The Gathering Principle, Part 3

Texas Gathering, Part Eighteen
The Gathering Principle, Part 3

The same thing is with the parable of the virgins. There were ten virgins. Five virgins were foolish and five were wise. The five wise had oil in their lamps. The five foolish did not have much oil in their lamps. They needed the oil in their lamps because when the bell sounded and the bridegroom appeared they needed the oil to light the way so they could go and meet the bridegroom. When the signal came that the bridegroom was coming the five wise virgins lit their lamps then went to meet the bridegroom. The five foolish virgins said, “We have not enough oil. Lend us your oil that we may have enough oil to go see the bridegroom also.” The five wise virgins said, “If we give you half of our oil we will not have enough to get there and none of us will have enough oil to meet the bridegroom. Therefore, we will not give you our oil. Go therefore to them in the market that sell the oil and buy your own oil.” This is an interesting parable. What is the oil in the lamps?

Audience: The Holy Spirit

JJ: Right, the Holy Spirit. So the five wise virgins had the Holy Spirit and they had a fullness of it. Their lamps and their bodies and their souls were full of the Holy Spirit. The time came that they were going out to meet the master. To meet the master they had to have the inner light shining so it would lighten the path before them so they would know where to go to meet the master. Those who did not have the Holy Spirit within them, said, “We want to go meet the master too. Stop and share your light with us so we can meet him.” Those who had the Holy Spirit said, “We have been with you and the sharing time is over. It’s our turn to now go meet the master. Go to the others who want to be authorities over you and tell you how to obtain the Spirit and tell you how to meet God. Go to them and see if they can help you. We have to now gather out and go and meet the master.” So the wise virgins left and those five foolish virgins stayed behind and met the powers that be and tried to get enlightenment from them.

The parable of the five wise virgins is a parable of the gathering in a way. Those who have the name of God in their forehead, their lamps full of the Holy Spirit, their light so shines before men that the path to Christ or unto the Masters is lightened before them. The light is within them. It’s not some external light. The five foolish virgins thought the light was out there somewhere; that they could borrow the light from somebody else and this borrowed light would shine forth for them. The five wise virgins realized that borrowed light wouldn’t do them any good; that they had to obtain their own light through trial and error. The foolish virgins had to go out in the market place and stumble and make a lot of mistakes until finally they could fill up their lamp from within sop it could lighten the way on the straight and narrow path.

Christ said, “If the light that is within you be darkness, how great is that darkness. But if the light that is within you will be the light of Christ, that light will shine forth unto the perfect day.” If the light that is within us be the Holy Spirit, which is achieved through soul, then the door is open between us and the higher worlds. The Holy Spirit can then flow within us and we can be full of light so the path before us is always clear. When the person has the Holy Spirit within him he always sees his next step. If we do not see our next step we need to obtain a greater portion of the spirit because when the light shines within us, the light of our next step is there before us. We should always be able to see that so we must ask ourselves the question, “Do I see my next step?” If we do not see it we must call in a greater portion of the light. We must listen less to the voices out there and listen to the voices within.

One might say to me, “Aren’t you a voice without by teaching us?” Yes and no. I’m the voice without but if my voice without stirs your voice within and says the same thing as the voice within you is saying, then it is the voice within. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what the voice within is trying to tell us. Sometimes we don’t listen to the voice within and when a voice without reverberates what your soul is attempting to tell you, then it’s the same as the voice within. When Christ was on the Earth teaching His disciples and He said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” the apostles felt, “yes, that’s what the voice within is telling me. I just wasn’t listening.” It woke them up to what the voice within verifies. We’re stimulated from without and verified from within. Stimulated from without and verified from within, that’s how we progress. None of us can do it alone. We all have to be reminded of what the voice within will verify. This is why we need to assist and teach each other.

We need to remember what the true name of Christ means. The true name of Christ means ‘anointed to deliver’. When you take upon the name of Christ it isn’t accomplished by saying, “I take upon myself the name of Christ.” That does nothing. To take upon yourself the name of Christ means that you are anointed by the Holy Spirit; you have brought down a portion of the Spirit within yourself and you then seek to take that oil of the Spirit and deliver to others and bring them up to where you are. When you do this you have taken upon yourself the name of Christ and you bear the name of Christ. This is the only way to do it.

Going to church will not do it. Listening to sermons will not do it. Doing missionary work will not do it. By taking upon yourself the higher teachings, higher truths and relating them to others and bringing them up to where you are; that is taking upon yourself the name of Christ. You become a Christ by doing that. “Saviors shall appear upon Mount Zion.” That’s written in the book of Obadiah. Saviors shall come upon Mount Zion; Christ shall come upon Mount Zion because that’s what a savior is. A savior is a Christ. There will be many Christs in the last days; many true Christs as well as many false Christs. Who are the false Christs? The false Christs are those who do not take upon themselves the true name of Christ, that seek to serve the ego. Instead of attempting to grab his brother’s hand and lift him up to where he is, he attempts to extract from his brother, everything he has so he can have his own glory. This is the false Christ; the one who tries to present himself as the Christ rather than attempting to make other people as Christ.

