Sex 101


Sex 101

I was asked to elaborate on the sharing of energies in the molecule and how gays would fit in.

There are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sharings that are possible apart from sexual or romantic relations and then there are others that are linked and enhanced by such relations.

Sexual relationships will not be a part of the energy flow of the Molecular Relationship with the exception that the act may aid in the stability and union of the atomic male/female units. On the other hand, there will be many atomic units who will be working partners and sex will not be involved. Both types of units along with their associate partners have an equal opportunity to share the higher energies.

In addition, the twelve units (each unit composed of two or more) will share with other units. Then after numerous molecules are created the human molecules will share a still different kind of energy with other molecules. This is an experience that has not yet been had among the human kingdom.

Apart from sex, individuals and units will share physically through touch, handshakes, hugs, circles and healing practices.

They will share emotionally through friendship and love.

They will share mentally through planning, dreaming, executing ideas, learning and teaching.

They will share spiritually through the circulation of the Holy Spirit creating one life from the many.

Sex itself between male and female (or gay sex by that matter) of itself does not produce union. If it is done for physical pleasure only it will only enhance separation in the long run. If it is done with an eye toward union of unlimited duration it can be a solidifying factor.

One of the purposes of sex is the balancing of energies, not so much individually, but in the couple as a unit (or one flesh as the Bible says).

If the male has a charge of +1 and the female a -1 their joining can create a close to zero charge for the greater unit and when zero is approached the higher spiritual energies flow with ease.

Now the male or female charge of the gay is already close to zero as far as male and female energies are concerned. If you have one male with a charge of +.2 merge with another with +.1 then the charge of the union would average .15. There is negligible advance toward the zero point, as they were both already close to it. The ideal would be for the gay male to override those past life feelings of his lives as a female attracted to male and look for a female with a -.2 charge. Then the relationship can advance closer to the zero point and open a channel for the higher energies.

The interesting thing about gays is, regardless of relations with their own sex, individually, they are naturally closer than the heterosexual, to the ideal zero point, where lies the spirit. That is one reason that when they use soul energies on an individual basis apart from sex that they excel. An extremely high percentage of creative artists are gay. This is evidence that the gay has a great advantage to being close to the zero point. It is naturally easier for him (or her) to bring down soul energies if he is not thrown out of focus by wrongly directed relationships.

This is the reason that Jesus gave the following advice to gays:

“But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given.

“For there are some eunuchs (gays), which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men (castration): and there be eunuchs (Gays and some hetros seeking the spiritual single life), which have made themselves eunuchs (a neutron, or balanced in energy) for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” Matt 19:11-12

A “eunuch for the kingdom of heaven” is one who has a close to zero male-female charge who dedicates himself to the celibate life so he can take advantage of his close position to the zero point and thus work mightily with the spiritual energies.

Jesus said that this was not for everyone, but those gays who are ready for this commitment will feel it internally. In fact many gays have been lead to celibacy in various religious orders for this reason and a handful have done it of their own initiative.

I remember reading a quote from Andy Warhol (a famous gay pop artist) when he was still alive stating that he was celibate. This man was very highly extolled for his creativity. He was obviously able to move the physical creative energies of the sacral center up to the throat center and make full use of them in connection with the soul.

A gay reader asked me to explain why he would feel a surge of attractive energy toward another gay he just met. He felt this came from his soul.

The experience he describes sounds like something I have had several times when I was in the single state looking for a partner. I am also sure that many in the group have felt similar experiences which can happen to either the gay or hetro.

There can be numerous reasons for such an immediate attraction. A common one is a subconscious recognition from past life association.

Another one is a similarity of evolution. If both are above average on the path there can be a recognition.

A third one is similarity of ray energies.

A fourth is a mutual attraction on the physical level that will trigger an emotional effect.

None of these experiences will assure that the couple will have a correct use of sex whether gay or straight.

The experience I had with my wife was fairly unusual in that in addition to the falling in love feeling that most of us have experienced at one time or another I received a message that she was brought into my life to help me complete my mission. Because I received this through the Spirit I knew instantly that I should proceed and I proposed before we even had an official date. Because she received the same message she accepted even though her personality self questioned her sanity.

