Christmas Message 2004

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Merry Christmas

The greater the light the greater will be the attack of the forces of darkness upon the Light or upon His name.

The greatest Light in our history is the Christ. The attack on His name and the truth behind His teachings have never ceased since He was nailed to the cross.

Much of the attack in the past has been upon distorting his teachings and corrupting His image so that which is seen as the Christ, is anti-Christ, and that which is the truth of Christ is veiled and replaced with deception. Alas, for much of the last two thousand years the love of Christ has been replaced with fear, the light of Christ has been replaced with darkness and the words of Christ has been replaced with words to empower the little minds of those who seek power and glory for themselves.

We now live in an age where much has changed and the light and love of Christ are difficult to suppress and hold back. Bibles are no longer chained to the pulpit, the scriptures, and other words of light, are no longer the domain of the few. The fact of “Christ in you” is being sensed by the many.

Today, the anti-Christ forces realize that the flow of information is so powerful that other methods of attack must be used.

In the past, to placate the masses, they extolled the name and image of Christ, but it was the wrong image and a corrupted understanding of the name. Thus they could seemingly praise the Christ while controlling the people with their own version of him.

In this age many are awakening to the fact that the true Christ is the Lord of love, and not fear, so a direct attack is being used. Instead of distortion they are now seeking to ban the use of his name. If the name of the Christ is dropped from public consciousness then people will forget the Master and what he stood for.

Many efforts are being made to erase the Christ (as well as any mention of God). Many stores are banning bell ringers from the Salvation Army.

A most powerful ban from public consciousness begins with our education system.

Even though Christ was definitely a historical figure with the perhaps the greatest influence of any man who ever lived it is generally forbidden to teach anything about him, his teachings and his influence even from an historical prospective.

Even though Christmas is a federal holiday in the U.S. created by Abraham Lincoln, this holiday honoring his birth is losing his name. It is now politically correct to say “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Christmas trees are called, “community trees” or “holiday trees.” Throughout the nation and the world bans are being introduced by governments on singing Christmas Carols, nativity scenes, verses from the scriptures, Christian symbols, Christmas cards, Christian floats in parades, and in many cases even the mentioning the name of Christ, or God.

Much of this is done in the name of political correctness with the idea of not offending minority religions and atheists. Yet no other religion or religious figure is attacked in this manner. For instance, in some schools where talk of Christ is forbidden students are ordered to read the Koran and study the customs of Islam.

The other argument for banning Christ is the separation of Church and state.

The Founding Fathers did not want to ban religion or talk of religion, but wanted to prevent the establishment of a state religion. Talking of religion and wearing the symbols of religion as an individual has nothing in common with the establishment of a state religion. On the contrary, such speech is in harmony with the first amendment of free speech.

The bottom line is this. Christians, Buddhists, Moslems, atheists and all other forms of thought should not be banned by anyone. If citizens wish to express themselves in a harmless manner let then do so without fear of reprisal.

While I have often criticized the Christian churches for their errors I am very much against restricting them from expressing their love for Christ or God. The world takes one of the few things they have right and fights against it seeking to place them in total darkness.

Let us take the best that religion has drawn from Christ and expand upon it. Let us not be ashamed of his great name and wish others a Merry Christmas, sing some of the great Christmas carols and send forth good will in the name of the Master.

Meditate on the words of the angels, “Peace, peace, on earth good will to men.” Can you reflect upon these great words of power more than a few seconds without wiping a tear from your eyes? Can you listen to a Christmas Carol and really hear words like “Joy to the World,” without welling up inside with overflowing hope and inner joy?

Christmas is not perfect, but it does direct our attention to the Christ and his message of hope and love. Let us not let any person or agency take that focus from us.

Merry Christmas — may His Spirit be with you.
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Christmas Speech 2005

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The attached audio is a class I gave near Christmas 2005 entitled “The Birth of the Christ Within.” Click on these links and they should play on your computer.

Part 1

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Christmas Message 2006

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Ruth asks:

“I wondered what benefit it would be to the Christ or even Jesus to reincarnate into the World again via being born as babies, if they are already working in the World in physical bodies now?

“If they incarnated as babies, then wouldn’t they both have to start from the bottom and work their way up, and yet, they would both still know who they were at a particular age, and then work with humanity at that age?”


Whether or not one of the greater lives can work in the flesh with humanity and how they can interplay with us is determined by two things:

1. Humanity’s karma.
2. The readiness of humanity and disciples who will be taught by the avatar.

To openly manifest to humanity would create such a disturbance that this situation is avoided in this age. We are told that the gods walked among men in the days of Atlantis and this may have been necessary at the time to accomplish certain objectives, but it also created numerous problems, which would be amplified today.

