The Gathering Principle, Part 5

Texas Gathering, Part Twenty
The Gathering Principle, Part 5

The principle of freedom is very subtle because every time it’s argued-and this is where the Dark Bothers work actively in the affairs of man-they will plant the idea in peoples’ minds that they are working for freedom. You’ll see this argument where people are talking about taking away our freedoms in the name of freedom. They say this seat belt law will give us more freedom from accidents.

Audience: One thing I’ve noticed with all laws like that is that they don’t ever prevent the thing they’re claiming. Ever. It always happens because people still have the agency to choose. It’s whether or not they get caught breaking the law.

JJ: It’s just like prohibition. Prohibition accomplished a lot more harm than good. There are a lot of laws that do the same thing as prohibition. Like these laws, reforming campaign contribution laws. Remember McCain/Feingold passed a big package to reform campaign contributions? Already they’re finding a bunch of loopholes in it so they’re going to get around it. So now McCain has said, “That was just a first step. Now we need to go another step.” When they get the other step they’ll say it’s still not working and want to go another step. Pretty soon we may not have any way to contribute money to help elect the people we want elected.

Larry: As one guy who claims freedom and stands for freedom we have to understand and tolerate that when we first do it there is going to be some people that aren’t going to help support the poor or the elderly. The argument will be made, “Well, they’re not sharing the burden and we need to force them to come along.” But we have to have the faith that our example, in time, that if we were to show them that this is a better way, and tolerate the fact that they might not do all the best things at first when we have freedom.

JJ: That’s a good point. When the Soviet Union collapsed, what happened? These people were not used to working and being self-sufficient. They were used to the government telling them what to do then doing it even though it didn’t work. But they went broke doing that. After they went broke and they were given a little freedom a lot of people sat around waiting for somebody to tell them what to do. Everybody was waiting around for somebody to tell them what to do and maybe about 10% of the Soviet people liked the idea of freedom and were actually doing something. Another 10% started the Russian Mafia and that created a lot of problems. So what happened about a year into their freedom was a lot of Soviet people were saying, “We need to go back to the way it was before. It wasn’t that great but it was a lot better than it is now. We’ve got this Russian mafia over here. Nobody is doing anything. Nobody is telling anybody what to do. Nobody knows what to do. Nobody knows how to operate this capitalistic system.”

One guy rose up teaching that they needed to go back and create the Soviet empire even stronger than it was before. He was even talking about invading Alaska and nuking Japan. This new guy got about a third of the votes. I can’t remember what his name was but he was a sort of scary character. (Note: his name is Vladimir Zhirinovsky) I haven’t heard anymore about him. What happened to him?

Zofia: He’s still around.

JJ: Is anybody listening to him now?

Zofia: Yes.

JJ: Not as much as they were though, are they?

Zofia: No, not as much. Thank God.

JJ: Right. So, it was kind of iffy there for awhile because when they were given their freedom it just didn’t seem to work at first. Now it’s starting to work and Russia is actually headed toward more freedom than the United States has. They’re now down to a flat tax of, I believe it’s about 13%, isn’t it? Before this they were trying to tax people over 50% and it wasn’t working. They reduced the tax to 13% and because the people feel it’s fair they’re actually paying it and not trying to escape it. Russia is now getting a lot more revenue in at 13% than they were getting at 50% before. The people have more freedom and they’re headed the right direction. This Hitler-type character that we were talking about is now losing power. Nobody is listening to him as much because they’re making progress now.

Zofia: Already 10 years (in Poland) that people are electing government would not read and do not know what to do. They’re worse and worse. Every government is worse. There is no work. So many people are much poorer than they’ve ever been and they say, “Let’s go back to the Socialism like we had before, like a form of communist because we didn’t have too much but at least we had some.”

JJ: So they’re still thinking about going back to Communism in Poland?

Zofia: Yea but I don’t think it’s going to happen. It never happens, to go back. It’s going to be a different form.

JJ: Are they making a little progress in Poland now?

Zofia: Yes, it will take about 10 more years to go.

JJ: Unless there is a big retrogression, we’re going to find these former communist nations are going to wind up being richer than us in 20 or 30 years and we’re going to be copying them. That will be great, won’t it? As a matter of fact, if Russia continues the flat tax, maybe we ought to move over there. (chuckle) We could sell everything we have and go invest over there.

Audience: Inaudible.

JJ: However, the thing to keep in mind, whether the person represents the light or the dark, they always attempt to look like they’re doing good. The Dark Brothers are more successful at creating the appearance of doing good than the Brothers of Light are because the Brothers of Light are not always accepted by the press and the powers that be that publicize and promote. So the powers that be will often distort the teachings of the Brotherhood of Light so they’re not presented the way they were intended whereas they will take objectives of the Dark Brotherhood and try to present them as if they are the good guys. A lot of the press, even during the days of Soviet Union, presented the Soviet Union like they had a pretty good system. The press was pretty favorable, more favorable towards it than the Soviet people themselves were.

