word, AMAZING. And the third mode is in his signature. This shows a versatility and adaptability that few people possess. If the situation calls for it he will change on a dime to make things work out as desired, though his inner goals and mindset will change slowly.

He is not as hardnosed as many think and is influenced by others and willing to listen and consider thoughts of others. He is willing to make what he considers to be reasonable compromises to make things work, but he is not a pushover. He always proceeds with the end in view.

So, how would he deal with world leaders like Putin and the Chinese leaders? Some are afraid he would start World War III.

Indeed he has strong passion, but he has the best self control of any of the candidates. He is very measured and puts a lot of thought into the actual actions he takes.

He says he would have a good relationship with Putin and he probably would. He would first present the image that we are not to be messed with, but then in private meetings he would break the ice and find much more common ground than would other lesser thinkers. He would make deals and both sides would come out feeling positive, but Trump would make sure our country got the best advance possible.

To fix the economy we need someone very bright who can see through the illusion and resist the selfish influences of those who would continue the status quo. Trump has the intelligence to be the man for the job.

Ted Cruz

I found numerous samples of Ted’s signature but only one sample of his regular writing. Here it is along with three sample signatures.

Cruz Samples

It is interesting how much Cruz has in common with Trump. There are four that stand out.

(1) The signature is a much different style than the regular writing.

(2) They both write in all capital disconnected letters in their regular writing.

(3) They are both driven and passionate men.

(4) They are both very intelligent.

The most similar trait is that they both write in all printed caps wit disconnected letters.

This reveals a rebel instinct in both of them. Neither is afraid to go against the grain. They do things the way they see as the right way to go. In work or play they are competitive and strive hard to win or it is not much fun. Neither wants to reveal the full hand they may be playing.

As I said the signatures of both men have quite a bit different style than their regular writing. This tells us that both men desire to project an image that may not correspond to their true self in order to achieve certain ends. Trump wants to project an image of a person you don’t want to mess with, but his bark is worse than his bite.

Cruz tries to project the image that he is more of a team player than he is and that he should be looked upon as someone others can lean on to win the good fight. He has more glamour about this than most.

It is a little surprising to learn that Cruz is partially driven by the desire for recognition and a desire to be the center of attention. He shares this characteristic with Obama, but with less intensity. Even so, he loves the limelight more than does Trump. People assume that Trump wants to be the center of attention because he keeps winding up being at that center, but his efforts are more focused on accomplishing his goals rather than drawing attention to himself. On the other hand, attaining center stage is a strong motivating factor with Cruz. Not the only one to be sure, but it is a strong factor.

Both men are very intelligent, but Cruz is more one directional, focused on a limited range of goals. This could work fine to make him an above average president for he would focus strongly on the job and try and limit distractions.

Trump’s intelligence is more versatile, diverse accompanied by great passion. Whereas Cruz would devote 100% of his energy to being president as the job requires, Trump may figure he can do the orthodox job successfully using half of his energy and intelligence and then expand his endeavors into new territory and go where no president has gone before. We would have to wait and see to see where that would be.

Even though Cruz is very independent and likes to do things his own way he is willing to compromise more than the public image of him reveals – as long as his principles are not violated.

Cruz is honest, straightforward and likes to make efficient use of his time. He likes to cut through the red tape and stick to the essentials. He would like to see rules, regulations, taxes etc honed down to what was necessary for the health of the nation.

Cruz is very driven, has a strong sense of purpose. He makes his goals challenging to himself looking into the far future with his planning. He has good self control and desires to improve himself. He places a lot of attention on the material side of things despite being a religious person. He wants this physical earth to be a heaven as well as the hereafter.

Let me add that one thing that handwriting does not reveal is the ideology and belief system that motivates a person. One must examine the words and works of the person to determine that. Some people with a lot of intelligence and talent could make bad decisions based on illusionary beliefs they have picked up. This always needs to be taken into consideration when assessing a leader through his handwriting.


Hillary Clinton’s Handwriting Analysis

I analyzed Hillary in 2008. I will include that analysis below but first make an update with some new analysis. I have more samples this time which provides some additional insights. Here is a sample:  Hillary writing

New Insights

Critics may wonder if her perceived flaws would show up in her handwriting. For instance, she obviously lied about the Benghazi attack being caused by a video as evidenced by an email to her daughter at the time that the attacks were from an “Al Queda-like group.”

Overall her honesty level is about average. With her friends and inner circle, when not under pressure, she is likely to be fairly open and honest. She has two flaws that may lead her to be deceptive. First, she has a tendency to take the line of least resistance, to make the easier of two choices, even though the more difficult would work out for he best in the long run. The immediate future is important to her.

The second flaw is her willingness to accommodate or please those important to her or having authority over her. A certain amount of this trait can be a good thing, but too much creates problems. She sometimes shows this characteristic to an excess. To illustrate note this signature:

Hillary Signature

Look at the two L’s in Hillary and the stem on the H in Rodham. Note how they bend much more than typical writing. This shows a bending of the will in an effort to please others.

My guess on the video lie was that it was done in an effort to please or help the president. It is quite possible she was ordered to report the story and didn’t want to let her boss down.

