Boise Gathering 2008, Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

After we were ex-communicated we thought now we are free at least to go enlighten these Mormons for we no longer had to be under the cover of darkness. Now we could say anything we wanted. We figured we’d go to the Mormons and we would just enlighten them. The scripture says that a lot people want to know the truth but they just do not know where to find it. They will know where to find it now, we thought.

I went to a lot of my old friends that I thought were seeking the truth and when I gave them my stuff they did not just throw it away they burned it! Almost everybody I gave my writings to said they burned it. I would say did you read that stuff that I gave you? They would reply, I read the first three sentences and then I took it to the fireplace and I burned it!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I said, why would you burn it? And they replied that if they threw it in the garbage then there was a slim possibility that somebody may retrieve it so I burned the material so that nobody could ever read that stuff. I thought boy what is the matter with these people? We spent a year and half trying to enlighten the Mormons. We ran national ads and the people that replied that were interested in the teachings were non-Mormons and ex-communicated Mormons. The few faithful Mormons who listened to us were terrified about looking deeper.

Their response to us went something like this: “If you are right that there is reincarnation and continued progression then I am going to get another chance. Therefore, I can be in the church and play it safe and if you are right then I will come back and I will get another chance to accept but if the church is right and I am ex-communicated I will be like a son of perdition and I will go and dwell with the devil and his angels where a worm die not and the thirst is not quenched for all eternity.”

It is a punishment so horrible that it is said that a seer cannot even stand to look upon it in a vision and if there is one chance in a million that the church is right then they feel they cannot afford to take that chance. And I thought wow, I was once affected by that reasoning and it kind of made me keep a big toe in the church for much longer than I should of perhaps but where are the guts in these people and where is the ability to trust in the soul? The church teaches that the glory of the lowest kingdom in the afterlife is so great that we would commit suicide to go there if we could see it. But there is this special place for there apostates that is really, really bad even worse than the fire and brimstone of the Christian hell and that is where you go to if you are ex-communicated and this scares the living daylights out of these people and really keeps them in line.

So anyway we tried for all this time to enlighten them and we convinced one guy that was really into the church to investigate us and he got ex-communicated for it. Shortly after this he went back to church and kissed everybody’s feet and got re-baptized. It turned out that most who showed interest in the teachings were not connected to the church.

The next time I started teaching I decided the Mormons were a waste of time and effort because they did not want to learn anything they were all like mindless robots so I started teaching to anyone who would listen and just taught interesting material. Amazingly I found that about half the people who showed up were Mormons! This about blew my mind.

Around the time I met Artie I was taking a stab at being a professional astrologer and half the people that came to the astrology meetings were Mormons and I thought wow they don’t believe in astrology but here they were coming for astrology readings. I found that really interesting. What was the difference?

The difference was that when they saw us as being apostates and that they could possibly get ex-communicated, they were worried about themselves becoming a son of perdition and going to that terrible hell. But when I just taught and I did not give them any reason to be ex-communicated there was no risk in loosing their salvation, so they came and I had quite a few Mormons attend my classes. This revived my faith in Mormons as well as people in other religions for there are people out there looking but they do not want to take the big chance. Even my friend Wayne stayed in the church clear to the end. As a matter of fact after we testified at Curtis’s trial he got out of being ex-communicated. I should have thought of this but when they told him that they were going to have a trial for him he told them that if they ex-communicated him that he would sue the church. And so they left him alone.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I should have thought of that and I asked him how come he was staying in the church and he said that his mother would be upset if he got ex-communicated.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I always wondered about Wayne as to the possibility that he did want to keep one toe in there just in case, you never know.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I think near the end that he did not care but maybe when he was younger he wanted to keep one toe in the door. This does not have much to do with sound but I do find this story interesting and revealing of our human nature to protect ourselves.

Audience: What ever happened to Wayne?

JJ: He eventually died from a heart problem that he suffered from. He passed about a year and a half ago.

Audience: And what about Curtis?

JJ: He is at a family reunion right now or else he would be here. He is doing fine and living in New Plymouth and he has a little oasis over there and he does a little bit of teaching and a few other things.

Back to the subject of sound. Everything we do including what I just did creates a certain sound. Playing music creates a certain sound and creates a certain mood for us and sound is a very interesting thing to contemplate for the scriptures say, “In the beginning was the word and the word was God and without the word there was nothing made that was made.” Now what is the word? Scientists say that the background radiation left over from the Big Bang is actually the left over remnant from explosion and they can pick this up as sound. It is the back round noise of the universe.

Even the scientists are concluding that the big bang began with a tremendous sound of some kind that exploded and created everything there is in this world of form. So it is interesting how science, religion and metaphysics are all combining at this time.

We have quantum physics that observe sub-atomic particles and sometimes they behave like a wave and sometimes they behave like a particle and the scientists cannot explain why this is. The only explanation some give as to why this happens is that particles change their behavior as we change our expectation. They think that the sub-atomic particles change from a particle to a wave when we look at it, like when we expect a wave we see a wave and when we expect a particle we see a particle. This is the only explanation they can come up with.

Scientists admit that is not a very good scientific explanation but they say they do not have a scientific explanation for why these sub-atomic particles behave the way that they do. All kinds of theories have surfaced about this and new age people have taken this to the extreme by saying whatever we think we are going to create but it does not quite work that way here in the physical world. Let us say an orchestra is playing a symphony and you want to create a rolling stones song to replaces it. Well, if you are in the audience and you start mumbling, I can’t get no satisfaction is anybody going to pay attention to you? No they are going to say shut up we want to listen to the symphony.

The guy is trying to make his own reality by replacing the symphony with the song “Can’t get no satisfaction” and he finds that it is really hard to do. Even so, new age people will often over simplify making their own reality. The book “The Secret” was a big seller and it makes it sound like all you have to do is think something and you can make it happen instantly. Now energy does follow thought but as your energy follows your thought there is all kinds of other sounds and all kinds of other thoughts that are intermixing and interplaying that is competing against your sound. If you want to create then you have to take into consideration all the other sounds that are out there and incorporate their existence into what you want to create. For instance, if you want a new car and you do not have the money you just can’t think and it will appear because there are all kinds of other people out there competing for the money to buy that car.

One of the best sales teachers I ever had said this to us in a sales training class, He said, “Those people out there have your money, now go and get your money from them!” Curtis and I were in this class together and we thought that was a great line. We used to say to each other when we went out on a sales call, “I am going to go and get my money from this guy. This guy has my money and I am going to get it from him” – by selling whatever it was at the time.