One obvious problem would be that those in power and authority would be threatened and would seek to undermine the work and teachings of the Masters.

The coming of Christ will pave the way for the externalization of the Hierarchy so they can work openly with humanity again. My guess is that it will take some time before humanity is ready for complete openness, that it will be first tested among disciples.

In recorded history the greater lives have been born among us when they desire to work directly with us. When one is born as a babe he is much more accepted than a life that may not be seen as a normal human. Sometimes an avatar will be born among us and other times he will overshadow a disciple. The overshadowing has drawbacks as the body belongs to the disciple and not the Master. This gives the disciple full power of decision making and if he does not listen properly or fully cooperate then the work can suffer. Jesus was one that did fully cooperate (as far as we know) and this made his life a great success.

The drawback of the avatar being born as a babe is that it may take some time for him to fully understand his mission and he has to pump into his mind all the data and learning he will need for his mission. The advantage is he can work among us as a normal human without being an immediate threat to the powers-that-be and within the restrictions of karma.

That said, let me wish the group a Merry Christmas.

Again, in history, we are sitting on the blending of two ages, waiting for an avatar, a Messiah, a Christ to come. Inevitably such a life does show up. He will often come in a way not expected, in a situation unforeseen and be a character not like that envisioned. He will teach that which was not anticipated, ignore foundations held sacred and build on others held in low esteem. He will honor those rejected and ignore many held in great esteem.

All true disciples take the path less traveled by when that is the path that leads to the next step humanity must take.

May we all find the Christ giving birth to a new consciousness within us at this time so we can recognize the servants of the Master when they appear.

“A good conscience is a continual Christmas.”
— Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)

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Christmas Poetry 2007

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Here are two Christmas related poems. The first was written for the Keys group in 2007 and the second written in the Sixties for a college paper. Enjoy.

Through His Eyes

The Master rested from his work and arose
It was that time of the year again
The time that the nations celebrated his birth
And give gifts one to another.

He stood up and looked West
And saw to the East, and to the North and the South.
“What are the minds of men thinking this year?”
Was the thought that demanded an answer.

“Has the world made any progress?
“Is the consciousness of Christ that is in me ready to manifest in them?”
“If I go to them will they let me teach them,
Or will they crucify the Son of God anew?”

His eyes pierced the veil and he saw a man scolding his friends.
“You do not honor Christ by celebrating his birth on an old pagan holiday.
“Your giving gifts does not honor Him.
“Your celebrations are a mockery he would scorn.”

But the Master looked into the hearts of his friends
And saw the consciousness of Christ taking birth.
One had donated gifts to poor children;
Gifts that made them feel like God cared for them.

Another gave more than he could afford to a Bell Ringer
And this lifted the spirits of the downtrodden.
Another sent a package to a soldier all alone away from home.
His heart was glad and felt peace in the midst of war.

The Master sent his thoughts to the mind of the scornful man.
“It is true that human materialism comes through at Christmas “But so too does the better part of the human spirit.
“Some of the forgotten are remembered and give glory to God.”

He looked again and saw a Father troubled by a recent divorce,
separated from his children.
His ex-wife hated him and tore up all his letters and trashed his presents.
This Christmas a letter and presents came again, but this time she
thought of Christ,
Her heart was softened and the children saw the words “I love you, from Dad.”

The Master looked far away and saw a man who had lost his faith.
Poor fellow was about to glare at the skies and curse God for his troubles.
A knock came at the door – young carolers sang with giving spirit.
The words and melodies gave new birth to his wounded heart – he would
try and believe again.

Again he looked and saw a man hurriedly driving through the snow,
late for a Christmas party.
He spotted a car stuck off the road and was about to pass by, but
then stopped for that’s what Jesus would do.
It was a lady on the way to the hospital to see her father before he died.
He helped her on her way, was late for the party but on time for Christmas.

The Master looked again and again and saw good works that may have
not been done if not for Christmas.
His heart was gladdened
Not because Christmas was as he designed
Not because humanity was particularly spiritual.
Not because they gave gifts
Not even because this was his birthday, for it is not.

His heart was gladdened because those who paused to think of his
message this season
Went the extra mile in helping their fellowmen,
And lifted their spirits.
Perhaps when every day is Christmas there will be peace on earth good
will to men.

The Light of Christmas

The snow falls.
The bells ring.
Male and female hand in hand,
Passing lights and colors.
Music in the air,
A spirit of gaiety is there.
The music rings: “par-um-pum-pum-pum,”
Everyone hears the boy and his drum;
And the heart of all begins to burn
Kindled by music that exalts the mind,
Like the Spirit at Pentecost.
Felt though unspoken, even by he who feels lost.

