The Gathering Principle, Part 4

Texas Gathering, Part Nineteen
The Gathering Principle, Part 4

What’s the purpose of the gathering? There are several objections to the gathering. The number one objection is stay where you are and make things better there. What would’ve happened if the people who came to America listened to the advice of their relatives who said, “Stay where you are in England. It’s pretty good here. Reform the Church here rather than go to this silly America.” If Benjamin Franklin, Washington were never born here in America then the Constitution may have never been. So these people by gathering out and pooling their minds together came up with something better. What’s interesting is after America was established, then England, the mother nation, began to reform itself after the pattern inspired by our own freedoms. So now England has a fairly democratic government in relation to what it had before. So the mother state that oppressed their daughter winds up learning from the daughter. Thus it will be with the future gathering.

When the future gathering of lights happens there will be many innovative principles taught and installed. Then the rest of the world will look at it and the scripture says, The world will be so impressed that the kings and the great men of the earth shall “bring their gold and their silver and their wealth to Zion.” Why will they bring it there? For the same reason that when America was established, many thought the streets were paved with gold and began to bring their wealth here. This was the land of opportunity. This was the land of tremendous growth. When the next gathering takes place there will not only be spiritual opportunities but there will also be physical opportunity. There will be wealth created. There will be abundance in every possible way. People will see this abundance and the people of the world will say, “We want to do this too. We don’t want to pay over half our money in taxes. Those people only pay a tithe over there. They only pay like 10%. We want to be like them. Everything is voluntary over there and people are taken care of through free will. They aren’t forced to do good in this new gathering.

The greatest evil that’s ever been created is when humanity has tried to force people to do good. That’s why the Soviet Union fell apart. They spent all their energies trying to force everybody to do what was right. The system was created to force everybody to do what was right and their ideals weren’t all that bad. Equality isn’t all bad, however, they made it look so bad that some people today think that equality is bad because of their example.

The Soviet Union took ideals, like equality and sharing and tried to force them on people. True equality can only be obtained by free will. So by taking an ideal of sharing, of equality, of equal rights and using force to attempt to attain them produces disaster and destruction. This is what the old Soviet Union was an example of. They took good ideals then they tried to force people into them and it just didn’t work. It has to happen through free will and unfolding naturally.

A people who are fairly enlightened can be gathered out that will take care of each other without being forced to take care of each other. When you try to force people to take care of each other then nobody is taken care of and the spirit dies in the people. When you let people operate on their free will and you teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves then the spirit of freedom and the spirit of the Holy Spirit will flourish within the group. Then eventually Heaven and Earth will become as one.

All of the Hierarchy of Masters operate totally upon the principle of free will. They can decide to rebel anytime they wanted to. From Masters on up to the highest lives in the universe, all the Brotherhood of Light operate on free will. The Dark Brothers, however, do not believe in the principle of free will. They believe that the system works a lot better if most intelligent among them bosses everyone else around and tells them what to do and they have to obey blindly. They think the less intelligent are not smart enough to think for themselves so they need to obey without thinking and are under the threat of severe punishment if they do not obey.. So within the Dark Brothers a handful obtain freedom to boss everybody else around while the rest of them are not able to do any thinking for themselves but get whatever reward can be passed out.

So the basic difference between the Light and the Dark Brotherhoods is the principle of freedom. We see this being played out in the world today, in every government today and political parties. When you see an argument on TV it’s always based between this: one is teaching a little towards free will while the other is teaching about the government or some power that should have more control. It always boils down to that argument between the two. One person wants free will and one person wants control.

Let’s pick a simple issue that is fairly non partisan so we can understand, like seat belts. They want more and more control over seat belts. An argument says, “It’s good that we wear our seatbelts.” Well, that’s not the argument, whether it’s good to wear seat belts. The argument is whether it’s good to force people to wear seat belts.

Robin: Since we’re leaving here tomorrow this is for those of you who are driving. Texas has a no tolerance policy for seat belts violation. If you get stopped because you don’t have your seat belt on you will be ticketed on the spot.

JJ: What’s the fine here?

Robin: I don’t know.

JJ: In Idaho it’s only a $5 fine so it’s no big deal.

Audience: In Texas it’s $200.

JJ: Really? No wonder seat belts are a big deal here. In Idaho they don’t make a big deal over it because it’s only 5 bucks. They’re talking about moving that up. The do-gooders are always trying to force people to do good. If we spent that same energy in teaching people to buckle up they’d pretty much eventually do it on their own without being forced to. A certain amount of force has to be applied like in some cases. We have to prevent burglars from burglarizing our homes and people from murdering and raping and things like this but that’s to enhance the freedom of the whole rather than to take away the freedom of the whole.

When any laws take away the freedom of the whole then that’s a law that makes the Dark Brotherhood rejoice. Like prohibition; a lot of the religious people got together and said, “Alcohol creates a lot of problems so we’re going to force people not to drink.” So, maybe for certain alcoholics it would be good if they don’t drink. The ideal maybe had some good behind it yet the force created tremendous evil. Remember who materialized because of it? Al Capone and people like him started to sprout up all over the country. People drank almost as much as ever. Even my dad created his own still. My dad made the best money he ever made during the prohibition.