But it is not quite that simple yet many of the new age philosophies teach that you can get a million dollars or a beautiful home just by changing our thoughts. Well you know it says in the secret you just apply this thought and a check will come in the mail. I applied all these things and never got a check in the mail and the same with the tithing in the church. People used to get up and say yes I paid my tithing and maybe their aunt died or something and left them $10,000 and they were really blessed. I thought boy this never happens to me. I had often been down to the wire and it was really tough to pay the 10% plus all the other money they want for missionary work, building and all kinds of other things. So it was really tough paying that and I never did get that check in the mail.

Every time I paid tithing it was just a big sacrifice. So I do not understand where all these people come from in these stories saying things like, yes I applied this principle and I just received this check in the mail. I found in my life that this did not work for me or most other people either. And I also noticed that the people that say that they have this system that is going to make them millions are usually poor all of his life.

Take someone like the Bill Gates type. He has probably never approached a friend and said, hey we are going to get rich by meditating on this. As a matter of fact when he did get his big idea to get rich he probably did not share it with anybody. He probably thought I can get rich on this and I am going to keep it to myself and buy the DOS system from IBM and make it on my own ingenuity. He never got the big unexpected check in the mail but he was just enterprising and he incorporated what was going on out there and he just did not expect the check to arrive in the mail by thinking about it but he incorporated the principle with the competing sounds that were out there. He knew all the competition and he played the competition one against the other until things worked to his end. And this is what we have to do, we have to take in accordance all the different notes and sounds that are being played and realize that people are just not going to stop playing them.

JJ: Now getting back to money, which is easy to understand; if you want money for a new car and if it is going take $20,000 then how many people out there want that $20,000 dollars? A whole bunch of them and a whole bunch of them want it before you do and do they want it more than you and are they willing to put in more than you are to get it. If they are then you have to outsmart them or put in more effort or do something different. It is true that energy follows thought but the thought is the first step and the thought has to be followed.

JJ: I heard this story about this particular author and he created this mantra because he wanted $5,000 so he created this mantra to get the money so he started saying it over and over and over and finally he was in a serious accident and the insurance company gave him $5,000!

Audience: Laughing!

So the guy was not willing to pay for it by working in the normal way so the only way his soul could give him the $5,000 was to put him in an accident because he was not willing to go through the normal course of creating the hard work and the effort necessary to get the money. When you get something you should give the equivalent value in some way and the value does not have be in like. For instance if a person receives $10,000 then he may give $10,000 in teaching or helping other people who are in need or consoling people when they are depressed. All these things create good karma and they have value from the view point of the soul. The soul does not see value in just money but it sees value in full filling human need.

When we receive something that seems to be free the truth is this – it is never really free. I found this out when people try to help me or I try to help others. I have found that the most dangerous thing you can do in life is to try to help somebody. As soon as you try to help somebody for some reason that person is often a person that has a lot of negative karma for some reason and it kind of spills over on you when try to help them. Often times you really have to pay through the nose for helping that person.

I will give you an example; in my previous marriage my wife had this half sister that lived down in Oklahoma and she was in a stable circumstance. She worked as a maid in a motel and the motel furnished her with living quarters and everything was going along fairly good for her. Then my wife says, “What my sister needs is for somebody to put their arm around her and help her out because I think she could really go somewhere with a little assistance. The family has never really helped her out a bit.”

I thought that we were just asking for trouble here because she was in a fairly stable circumstance but my wife at the time said she wanted to help her out. I said are you sure about this and she was very adamant about this and the more we talked about it the more I believed she would have divorced me if I would have said no, so I said okay. So she drives all the way to Oklahoma and gets her and brings he back. She was with us about two weeks and my wife was just about tearing her hair out and she finally says to me, “Get her out of here or I am leaving you!” I thought wow!

Audience: Laughing!

So I took her and got her a motel room and this gal was always calling me when she needed help. She was really a pain and my ex-wife just ruled her out, I mean she just did not want anything to do with her because she really had some serious mental issues. She wound up having two little kids so she was raising these kids and this made it difficult to say no to her when she needed extra groceries or other help. So I helped her for a couple of years and then finally after pulling all kinds of shenanigans all my friends suggested I just drop her.

Finally, one day she asked me for a loan and I said no I gave you enough for this month and she just sat there in the car beside me as I was driving. There was a school bus coming toward us and she grabbed the steering wheel and tried to steer me into the school bus! All because she was mad at me because I would not give her more money.

So finally I said okay that is it and as difficult as it was with the two kids and everything I just had to tune her out of my life so I just let her go. For a couple years after that when I was married to Artie we had to put a call rejection on the phone and then she would go to phone booths and call. She called like crazy for about six months and then I never heard from her again. That really woke me up to the fact that when you help somebody you have to be really careful who you help. Jesus gave the principle behind helping He said help those that ask for your help. The problem we had with her is that she never asked for help at the beginning. My ex-wife just had the bright idea one day that we could help this gal and she just wanted to do some good in the world. Her sister was not asking for any help but boy she sure asked for it later on but in the beginning she did not ask. The key here is to help those that come to you and ask but even here you have to use common sense of course; because you can’t look on any rule as black and white, there is a time and season for everything that happens under heaven.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

Getting into Trouble

JJ: As I moved along in the church I discovered a number of things that were not church doctrine that were true and I began to write about them, but I had difficulty in sharing them with anyone because the church kept telling you, “Don’t delve!” They used that word “delve” all the time and if you delved then it was worse than child pornography.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: But I was a delver and I loved delving into everything. Members would come to my home from the church and they would see all these weird books that I had on the shelves and they would say, “Aren’t you getting into dangerous territory with those books?” I would say “Well is there anything in the church that says that I cannot have these books? I guess not so I’ll keep these books.”

Audience: Laughter

JJ: I told them there is nothing wrong with these books and they have some good stuff in them. But I kind of kept out of trouble because I knew where the boundaries were. When you are in an organization with a powerful thought form you just sense where the boundaries are. It is an unwritten thing.

The people that are active in the church claim “Oh there are no boundaries and we have free agency and you can say and think anything you want. Well, as long what you say does not cross the boundaries then you are fine and if you do not cross them you can say anything you want but if you want to explore then you are limited in what you can say and I really found this out.