Boys and girls, their eyes reflecting wonderment,
Glow bright, then dim, then bright,
Have no thoughts to hide…
Purity inside.

A youth buying presents, though not enough,
His friends buy more and get more than he.
He wants to be someone else, somewhere else.

Men and women walking, many Christmases in their past;
The brightness of their eyes fading with the years,
Worn by experience.
The glimmer there is a reflection from their children.
As the moon reflects the light of the sun,
The light of Christmas belongs to the little ones;
We must see through their eyes.

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Christmas Message 2008

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I guess it’s about time I gave my Christmas message, albeit a little late. As you know I wanted to see Valkyrie and comment on it first.

And what does Valkyrie have to do with Christmas?

True sacrifice.

And what does sacrifice have to do with Christmas?

Answer:   The core message of Jesus and the Piscean Age he represented was sacrifice.

His life was a great example of sacrifice culminating with his crucifixion on the cross. This symbol has inspired billions to come to and believe in the Christian religion.

It is interesting that each age is a schooling period to teach humanity an understanding and correct use of the key word. So it was with the principle of sacrifice. At first humanity had little understanding of it, save a few. The few went forth and sacrificed themselves in order that love and light may increase in the earth.

The many, however, sacrificed to an outer god. That god was merely a man or individuals giving commands in the name of God so sacrifice was directed toward their personal gain.

For 2000 years the vast majority of humanity sacrificed for the outer gods. And what was achieved? The sacrifice itself achieved nothing outwardly except to enrich the pockets of the pretenders. There was an inward benefit however.

When the sacrificer gives in sincerity, with pure intent, even though his gift is misused, the heart of the giver is strengthened. This prepares him to truly give when the day of real opportunity comes.

In the movie “Valkyrie” a small band of men and their wives gave true sacrifice, not to a god without, but to destroy such a god. Some have called their efforts a failure because they did not stop the great antichrist, but in the wider picture they set an inspiring example of what true sacrifice was meant to be. The effect was subtle and meaningful. Their example has caused many to contemplate the virtue of the few standing up to the many trapped in illusion.

This action and others like it in history are the true fruits of sacrifice that we do not want to discard as we sort through that which we should keep dear to our hearts around this principle as we enter into a new age.

The key word for the coming age is service. True sacrifice of the past has paved the way for true service and the fruits thereof.

Sacrifice which bears fruit leads to service, and is the true lesson left to us by Christ and most appropriate to reflect upon this Christmas season.
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Christmas Message 2009

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A Place to Lay His Head

“And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.” (Matt 8:20)
The son of man who is also the Son of God looked out upon the world on Christmas day and thought deeply within himself…

“They sing hymns and carols in my honor, they give gifts in memory of me, they pray to the Most High in my name, they say they want me to reveal myself again, but do they really?

“Even after 2000 years is there yet a place for me to lay my head?

“Yes, there is a humble soul, a point of light scattered here and there across the planet and through the ages I have spoken peace to their hearts and they know I am with them.

“My call for things greater has been echoing across the cycles of time, for did I not say: ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them’?

“Where are the two or three? The twelve and twenty-four? The 12,000 and the 144,000? Where is the gathering needed for a place to lay my head?

“Where are even the two who hear the voice of the soul as one and see eye to eye? Verily I say two must see eye to eye and rest in the great peace of God before the twelve and twenty-four become one.

“Yes, two or three come together now and then, but then soon part and see with multiple eyes, eyes that share not my sight and see not that which I see that brings unspeakable joy. They are so close — yet so far — they touch the body, yet the many feel not the living heart of God together.”

The Master arose and turned his head away from the world toward the darkness of space. I could not see his face, but I thought I felt his heart and I wept. I was not strong enough to hold back my tears. I wondered within myself. Was I picking up the feelings and thoughts of this great being? If I could see his face which was turned away, would I see the same tears that I shed?

I blinked my blurry eyes trying to focus and the son of man who is the Son of God was gone but within my heart a heavenly fire did burn and these words of peace did come:

“My son, rejoice, even in the divine sorrow you feel with me, for without this we could not have the fullness of joy that comes when the many become one. This coming together is decreed before the foundations of the earth was laid and it will happen. Look to the future and feel the joy as you walk in the valley of separated souls. The union of souls will happen and it will be soon if each person tuned to my heart fulfills his role.

“Then I will have a place to lay my head and we will be home together in the house of my Father.”
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