Many think it is odd that she actively helped suppress the Bill Clinton sex scandals even to the point of attacking the female victims and minimizing them. Critics figured she did it to save her own skin so she could eventually run for president herself. That may have been a factor, but the writing reveals that a most likely bigger factor was pressure put on her by Bill to cooperate and a desire to accommodate him. It was also appealing because it seemed to be the best short term solution.

Many wonder why she would have been so careless with her emails. Why would an intelligent woman put herself in such a perilous situation? Some think it is merely because she doesn’t think the rules apply to her. It goes deeper than that.

Having the server in her home was following the line of least resistance for her and a reason for carelessness in sending and receiving classified data is indicated in this sample signature:

Hillary_Signature 3

Notice how letters are blurred out. This is significant because it is different than her regular fairly clear signature in the past. Nixon’s signature went through a similar evolution as he approached Watergate. This change indicates that she is not being as careful about covering her tracks and taking care of details as in the past.

In the past samples her signature I had on hand revealed a normal desire for attention, as the signature is a similar style as the regular writing. But then I came across this signature in her book

Book Signed

Note the size. It is huge indicating a tremendous desire to be the center of attention. It is interesting that this anomaly appears in a book that tells her story. This variance indicates that in normal relations she tries to appear as one of the people but deep within she has a powerful desire to be the ultimate center of attention as president.

I’ve been looking over several samples of her general writing I did not have in the past and see that there are quite a few changes depending on her mood. Normally she is quite controlled, but she goes through mood changes from time to time.

Highlights of my 2008 Analysis

Hillary is fairly intelligent. This must be respected whether one agrees with her or not. She has a very sharp mind, very perceptive and almost psychic in tapping into her gut feelings. Overall her basic intelligence is higher than her husband’s. This doesn’t mean she will be right more than him but that her capacity to use her brain to get what she wants is higher. If she had an affair she would be much less likely to get caught than Bill would be.

She’s very good at thinking on her feet and strategizing. Critics often have said that nothing happens by accident with her but everything is planned. There is probably some truth in this as she is much more capable than average of staging events to create an outcome.

Her writing reveals that one area where she does not hold back on compromise is with her husband. Some think she stays with him for political reasons only, but this is not fully the case. She sees him as a fun-loving guy to be with and goes out of her way to accommodate him. He brings out the free spirit within her and she likes that and this causes her to cover up and forgive his sins as much as political ambition.

She has been much more aware of his infidelities that she has let on and has calculatingly formed a defense time and time again.

She has a healthy emotional intelligence and does not suppress. If she gets angry she will release it and if she is hurt she will work through it.

She loves politics because she is a true believer in her ideology. She actually has lower self-confidence and esteem than average and doesn’t have as much faith in herself as appears.

She overcomes this self-image problem with dogged determination, self-control and a calculating mind.

As far as revealing her thoughts goes she is all over the map. With some people she will be very open and candid and they will feel special because she is extremely open. With others she will hold back and reveal little. With some groups (probably Republicans) she will be very secretive as well as deceptive.

She has a lot of male energy and if I did not know who had written the sample I see I could not tell if she were male or female.

She is careful about choosing her close friends.

She has many things she wants to accomplish but has difficulty in creating the steps to accomplishment the follow through even though her desire to accomplish is great.

She is sensitive to criticism.

She likes to make up her own mind and doesn’t like people making decisions for her. Once she makes a definite decision she holds to it strongly and proceeds with determination.

The bottom line is this. If she has a practical belief system she can accomplish much good, but if she has illusionary beliefs then she can take many people with her along an undesirable path.

You can’t tell belief systems from handwriting alone, but it can help in making an educated guess. From her public record we can get a good idea of her belief system and the handwriting can give us indications of where it may lead.

Before I analyzed her handwriting I assumed she was in politics for the glamour as are most politicians. There is much less glamour than I expected and much more calculation. I would guess that she reached certain conclusions when she was young and decided that was what was needed by the world and she was going to do her darndest to act as an agent of change. People who give her too much adoration probably bore her, though she wouldn’t publicly acknowledge this.

We know she has a very socialistic leanings and supports the basic democratic ideals. Her handwriting reveals that this is not because of strong emotional empathy as she is very emotionally reserved and holds them in check in many cases. Her belief system is an intellectually calculated one and probably inspired by a number of authors and teachers in her past.

The bright spark is that she is capable of changing her mind and following a practical solution.

If elected she would try and please her supporters while implementing her ideas, but would back off when dead ends are reached.

She would probably get on well with most heads of state and leaders but if someone seems to be opposed to her she is likely to act as they do not exist.

She is an interesting combination of being aggressive yet lacking confidence so it is difficult to predict what she would do in a crisis. She may overreact to prove herself on one occasion and be overly cautious in another.


Bernie Sanders

Here is a sample of his writing plus a full signature.

Bernie Letter Bernie Signature

Bernie’s strong emotional sensitivity catches my eye first. The previous three candidates seek to control their emotions with their minds. They are all three intense and passionate, but also calculating about the steps they take. Not so much with Bernie. His direction is governed more by his emotions than any calculating mind.