I started doing some writing and I wrote this little treatise that was only about ten pages long proving that there was progression from one kingdom to another. The Mormons believe in only three kingdoms after death, the telestial, terrestrial and the celestial and they think that once you die and you are resurrected that you go into one of them and you are stuck there. You are in that kingdom for all eternity and you cannot progress. Well this did not sound fair to me so I did some research and found some scriptures and writings of Joseph Smith that supported the idea that there is progression from one kingdom to another. So I wrote this little ten page treatise and when I finished writing it I thought the only problem was that there was nobody I could give this to because even though this is fairly harmless I could probably get ex-communicated for it.

Meanwhile my nephew Curtis moved into town and he gave a speech at church. When a member moves into an area they are usually invited to give a speech at a sacrament meeting. I have known him all my life and as a matter of fact he worked for me one time when I was a foreman at a meat packing company and I thought he was the worst worker I had ever seen at the time. We would be packing livers and he would be standing over the livers asleep.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: We would start at 4am and we would have to pack all this meat and ship it. I would often find him sleeping and I said if you were not my nephew I would probably fire you. Anyway I did not have a lot of faith in him until he moved back into town. When he was gone and he started selling pots and pans and he became the number one salesman for the company in this area and I thought well maybe the guy is moving up and good for him. Anyway he moved into town and gave this speech and I was surprised how intelligent his speech was so I decided to test him out.

I did this with many of my Mormon friends and I would invite them over and ask them several questions to see if it was possible that they were interested in further light. One of the questions I asked was, do you have any idea where the Ten Tribes are because that is a big mystery in the Mormon Church. In the Mormon Church they teach about the tribe of Judah which is the Jews and the tribe of Joseph from which many of us are supposed to be descended. The other ten tribes are lost and some people think they are in outer space and some think they are under the earth and some think they are hidden, scattered throughout the world and it is a big mystery as to where they are. In the church if you even talk about this mystery then you are on dangerous ground. But just to casually ask is not looked upon as anything but if you claim to have the answer then you will be in trouble.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: So I invited my nephew over for dinner and I asked him, do you have any idea where the ten tribes are? He said, No but I sure would be interested in knowing!” Well I thought that was ten steps beyond what I usually received. It is amazing that when you talk to religious people, not only Mormons but also, all of the religions, if you see any glimmer of light or curiosity beyond the norm it is very unusual. For instance, for a born again Christian if you go beyond the blood of Jesus it is a giant step for these people.

So anyway I thought, okay I will hit him with something that shocks him and I said did you know that the scriptures say that there are people under the earth? And Curtis said he did not know that. So I showed him a couple scriptures from Revelation chapter 5 where it says, “ That no man in heaven, nor in the earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.” I said to Curtis who are these people under the earth? And Curtis looks at the scripture and says, yes it does say that doesn’t it? That’s weird. Who do you think they are?

I said well it could be the ten tribes, you never know. And he said, well maybe it is. So I showed him another scripture and said well it could be that because it says in the scriptures that the desert will blossom as a rose and the ice in the north will melt and the ten tribes will come down from the north after a melting of the ice and maybe the melting of the ice in the north will open some kind of a hole from the center of the earth so these guys will be able to come out, you never know. They could make the desert blossom like a rose when the ice melts. So who knows if that is true or not but you can come very close to getting ex-communicated just for thinking about it. Curtis was just eating this up and he said, boy this is great! What else do you know? And I said well a few things.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I said I have this paper about the progression from kingdom to another and why don’t you take it home and read it. So he takes it home and reads it and comes back and says, boy this is really good stuff and I never really thought of this before and the only trouble is that the authorities don’t look at it this way. And I said yes that’s right they do not. So Curtis says, I have to think about this.

So the next day he was over at his friend’s home who was really into the church. He shared this treatise with him and they both called me up and they were both on the same line and Curtis said, my friend Neil was looking at this and he really has a good question. The prophet says that there is no progression from one kingdom to another. The prophet at that time was Joseph Fielding Smith and he had written books that says there is no such progression. Then he said, “Do you think you are smarter than the prophet?” And I said, yes, and all of a sudden there is a big silent pause because nobody in the church says that they are smarter than the prophet.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: After they gasped and revived themselves I said well it is obviously true, look at the scripture. For instance, it says that everyone that goes to that celestial kingdom gets a stone and that stone reveals there is a higher order of kingdoms than the celestial. Now if you are stuck in one of the kingdoms, and there is this higher order of kingdoms, does that means that you are never going to go higher even if you make it to the celestial? So you are stuck in the celestial kingdom and you can see this beautiful higher order of kingdoms but you are never going to be able to go there. Do you think that is what is going to happen? They said well we don’t think so. I said you are shown the higher order of kingdoms because you are going to go there someday. There are higher kingdoms than the celestial, which everybody in the church thinks is the highest. Joseph Smith said specifically that there is a higher order of kingdoms than the celestial.

Curtis said, “Well I have to think about this.”

JJ: So Curtis comes back to me later and says well this makes sense and I am moving down to Blackfoot and I am going to make copies of your article and I am going to share it with a bunch of people down there. I said no, no, no, if you share it with people down there then you will get ex-communicated. He said well it is not against church doctrine. I said technically no but you are challenging the powers-that-be with it and you will get us ex-communicated.

He did not think that was true at all and that I was just imagining it. So he goes down there and he makes a bunch of copies and gives it to various elders and friends and after about two weeks the bishop calls him in and says, now Brother Hartwell can I have your temple recommend. And Curtis says temple recommend why? He says I am taking it back for you have been passing around this dangerous literature. We are going to have a trial for your membership by the high council in three days. Now the only witness’s you can have must be members in the church in good standing. So if you want to call anybody you can.

So he calls me up the next day and says, they are trying me for my membership and they are only giving me three days to prepare and the only witnesses I can have are members in good standing and you are the only one I can ask so will you come down and testify for me? I said I planned on being ex-communicated someday but on my own terms. I said this is going to get me ex-communicated and I will probably lose my wife and kids and it will completely alter my life. You are now going to ex-communicated no matter what I do. Then he says yes but you got me into this so you have to get me out … PLEASE come down. I said well if I come down it is not going to help but I’ll do it for you.

So anyway I told my friend Wayne, that is in the book the Immortal, about this and he says with much enthusiasm, can I come down with you? He did not mind if he got ex-communicated at all. He was single and never went to church and did not believe in it much anymore.

So I said sure and we went down to Blackfoot together. After arriving, they were not even going to let us in. I later wrote the story of the trial in the story “Journey’s End” where it talks about Curtis’s trial and it was written fairly accurate as far as I could remember. I would not have known at all what they were saying if I hadn’t put my ear to the door so I could hear what was going on.

