Democracy or Tyranny?

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Blayne asked for my comments on the situation in the Middle East. I have been thinking of posting something on this for some time but have been preoccupied with other things.

On the surface it appears that the situation in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya is a revolt of freedom loving people seeking true democracy. Others like Glenn Back are warning us that this same situation occurred in Iran when the Shah was overthrown. The world along with the press rejoiced that the way was being paved for true democracy. Instead they were all fooled and Iran was taken over by a religious tyranny that counts the worth of a female as one half that of a man and returned to covering women with veils and stoning to death people for various crimes.

Which is correct? Is the Middle East headed toward greater freedom or a giant religious dictatorship that could spread to Europe?

First, an important ingredient that has influenced the current actions has been mysteriously overlooked by the thinkers of the day as well as the press. I wrote about this in the Keys around eight years ago. Here are some things I said:

Bush was wise to tackle Iraq first because success here can lead to much greater power to seal the door elsewhere. The destruction of one point of the Triangle of evil will be a dramatic blow indeed. The other day when I heard Bush address the nation and state that the goal was to bring freedom to the Iraqi people I felt the mind of Christ through the Oneness Principle and knew that Bush was being contacted and responding to higher will. He is not perfect, of course, in responding to higher impression, but he received the correct message on this.
March 22, 2003

Unless we make some great mistakes in the near future, this war will be seen as a turning point in history and for the disciples of the world it will be seen as a partial closing of “the door where evil dwells” and an opening of the door to the externalization of the Hierarchy.
April 9, 2003

Few people realize the great good that will be accomplished if the Bush Administration is successful in overriding all the enemies of freedom at home and abroad and establishing a free society in Iraq… If Iraq can become a successful democracy then other Mideast nations will follow. One of the best candidates to be first could be Iran. It could turn from being an “Axis of Evil” to a partner in cooperation. There are many citizens and students there watching Iraq, and if it becomes a successful democracy, the demands of the common people for similar freedoms will become overwhelming. July 27, 2003

If Bush succeeds in creating a democracy in the Middle East and the work is not undone by his enemies he will create an effect as powerful as the emancipation of the slaves. We are in danger now because of pressure from do-gooders to turn over power prematurely and run the risk of loosing many of our gains. If, on the other hand, success can be gained and a true democracy established a domino effect will be created that will eventually transform the Middle East and even lead to a resolution of problems facing Israel there.
Jan 26, 2004

The world press has downplayed the movement of Iraq toward democracy because they have always hated Bush and do not want to write anything that makes him look good. The hate is still there. Just the other day Bush had to delay a visit to Europe because of the danger he could be arrested for being a war criminal.

Even so, the youth of the other nations in the Middle East are aware of the increase of freedom in Iraq and this has given them a greater hunger for it themselves.

Iran claims to have democratic elections, but so did Saddam Hussein. There is testimony surfacing that the elections are rigged. Certain citizens are not allowed to vote and the count is thought to be tampered with.

Here is my current thinking on the matter. There has for some time been a great struggle in the Middle East between light and dark with darkness gaining the upper hand. The Brotherhood saw an opportunity to assist and inspired Bush to overthrow Saddam Hussein and set up a democracy in the hopes of creating a domino effect. The success was not sure a sure thing but the hope and plan was that the demand of the people for a greater voice would grow over the years.

This part of the plan has been a reasonable success as the desire to be rid of oppressive leaders has increased along with the desire for democracy.

But now the people are making their power felt the brothers of darkness are not taking this lying down, but trying to take advantage of it. They see the possibility of doing to the whole Middle East, and possibly Europe, what they did earlier to Iran.

The Brotherhood of Light realizes there is great risk involved but it is better the revolutions take place now before Iran and others have the atomic bomb.

In the next few months and possibly years we will see a struggle between light and dark in the Middle East and no one from either side knows exactly how the dust will settle in the end. If we can get one more democracy out of the deal then this will pave the way for more democracies over a period of time. Even if the forces of light succeed, it will take quite a few years for the Middle East to make the transition that is envisioned.

Even though revolutionary forces in Iran have been suppressed they are still alive and a lot of people there are willing to risk their lives for greater freedom.

And do not overlook China either. A lot of the common people there are starting to make waves and eventually there will be major changes in that country.
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