So people drank almost as much as ever, it just cost them more. There was a lot of corruption and a lot of crime lords got a tremendous amount of power. Then when they did away with prohibition people figured everyone would go crazy. What happened? First if all people like Al Capone went out of business. The people did go crazy for about 6 months. They drank more than usual for this period. They really jumped into it. After about a year it normalized and they didn’t drink any more than they did before, per capita, after the initial spurt of having the freedom again.

You know I never drank Coke in my life until they took it away. Then I decided I wanted it. I thought if people were making such a big fuss over Coke maybe it was better than I thought. I had tasted it several times but didn’t like it that much but as soon as they brought it back I started drinking it and it tasted really good because they wouldn’t let me have it for awhile. Now I like Coke better than Pepsi. Before that I liked Pepsi better than Coke. It had a psychological effect on me because I couldn’t have it.

So the principle that the gathered lights will always apply is maximum freedom for the whole. The only time any freedom should be taken away from the individual is when it increases the freedom for the whole. Like I say, we take away the burglar’s freedom because the burglar takes away the freedom of the whole so by taking away the burglar’s freedom we increase the freedom for the whole. The principle involved with freedom is the wholeness aspect; maximum freedom for the whole. The seat belt law is a simple little thing but it’s totally unnecessary to have a $200 fine for a seat belt infraction. It may force us to buckle up but on the other hand it creates big brother telling us what to do with outward authority over our lives.

What we need to develop is power to have our personal freedom and do what is right because we decide to do what is right. We do right because we see what is right; to help our fellow man because we want to help our fellow man. By doing these things we can enhance the flow of the energy of God because the energy of the Holy Spirit operates on total freedom. Where freedom is taken away the Holy Spirit does not flow. People have gone to very oppressed nations and visited them, particularly Russia when it was totalitarian and was in full power-it’s a lot better now than it was-but when people have gone and visited these oppressed nations, people look depressed, they don’t talk to each other, there is no flow of ideas. They’re afraid that somebody will report what they’ve said. They’re afraid all the time. There is a spirit of fear. They’re doing what’s right maybe, according to the state, but they have no freedom.

The greatest evil is always generated when people are forced to do what is right. The force to do what is right has so much power behind it because they say, “We need to create a law to make this happen.” People say, “That would be good. Let’s go ahead a do it.” They don’t even think about the principle of freedom involved. They never argue the principle of freedom. When our legislators are talking about passing laws, they never think they’re taking away freedom. The argument is always over making people do what’s right. If they would only argue over what the maximum freedom would be generated. How can we make the law so freedom will not be infringed, freedom of the whole will be amplified rather than held back. There are, like I said, a small handful of laws for robberies and rapes and murders and these types of laws, are good for people but there are so many laws that infringe freedom.

The principle of freedom applies to a lot of things, even teachers, such as myself. If a teacher such as myself didn’t believe in the principle of freedom then he would attempt to set himself up as an authority over a group to control them. Remember Jim Jones? He set himself as such an authority over the group and when he told them to drink poison Kool-Aid; what did they do? Most didn’t even question. The few who did question were shot by people who were blind followers. You either drink the Kool-Aid or you get shot. So the Jim Jones type of character, even though the people could leave at any time they wanted, they were under such control that they didn’t question. This is how it is in many organizations throughout the Earth, many secret organizations, many churches. The people do not ask. When they’re told something they do not ask, “Is this right? Is this what I should do?”

James: What you’re speaking of is a pseudo-free will environment that’s undermined by a background of control. Your concept about an environment that has freedom for the whole almost implies that there is a mechanism in place where the people learned the principles so that they can understand this. If we just say, for example, that we do away with the laws and have this freedom for the whole environment, without understanding the principles, people would just kind of doing their own thing. You’d be leading a horse to water but they’d all drink what they want to drink. So I’d like you to maybe expand on that part about putting some type of mechanism in place that would make the freedom for the whole effective.

JJ: The main mechanism for making the freedom of the whole effective is each person gathering at a certain stage of consciousness. A person cannot recognize the difference between freedom and slavery until he reaches a certain stage of consciousness. So we have to spread the Holy Spirit by taking upon ourselves the name of Christ and lifting others up to where we are in our understanding so that they can see what is free and what is not free. The trouble is, like the legislators in attempting to pass a law will say, “This law is good because it will make people do good.” They don’t understand. They are actually thinking it will bring more freedom when it will bring less freedom. They passed the seat belt law, for instance, to give them freedom from having accidents or freedom from being killed if they have an accident. Is that a freedom? They see it as a freedom. They don’t see where the freedom really lies. The freedom lies in the choice. There is no choice involved after the law is passed. We must have the freedom to decide what is right.

I have the freedom at any time to drink the Drano under my sink. Because I have this freedom why doesn’t somebody come along and say, “We need to make a law to prevent people from drinking Drano.” (laughter) The reason why it is unnecessary is because people see it’s stupid to drink Drano so they just won’t drink it. The same thing with all the laws perpetrated to do good, we just need to raise our consciousness up then we can say, “It’s silly to do this so I’m not going to do it.” So you don’t need a law once you see it’s silly to not drink Drano. Do you need a law telling you to breathe? Do you need a law telling you to eat? You might need a law telling not to eat too many Big Macs but we don’t want that because it infringes on our freedom. We may want to eat Big Macs. We may want that freedom even though it may not be the best food for us.

Delivered by J.J. Dewey Sunday, May 26, 2002 Wimberly, Texas

Copyright By J J Dewey

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