But they were not going to let us in and Curtis reminded them that they said he could have witnesses if they were in good standing with the church and Wayne and Joe out there are still good members of the church. Curtis had to be persistent and finally they let us in. I got up and started to tell them a few things about back in Joseph Smith’s day how the high council ex-communicated this guy for preaching the mysteries out of the book of Revelation and Joseph Smith came to them and he said what are you guys a bunch of Pharisees? He said we should have the privilege of thinking and believing the way that we please without being thrown out. He said you guys are acting like Methodists here instead of like Latter Day Saints. Apparently the Methodists were strict back then for now they are easy going.

Joseph told them to put this person back in the church and furthermore his teachings were fairly accurate. The next day he gave a big sermon out of the book of Revelations. So I said, If a man errors in doctrine it does not mean he is evil. If you think this man errs in doctrine, that does make him evil and it does not mean we should throw him out. I explained this to them and these guys were sitting there just about going to sleep and they were looking at their watches thinking they need to get home to the wife and kids and this really irritated me. I thought now these guys believe that when Curtis is ex-communicated that he is going to be like a son of perdition with no priesthood, no nothing. He is going to the lowest hell and they are going to send him there without due consideration, a fate worse than death in their minds. This really irritated me. There was this big unabridged dictionary sitting on the table in front of them so I took it in my hands and slammed it down as hard as I could and I pointed at one of the guys and I said, “You!!! You are putting this guys salvation on the line and you are not even paying attention.” I believe I woke everybody up at this point.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: You’re putting this guys salvation on the line and you are sending him to a fate worse than death in your eyes and you are falling asleep. You are conducting this trial contrary to the order of the church.

Well they excused me as soon as they could and when I was out in the hall I listened at the door again and the stake president got up again and he says, “The guy has the spirit all right but it is the wrong spirit!”

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: Then Wayne came in and he gave his two cents worth. Then they wrapped up the trial as soon as they could and condemned Curtis into outer darkness. Then after a few more weeks the bishop drove up to my place with a summons. This took a little longer than I had thought but they had to send it all the way to Salt Lake and then back again.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

Soulful Songs

JJ: Songs can do a lot to influence mood and there are some songs where people can tap into the soul of things. A lot of songs just tap into kind of a fun energy within us. I would not say that these tap into the soul but they tap into the creative part of our selves – and they are just fun to listen to. But every once in while a song comes along that really stirs the inward parts of our selves and the song itself elevates the feelings and the passion to the level of our soul. I will play you just a couple of my favorites that do this and I think you’ll sense this also.
(JJ plays the Titanic theme song instrumental.)

Now why was Titanic the number one movie of all time in revenue? Was it because the story was good? The story had been told before but it was told in a new way and the writing was good but that was not enough. What drew people back was the basic sound of the whole thing and they came back again and again, especially young teenage girls that are very much into the heart. They were very much affected and some of them saw it like twelve times or so.

Audience: My daughter saw it eight times and she even dyed her hair red. Chuckling!

Audience: This is very Irish and a lot of the Irish songs can do that to you.

(The song continues to play.)

JJ: What this does is tap into the soul although every once in a while I meet somebody that says they do not like it. No matter how good you think something is there is going to be a certain percentage of people that do not like it. But I find people who are sensitive to the soul energies usually have a similar feeling about music as I do. Then people who like superficial stuff like a different type of music that does not really take you to the soul. The only thing I did not like about the movie was at the end when she threw that jewel into the ocean. I was thinking just before she threw it overboard, “No don’t do it! Sell it and give the money to the poor – do something with it, but don’t throw it in the ocean.” But even though I did not like that part it still stirred a lot of emotional energy.

( The Titanic theme song “My heart will go on” sung by Celine Dion is now playing.

My heart will go on is the other melody in there that I thought really stirred the soul energies. Is it my imagination or do you guys feel the same way about the soul energies connected with it?

Audience confirms they all feel the soul energy connected with the music from Titanic.

JJ: I would guess that about a third of the people that saw the movie did not feel the soul connection to the music and the people that didn’t sense it were not interested in higher spiritual things.

Audience: Maybe they do not listen to music.

JJ: That is perhaps part of it.

The song continues to play.

JJ: And I am not really excited about Celine Dion but this song is beautiful. I would say that without this music it would have done half the revenue. I think the music just permeated the consciousness of people.

Okay we will move on to another one from the Beatles, “Here Comes the Sun.” I did not usually like anything from George Harrison like I did Lennon and McCartney, but when he wrote this I think it touched the soul just as much as any of the other Beatles songs did. He must have been particularly inspired the day that he wrote this for some reason.

The song continues to play and then JJ switches to Richard Marx.

JJ: Here is the only song from Richard Marx that he wrote that I thought really touched the soul.

The song “Right here waiting” is playing.

JJ: You guys remember this one?

The thing I find interesting is a lot of artists like Richard Marx write one song that touches the soul and the rest of the songs do not seem to do it and it is interesting that they just have one moment where they are really inspired.

Audience: Christopher Cross and the song “Sailing” is another example of this.

The song continues to play.

JJ: Here is another song that touches the soul for me.

Cat Stevens’ song “Moon Shadow” is now playing.

JJ: It is hard to believe that this guy just gave up his life and his music and became a Muslim and very religious. He started playing again but the gap has been so long he has not really produced anything worthwhile. If he would have stayed focused who knows where he would have went.

The song continues to play.

JJ: The Rolling Stones were kind of a carnal bunch but they did write one song that kind of came close to the soul. They wrote some really good music that centered listeners a lot on the earth and personality though.

Rolling Stones song “Lady Jane” is playing.

JJ: Depends on the mood but I thought this was kind of a different song for them to write. A little bit out of character for them but it was a good one.

The song is now stopped.

JJ: And we cannot forget “Enya” her music is very soulful and it was like she was trying to stretch herself to go higher.

(Transcriber: Her beautiful music is playing. On a side note Enya sings a beautiful song for “The Lord of the Rings” “The Fellowship of the Ring” called “May it be” that truly touches the soul.)

JJ: Okay I will play just a couple more songs that touch the soul and this one here is sung by my son Ramsey, he is really talented and does a lot of different things. He has had a band, he makes videos, he speaks a number of different languages, he is really a smart kid and he plays about every musical instrument there is.

(Next playing is Blondie performing the song “Call Me.”)

JJ: This song is a good one and kind of creates an interesting mood.

Okay now I am going to play you guys a song that really touches the soul, are you guys ready? This is the one, the soul toucher! Here it is!

