Answers Through Principles, Part II

Feb 20 1999

Answers Through Principles, Part II

Let me mention again that we are fluctuating between topics as we wade through the principles of business and politics as they apply to the new age. Some will find these basics of the new age interesting. Others may yawn for a while, but we must keep in mind that these two areas of thought with a keynote of service, will form and mold the coming age. It is important that the seekers after knowledge not be left behind.

Jesus taught over and over: “The first shall be last and the last first.” Thus it often is. Those on the cutting edge of the age past are often left behind as the new age begins to dawn.

Now to backtrack to our appropriate topic. Our alternate discussion concerned soul contact and we were talking about the importance of understanding principles in relation to that. Communion through the soul is done through the transmission of principles which always lead to pure knowledge. On the other hand, communion through the astral body, the emotional nature, the lower mind and lower psychism always deals with facts which may or may not be correct.

You will notice that astral psychics always try and relate facts to the customer such as: “I see that you are close to someone whose name begins with B.” Or “You have been married more than once.” Or: “You will soon travel abroad.” All of this type of material comes through the astral body and is filtered through an upside down illusionary principle and is rarely to be trusted.

The higher psychics deal with principles through the soul. Some facts will come through, but when they do they are related to a principle in the mind of the adept or seer. The higher psychic will always understand why he is saying what he is saying because he gets revelation in association with principles which he understands.

There will be times, however, that the higher psychic will receive hints from his inner teacher that he is supposed to solve through the understanding of a principle. For instance he may awaken in the morning hearing some words such as “the fifth feeds on the forth.” At first he may ask himself, “What in the world does that mean?” Then later he will realize this is a hint that he must solve through the intuitive principle, and as he studies and contemplates the truth will be revealed.

When the adept teaches others, he will always teach from the vantage point of understanding. He will not be pulling things out of the air and teaching what he does not himself understand.

Now let us review the questions we previously covered. I notice that when I asked you what a principle was that your answers were very good, but then when I asked you to use a principle to solve a problem or question, the group seemed to be silent. This is because the application of truth is much more difficult than the mere stating of the truth.

We have a lot of teachers out there giving out “truths” about immortality, ascension, higher contacts, alien contact, but how many can demonstrate that their truth can be applied with definite results? Very few that I have seen.

Now we are talking about principles. To remove one of the barriers of soul contact we must learn to apply principles so knowledge is revealed.

Let us turn to the first question that we had to God.

One answer given was: “Honestly.. I would ask him once and for all, what is the truth?”

Now if these teachings on principles are true then what truth itself is can be understood through the comprehension of the principles behind them.

Truth is that which is revealed by light, either physical light or the light of the mind, at a certain point in time and space. Truth is not revealed through the astral body or the emotional nature, except insofar as it is reflected off the mind.

The search for truth does not exist in the formless worlds of the spirit because nothing untrue exists there. In the higher worlds there is no search for truth because all is real and there is no illusion there. In these realms no one ever asks: “Is this true?”

This is why the Dark Brothers can only function in vehicles of form and do not even believe in the higher worlds – because they are enemies of reality.

When ideas from the world of Spirit are reflected into the worlds of form, the principle of truth and the deception are created. The lives functioning there must discern truth by clearing away clouds of darkness, and perceiving the true form through eyes that see.

Thus we could say that the principle of truth is: “The correct seeing of the form as it was at the point of time under consideration, past, present or future,” By form we mean a physical form, an imagined form or various combinations of the two.

So, did OJ murder his wife? To find the truth of this we have to see enough evidence so we can “correctly see” what his form did to her form that fateful night. When enough evidence is gathered and we filter out the astral seeing, then a correct conclusion can be gathered.

The reason so many people saw incorrectly in the OJ case was that the illusionary astral seeing was relied upon more than physical and mental seeing. Because of strong astral distortion a computer would often be a better juror than what we now produce.

This case is an example of a point of truth in the past. A point on the present is the answer to the question: “What am I thinking?” A point of truth in the future would be the answer to this question: “Who will win the world series?” Correct seeing reveals all truth, past, present and future.

Now let us look at another question, a very admirable one: “How can I best serve?”

No one dared guess at the principle that could answer this question so let us take another look at it and use this as the question for the day. Let us try anew to find the principle that will reveal the answer. What could it be?

Hint: Read the parable of Decision.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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