The Search for Unity

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Blayne basically ponders this thought:
There are about 7 billion people in the world yet after all this time there just doesn’t seem to be 24 people on the planet who have enough soul contact to create the unity to forge even one molecule. He has received a taste of what spiritual unity feels like and it seems frustrating that there does not seem to be people available for the consistent unity required of a working molecule. Is there any hope for this generation or is the day of spiritual power yet a hundred years or more in the future?

I share your frustration. I first received the revelation on the Molecular Relationship around 1979 and have been searching for the first 24 ever since. Like you, when I found good prospects for unity, a dark force seemed to enter the picture and hamper progress.

Even with all the difficulties I am convinced that there is enough good people out there to not form one molecule, but many of them. One of the problems is this. Some of the most advanced souls out there have very strong belief systems and when others in a group veer off from that, unity becomes difficult, if not impossible. It may be quite possible that a number of those in the first molecule may not be that advanced in learning and thus not have their minds cluttered up with too much data to prevent unity.

Of course, it would be most desirable to have all 24 be advanced souls who can tune into the soul at the drop of a hat to solve the differences that arise, but this is the type of disciple that is sadly rare in this present world.

Let me give you an example concerning one of our most cherished and beloved members who passed away a few years ago. I’m talking about Glenys.

Glenys was very enthused about the teachings and the prospects of being in a molecule, or creating one. Everyone on the group admired her and many felt that if there was anyone that was prepared to join a molecule then it was her. In addition she was a devoted student of the Alice A. Bailey writings and other metaphysical works.

She not only posted regularly but wrote me privately quite often. In one of her letters she informed me that her best friend had taken ill and was in danger of dying. She felt that she would be devastated if she lost her and told me that after much meditation she was sure she would recover and asked me to tune into her and see what I would receive – hoping I could add some energy to her recovery.

I did my best to comply and was somewhat surprised to receive a message through my soul that her friend’s time had come – that she had work to do on the other side. I get messages like this now and then but often I get nothing one way or another so don’t expect me to produce physic impressions on demand. I have found though that when I do get a message that there is some greater purpose than the mere information involved.

I debated over whether to tell Glenys and then decided to do so. I told her that I had received a message that her friend would be taken and the best thing to do was to make her passing as pleasant as possible and prepare herself for the loss in the physical. I then told her that her friend would still be close to her spiritually if she tuned in to her.

She was then somewhat upset with me and insisted my message was wrong for she had received a message that it was her friend’s destiny to live.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later her friend died. I did my best to console her and in midst of the exchange of private emails I received the reason I had been told of her friend’s impending death. I then explained it to her. I told her that the reason I had been given such a jolting revelation was to get her attention and establish me as an earned authority in her independent mind. This was necessary because the time would come in the not too distant future that she would doubt me again. I told her that when this time comes that I would remind her that she was wrong about her friend and should have considered my words. I told her the next time we have a similar disagreement it will be important that she consider what I say and verify it through the soul.

I had no idea what conflict was coming that this set the stage for, but I knew something was on its way.

I did not have to wait for long as a short time later Glenys developed cancer, starting in her sinus area. This time I didn’t get any impression as to whether she would live or die but did my best to offer her encouragement. All the Keys members were very concerned for her and sent her their prayers but she slowly got worse.

Then, one day she sent me an email asking for my opinion as to the root cause of her cancer and what she could do.

I contemplated the answer and received an impression and sensed that the answer was not something she wanted to hear. I wrote her back and told her I was reluctant to give her my answer for she may not like it.

She basically told me she was a big girl and could handle anything I would dish out.

I wrote her again and told her I would only give her my answer if she would assure me she would look at it dispassionately and not take offense.

She assured me that would be no problem.

