The Third Aspect

The Third Aspect

Concerning the winter solstice or the first day of winter legend has it that the saviors of the race are born during this period of deepest night and darkness to lead us into the greatest light.

Since the church authorities did not know the true birth of Christ they thought that December 25th was as good as any, especially since it was already a Roman holiday centuries before the birth of Christ. On this day the Romans celebrated the mirthraic feast of the Sun-god. Also from December 17-23 they held a great festival honoring Saturn, the god of agriculture.

Early Christians were reluctant to celebrate the birth of Christ until the Church at Rome declared it as a day of celebration around 320 A.D.

Few scholars, however seriously believe that Jesus was born in December.

Some feel that delving into the Rays is too complex, but many of you have an interest in astrology which is just as complex or more so. In fact, I am amazed at how many amateur astrologers there are out there when you consider how complicated the art is. But just as you learn a little astrology and it starts to get interesting, even so it is with the Rays. In fact the influence of the Rays is what makes astrology work. It takes a knowledge of the Rays to fully understand and appreciate astrology.

As we proceed and begin putting the pieces together I think that you will see that a study of the Rays can be quite enlightening.

The Question

The next aspect is the Third Ray of Active Intelligence. Why do you suppose this aspect, which is associated with the Holy Spirit, is called Active Intelligence and what does this phrase mean?

What do you suppose the three sub aspects of this Ray are?

This last question is difficult, especially if you spent time sifting through the writings of Alice A. Bailey looking for the answer. There are 24 Bailey books so there are always writings overlooked by students, but I do not believe it is clearly expressed in there.

Sometimes not having the answer clearly given in black and white is a good thing for it forces us back upon our own souls to verify the answer.

If the answer to a metaphysical question is not available what should the student do?

Answer: One should assemble all the facts available around the problem, attempt to look at the core principle involved and contemplate the answer.

It looks like several of you were brave enough to make an attempt here. One reader gives a profound paragraph here:

“The third ray (Holy Spirit/Light/Active Intelligence) is active because it is positive/male. The third ray gives of itself in activity through the light of discriminating intelligence. The light of truth penetrates all illusion by pursuing God (First Ray) and finding him hidden within all forms of matter. This recognition of first ray by the penetrating light of third ray reveals God in all his glory.”

Your statement was so good so I’m quoting the whole thing.

He names a second sub aspect which is Light. The Holy Spirit is an entity representing an aspect but is not an aspect itself.

Run this by your souls for the three sub aspects:

Light, Knowledge and Intelligent Activity

Behind the Third Ray or aspect is the mind of God and within that mind is an grand idea which is unfolding. The Third Ray shines Light upon this idea.

Light reveals Knowledge, the second sub aspect.

Light and knowledge interplay and produce intelligent activity, the third sub aspect.

Unlike the other sub aspects we have covered this third sub aspect of the Third Aspect cannot be defined in one word for there is no single English word which expresses the meaning. The two words, Intelligent Activity, do not do it justice. If we had to express it more fully, perhaps we could word it thus: “Intelligent activity creatively driven by the light of truth which propels the creation of form toward the fulfillment of the divine plan.”

Djwhal Khul uses the word adaptability as a driving force of creation through the Third Ray. What do you suppose this word has to do with the power of creation? Perhaps we could word this another way and ask: What does adaptability have to do with evolution?

Looks like we need some additional clarification on the mystic and occult groups covered earlier.

Here are several things Djwhal Khul says about the two groups:

“The mystic is not necessarily an occultist, but the occultist embraces the mystic. Mysticism is but one step on the path of occultism. In this solar system-the system of love in activity-the path of least resistance for the majority is that of the mystic, or the path of love and devotion. In the next solar system the path of least resistance will be that which we now understand as the occult path. The mystic path will have been trodden. Wherein lies the difference between these two types? The mystic deals with the evolving life; the occultist deals with the form.

“The mystic deals with the God within; the occultist with God in outer manifestation.

