The Trump Category

March 7, 2016

The Trump Category

lwk Quotes me as follows:

“…the dark brothers are dishonest and they will lie to you and never tell you exactly what they believe and what they think. You cannot tell what they believe by listening to them. They will tell you what they believe is necessary to get them elected or gain your trust.”

Then makes this comment:

Sounds exactly like Donald Trump in spades. How so many people place any trust in him given his history is amazing. The ability of humans to practice self deception is amazing. Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal” and proved over and over again he would renege on any deal he could if it was in his interest at the time.


I wouldn’t put Trump in the same category as the numerous politicians, past and present, who try and present themselves as different than they really are in order to get elected.

There are generally two types who run for office.

The first category is in the minority, and that is the fairly honest politician who is up front about his beliefs and tells the people what he will do. If he is asked a question he will give a reasonably honest answer.

Examples of this first category are Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Bernie Sanders.

The more common politician will tell his or her voters what he thinks they want to hear in order to get their trust and their votes. It is not until they get elected and we actually see their actions in office that we see what their core beliefs are and how they stand up under pressure.

The strange thing is that even when many politicians betray the trust of their voters they are still able to come back and lie to them near election day and make them think their vote of betrayal was justified, or an anomaly, and that they have listened to the common guy, get the message and will really represent them this time.

Examples of politicians who say what people want to hear to get elected are President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.

This category of politician fools many of the common people who do not pay attention, but they always give clues in advance that are available for those who are alert.

Obama was one of the best in recent times at presenting a false image of himself and what he was going to do.

When campaigning in 2008 he convinced many that he was all for fiscal responsibility. He was going to go through that budget line by line and streamline and trim like no president ever has. He would save us more than Obamacare was going to cost. In fact the average person would pay over $2000 less for insurance.

He said he was a big supporter of the Constitution and the Second Amendment and reasonable free enterprise. He was not a socialist by any means, just a common sense guy who believed in fairness and giving people a shot at the American Dream.

He presented himself as a standard Christian who wasn’t aware of the inflammatory words spoken by his minister of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright.

Sure, he said he was going to fundamentally transform America, but that was going to be a good thing that everyone was going to love.

Those who paid attention were not fooled and not surprised by anything he did or attempted to do while in office.

Those who read his book, Dreams of My Father, saw that he had many radical socialist and communist influences that he embraced in his youth.

Those who watched the interview with Joe the Plumber got a giant hint about his true feelings of sharing the wealth.

Those who heard his leaked speech condemning those “who cling to their guns and religion” got an idea as to his true feelings toward standard Christians and Second Amendment supporters.

I also heard a teacher from the University of Chicago testify that Obama had told him when teaching there that he didn’t agree with the Second Amendment and he would disarm the people if there was a way to do it.

The only thing that Obama has done that surprised me was how much money he has spent. I knew he was going to be a big spender and was not going to trim the budget as he promised, but $10 trillion? Now that’s a lot of money. Up to $6-7 trillion was more in the range of my expectations, though his outrageous spending was not completely off my radar. I would have thought that some Democrats would have been alarmed with the massive borrowing, but many of them think he has not burrowed enough. It is like insanity is a contagious disease going around.

Now I see Donald Trump as being in a third category – I would call this the Dealmaker. The last real dealmaker we had as president was Lyndon Johnson, but there is a difference between him and Trump. Johnson’s top priority was his own agenda and power. I think Trump really is motivated to run because he thinks he can fix some of the messes we have gotten ourselves into. He likes personal power but fixing our major problems comes first in his mind, rather than just enjoying the perks of being president.

I do not see it as being deceptive to start with an outrageous offer and then modifying it to reach a deal. In deal making it is expected that the first offer may not be the final one. If I am at a garage sale and offer $10 for an item that does not mean that I will not pay $15 if I think the deal is worth it.

If elected I would expect that Donald will do his best to get the economy moving again and negotiate better deals with our potential enemies as well as friends.

I have two concerns with him. The first is that he may be too authoritarian and bypass Congress to get his way as has Obama.

The second is that if he is too harsh on his trade restrictions with China that China could retaliate and we could face physical conflict.

Japan attacked us at the beginning of World War II partially because of trade restrictions that starved them of raw materials.

I have concerns with all the candidates. You never know what you will get until the person is in office for a while.

Let us hope the best person wins.

March 10, 2016


The left is ruled by the academic community


This does indeed seem to be true. In most colleges fewer than 10% of the professors are Republicans. This seems to have been the trend for about a century or so.

It is interesting that many of our liberal universities though were founded by very conservative Christians. It would be interesting to calculate how long this liberal/conservative educational cycle is. I would guess we will be swinging back toward the conservative cycle within the next few years. Both cycles have their good and bad points, but each new cycle brings us closer toward the center.

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  1. Someone who will lie to you and never tell you exactly what they believe and what they think. You cannot tell what they believe by listening to them. They will tell you what they believe is necessary to get them elected or gain your trust. This reminds us more of Hillary Clinton than anybody else. Her track record for absolute dishonesty is evidence to this.

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