Some time ago my oldest sister visited us with a boyfriend and announced they were getting married.

We replied, “but you’ve only dated about a month.”

Then she said, “but you and Artie certainly didn’t wait around and it’s worked for you, didn’t it?”

We looked at each other and then back at my sister and had to admit it did work for us, but we both had a feeling it may not work for her.

She insisted that lightening struck and was going to take the big step.

She got married about a week later and then divorced about six months later. The guy was totally wrong for her but because the falling in love feeling is so close to the flow of the Spirit she was deceived into thinking God was directing her.

It is much easier to receive accurate direction through the soul when romantic love is not involved for when it is, the feeling is so overwhelming that we often feel that we are being divinely guided towards the relationship.

When two people feel an attraction and let down all barriers to union then there is manifested a flow of soul energy not unlike the feeling that comes when we are open to the Higher Self or to a higher entity working through the soul. For most of the populace the soul energy through falling in love is their only real contact with soul force and there are many who have not experienced this, but sense what it would be like.

Then when the higher contacts come one must learn to differentiate between the soul energy of romantic love and other types of guidance through the soul. Many like my sister can misinterpret and this can lead to costly mistakes. Then when the discernment is acquired a very accurate guidance through spiritual contact can be maintained. This should be the goal of all of us.

I have had my soul guide me into relationships with other men, but it was to fulfill some purpose related to group work. In fact when I met you (the reader) on the internet years ago I received an impression to work with you even though others in that teaching experiment dropped away. The guidance was accurate. Since then you have had many ups and downs yet you are still here with us and still progressing toward a destiny greater than you know.

As far as energy released through sex is concerned the sexual act is a lower manifestation of soul energy. The soul force itself does not differentiate or judge rightness or wrongness in the flow of energy. Instead it is the variables that energy filters through that determines if the end result is a positive or negative experience.

Even though both gays and hetros can experience similar feelings through sex and romance, as I said earlier, the gay relationship can never create the zero point where the highest spiritual flow is created because two positives or two negatives added can never equal zero.

One thing I find of interest is that gays and fundamentalists Christians often seem to see each other as natural enemies on the opposite ends of the spectrum yet both face a similar obstacle in the way of their progress.

And what would that be?

Answer: Letting go of the past and moving on.

The fundamentalist is stuck in a black and white mindset thousands of years in the past and can’t recognize any truth unless it is in his version of the Bible.

The gay is stuck in his attraction mindset of his past life and has difficulty letting go of it even though his energy has shifted to a new sex.

This is not meant as a critical statement for I can understand the problem. Presently I am strongly attracted to the female sex. If I woke up in the morning in a female body I would have difficulty in making the adjustment even though my natural flow of energy has changed from male to female. A change in thought has to follow the energy.

For gays the sooner the thought follows the natural energy the quicker will be their spiritual progression.

There is one sexual act that nature has sent many signals and signs with the purpose of teaching us to avoid and that is anal sex. Anal sex affects the chakra at the base of the spine which is the foundation of the life energy. Anal sex reverses to some degree this flow and can affect the health and vitality of the recipient.

The blood which flows through our bodies carries the life energy to us and is closely connected to this center. This is why AIDS is closely linked with anal sex for it is spread through the blood which is linked to this center.

One of the reasons that AIDS has materialized in this generation is as a sign that we should cease disturbing this foundation source of life.

This message does not apply to gays alone for many hetros also engage in it with similar consequences.

We must face the fact that all diseases and all pain has a cause behind it and we must always find those causes and change them so we can have effects that are desirable to maintain a happy healthy life.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Knowledge and Knowing

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  By observing that which is without and reflecting it off that which is within, you can eventually access all knowledge that is available in the universal mind of God.

2  The knowledge of the formless worlds becomes practical when you acquire the ability to still your regular consciousness and shift your attention to the higher life consciousness.

3  No great knowledge will ever come to our consciousness that you are not supposed to have.

4  Often the greatest knowledge will come when the mind is a complete blank.

5  Seek out true sources of knowledge, study and incorporate them into your life. Knowledge dispels error and illusion.

6  It does seem to be a law that all things of value come to us after a period of intense struggle and this would include knowledge.