I then wrote her back and explained as honestly and clearly as I could that the core problem that caused her cancer was a martyr complex that caused negative suppressed feelings to take root and express themselves as cancer. If she wanted to be cured she had to search herself with all honesty and find the cause of the martyr feeling, face it and remove it. I told her this would be difficult because denial is usually involved and she probably does not see this in herself. It would take all her strength in keeping her mind steady in the light to accomplish this.

I anticipated this answer would be difficult for her to take but not the intensity. She responded with extreme outrage. I can’t remember the exact words but the message was something like this:

How dare you accuse me of having a martyr complex! I am about a million miles away from this and everyone who knows me is aware of this except you. Where you got such an idea is a mystery indeed. And I do not suppress emotion – I let people know exactly what I feel.

She went on and on and I got the impression that she wanted an apology from me if our friendship were to continue.

After several heated exchanges I then wrote her back and reminded her about the reason I received the correct impression about her friend. I reviewed with her about my prediction that something would occur where it would be important to trust me as an earned authority. I then told her this was the time.

Unfortunately this reminder had no positive effect. Next I received a very angry letter from her boyfriend. He told me that I had made Glenys extremely upset and this was a very heartless thing for me to do to someone as ill as she was. I was just making her worse and should cease even contacting her.

His tone was so angry that I was glad he lived in New Zealand – too far for physical contact.

We didn’t communicate much after that though she did keep me updated until the end which came a few months later.

I write this not to diminish Glenys who we all loved but in an attempt to derive some good out of the awkward situation. She was indeed an evolved soul, yet with all her aspirations, knowledge and keen mind she could not harmonize with me through the soul.

And why was that?

Not because she couldn’t, but because she would not consider that she may have been wrong. This created a blockage that would not allow her mind to verify my words through the soul, even though the Powers-That-Be provided a witness in preparation for her test.

Blayne writes:
Here is one of the problems as I see it. There is a fine line between seeing one as an earned authority and blind trust. Myself for instance I do not have reliable enough soul that I trust enough to be able to see eye to eye on all things. So I am wary of falling into a blind trust over something just for the sake of unity which is not real unity anyway and will not last. Therefore I require a certain amount of facts and evidence etc. and things to make sense and if that does not satisfy me I will not change my stance. Now this is where a real strong soul impression could make a difference. So it really seems to boil down to reliable soul contact being the issue.

You have very accurately described the problem the disciple has as he develops his mind and reasoning powers. We just talked about the problem that Glenys had which involved keeping the emotional body at peace, but the mental makeup also presents a tremendous challenge. It was accurately described by DK when he stated the “the mind is the slayer of the real.”

Let is first talk about the problems with the emotional self of the disciple as he treads the path toward unity. To illustrate the problem let us suppose we are observing two students who are strong seekers but still strongly influenced by their emotional bodies. These we will call students A and B.

These two find two different teachers. The first teacher is very deceptive, manipulative and many of his teachings are full of illusion. However, within these teachings are morsels of truth that cause some sincere students to gravitate to him.

The second teacher is an initiate with reliable soul contact. Of course, no one is perfect but his teachings are inspired, have true principles and touch the soul. His teachings basically lead students in the right direction.

We will call these two Teachers A and B.

Student A is captivated by Teacher A. Because his teachings seem harmonious to his emotional body he doesn’t use the mind to question or discern the flaws. Student A finds others like himself in the group and they unite in support and are willing to do anything asked of them without questioning.

There is great unity in the group. They raise money, begin projects, sing songs and seem happy as they press forward. The group grows but because of many flaws in the foundation teachings very little is accomplished that will further any type of constructive progress.

Then one day Teacher A criticizes Student A in a way that feels wrong to him. He tries to shrug it off but then the next time he hears him teach he finds himself questioning and analyzing the words much more than before. It isn’t long before he sees gaping holes in the teachings. He openly questions the truth of the teacher’s words and the teacher now lashes out and condemns him.

Now the student’s feelings are really hurt and he finds fault with most everything the teacher says – many things that he previously though were true and wonderful. He leaves the group and becomes an outspoken critic of the teacher he once adored.