He is sensitive and caring and has empathy for the pain and distress of others. When we add to this the fact that his mind dwells a lot in the abstract ideological side of life with his mind consistently expanding on ideas he likes – accompanied by a desire to share and give – it is no surprise that he is a socialist.

He is evidently drawn to this belief because he sees it as a vehicle to relieve humanity from the pain, distress and suffering they have. Because he has good emotional intelligence and appeals to emotional people with his speech he has an ability to attract many not so interested in the three other major candidates who are more mental.

His intentions are good and he wants to help people, but decisions on how to go about it are governed by his feelings and strong idealistic view of how the world should be. Unfortunately, he has not thought through how he will accomplish is vision.

And vision is a key word here as he is driven more by his ideals and vision than he is in accomplishing any personal gain. A huge part of him would rather not run for president because of personal insecurities, but he pushed himself forward because in his mind it was the right thing to do for the greater good.

With Bernie what you see is what you get. He has no interest in projecting any image in public that is any different than in private, though he is secretive and most are not aware of all his thinking. His emotional connection is part of the reason he has been as successful as he has.

There are several drawbacks to him accomplishing his goals as president.

(1) He does not think things through to their logical conclusion, but just feels that if he does the right thing (in his eyes) that things will work out.

(2) He doesn’t always finish what he starts – if too many problems get in the way he will stop and do something different leaving the job undone.

(3) He is more insecure than he lets on.

(4) He can be fooled by adversaries more than the other three candidates.

(5) He bottles up emotion and this can be dangerous. He is normally warm and friendly but if too much internal pressure mounts he is likely to make a quick retaliatory decision or outburst on impulse that he would regret.

(6) He is very secretive. There are a lot of things in his past he does not want to discuss and if he were president he would not share with us all of his plans.

(7) He is not much in to making deals or compromising.

His intelligence is a little above average, but his emotional appeal is quite a bit above average. He is quick on his feet though and never lacks for something to say.

We’ve covered the major candidates. Now I’ll go over a few points on three others who have an outside chance.



Michael Bloomberg

Here are a couple samples of his writing.

Bloomberg Final

The first question one might ask is how is it that the guy made about $40 billion?

Take a look at his Y for a huge clue. Notice how far down into the lower zone it extends. The depth of the lower zone shows the amount of attention one places on the material side of life and his focus there is pretty intense. Another clue is found in two huge hooks. The most prominent is found in the Y on the bottom signature and a second is the beginning stroke on the M in the top signature. These huge hooks show a powerful desire to acquire that which he desires (and he has strong material desires) and even more powerful impulse to keep the gains which he has achieved. This focus plus considerable influence though charm and emotional appeal – plus an aggressive drive for what he wants gives us some insight into his success. I would guess that he has also had considerable good luck, as many others with similar traits are not billionaires.

The strange thing about one with such a material focus is that his mind also stretches into the philosophical, spiritual abstract areas of life. In this way and emotionally he has a lot in common with Bernie Sanders. The two would find each other interesting when the conversation is centered on political philosophy, but Bloomberg would lose Bernie when he started talking finance or capitalism.

Bloomberg is more honest with his words than most politicians, but is careful about revealing his feelings. He doesn’t like conflict and tries to get along with fellow workers by being more cheerful than he feels at times.

He loves variety and change. That is one reason he wants to be president – it would be an interesting change for him, though he would complain about the isolation of the office if elected.

Marco Rubio

Marco Final

The thing that first catches my attention in Marco’s writing is his unusual treatment of the latter part of his name – Marco. In the first sample the first two letters are legible and the latter two are just a large smudge. In the second sample all but the M is represented by a small smudge. In the third he just writes Ma and leaves the last two letters out completely. Finally, we note that the capital letters are much larger than the lower case. Putting this all together it appears that there is a part of his life he would like to blot out from existence, but another part that he wants to draw attention to. It would seem that there is a part of himself he just wants to leave behind and concentrate on who and where he is now. There appears to be some emotional pain in his past he wants to forget.

He likes the limelight he has achieved and getting recognition for his strengths is one of the things that motivates him. A strong sense of responsibility is another motivator. He sees what he thinks is the right direction and feels responsible to do something about it.

He oscillates from time to time between being very conservative to fairly liberal. Sometimes he takes a stand and no ne can change his mind and other times he relaxes and goes with he flow.

He is charming, likeable and likes to concentrate on essentials. He tries to take a mental approach, rather than emotional to situations that require a decision.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson

You wouldn’t think that Carson has a stronger desire to be center stage than does Trump. He shares this with the other Republican candidates analyzed here.

What has garnered his success though is that is a plodder, a team player and has good determination and organizational skills. His journey through life has been a step-by-step process, ever moving onward to greener pastures and more recognition.

He is a dreamer and is anchored enough to the real world to make some of his dreams come true. He focuses a lot of attention of the spiritual, philosophical side of life.

He doesn’t like a lot of friction and is hesitant to sharply criticize. He has a secretive side and doesn’t want to reveal all his thoughts.

He has the intelligence and stability to make a competent president.

I could write much more about all the above candidates, but this should suffice to give a few useful highlights.


Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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