“The mystic works from the centre to the periphery; the occultist reverses the process.

“The mystic mounts by aspiration and intensest devotion to the God within or to the Master Whom he recognises; the occultist attains by the recognition of the law in operation and by the wielding of the law which binds matter and conforms it to the needs of the indwelling life. In this manner the occultist arrives at those Intelligences Who work with the law, till he attains the fundamental Intelligence Himself.

“The mystic works through the Rays of Love, Harmony and Devotion, or by the path of the second, the fourth and the sixth rays. The occultist works through the Rays of Power, Activity, and Ceremonial Law, or the first, the third and the seventh. Both meet and blend through the development of mind, or through the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge (a fragment of cosmic intelligence), and on this fifth ray the mystic is resolved into the occultist and works then with all the rays.

“By finding the kingdom of God within himself and by the study of the laws of his own being, the mystic becomes proficient in the laws which govern the universe of which he is a part. The occultist recognises the kingdom of God in nature or the system and regards himself as a small part of that greater whole, and therefore governed by the same laws.

“The mystic works as a general rule under the department of the World Teacher, or the Christ, and the occultist more frequently under that of the Manu, or Ruler, but when both types have passed through the four minor rays in the department of the Lord of Civilisation, then a completion of their development may be seen, and the mystic becomes the occultist and the occultist includes the characteristics of the mystic. To make it more simple for general comprehension:-after initiation the mystic is merged in the occultist for he has become a student of occult law; he has to work with matter, with its manipulation and uses, and he has to master and control all lower forms of manifestation, and learn the rules whereby the building devas work. Before initiation the mystic path might be expressed by the term, Probationary Path. Before the occultist can manipulate wisely the matter of the solar system he must have mastered the laws that govern the microcosm, and even though he is naturally on the occult path yet he will still have to find the God within his own being before he can safely venture on the path of occult law.

“The mystic seeks to work from the emotional to the intuitional, and thence to the Monad, or Spirit. The occultist works from the physical to the mental, and thence to the atma or Spirit. One works along the line of love; the other along the line of will. The mystic fails in the purpose of his being-that of love demonstrated in activity-unless he co-ordinates the whole through the use of intelligent will. Therefore he has to become the occultist.

“The occultist similarly fails and becomes only a selfish exponent of power working through intelligence, unless he finds a purpose for that will and knowledge by an animating love which will give to him sufficient motive for all that he attempts.” Occult Meditation, Pages 147-149

The bottom line here is that the mystic and the occult methods both have their place and both have methods that each must borrow from the other. However, in the end the mystic is merged with the occultist. This end product of our evolution is a blending of the two methods, but a polarization on the occult path wherein divine activity lies.

From reading your responses I find what seems to be several misunderstandings on this subject.

First of all there is no competition between the mystics and the occultists as to which is the better path. Individuals on all paths may be competitive on an isolated level but as a general principle the two groups are two cooperating training grounds within the great plan.

There should be no concern as to which is the better path or the more advanced path, but which is the best path for advancement for the seeker at his current stage of progression and service. Each of us who are in tune with our souls will have an inner knowing when the correct course is determined.

Some seem to think that the mystic doesn’t study much or work with details. This is not necessarily true. Some mystics such as St. Augustine can be ferocious students and writers.

Some get the idea that occultists are too much into details, but mystics can get overinvolved in details also.

The difference is in the emphasis of direction more than anything else.

The mystic places attention on feelings and consciousness whereas the occultist concentrates on seeing and vision.

The beginning student and initiate will lean more on one path than the other, but in the end will blend and balance the two with an occult polarization which incorporates the best of the mystic and the occultist.

The Masters are occultists, but many of them use and work with mystical methods. Christ being on the Ray of Love Wisdom understands the way of higher vision and is the teacher of Masters, angels and men and uses many mystical methods to reach the world, but occult means to teach his peers.

Copyright by J J Dewey

Dec 21, 2001

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