(He plays “Born to be Wild” performed by Steppenwolf.)

JJ: This needs to be louder! Laughing!

Here is another one I liked and if you are old enough and remember the Vietnam War then you will remember this one.

(He plays The Times are a Changing by Bob Dylan.)

JJ: I think he touched the soul somewhat in his early stuff.

Here is another one that really kind of moves you!

(Now playing is “Gloria” performed by Laura Branigan)

JJ: I will end with a song I wrote when I was about 22 that I think really touches the soul and I hired a guy to sing it for me because I am not that great of a singer. It is called “A Year and a Day” (Click on the link to play.)

A Year in a Day

Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

The Power of Music

JJ: Okay the next step up is the world of the intuition and this is as high as we are going to go, there are seven different spheres but getting to the first non-physical or intuitive level is a big accomplishment for any of us so we are not going to go higher than this but this opens the door to what I have taught many times in my writings to what I call the Oneness Principle. The goal that each one of us should have is to be able to hear on the level of the oneness principle where oneness prevails. Now how do we go about achieving this?

Audience: Focus our attention on it.

JJ: Okay, focus your attention on it and put your attention where? This is the difficult task involved in achieving this.

I remember when I first decided that I wanted to write songs and I thought to myself how do you go about writing a melody? Now you can intellectually construct sentences and ideas but how do you write a melody and how would somebody teach such a thing because you kind have to get a melody out of the thin air somewhere. And so I thought about it and I decided that I was going to try and write one so I tried for several months and nothing happened. I thought well, I am going to keep on trying until something happens. So I kept trying and all of a sudden one day a melody came into my mind. I thought, hey that was cool and how does that happen? Maybe I could try and grab another melody and it just didn’t come immediately and it took a couple more months and then another melody came to me and I thought hey it happened a second time! This means that I must be learning so I kept putting my attention on it to the point to where I could bring down a brand new melody of some kind whenever I wanted. I found this very satisfying but the hard part in learning it was, unlike in how to read a book or learn math or a language where there are step by step instructions, to go to the formless worlds and bring down spiritual ideas, concepts, communications and principles that just cannot be taught doing A, B, C. It is a little bit harder but the one A, B, C, of it that eventually leads each one of us to the answer is what?

It is to focus your attention on it and this is what I did when I decided that I wanted to create a melody. I focused my attention on it and in the beginning I really did not know where to focus my attention outside of the fact that I just want to write a melody. The first step is to make the decision and focus your attention in that direction as close as you can perceive that direction to be. Now in the Oneness Principle, oneness is all around us so how do you focus your attention all around you? We like the idea of focusing on this one area, like meditating you want to focus on the one thing, but to go to the formless worlds you do not get there by focusing on a dot, a bulls eye or your stretched out hand. The formless worlds are everywhere and how does one focus everywhere? How do you focus everywhere yet focus in such a way that you can bring something down?

The doorway is the soul and by focusing you open the door and when the door opens we have what DK calls “the raincloud of knowable things.” It is called this because each one of us is only capable of knowing certain things. Our consciousness has not ascended to the fact that we can know all things but when we focus on the higher worlds it is like a raincloud of knowable things. Things that we are capable of knowing that become open to us and those things that are in that raincloud are very abundant and there are more things than we have time to learn. One of the problems with the beginner is he wants to go to the highest thing first and he wants to just leap over all the lower and go right to the higher and learn all there is to know in this one life and be a master at the end and not have to come back. They set their sights too high.

Clint Eastwood had the right idea when he was talking to the bad guy in one of the Dirty Harry movies and he said, “A man’s got to know his limitations” and in my words I would put it like this, “A man must understand his limitations.” You know for understanding his limitations he became pretty unlimited as the Dirty Harry character so he understood his limitations and he was always able to get the best of the bad guys that did not understand their limitations.

So there is a raincloud of knowable things and sure there is a limit to what we can know each step of the way but we are unlimited in what we can know when we take all the steps because there is an unlimited number of steps. On each step there is a certain number of things to know. And as we take each step we must learn that raincloud of knowable things that is on the step that we take.
DK called it a raincloud because a raincloud just appears over us and we do not ask for the rain but it just appears and starts to rain. When we walk out doors into the open we are subject to the rainclouds that are there and this is what we have to do, we have to walk into that spiritual space where the raincloud is so intense that it can rain upon us the knowledge that we seek. When it rains upon us then we must not run back into the house and the security of what we were before but rather we must allow our selves to be rained on with the light of knowledge.

When the spiritual knowledge rains down instead of thinking that this is beyond you and that you are not good enough to receive this or that you are not advanced enough, just stand there and see what happens.

When that first melody came upon me I just stood there and let the spiritual knowledge rain down upon me and absorbed it within me. The reason I am using melodies as an example is that it takes a spiritual principle to receive them. When I received melodies back in the sixties before I had a portable tape recorder, when a melody came I had to keep repeating it in my mind and I often thought that well that is such a crisp clear melody and I could never forget that and a few minutes later it was gone and this is the first lesson that I learned was that when you receive things through higher means they are very slippery and very easy to lose and the same thing with spiritual ideas and spiritual principles, they will come to you and they will seem so clear that you think that boy there is no way that you are going to forget this and then the next day you wake up and cannot remember what you received.

So one of the things that I did to remedy this was as soon as I got a melody I would be working somewhere and there was no way to write anything down and lunch hour was not for two hours or something like this so I had to say it over and over in my mind and keep doing this all day long and by the end of the day I would usually remember it but if I did not do that then I would lose it every single time. I do not know how many melodies that just came to me that got lost because they just came and then they went. So really good creative artist’s, some of these people do tap into the formless worlds and get their ideas and their inspiration but then understanding spiritual principles is only a step beyond that. Once a person can hear on the spiritual levels then all knowledge becomes accessible to him. This does not include all facts because facts are not necessarily knowledge. For instance if you have a thermometer you can register the temperature a million different places on the planet because you are using the principles involved in measuring temperature that is incorporated in that thermometer and through those principles incorporated in that thermometer you can measure temperature readings throughout the entire planet, is this useful to you?

Jana from the audience: Yes

JJ: Are you interested in knowing the temperature in a million different places on the earth?

