The Mystic and the Occultist

The Mystic and the Occultist

I had one reader expressing criticism of spending too much time on mysteries, details of the universe, the Hierarchy and so on. She wants to concentrate on the spiritual flow and not mess with the details.

Then others want details about everything and have an endless flow of questions.

Which path is correct?

Actually the question is not one of correctness so much as the internal makeup of the individual.

Each person (according to Djwhal Khul) as he enters the path pursues either the path of the mystic or the path of the occultist. The makeup of the mystic will be polarized in rays 2, 4 & 6 and the occultist will lean toward 1, 3, 5 & 7. Both influences will be in the two groups, but one will always dominate.

The mystic is the seeker who seeks a state of consciousness rather than the discovery of knowledge, principles and details.

The occultist, on the other hand, seeks concrete knowledge of how things work as well as seeking the consciousness aspect.

DK does go on to point out, however, that we eventually explore both paths and in time the mystic’s desire for knowledge will get the best of him and he will turn into an occultist and seek to find all that is hidden.

Radical Christians tend to associate the word “occult” with something evil, but all the word means is “that which is hidden.” This means that the parables of Jesus were occult because, as he stated, there were hidden meanings in them.

Often times when the occultist meets the mystic there is a lack of understanding. The occultist will not understand why the mystic seems to have little curiosity about the mysteries or why things work. Then the mystic will shake his head at the occultist thinking he is missing the point of higher consciousness in his pursuit of all the details of the truth.

There is advancement upon the path to be had by both camps, but as the advancement is made both groups some detours are inevitable.

The mystic may over simplify and think he has reached the end of all being when he finds a certain stage of consciousness. He may lose his desire to discover for a period of time.

The mystic must eventually learn that every piece of knowledge and every principle are like small and large pieces to great puzzles that we must eventually see. To say “I don’t need that piece of knowledge” is to say that one is happy with a picture in his living room with pieces cut out. All the pieces are necessary for the seeker to acquire a fullness of joy. Even one missing piece eventually tarnishes the beauty of the picture.

The occultist may get so bogged down in knowing the details that he may miss seeing the overriding principles. Can’t see the “forest for the trees” is the phrase of contemplation here. The occultist must learn to fit the pieces of knowledge he acquires with the overriding principle and make sure there is alignment.

Data which is not true, or does not fit into the wholeness of the picture must be dropped and replaced by appropriate pieces so the true vision comes to the eye. To consummate his progress the occultist must acquire and understand the consciousness of the mystic.

DK says: “As we train disciples, we seek to develop in the occultist mystical awareness and, in the mystic, practical occult knowledge.” Discipleship in the New Age: Vol I, Page 556

Most forums and schools of thought appeal to either the mystic or occultist in thought. This group has gathered an interesting assortment of the two. We attempt here to present material of interest to both groups.

So which direction do you lean? Are you more of an occultist, mystic or combination?

Question: Could you give us more details on the Lords of Compassion?

Even though the Lords of Compassion outnumber the Masters of Wisdom only passing references are made to them in the Bailey and other writings. Part of the reason for this is that Djwhal Khul is a Master of Wisdom on the occult path and he, of course, writes more material around his own domain of thought that corresponds to his path.

The Second Ray, as we said, is dual and this of course governs the heart center and manifests itself as Love/Wisdom. In addition to this there is a second heart center in the head which also manifests this aspect.

The regular heart center is polarized in the love aspect and the one in the head is polarized in the wisdom aspect. Even so both of them have 12 petals each and in each center these 12 petals are divided between the two energies.

The Masters of Wisdom are those high entities who have mastered all the twelve energy petals with both heart centers and linked them to the Shamballa energy. These have taken the fifth initiation or higher and follow the occult path.

These usually graduate to the Fifth Path, called the Ray Path and are closely aligned to Rays 2, 1, 3 & 5 with emphasis on 5.

To understand the Lords of Compassion the first thing to realize is that the soul, your Solar Angel, is a Lord of Compassion and sacrificed itself through compassion so you could be born as an entity.

Thus the major step to be made to become a Lord of Compassion is to become one with your own soul. When this occurs the disciple will understand the sacrifice that was made so he could be and become. This gives him the desire to also sacrifice and become a Lord of Compassion.

The consummate Lord of Compassion is the mystic who has evolved as far as possible without fully developing the manasic (mind) principle. He has reached the threshold of the fifth initiation and at the sixth he will choose the Fourth Path to Sirius where he will complete his mental mastery and shift his attention to the occult path where complete mastery will be his.

The Lords of Compassion are not always called Masters for to attain all the powers of a Master one must develop the wisdom aspect and the mind. As D K says the mind is the “plane whereon the masters can be found.”

The Masters of Wisdom are somewhat detached from the sufferings of mankind and this gives them freedom to accomplish their many lines of work, many of which are not directly related to the human kingdom.

The Lords of Compassion, on the other hand, are very tuned in to the feeling aspect and either cannot or refuse to detach themselves from human suffering. These work with the “saving” aspect of the Christ and seek to save mankind from their sins and suffering by working directly with them. These Lords and thousands of Lords in training are either drawn directly into incarnation or work with those incarnated to relieve the suffering of the race. These Lords will not feel their work is done until heaven and earth come together and all the people of the earth have equal access to all the gifts of God.

All disciples have some of the Compassion and Wisdom aspect in them, but all will lean more toward one direction than the other.

The Lords of Compassion are closely aligned to Rays 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Copyright by J J Dewey

Dec 18, 2001

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