What Can I Do For My Country?


Feb 17, 1999

What Can I Do For My Country?

Do our politicians create too many laws or not enough? Are we taxed too much or not enough? Do our elected officials do too much or not enough? Do government programs try to do too much for people or not enough? Do our elected officials seek to please their party leaders or the good of the country as a whole? Do our elected officials represent the will of the people as we desire, or other wills?

As we begin to talk about how Molecular Politics will change the political systems, I want to clarify the fact that this change is not just for the United States but for all the free world. The political problems are very similar in all the democratic nations. They all have liberals and conservatives and the common people all have similar complaints that are being ignored.

The transition to a true democracy is expected to be mainly fought out in the United States, but it is always possible that some smaller nation could incorporate the higher principles before we do. A true democracy has never existed in recorded history, but one is on the drawing board of those who watch.

The reason I asked the questions mentioned above is to illustrate to the mind of the seeker the nature of the problems we face and to point us in the direction of a true solution.

First question:

Do our politicians create too many laws or not enough?

Most agreed on this that we have too many laws. It is interesting that Jesus came in to a situation where the law was king. There were hundreds of silly laws telling the people what was work on the Sabbath. For instance, you could not walk on the Sabbath with sandals that had nails in them because the extra weight would constitute work. Then, too, you were told how many steps you could take on the Sabbath. If you took more than the allotted number you were working and God would frown on that.

Jesus ignored these silly little rules and made fun of them and this infuriated the Jewish leaders. In fact some Jews are still so irritated at the guy that they spit over their shoulder when they hear the name of Jesus.

In speaking of the law Jesus taught that he who is full of love automatically obeys all the laws as God intended. The laws of Moses were merely intended to guide us to the Love of Christ, and two or more guided by such love will not violate the rights of God or man. The love demonstrated by Christ has been a big benefit for mankind, but we still have a long way to go before it is lifted up in the masses. As we realize this brotherhood and love, the need for laws will dissipate.

Even now we could eliminate 80 to 90% of the laws of the land (in all nations) and the overall effect would be positive. There will be civil laws for some time to come, but they will become fairer and more reasonable. It would be a good idea for each nation to completely rewrite their laws every fifty or one hundred years.

Question two: Are we taxed too much or not enough?

All in the group were on agreement on this. All the nations tax too much. How do the French feel about being taxed to death over there Xavier? I understand it is worse there than here.

Except in times of national threat a nation should be able to live on a tax of ten per cent of our income and the time may come that such a tax will become voluntary like a tithe. Citizens would be happy to give to their nation if they had an enlightened leadership who sought to serve.

Question three: Do our elected officials do too much or not enough?

Most of you thought that they do not do enough and I agree with you from the angle that you see it. I get the sense that you think they do not do enough for the people and this is true to an extent, but overall I want to present you with the idea that they do too much. Way too much.

As proof of this look at what has transpired in the United States over the past year (1998-1999). Both Congress and the Presidency have been nearly paralyzed and have done almost nothing. You hear all these guys saying over and over: “We have to get back to work for the American people.” Now have we as a country suffered because Congress and the President have been doing almost nothing?

Not at all. Instead we have had a tremendous benefit. While the economies of almost all the other nations have gone downhill the United States is in better shape than ever and the stock market has exploded. As our lawmakers have stayed out of our way the American people have made this country work better than it ever has. All classes of people are better off than they were a year ago.

There has been an interesting trend over the years. When Congress comes in session the market goes down and when it is out of session it goes up. The principle is this: The less government does by the use of force the better off are its people.

Our government should do much more by inspiring people as John Kennedy did when he said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Both sides of the spectrum have forgotten those great words. The question people of all nations are asking today is: “What can my country do for me? I want my share.” Kennedy’s question must be asked again loud and clear if the Kingdom of God is to come.

Now Congress and the President are getting back to work we’d better watch out. We will be fortunate indeed if progress in this next year is as good as the last.

Question four: “Do government programs try to do too much for people or not enough?”

Again, government programs are what our country can do for a few of us at the expense of the many. When the government becomes a true servant of the people then the people will freely serve the government. When the government is “by the people, for the people and of the people,” as Lincoln said, then serving the government will be serving our brothers and sisters. When this time comes no forceful government programs will be necessary.

Question Five: Do our elected officials seek to please their party leaders or the good of the country as a whole?

I think we all agree that elected official who are supposed to represent the will of the people really represent their party leaders. This was really demonstrated in the Clinton trial.

Question Six: Do our elected officials represent the will of the people as we desire, or other wills?

They not only follow party leaders, but the large donors, pressure groups, the media – almost everything but you and me – except for a short space before election day.

We have now identified the problem. The big question is what is the solution? What can we do to get our lawmakers to listen to our wills? It can be done and we shall present the solution right here in this forum. Hopefully it will renew your faith that positive change is possible.

Question: Is it possible to set up a true democracy in the United States (or some other nation)? Is it even desirable? Do the polls give us an idea of how a democracy would vote?

Copyright by J J Dewey

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