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In this book we have covered numerous ideas for change that could benefit the country. There are others out there presenting many other ideas good and bad, practical and impractical. Every so often we hear some thinker giving out an idea that sounds great. When we hear such a thought we often exclaim to the TV, radio or book, “Yes!!! Lets do this!”

Unfortunately, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, all that was presented was an idea. There was no plan of action and no next step. There was nothing you as an individual could do except say, “Right on!” Then, as you soon discovered, giving moral support was not enough. Months, years and decades pass and not much seemed to change. The idea is still good and still out there but just an idea floating out there in thin air it is not doing much good.

It is ironic that there are millions of people who can recognize a good idea and would be willing to put some effort towards implementing it if they knew with some degree of certainty that their individual effort would actually help make some progress. Instead, all we hear is “We should do this” and “We should do that,” and no feasible direction as to how to get the job done.

There is one important thing that needs to happen to create the force necessary to implement positive change which is this.

A national organization needs to be set up dedicated to changing direction of policies in a positive way that a majority of citizens will support and from which they will benefit.

Now there may be hundreds of organizations that claim to be national that think they fit this criteria so let us clarify some attributes this organization must possess.

(1) It should seek to work with majority will. If the people are going to go up against a wrong thinking Congress, bureaucrats, and pressure groups then they should do so with issues that have majority support. Without the majority on their side there is little hope of challenging the Powers-That-Be.

(2) All their objectives should be of benefit to the majority.

(3) Each objective that requires participation should have a step by step plan to reach the goal.

(4) The organization should be as inclusive as possible and provide people of differing views to advance their agenda as long as majority will is recognized and pursued.

(5) The organization as a whole will not endorse or support any political party or view except to encourage majority will. It will be seen as a place where good ideas originate and are acted upon. It will be more of a place from which action springs rather than one that endorses viewpoints.

(6) Divisions within the organization will not seek to implement many different views or policies as do political parties but will work on one major goal at a time. Limiting the scope of goals will allow us to cast out a net gathering the largest possible number of supporters on each project. For instance, John may be working on Project A, but has nothing to do with Project B which does not enthuse him.

(7) When this organization is effectively established then it should have one or more meetings per week and over 90% of the people in the country should be within driving distance to a meeting place. Some things that will take place in the meetings are:
(A) Updates on news and projects of interest.
(B) Lectures on topics of interest
(C) Classes on pertinent subjects
(D) Brainstorming on how to take the next step on various projects
(E) Working on projects or assigning volunteers work to be done.

Creating such a far-reaching organization may seem blue sky in itself but I think the time is right for something like this to surface. When the people see that such an organization can be more powerful than any individual legislator or bureaucrat then many will get excited and motivated.

Such an organization cannot just materialize all ready to go in the blink of an eye but must be created over a period of time. We must first begin with a successful group in one or more cities and when the details of operation are successfully implemented then a quick expansion can be accomplished.

A call to action over the Internet, television, book or occasional get-together is not enough. People must have some physical place to go to rub shoulders with like-minded thinkers and develop the chemistry necessary to move to action.

Here is a synopsis of the suggested group that I plan on promoting after the publication of this book.

Name: The Majority Speaks

Purpose: To provide a medium for people to work to promote causes that benefit the country as a whole that are supported by the majority of the people.


(1) To establish a working group in every major population area.

(2) To have weekly meetings

(3) To educate the members who will educate their friends.

(4) Have brainstorming sessions

(5) To provide a workplace where members can contribute their labor on projects they endorse.

(6) Place pressure on legislators to introduce and support beneficial legislation.

(7) Raise funds

(8) Link with and support other groups headed the right direction as well as other chapters of the main group.

(9) Work with the media to achieve positive publicity.

(10) Sponsor local debates to help center attention on positive change.

(11) Work cooperatively to establish a strong internet presence.

(12) Create videos, audios and press releases for distribution.

(13) As funds become available run ads in various media to promote the group and its causes.

(14) Raise the political and economic consciousness of the people. Make them aware of their power to create change.

The Founding Fathers did everything in their power to create a country where the final power rested in the hands of the people. Since then the people have lost sight of that power and abnegated it to their leaders. This was a mistake on our part.

The Founding Fathers told us that the price of freedom is “eternal vigilance.” The full truth is that the price of anything that improves our quality of life requires that same vigilance. We cannot just sit back and let George do it. We the people must always be prepared to take the reins the moment that those who are employed by us fall behind on their duty.

That moment is now.