Jana: No

JJ: Pretty boring stuff yet it is kind of convenient to have the ability to know the temperature where we want to know it. So this is what happens in the Oneness Principle, you do not get all the facts but you get the principles from which facts are derived. One of the things I have taught that I have taught over and over again is that it takes a thousand facts to understand one true principle but one true principle will reveal thousands of facts. The principle of addition can give you millions of different answers. One principle can produce a thousand facts. One principle of addition, which is a very simple principle, can produce many, many different facts. This is what we get through the Oneness Principle – we get principles. Not just simple principles but all kinds of different principles are available and when we listen on that higher plane – we can hear the principles. They are like higher sounds. Everything in the universe is a sound and even principles are sound but it is like a very complex chord with all kinds of answers in it. We have notes and then we have chords that are formed through a number of different notes and once you know the chord then you can know all the different notes within the chord and once you know the principle then you know all the facts within the principle.

I am going to play you a sound, which provides an answer, and perhaps the most important answer to existence and well-being that is available for mankind. This sound is the answer to the question you have had for many years so listen intently.

The song playing is by Bobby McFerrin and the name of the song is “Don’t worry, be happy”

Lyrics: Here is a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don’t worry be happy
In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy……

Ain’t got no place to lay your head
Somebody came and took your bed
Don’t worry, be happy
The land lord say your rent is late
He may have to litigate
Don’t worry, be happy
Lood at me I am happy
Don’t worry, be happy
Here I give you my phone number
When you worry call me
I make you happy
Don’t worry, be happy
Ain’t got no cash, ain’t got no style
Ain’t got not girl to make you smile
But don’t worry be happy
Cause when you worry
Your face will frown
And that will bring everybody down
So don’t worry, be happy (now)…..

There is this little song I wrote
I hope you learn it note for note
Like good little children
Don’t worry, be happy
Listen to what I say
In your life expect some trouble
But when you worry
You make it double
Don’t worry, be happy……
Don’t worry don’t do it, be happy
Put a smile on your face
Don’t bring everybody down like this
Don’t worry, it will soon past
Whatever it is
Don’t worry, be happy

Laughter erupts throughout the gathering!

This is the answer!

Audience: The guy who wrote and performed that song had no musical accompaniment at all.

JJ: That is interesting, I did not know that.

We are going to start with sound on the physical plane and one of the sounds on the physical plane that affects us more than anything else is music. Now how did you feel by listening to that music, did you feel a little bit happier just listening to that?

Audience: Yes

JJ: The artist (Bobby McFerrin) sounds like the type of guy that nothing would get him down so this makes him the perfect guy to sing this song. He wrote and sung this song and that is very interesting. It is interesting the effect that music has on us, what is music? We have sounds and then we have music, what is the difference between sound and music?

Audience: Music is like harmonic structure and is put together with sound.

JJ: So we think of a sound as just one tone, where as music is a combination of tones but not every combination produces music and what is different about the combination of non-music?

Audience: I would say music is an arrangement of sounds specifically designed to elicit one feeling or another.

JJ: Yes, Bill.

Audience: Music is harmony.

JJ: It is a little bit like snowflakes, when you look at a snowflake through a microscope it is very beautiful but then if the snowflake is kind of crushed it does not look beautiful any more but it is still a combination of forms. So you can have a combination of forms that are not harmonious but they do not sound good. Then when they produce a structure that is harmonious and interesting then we have music. Music is an interesting thing and we have it everywhere.

The mystics have often talked about music of the spheres. That music is everywhere – the planets circling the sun are producing music in their own ways and if we could hear it we would hear something very beautiful. Each one of us in our life is living out sounds and chords that are part of a symphony that is being played on some cosmic plane if we could only hear it. Each one of our lives is a chord that is part of another symphony that will be completed when we complete our last life and all of our lives together will produce a great melody of some type. So it interesting that music on the physical plane is very stimulating to us and imagine what the music would be like on the higher spheres. We hear the music on this sphere the lowest sphere and we find it very interesting and it catapults our consciousness. After listening to that song we feel like not worrying and just being happy.

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Dale Carnegie wrote a book called “Start Worrying and Stop Living” wait a minute, no, the book was “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” if I remember correctly.

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: Boy that got turned upside down on the astral plane! Laughing!

At the time I thought I did not have a lot to worry about but I had read his first book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and I was so impressed with it that I read this other book just because he wrote it. One of the things he pointed out was that almost all of the things that we worry about do not happen. I think this applied when this song came out.

People were worry about a lot of things like an atomic war with Russia, which did not happen.  Then we worried about Russia taking over the world and this did not happen. Then there’s always those worried about the end of the world. But you think back to everything that you have worried about over the past 20 years and ask yourself, did any of it materialize? When you really think about it most of it did not.

There’s always just enough threat to keep the worry going. But most of the stuff we worry about does not even happen and if it does then it is not as bad as what we thought. When it does happen it is not as bad as the worrying that led up to it. Like when people go to the dentist they worry about the drilling and when it is actually happening it is not as bad as the actual worrying about it. Very seldom is what you worried about worse when what you thought it was going be and it is usually something that you can handle. As a matter of fact it says in the Bible that God will not give any temptation greater than you can bear. This is a principle that applies to a lot of different areas of life – God will not give you any pain greater than that which you can bear, so when you look to the future and you worry about stuff, you worry about stuff you can handle and when it comes you will be able to handle it. So why worry about it if you can handle it because when it comes, no matter what it is you will be able to handle it. Lorraine you have had a lot of ups and downs in your life, has there been anything in your life that you have not been able to handle?

Lorraine: No

JJ: Difficult maybe but maybe you handled it.

Lorraine: Right

JJ: Think of it this way, no matter what happens we can handle it. You are invulnerable, you cannot be destroyed, you cannot be created and you cannot be destroyed. And so no matter what happens to you it will not destroy you and what is the old saying, that which does not destroy you only makes you stronger, so eventually what we have to do is face each situation and handle it. One of the ways that can help with this is sound on a number of different levels and this lower physical plane music is very beneficial.

I am going to play you a couple of excerpts from music that has influenced many people over the years. As I told you I had an accident when I was thirteen and I had six operations all together. The accident happened in 1958 and the last operation was in 1961, I was waking up from one of the later operations and I heard this beautiful music and it was so beautiful that I thought I had died and went to heaven and was hearing celestial music! I will play for you the music that I heard. Since that time there have been many interesting songs come out but this to me I thought was the most interesting one to date. It was the first song that used synthetic music Since they used a synthesizer maybe that is why I thought I had died and went to heaven because I had never heard synthetic music before.

I was just waking up from my operation like I said and this actually altered my life because I followed this particular artist throughout his career and he inspired me to begin to write songs and in beginning to write songs it motivated me to lift my consciousness up to the formless worlds.