7  Many are praised for having much knowledge when in reality a large percentage of what is in their brain is not true.

8  In the days of Columbus many thought they had “knowledge” that the earth was flat, but real knowledge was only to be had when it was realized the earth was round.

9  If the seeker has a foundation of twelve pieces of data and has one that is false then all he thinks of as knowledge, which is built on this foundation, may be distorted and not be true knowledge.

10  Soul contact begins as such a “small voice” that you think it is your imagination. But each time you trust in it, the flame is fanned and grows until the light is bright, and the heat is sure, and your faith is replaced by knowledge.

11  Resist the temptation to feed the ego and realize that without the voice of the soul you have no real knowledge.

12  Knowledge without soul contact is useful, but has no guidance.

13  True knowledge (or knowing) is acquired by soul contact.

14  Knowledge with soul contact has two main advantages. First, one has guidance in the correct use of knowledge. Secondly one can know that he knows.

15  Knowledge is connected to the throat center, wisdom belongs in the heart and understanding is directed by the head.

16  Knowledge, by itself, even when confirmed through soul contact, has no stability without the other two legs of the triangle which are Wisdom and Understanding.

17  If knowledge and wisdom are not put to use then it would be as if they did not exist.

18  They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is incomplete knowledge.

19  A large element of control by unjust authority is selective incomplete knowledge that can completely distort reality.

20  The idea behind all knowledge is eternal, but our need for its use is temporary and passes in and out of incarnation.

21  Any time you do not feel free it is because some knowledge is lacking.

22  God’s gifts are always here for me
He knows, I know, and I see.

23  In the Bible the word for sex is “know” the same word which is used as in “knowing God.”  Why do you suppose the ancients used this word for sex and does sex correspond to knowing God?

24  The core, and most important lesson of the perfect sexual climax is, that this is a foreshadowing of the bliss, oneness and joyousness of knowing God.

25  “Knowing God” begins with the still small voice and is almost imperceptible, but it ends with the baptism of fire.

26  If the average person had to choose between great sex and knowing God, he would choose sex because this is something he understands.

27  If we truly realized that the perfect climax is only a foreshadowing of what it feels like to “know God,” then the disciple would have a little more enthusiasm about seeking God.

28  You must prove matters from your own experience.

29  There is a knowing that comes with the Spirit.

30  There is a difference between knowing and knowing that you know.

31  In regular knowing an item seems true and all evidence seems to bear this out. When your soul confirms knowledge you go a step further and “know that you know” because the witness speaks to the real part of yourself which never fails.

32  Communion through the soul is done through the transmission of principles which always lead to pure knowledge.

33  There are other ways of knowing besides psychic vision and different people are given different gifts.

34  One must use [their] power of one-pointed attention to create a point of tension. The point of tension can then break through to Patanjali’s “rain cloud of knowable things.”  Both the heart and the mind, together as one, must participate in this divine focus.

35  One must understand what one is doing to create certain effects.

36  He who has understanding will see how to communicate the knowledge so it will be received and put to use.

37  When our ignorance ceases, we are free.

38  Higher knowledge deals with principles and requires a certain attuning with the spiritual self to be able to apply it.

39  The purpose of revelations past and present is to give us knowledge that is not readily available from the Bible.

40  True gnosis occurs in the plane above the mind, but there are three planes yet above this. This fourth plane is also a vehicle that presents before the mind ideas and principles as in a flash of inspiration.

41  The two keys of knowing are soul contact and the application of the Law of Correspondences.

42  In Atlantis the Masters of Light and the Dark Brothers walked among men and gave them their knowledge, but in this current age there exists a firm decree that the lost knowledge must be earned by man himself by the use of mind and the dominance of mind.

43  To use the inner flame correctly one must be careful about presenting higher knowledge to those unprepared.

44  It is only a matter of time before the true seeker enters the path as a knower.

45  There is no way for us to know all things and understand all things without the experience of both sexes.

46  The fact that you know how to make something does not indicate an understanding.

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Copyright by J J Dewey

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