Nauvoo Gathering 2003, Part 3

Nauvoo Gathering 2003, Part 3
Understanding White Magic

Audience: Who is DK?

JJ: Djwhal Khul is the Master who gave all this revelation to Alice A Bailey. We call him DK for short. He’s nicknamed among the Masters as the messenger boy for the gods since he’s one of the youngest. He’s only about 260 years old, in the same physical body he was born. Some of the masters are thousands of years old.

We’re going to talk about the various initiations and give detail and additional information to what is found in the Alice A. Bailey books. When I teach I like to give a new slant or something different or more information because I figure if you just want to understand what Alice A. Bailey has to say, or anyone else, you can just read the book. What I try to do is to present a new insight on whatever it is we’re talking about. Another thing I always try to do is to give the principle; the principle around why something works the way it does, or why something is the way it is. As I’ve said many times, the language of the Holy Spirit is in the language of principles. A principle is worth a thousand words, a thousand facts, a thousand pieces of data.

So, Alice A. Bailey began writing for DK and afterwards she began giving it out to some friends who were in the Theosophical Society, who were some of the heaviest thinkers of the day. They were quite impressed with some of the things he said and she began to make converts. Alice A. Bailey also was quite impressed with the writings. After the first book was finished she said, “I’ll continue writing for you.” So they continued their relationship.

In the beginning she heard the actual words given to her and she’d write them down. They worked together for thirty years. As they worked together so long, at the end of their relationship they became close, almost like one mind. She didn’t get words anymore, instead, she received impressions, much like packages of data, then she would write them down. DK lived in Tibet and she lived in New York. He said it took a lot of mental energy for him to send the messages.

It’s quite possible that many even in this room have received impressions from the Masters. The Masters are always looking throughout the entire world. When they go into their meditative state they look upon the world. They can see the world almost like a hologram and they see the various lights. If they see Lorraine as one of the lights, they may tune into her and see what she’s doing and look through her eyes. They’ll examine if there’s any opportunity to work with this young lady. They may see some opportunity so they’ll send her an impression as to something she could do to help, to be a servant to her fellow man, mankind or whatever. Lorraine will say, “I have to move to San Antonio!” (Laughter) I’m not saying that was from a master. It could’ve come from your soul or a number of different sources. If you get something from your soul, it’s very much like an impression from a master because when a master sends you an impression it will be through your soul or Higher Self. You can get something directly from your soul but it’s a little bit different feeling.

When you have something sent from the outside, from a higher life through your soul or something directly from your soul, it’s very similar but with a little difference in vibration. This is because each person has what you’d call a spiritual signature. If I were to tune into Rick and feel his presence, he would have a certain flavor about him, a certain feeling. If I were to understand that and adjust to it, then I’d recognize it next time I felt it. So maybe a year from now Rick may be thinking of me and I may pick it up and think that’s Rick’s vibration.

You can do this with people. You can tune in to their essence, their spiritual signature. You can recognize it in the future, but you have to get used to it because it involves your physical brain, and involves remembering just like remembering anything else. It’s like remembering a name. I may not remember all of your names. I rub shoulders with you and feel your vibration. I may not remember them all, but once you tune in and get familiar enough with it, you’ll start to remember it. We do this with loved ones. We tune into them a lot. Perhaps there are times when you feel a vibration of your mother or father, wife, daughter, son. Have any of you done that before? You feel a vibration and you know it’s their signature. The Masters do that and the Masters also have a signature. When you feel the presence of one of them it will be different than just feeling your soul because there’s an additional vibration.

So the Master may be looking through Lorraine’s eyes and think Lorraine could be of use to us if she does such and such. So they’ll send her an impression. Until a person becomes familiar with the various signatures they may think it’s their own idea. A Master tune into a scientist and say, “Hmmm this scientist could develop such and such and it would be a great use to the planet. He has the ability to do it, so let’s send him the impression to do it.” The Masters will chose someone and send him an impression. The Masters could send an impression to a scientist to work on a cure for cancer. The scientist will then think, “I know what I’m going to do! I’m going to work on a cure for cancer!” He’ll think it’s his own idea and he thought of it all by himself. Maybe he did. Sometimes we do think of things all by ourselves, of course. We can’t be black and white about this. But in this case, quite often, especially things that will really benefit humanity, a lot of the impressions people get that really amount to something came from the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet and was sent to them to inspire them to create some great work.

One of the early books dictated was called “The Treatise on White Magic.” It has fifteen rules for magic. Interestingly, white magic is different than what most people think. People tend to think of magic as tricks of some kind. That’s not what is meant here. Does anyone know what white magic really is?

Audience: Being able to control the energies of the universe?

JJ: No. (laughter) Actually the dark magicians can also control a lot of the energies. So that’s not quite it.

Audience: Doing things for the good by working with the light, light energy?

JJ: She’s on the right track.

Audience: Centering your energy in the good?

JJ: That’s what is necessary to produce white magic. You two have the motive down. Then what follows? What is actual white magic?

Audience: Manifesting new ideas for the purpose of good? Healing?

JJ: You’re all real close. Healing can do that but of course even the dark magicians can heal. Let me give you a hint. Here’s a part of the Bhagavad Gita that DK quotes. “Though I am unborn, the Soul that passes not away. Though I’m the Lord of beings, yet as Lord over my nature, I become manifest through the magical power of the soul.” That gives you a hint. “I become manifest through the magical power of the soul.”

Audience: So, white magic would be being able to manifest using the magic of your soul?

JJ: Yes, that’s basically what a white magician is. He manifests through the magic of the soul. We become manifest actually through the magical power of the soul, but the white magician manifests other things through the magical power of the soul.

Audience: And it is innate in all of us?

JJ: Right. The ability to contact the soul and work through the soul is in us all. We just don’t understand how to do it.

Audience: So it’s an ordered process of taking the idea down into the physical?

JJ: Right. Now, what’s a black magician?

Audience: They use power for their own benefit.

JJ: If you read my last book, they’re the kind of ornery guys. What did you say?

Audience: People use power for their own benefit and gain.

JJ: Right. That’s basically it. A black magician and a white magician both have power, both can create magic but one works through the soul and the other works through what?

Audience: Matter

JJ: Right, matter. They work through the viewpoint of the personality, that’s true but they use power inherent in matter. The white magician uses power inherent in the soul. Now if you use the power of the soul, like Artie says, you have to go beyond the personality. To use the power in matter you have to focus your attention on self and this material world. The key to being a magician on either side of the fence is in the word ‘focus’. Focused attention. There is tremendous power in focusing attention. If you focus your attention finely enough and consistently enough and keep it on something long enough, you will manifest that which you desire. But is it going to do any good for the world to manifest through selfish intention? Could it do a lot of harm? Who is the most famous black magician in recent history?

Audience: Aliester Crowley?

JJ: He was a magician or at least dabbling in that area, but not the most famous.

Audience: Sadam Hussein? Hitler?

JJ: Hitler was the most famous. Hitler wasn’t a full fledged black magician but he was definitely a disciple of the black magicians. The true black magicians aren’t even in physical bodies. The full fledged ones have a vibration so low they can not even incarnate. Their plan to work through Hitler was to conquer the world, then kill anyone who had a vibration higher than the average. Kill all the lights of the earth. That would lower the vibration of the entire earth and allow some of the black magicians to incarnate. That was their plan. They were called the Overlords. They actually appeared to Hitler and gave him instructions. When he had visions he saw they were giants, very big individuals.

Nov 29, 2003

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