By lifting others up to where we are, we take upon ourselves that holy name. When we take upon ourselves that holy name, we provide a conduit for the spirit to flow through us and through those we are seeking to help. If we are not seeking to help somebody the Spirit has nowhere to flow. If the Spirit has nowhere to flow, it will not come to us. But when we reach out so the Spirit can see it has someplace to go, then it will flow through you into the other person. In this way you are glorified, God is glorified and the person that you help and assist is glorified.

So, when you take upon yourself the name of Christ and you speak the words of Christ, the words of Christ reverberate in that person and he is finding truth within himself. You may stimulate but he finds. You cannot force-feed him, you can only stimulate, but he will find and verify whereas a false teacher will say, “Listen to me because I am an authority and because I am an authority what I say is true.”

They don’t tell you to verify within. They will not emphasize that but the emphasis will be, either subtly or overtly, “Listen to me. What I say is true because I am an authority.” That is the mark of the beast. This is the beast talking when the beast presents himself as an authority that you must believe merely because of the power of his word. That’s the mark of the beast. Those who receive such a person, substitute him for the God within. The true teacher does not substitute for the God within but all he tries to do is stimulate then the student verifies from within himself. In this the student and the teacher become one. The Christ and the student become one. The Father and the Son become one. Through oneness the lowest is pulled up to where the highest is. Eventually the highest and lowest will all be equal in spiritual gifts.

It’s like last night someone asked, “How are you going to give everybody a blessing?” It wasn’t necessary because any spiritual gift I have can be passed on to you because I have no spiritual gift outside of the gift that the Spirit may have. If I reach out to you, the Spirit will flow from me to you and if you reach out to somebody else it will flow from you to them. So everybody last night had the same power of the Spirit to bless and to heal and to help. The lowest and the highest are all made equal in the power of the spiritual gifts. That’s a glorious thing.

So, the gathering of the coming age will be those who recognize, those who can be stimulated and they can recognize the speech and the truths presented that are verified by the God within. These people, when they begin to recognize and reverberate within, and meet another person who has this same process going on, are going to sense a familiarity in each other. Have you ever met somebody else you felt very familiar with because you know they are also receiving similar things that you are receiving? There is a similarity of vibration. Lorraine is shaking her head. That’s a great feeling when you meet somebody who you feel on a same wavelength with.

These lights that feel on the same wavelength, when they merge, like in a group like this, and then go back home, find it’s kind of boring to be back among people that have no interest in going higher. They have a desire to get back together. It’s like coming home. So this is what the gathering is about; to take these people home to where they can share this similarity of vibration. When this similarity of vibration is shared, more revelation comes. On another scale, let’s look back on the founding of America again. Some of the greatest lights came from Europe and various nations to America. When they got here they experienced a similarity of vibration. They all loved freedom. They loved the freedom to think for themselves. They had a similarity of vibration and when they got together they shared ideas and came up with a lot of interesting ideas on how to make a better system than any one of them could’ve come up with on their own. Thus they created the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, certain guaranteed freedoms, a fairly democratic system but unfortunately since that time we have drifted away from the original intent. We think we’ve improved things since then but there are many things we have made worse.

The next gathering will be of a spiritual nature. When spiritual people get together they gather ideas; they have a lot more inspiration and revelation. I’ve noticed this whenever I’m associated with anyone for any length of time, that’s on a similar vibration, you feel a lot of ideas come or maybe they might ask you questions that a lot of people don’t ask which gives you seed thoughts to contemplate. This is the beginning of the gatherings.

There are other groups gathering too. Eventually there will be pockets where people will gather in various cities around the nation and around the world. These people will gather together in the physical and eventually create the molecular order that we’ve talked about. (For those of you who haven’t read it we have a free book about it on the internet.) These people will gather together and share light with each other. Then after a period of time, hopefully this will be accomplished within the next 20-30 years; that a large group of people will be available to gather together into one place. Where that one place is will be given out at the right time.

In order to accomplish this, the number of people to initiate the gathering will have to number in the thousands and the essential teachings will have to reach the millions. When this happens it will give us power to gather out the lights and to create a completely different and new spiritual order of things where there will be more freedom of thought and movement than has ever existed before that will touch the hearts of many millions and transform the governments and peoples of the earth.

Delivered by J.J. Dewey Sunday, May 26, 2002 Wimberly, Texas

Copyright By J J Dewey

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