The Buddha and Identification

The Buddha and Identification

Question: What would be the role of the Buddha as far as the Second Coming, or Reappearance of the Christ is concerned?

The Buddha with his mission of enlightenment helped to prepare the world for the first coming of Christ. Even so, history is repeating itself and part of his work is to prepare souls for the Second Coming.

He does this by working with the Wisdom aspect of the Second Ray and works with disciples and groups who are shifting in polarization from the emotions to the mind. Just as a certain number of disciples had to be prepared to experience the love of Christ in their hearts in the first appearance of Christ, even so in this cycle, disciples must learn to appreciate the love of Christ from the aspect of the mind.

It is unlikely that the Buddha will directly incarnate, but instead work with certain disciples through the science of impression. In Christian language he will be an agent of the Holy Spirit to prepare the world for the baptism of fire – the presence of Christ.

He is also in contact with Shamballa and works with the Purpose energy in assisting to manifest the Great Plan.

A reader quotes me: “These two great beings fused and acted as one and became a greater entity (element) yet remained as one entity in consciousness.”

He then asks: “Didn’t you mean to say, ‘These two great beings fused and acted as one and became a greater entity (element), yet remained as two entities in consciousness.’”

Actually, I meant it the way I wrote it, but what you say is also correct. Let me explain.

In a fusion, where a divine possession takes place the two entities become as if they are one in mind and consciousness. It is a little like the two sides of your brain creating one brain. Yet a person can lose half his brain and still function, only in an altered state.

You are correct that the two entities remain as two, but from the aspect that they share greater consciousness, which seems to be their own, the two are one. Even so, individual identity is maintained. Yet the fusion creates such a realization of oneness that, from a higher view, they are one. Jesus expressed this oneness of two fused beings when he said: “My Father and I are one.”

DK said this was the most profound statement in the Bible. It is indeed because there are so many levels of meaning and understanding to it.

Eventually all disciples will be of one mind through the Oneness Principle as DK wrote:

“The Sons of Men are One, and I am one with them.”

Buddha and Ray Three

Reader comment: I always thought that Buddha would have been dominated by the third ray but JJ says that is not the case.

Not exactly. DK tells us that both Buddha and the Christ had second ray souls with Buddha representing the wisdom aspect and Christ the love – in this love/wisdom ray.

Buddha also had a sixth ray mind and a first ray personality which DK calls a “rare” combination.

So, is any third ray represented here?

Moses strongly represented the third ray, but in a unique way Buddha did also and still does. Light , or enlightenment, is associated with this ray and Buddha represented a bridge taking humanity from the third ray to the second ray, as far as our consciousness is concerned.

Here are a couple DK quotes on this teaching:

“The one (Buddha) demonstrated the height of the attainment of the third divine aspect; the other (Christ) that of the second aspect, and these two together present one perfect Whole.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, page 348

“In a curious and esoteric manner, therefore, the Buddha embodied in Himself the force and activity of the third ray, of the third aspect of divinity-the divine cosmic principle of Intelligence. By its fusion with the ray of our solar system (the ray of Love) He expressed perfectly the significance of light in matter, of the intelligence principle as found in form, and was the Avatar Who carried in Himself the fully ripened seeds of the past solar system.” Esoteric Psychology Vol II, Page 278

As far as the ray of this group goes – this is an interesting question that no one has asked before. Here is my take.

During the first two years of it’s existence there was a struggle for domination for the personality ray between rays 6 and 5. Five has won out and now permeates the group. The soul ray is ray two. Other rays have just a slight influence, but these are the main two. Ray 6 rears its head now and then but doesn’t last long any more.

Applying Identification

The Question: Jack is socially awkward and admires Jim for his smooth approach with people. He wishes he could be more like him.

Louise didn’t do well in school and never finished high school. A lot of people seem to think she is not very intelligent. She is fed up with this image and now wants to change and be seen as intelligent by others.

Tony has never had much money and is fed up and wants to change his financial situation to one of abundance.

How can these three use identification and fusion to accomplish their goals?

Thanks for your comments on these examples. To understand how these two principles can apply to these examples and ourselves on a practical basis perhaps it would be a good idea to go back to a book I read many years ago.

It was called Psycho-Cybernetics and was written by a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz.

After practicing plastic surgery for a number of years he noticed an interesting effect on many of his patients. An improvement made on their looks was followed by a positive change in their personality. A more pleasant face made then a more pleasant and outgoing person.

He then came to the conclusion that they real key to positive change was not so much physical change, but a change in the way we see ourselves. He thus wrote a very popular book on the idea that by changing the way we see ourselves we can change the way we interact with others and achieve much greater success in life.

He did not use the words identification and fusion, yet he taught the principles behind them.

In other words, many who have undesirable looks identify their inner self with the ugly outer and because of this identification they are afflicted with a negative personality.

When surgery is performed on these people and their looks improved then they re-identify with the new image and their personality followed becoming more pleasant. After a while they fuse with the new image and are permanently changed.

If you want a more pleasant personality like Jack, be seen as smarter like Louise or more prosperity like Tony, then one of the keys to accomplishing this is to meditate a couple times a day and identify yourself with that which you desire to be. If a person will do this then both an inward and outer change will follow. To insure success the person must keep this identification in his consciousness throughout the day. If he does he will soon fuse with the new image and no more effort will be required. It will then seem as if he was always this new person.

When we see how these principles apply to standard living we can gain a clearer view of how we can apply them to higher spiritual aspiration. The seeker must obtain an image of his future spiritual self and then identify with it in the present. This will fuse the present with the future and speed the course of evolution.

As with most principles a Trinity is at play here. In addition to identification and fusion, the third principle is “integration.”

Question: We know that fusion follows identification, but where does integration fit in? Is it first second or third place in the Triangle?

Explain how integration applies to us as we seek to take higher steps in personal and group evolution.

July 31, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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