Audience: And this was 1961?

JJ: Yes, okay I will play this for you now. I was sixteen years old and I woke up from surgery and I did not know if I was alive or dead and I heard this song. I heard this from the beginning and I thought to myself what is that?

The music playing is from Del Shannon and the song is “Runaway” Classic!

Lyrics (Partial):
As I walk along,
I wonder what went wrong,
With our love, a love that was so strong.
And as I still walk on,
I think of the things we’ve done
Together, a-while our hearts were young.

I’m a-walkin’ in the rain,
Tears are fallin’ and I feel the pain,
Wishin’ you were here by me,
To end this misery
And I wonder–
I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder,
Why, why, why, why, why she ran away,
Yes, and I wonder,
A-where she will stay-ay,
My little runaway,
Run, run, run, run, runaway.

JJ: This has been my favorite song over the years and I also loved his falsetto! When I found out I was still alive because I thought that I might be in heaven listening to this celestial music because I liked it so much!

Larry: This was just before the Beatles.

JJ: Yes and as a matter of fact he introduced the first Beatles song to America called “From Me to You” and he was my favorite artist at the time and I collected everything he wrote. He came out with “From Me to You” first and I did not realize that the Beatles wrote this. Before they became famous a local radio station started to play the Beatles version of that and I thought to myself, who are these Beagles (I thought that was the name I heard) so I called up the station and gave them a piece of my mind and said put Del Shannon back on and do away with those Beagles! But then when the Beatles invaded America I was converted very quickly.

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

Hidden Sounds

JJ: We are going to discuss a number of interesting things and the core subject is healing through sound. This is a subject that has not been covered a lot by various teachers until recently and now in recent years people have started to get interested in it. They are realizing that sound is a very potent healer and sound is potent for what reason? And what is everything made of?
Audience: Vibrations

JJ: And sound is what?

Audience: Vibration

JJ: Everything is made of sound and this means that for you to be in good health, good stability and good vitality you need to have the sound which is you, be in harmony with all other sounds and all the sounds which is in you need to be in harmony with all of the sounds which is in you. Now the interesting thing about sound is that there are many sounds that are beyond the normal hearing and there are many sounds that are in the background that we do not pay attention to and we just tune them out. There are many sounds and vibrations in this universe that are beyond anything that we have perceived or conceived or seen or felt in our hearts before. Now the first thing that I am going to have you do is to concentrate on sounds that you hear right now that other people in the room may not be hearing. Please take about a minute or so and concentrate on the highest vibration of sound that you can hear.

Audience is Concentrating on the sounds

JJ: Can you hear yourself breathe? Think of the different things going on that you should be able to hear.

Audience is concentrating on the there breathing and listening to the sounds around them.

JJ: It is funny that when I had the accident when I was thirteen and the rocket that I was making blew up in my hand and it made an extremely loud noise. My Mom was walking in the kitchen close by and fortunately she was not hurt but her hearing was affected for a while because of the explosion. But the funny thing about me is that when I woke up in the hospital after my operation it must have cleaned the wax out of my ears because I could hear better than I ever could before. I could hear my heart beat and as a matter of fact my heartbeat even kept me awake for a while as my hearing was very intense for about a week or so after that explosion and I do not know why. With most like with my mom the explosion damaged her hearing for a period of time and in her older age her hearing was not very good and I do not know if that had anything to do with it or not, but I was laying there in bed and I could hear my heartbeat and it about drove me crazy. Fortunately this subsided and my hearing returned to normal after a while

JJ: Okay, Rob what sounds did you hear?

Rob from the audience: The air conditioner, somebody outside closing the door, people shifting in their seat, chairs creaking, I am not sure but maybe the lights making sounds.

JJ: Lights making sound, pretty good! Anybody hear any sounds that Rob did not hear?

Audience: There seems to be a very high sound almost like a harmonic that be a piece of ductwork where air is rushing through it.

Audience: I call it white noise, there is a noise over and above the air conditioning that you can really tune into and either my ears are not that great or I am hearing something unusual but if I concentrate then I can hear it.

Audience: Ditto on the white noise and I can always hear it no matter what the circumstance.

Audience: I hear almost like a deep drum beat, does anybody else hear that?

Audience: There is a rhythm coming from the AC.

Audience: I heard faint music.

JJ: Did anybody hear them selves breathing? Is there anymore to hear or did we hear everything there is to hear?

Audience: There is probably a lot more to hear.

JJ: Okay what else is to hear?

Audience: The colors of the waves moving through the room.

Audience: There is the sound that is in between sound and I think that if you work on it then you would probably be able to hear that space in between which is a sound beyond what we consider normal sound.

JJ: Okay are there any other sounds for us to hear?

Audience: I think there is a very tiny snick in this room and it may be the sounds that bounce off the walls and it seems that part of what we hear is being cancelled out.

Audience: What is a snick?

Audience: It is like a mini echo and it happens in every room where you have parallel walls.

JJ: There is a principle that says energy follows thought and where you put your attention is where you gain your knowledge and perception and for hearing where do we normally put our attention?

Audience: Do we normally put our attention on our ears?

JJ: Yes but what do we focus our ears on?

Audience: Just out side of our selves?

JJ: Yes but there is a lot outside of ourselves and inside of our selves.

All of us are putting our attention on the physical plane and is there anything else besides the physical plane?

Audience: Yes

JJ: What else?

Audience: The spiritual plane.

JJ: Okay how come nobody heard anything outside the physical plane? I asked you to put your attention on the highest sound you can perceive and everybody in the room heard things on the physical plane. Can we hear things beyond the physical plane?

Audience: Yes

JJ: How do we do that?

Audience: Practice

JJ: Practice by doing what?

Audience: Meditating

Audience: Listening

JJ: Meditating and listening to what?

Audience: Silence

JJ: Okay you hear on the physical plane by listening on the physical plane, correct. So to hear on other planes you do what?

Audience: Listen on that plane.

JJ: Right! You listen on the other planes, now how do we do that?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: What makes it seemingly difficult is the fact that we are in a physical body and it is a little bit like when you are in a room with a bunch of machinery running and it is extremely noisy and you are trying talk to somebody and the sound is there but it is difficult to hear what the other person is saying with all that noisy machinery going. So you have to do one of two things – either talk louder or listen with great intent so you can hear what the person is saying.