Zofia: . . .President Ford was in Poland and at that time Poland was still oppressed with Communism. I almost fainted when I came back and I heard that President Ford was saying things like that on television. “Poland is a free country. I’ve been here and there and everywhere.” Of course they show whatever it is they want to show. I listen and I think, “Are you dumb or what? What did you expect to see?”

JJ: President Ford actually said that?

Zofia: Yes. He did.

JJ: It’s amazing.

Elly: I say that anyone who is deceived it’s because they are not listening. They are not listening and obeying the Spirit that is within them. If they are walking in truth they should hear truth. If a billion people say that this man is wrong but in your heart and in your spirit it’s right, then you have to be open to truth. If it is not true, ask the spirit of truth to reveal truth to you and He will. I know sometimes I hear a very spineless man. I just heard of Lord, what’s his name, Maitreya. I had heard of him several years ago. A friend of mine, He had come to her three times. He came to her husband three times just recently and told him he needed to be more humble and that’s good but the Spirit of God rose up in me so mightily and said that this spirit-I’m not saying all spirits of Maitreya-but this one was a false Christ. We have absolutely, every one of you, it’s vital that we hear the Spirit of God within ourselves and we obey that spirit. It’s hard to come against the way most people believe but we have to do that.

JJ: The interesting thing is both sides, the Light and the Dark Brotherhood, both believe they’re doing the best. They both believe in doing good but they believe in doing good by different methods. The Dark Brotherhood wants to do good by forcing people to do good. The Light Brotherhood wants them to do good through their own free will, even though there will be draw backs as we progress along the way.

Audience: If it is done out of fear, regardless of who is saying it, if it appears to be goodness out of fear, then it is truly not from the light.

JJ: When you don’t let people have their free will to do good, what’s the motivation behind that? You are afraid that if we give the people their free will they’re going to go berserk. This is fear whereas if we give people their free will to do good we have to overcome our fears to be able to have faith that people will ultimately do what’s right if they’re given their freedom. That’s a good point.

As far as the numerous teachers, there are a number of controversial teachers out there, Sri Baba, Benjamin Crème is another very controversial one, but the thing to look at is their actual teachings. There may be what’s said about them on the negative or positive aspect and published about them may or may not be true but their teachings are their teachings so look at them. You can still learn from a person who is not entirely correct in his teaching and maybe be struck by a message that will lead you to something that’s true. So let’s say, the Urantia book is a controversial one. The Urantia book teaches that there is no reincarnation so those of us who believe in that would say the book is obviously wrong on that point. On the other hand, a lot of people are stimulated by the Urantia book to search higher. So whether the book is true or false it leads people into searching. A number of teachers true and a number of teachers false lead people on their search. The person that is subject to the inner light, even when he comes across a false teacher will eventually sift out the true from the false and move on to higher grounds. Any more questions before we end it here?

Rick: That’s something that I try to subtly point out various times amongst the Keysters is that we have a wide variety of different backgrounds. Sometimes people get into the stuff that you teach, and it becomes like religion, and it’s like anybody that doesn’t believe a certain way its like, “this teacher over here, he’s all wrong” or “don’t listen to Casey or don’t listen to Ramtha” or don’t listen to something or another. My attitude is that even if the guy is 100 degrees off, the people that are following are getting like one step off from sitting on the fence. It may be right and it may be wrong but at least they’re not just sitting there doing nothing. What I’ve found is that if you get off the fence that means you’re looking and if you’re looking that means you’ll analyze whatever your particular teacher is telling you and you’ll eventually get to the next teacher. You might not stay with him. I don’t like to hear anybody say, “Well this guy is totally wrong.” He may have just that one thing that you needed to get you started and keep you going.

JJ: A lot of people I’ve taught have studied Sri Baba and have really liked him and that’s fine. There are a lot of people in here who have had various teachers along the way. Maybe Lorraine really likes one guy and Diane doesn’t like this guy. She thinks he’s full of crap. But, on the other hand, they’re both here and they’re both becoming one in what is being presented at this moment. That’s what is important. If we’re one in what’s being presented in the moment and we can sense the truth that is there then we can move ahead as a group. Eventually all the differences will merge into the background and the people become one. So it is important that we be very tolerant and not condemn anyone because, “he likes Benjamin Crème so we’re just going to cast him out of the group.” That’s not the way of doing things in this age. Realizing that everybody will have different ideas, different ideologies, different people who have inspired them and it all brings them to this point where we can learn and progress together.

Delivered by J.J. Dewey Sunday, May 26, 2002 Wimberly, Texas

Copyright By J J Dewey

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