If the emphasis in The Majority Speaks organization is on projects that have majority support, does this not rule out many good projects that are beyond the realization of the majority which would still be beneficial for the country? After all, the majority was against Galileo when he tried to convince the world of what he saw through his telescope.

This is a good point so let me clarify a few things. The first and all important point to understand is that majority will is not emphasized because it is always correct or the best path to follow. There are two reasons to respect it.

(1) It is very difficult for any ideas from the grassroots, or people, to gain any traction without working with majority support – and even then the path is far from easy. This difficulty does not apply to those in positions of great power. They can pass a law or make a decree and people must follow, even if the majority is unhappy with the direction.

(2) Majority will takes us in the direction of common sense unless the majority are deceived. In this case a mere exposure to the truth where understanding is gained turns the majority around almost instantly.

Let us return to the Galileo example for a moment. In his day the scientists as well as the common people almost universally believed that the moon had a flat smooth surface. As soon as Galileo looked through his telescope and saw the craters of the moon he knew instantly that this assumption was wrong. Seeing is believing, right?

Not for the Powers-That-Be. Some Vatican scientists refused to look through his telescope to see the craters of the moon or the fact that the moons of Jupiter circle around the planet just as the earth would circle around the sun. Instead of just looking through the telescope to discover the truth they preferred to remain in their ignorance and condemn Galileo to torture or prison if he did not renounce what he saw with his own eyes.

Yes, for a small moment in time Galileo was a minority of one, but not for long. The telescope was now in existence and there was no calling it back. There were others with curiosity who were willing to look through telescopes and discover truth that could not be denied. Then it was not long before not only the majority, but most of the world believed the moon had craters and the earth circled around the sun.

What does this story tell us about the majority? It tells us that they can have wrong beliefs and direction if they are in ignorance or deceived but when the truth is revealed they will accept in the end. The majority will follow the common sense path so long as they are not deceived and have the basic facts.

The group to be created will not only seek to work with obvious majority will but seek to dispel illusion so majority desire can be manifest.

Here are some desires that are supported by the majority. These are selected because government can have some influence on their fulfillment or lack thereof.

• The desire for freedom
• The desire for financial security and abundance.
• The desire to be protected from violence and crime.
• The desire to have good health and healthy environment.
• The desire for a good education, especially for our children.

More could probably be listed but these are the basic ones on which a government may have a positive or negative effect.

Any plan that enhances any of these five categories works with majority desire. The problem arises when a solid objective is put forward but not understood correctly by the people. Because of bad press they may think the idea may bring less freedom when it will bring more. In this case there is not much of a chance of getting the idea accepted until the illusion is dispelled.

On the reverse, there may be an objective that is popular because the people are deceived into thinking it will enhance freedom when it will really enslave. Again the solution to this illusion is education.

The truth always sets us free and this is why The Majority Speaks (or whatever the final organization will be called) will educate people to eliminate ignorance and illusion and work with the will of the majority when that will supports the good, the beautiful and the true.

To have faith in the eventual right direction of the majority is to have faith in good that is in us all. Overall, most people are good and want what’s best for the country, their families and themselves and they will choose correctly when they see correctly.

A few hundred years ago the majority thought the sun moved around the earth and that the earth was the center of the universe. A little instrument of truth (the telescope) changed all that. But before that change could happen the people had to be approached at where they were in understanding – not where they were not. Let us therefore respect where the majority is and educate and enlighten them so the path of true liberty and abundance becomes clear.

The majority will always follow truth when it is clearly revealed and understood.

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3 thoughts on “People Taking Charge

  1. 1) Time to start writing a song called, The Majority Speaks.

    2) Outstanding plan.

    3) What is a brainstorming session? If the leaders do not go into a meeting with a clear agenda and knowing where they want to go, a meeting of many people could get pretty murky and unproductive and discouraging. Perhaps such sessions could consist of ideas from the suggestion box and folks vote on them…

    4) So possible mutual interest categories among which members may choose might be like: a) Read the Damn Bill, b)how to fix our money, c)How to elect a Congressman/woman who listens only to majority will and vows never to cave to special interests, d)select any point from the 95 Theses and pursue that till complete. I can see we could create a whole bunch of directions right out of the chute. How do you keep focus for maximum effectiveness? Perhaps a policy from the start, never more than three goals at a time, or something like that? Would the group start with three goals chosen by the founders and then put it to a vote to choose the new goal to replace one when it gets done? Could the limit include two goals chosen nationally and two chosen locally? Maybe it needs just one at the beginning?

    5) Weekly meetings – perfect!

    Point (2) above parallels the preamble to the Constitution

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