The Magi and Good from Evil

The Magi and Good from Evil

Question: The Bible doesn’t give the actual number for the men who traveled from the East but many assume there were three because there were three gifts. Does DK give any additional details on this?

DK does not comment on this but the Aquarian Gospel identifies them as three and gives them the names of Hor, and Lun, and Mer. (See AG 38:6)

The Gospel of the Nazarenes, which is claimed to be translated from the oldest known manuscripts dating from the first century, also says there were three but gives them different names which are Melchus, Caspar and Phadizarda. The name in common between the two is Caspar who the Aquarian Gospel says was a fellow magi with Hor, and Lun, and Mer. Many esoterists believe that DK was Caspar and was one of the three wise men who came to visit the baby Jesus.

Question: Why do you say these wise men understood the mission of Christ better than the twelve apostles?

The twelve apostles were not picked because they were the most enlightened on the earth but because they were good messengers who were able to communicate with the common man. They were mostly of second degree initiate status. The third degree candidates were Peter, James, John and Paul.

The Magi in the east were very familiar with the prophesies of Christ because of Teachings that were passed down from the Prophet Daniel. There were a number of the Magi who were third degree initiates and had knowledge that exceeded that of the apostles. They were not only familiar with the Hebrew teachings but also familiar with many esoteric, magical and astrological teachings not available to the Apostles.

The Apostles did indeed experience much growth through their association with Christ.

If you read the Aquarian Gospel you will discover that there were a number of Master Teachers on the earth who were more consciously prepared for Christ than was the average apostle, but they had different missions.

Even when Jesus comes again many will sit at the feet of the Master who are not high initiates.

Overall, the Apostles were the most enlightened group in Israel, but not necessarily the earth.

Question: What about the scripture that says the Twelve Apostles are the foundation upon which the City of the New Jerusalem is to be built and they will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel?

First it is important to realize that all scripture will not have a black and white literal fulfillment. The twelve tribes, for instance will not be literal twelve tribes as represented by the old Testament, but twelve different types of consciousness in various groups and countries.

The Twelve Apostles who will judge the tribes will be spiritual teachers who will rise up from the twelve states of consciousness and lead those of similar vibration to the kingdom of God. The Twelve Apostles of old may or may not be gathered together again depending on the need and where than can best serve.

This reader, who is LDS, wants to know how my teachings harmonize with LDS accounts.

If you try and figure out how things are going to unwind (as the new age comes in) with the teachings of standard Mormonism, Christian or any other religious doctrine you will miss the mark by some distance. The religious teachings of the Piscean Age have seeds of truth in them but will always lead to wrong conclusions if taken literally.

For instance, Joseph Smith did not usher in the “last dispensation.” Any real last dispensation will not occur for millions of years. He did usher in the last effort at bringing together all things in union during the Piscean Age. He gathered the lights of the last part of that passing age. Now the Piscean Mormon (and other efforts) belongs to the past and must give way to new. The new will keep the best of the past, but be nothing like the past, for the vision of the fundamentalists of the various religions is not in alignment with what must be.

You ask why DK is not teaching us now or why he could have more knowledge of Christ than an apostle.

Who has knowledge of what is not as important as to the teachings that are given to us during our lifetime. It is our duty to examine them, run them by our souls and discover the truth behind them. A number of Masters could teach us, if such was in the plan, but each one of the Hierarchy has a particular job to do. It matters not if we have the highest initiate as our teacher. What matters is that we take advantage of the light which is available to us. If a student proves himself ready for something higher then it will not be withheld. The trouble is that many seek for something higher when they have overlooked the light in what they already have.

Knowing Good from Evil

Comment: You talk about Gen 3:22 as if it is differentiating good FROM evil when the scripture says good AND evil. “Good from evil” implies a duality, “Good and evil” implies a unity.

Even though the Hebrew VARA implies a conjunction such as “and” rather than a preposition such as “from,” the verse as a whole implies “from” as much as “and.”

The New Jerusalem Bible which translates very closely to the Hebrew acknowledges this.

Here is the rendering of this version.

“Then Yahweh God said, Now that the man has become like one of us in knowing good FROM evil, he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and pick from the tree of life too, and eat and live for ever!”

One reason this and several other versions use “from” instead of “and” is largely because of the meaning implied by YADA, the Hebrew word from which “to know” is translated.

YADA implies a knowledge gained through discerning or coming to a recognition or understanding.

Therefore, “to know good and evil” implies much more than just leaving paradise and being subject to pleasant and unpleasant sensations. The animals do this much. YADA implies that he who becomes as the Gods will raise above the animals and acquire the ability to discern the good and the evil. Such discernment would result in knowing good FROM evil as well as good and evil.

Think on this. We are told that he who acquires the knowledge (YADA) of good and evil will be as the Elohiym, or Gods.

The enlightening question is this. How many in the human kingdom are as the gods now?

Probably no one you have met lately.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that the true knowledge of good and evil is much more than the generic realization that there is good and bad out there in the world.

The key lies in scriptures such as “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

Then concerning the general population Jeremiah said, “to do good they have no knowledge.” Jer 4:22

Now if a person is subject to good and evil, but calls the evil, good and good, evil, does this not tell us that he is not as the gods? Does it not indicate that he has no power to discern and judge good and evil?

To discern and then judge correctly what is the true good and the true evil awakens the power of godliness more than even the highest of humanity realize.

Comment: “Good from evil” implies a duality, “Good and evil” implies a unity.

Actually, they both imply a duality. The fact that “good” and “evil” are both named with differing meanings implies a duality, even if nothing else was said. “And” is a conjunction which links two items, again implying a duality. The fact that YADA implies the discernment of the good from the evil also implies duality.

Here is another scripture that affirms this general principle: “For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses (faculties) exercised to discern both good and evil.” Heb 5:13-14

“Discern” here comes from the Greek DIAKRISIS which Strong’s says literally means a “judicial estimation.” It’s root word implies a judgment which separates. In other words this scripture tells us to use our faculties to judge good, as separated from evil.

Copyright by J J Dewey

March 20, 2003

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