Now the physical plane is a very noisy plane and our ears are not really even that good for listening on the physical plane. If someone in the back of the room speaks with a whisper I can hardly hear them even from here and I can’t hear the person or sounds from two blocks away but on other planes you can hear somebody thousands of miles away. So the ability to hear on the other planes is heightened but because of the noise on this plane we have to tune out the background.

My first wife really got aggravated at me because I would often tune her out and then I would read the Tibetan Books! This got me in big trouble and we eventually divorced, but fortunately I do not tune out Artie, she is impossible to tune out and she makes sure she gets heard.

You have to tune out certain sounds so that you can hear other sounds. Now on this physical plane we have a big problem with a lot of unwanted sounds. Have you ever had a neighbor that has a barking dog? You have a hard time going to sleep don’t you? How do you over come that?

Well one thing you can do is yell at your neighbor and threaten him. The other thing you can do is to tune out the barking dog. Some noises are easier to tune out than others and I have found that I can tune out almost anything and take a nap. I can sleep a few feet away from Artie when she is doing the dishes and clanging away because it is like music to my ears because I am not doing them! Laughter

I am able to tune a lot of things and I can take a nap in almost any circumstance like when the TV is on and I could probably take a nap standing on my head. I did have a tough time when I was much younger but I learned how to take a nap in almost any circumstance due to religious boredom. The church had certain elements in it that bored me so much that it taught me to tune everything out and take a nap so now I can take a nap in almost any circumstance – except for dripping water. If a faucet is dripping – for some reason I have not been able to master that yet, but I can tune out almost any noise except for dripping water and I don’t know maybe, I was tortured by the Chinese in a past life with water torture or something similar.

How do we tune in to sounds beyond the physical and what is there to tune into? Well there is quite a bit above this plane. What is the next level up above the physical plane?

Audience: The etheric level is the next level up.

JJ: Okay you have the etheric levels and then the astral level that is more permanent because the etheric level is intertwined with the physical and does not exist with form without the physical except for short periods of time. Then we have the astral and there are a number of levels in the astral world and we can tune into that by listening with our feelings because the astral world is composed of feelings. So what happens when you hear something on the astral world? How do you hear it?

Audience: The sound registers with your emotions.

JJ: Right you do not hear actual words but you pick up feelings. Have you ever had a sense that someone you are close to was really upset or in danger when there was no physical communication involved? You had a feeling about it and you had a feeling that something is wrong, the feeling that something is wrong is the easiest thing to pick up on the astral level because negative feelings are actually easier to pick up than positive feelings especially feelings of danger and things like that for concerned love ones. How many have felt like that in their life, raise your hands.

Okay about half of you here. When you pick that up what you are picking up is a sound and it is not like a sound on the physical plane such as words – it is entirely different. But it is still sound and it is just as valid of a form of communication as picking up sounds on the physical plane.

Larry you like a pretty sensitive guy. Do you pick up any emotional sounds from anyone in the room?

Larry from the audience: No

JJ: Okay you have not tried yet today have you?

Larry: No

JJ: Okay so lets try Larry, look at Jana over there and tune into her eyes for the eyes are the mirror to the soul as well as the emotions. What are you hearing from your feeling nature from her?

Larry: I have a sense of genuineness and that when she tells you something it is what she is thinking and she is not making false constructs.

JJ: I would say that would be true about her and it feels right to me as I look at her. Looking at her focuses my attention on her and my feelings on her and makes me more capable of picking up things about her. It is all right to look at the other person because that helps to focus the energies and the eyes help to focus the energies so yes I sense sincerity about her as well.

Look at Joshua over there, he looks like somebody needs to wake him up. Laughter. What sounds do you hear coming from him on the emotional level?

Jana from the audience: He looks like a nice guy and happy to be here even though he looks a little tired.

JJ: Okay now look at Lorraine she is just bubbling over with emotional energy.

Jana: She seems like a really nice person too.

JJ: Do you get impressions that are difficult to put into words?

Jana: Yes

JJ: You do get feelings about her right?

Jana: Yes

JJ: Okay all of our feelings are difficult to put into words because feelings are not words so you get emotional impressions about them. Have you ever met somebody and right away you have a wave of negative energy come over you and you think boy I need to stay away from this person. I have met a few people like that in my life and it is usually pretty accurate. Sometimes it is just because a person has just really had a bad day and he is ready to release some negative energy but other times your inner self is communicating to you that you need to stay out of this person’s way.

JJ: What is the next level up from the emotional?

Audience: The mental.

JJ: How do we hear on the mental level?

Audience: Good question and I hope you are going to tell us!

JJ: The highest hearing on the mental level is telepathy and telepathy is very difficult to achieve. The Masters can do it using the power of the mind and pick up and communicate actual words through the power of the mind and that is the highest level there. The Alice A. Bailey books were given by mental telepathy and Alice A. Bailey received the first books by receiving the actual words of the Tibetan. Then when she learned to go higher than the mental level He sent the later books through the power of impression. When she used the power of impression they argued more about how to put the words down because she was a greater participant in forming the actual sentences. So in the beginning the actual sentences were already pretty much composed and sent to her and she kind of doctored them up a little bit but then as she rose to master the science of impression they argued a bit more about how the wording was to be presented because she had more of a say.

The Tibetan would often grumble about Alice A. Bailey and He would say he wish she was more learned in the scientific world because she did not understand science very well and if she did then we could make the books a little more accurate.

On the mental level we can look at people and size them up. You can look at somebody and get feelings about him or her by putting attention on them but you can also look at someone and size them up mentally – if they have a certain type of face like Adam here. He just looks like an athlete doesn’t he and by looking at him you can form a mental conclusion that he just looks like he is into sports. Now what does a person into sports look like and why do we get that impression? There is really no short answer on that and it is just that he reminds us of a lot of people that are into sports and you do like sports don’t you Adam?

Adam: This is the profiling we need at the airport!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: You look at Larry and he looks like a real social guy!

Audience: He looks like a big teddy bear!

JJ: Yes he looks harmless doesn’t he and he has his baritone voice so you mentally conclude that he must be a good singer and this is one of the first things I asked him.

Larry from the Audience: By the way there was one thing I was going to say was that I have the skill to sing and that was one thing I did want to do but that was not my purpose in this life so I have not been allowed to use that.

JJ: I think I would have been quite musical if I had not blown some of my fingers off and that pretty much put an end to that but that freed me up so my attention could put elsewhere without being a rock star and having that distracting me.

Larry: Yes it would be worth seeing JJ with long hair and tie-dye t-shirts rocking out! Laughing!

JJ: Yes that would have been funny wouldn’t it?

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