The Time of the Gathering

The Time of the Gathering

Someone asked about how the current turbulent times may affect the gathering and the creation of human molecules.

A gathering takes place when the old ways and systems reach a point of stagnation, but a small percentage of the people are looking beyond the old ways toward the new, the beautiful and the good.

The world is approaching the time of the next gathering because most of the governments of the world are drifting toward stagnation and making the same mistakes.

Most of these mistakes are built around the idea of seeking the highest good or ideal.

Unfortunately evil is the corruption of a divine ideal.

And how is the divine ideal corrupted by the nations today?

Answer: By forcing people to do good.

Greed is seen as evil and those in authority feel that people misuse their money.

Therefore, the authorities seek to take all moneys from the people, not essential to their survival, and spend that money in better more unselfish ways than the average person.

Differences in people and groups are seen as evil and equality good; therefore, they seek to strip people of their individuality and force people to be equal.

Hateful, or wrong speech, is seen as unloving; therefore, they seek to force people to speak only approved words.

Equality, right use of money and respectful speech are great virtues when accomplished through free will, but become a great evil when attempted by force.

To enforce theses three virtues the governments of the world create laws without number first to take money by force from those assumed to be greedy and give it to the less fortunate, not forgetting to reward themselves in the process.

Secondly they pass an untold number of laws and decrees to force equality.

Finally, they pass more laws to govern speech and where a law is not possible they seek to use many subtle pressures to prevent the speaking of offending words.

As the nations continue to drift toward higher taxation, forced equality and restrictions on speech the time of the gathering draws near.

This decay among the nations will continue until true freedom gains a foothold in the hearts of a critical mass of people. When this occurs the clarion call will go forth and a gathering place appointed and a new nation or some type of independent group will be born.

As far as the creation of molecules go this can begin when even a small group are ready for a shared soul contact and able to gather in one physical location. The beginning of human molecules will begin shortly before the general gathering.

March 18, 2003

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