Student B is at a similar stage of spiritual evolution as Student A but he has the good fortune to become involved with a true teacher – Teacher B. His journey with the true teacher is very similar to Student A’s with the deceptive one. He becomes enthused, supportive and willing to do most anything asked of him. He finds himself sharing unity with others like himself but is disturbed by some of the mental types who demand proof, reasoning and logic. Teacher A didn’t allow dissent so he didn’t have this questioning to deal with. These mental ones want all the pieces to fit together before they accept the teacher and support him 100%. This student often finds he is in conflict with a couple of these doubting Thomases.

Then one day this student has a heated argument with a mental type and the teacher seems to side with him. Now student B is offended and from that point on looks at the teachings that come forth with a jaundice eye. Suddenly it appears that the teacher has lost his light and is now fallen like Lucifer of old.

He now questions everything the teacher says. This teacher though does not lash out but patiently tries to explain things to him and attempts to nudge him back toward the soul where he can verify the truth of things.

What Student B hears though is a criticism that he is not good enough the way he is. He becomes very upset and quits the group. He also becomes an outspoken critic of his group and teacher.

It is interesting that these two students had two very different teachers, but the end result of the two was very similar. Student B has an apparent advantage of having some true principles planted in him. This will be an advantage if he is true to them. On the other hand, it will be a great disadvantage if he is not but continues to rebel against the light because he holds on to negative feelings and does not let them go.

Our next illustration involves the more left-brain seekers or the mental types.

We have the same teachers, A & B, but instead of two students we’ll use just one, Student C. He relies mostly on mind but has had some soul contact.

Student C is invited by an emotionally polarized friend to come to a class taught by Teacher A who mixes much illusion with some truth, but presents himself with great emotional vigor which gives the illusion that he knows what he is talking about.

After a couple hours in the teacher’s class this student is somewhat perplexed as to why his friend is so enamored with this guy. He said a couple of things that made some sense, but several others that he was sure were incorrect. He mentions these flaws to his friend and was surprised that they completely went over his head even though they should have been obvious. Instead, his friend defended his teacher by claiming that the real truth cannot be proven in black and white and the teacher has insights not available to the rest of us. Basically, he was telling Student C to have faith in the teacher or to recognize the unearned authority of the Beast.

He went back a second time at the insistence of his friend and this time he was more impressed. The teacher taught around an illusion for the whole class period, but it was an illusion held on to dearly by Student C. Because the student had an error in his belief system through an unresolved illusion the teacher seemed to make sense this time and he attended regularly for a while. He aggravated the teacher though when he questioned him openly on some flawed details on various subjects. Finally, the teacher couldn’t take it any more and lashed out and belittled the student in front of the whole class.

The student had the mental composure to not react in kind but to merely defend himself with logic and then left the class no longer to return. His controlled reaction made the teacher look small in some eyes, but most held the student at fault for the conflict rather than the teacher.

Student C did not hold a grievance nor become an enemy to Teacher A but did not hold back giving a frank opinion when his name came up in conversation.

This student was then invited by another friend to attend a class given by Teacher B who has a high degree of soul contact and accuracy.

During the class everything the teacher spoke of made sense to the student and the members of the class also seemed intelligent as well as friendly. He thought he had found his long sought for place that seemed like home.

As the classes continued Student C felt that he could just not accept everything without question so he let his critical filters remain open. Most teachings made sense but there were others he was not sure about and several errors he thought he spotted. After his last experience he was a little reluctant to challenge the teacher, but finally he thought he must.

He openly challenged the teacher in class and was impressed that the teacher did not lash out or avoid answering the question. Instead, he calmly answered questions and defended his point of view with good reasoning and data. Some of the answers caused the student to reconsider his opinion, but others did not alter his view.

Even though this student did not agree with everything being taught he figured he had found the best game in town and decided to continue attending. After all, he was learning some new things and there’s probably no one on earth who agrees with him on everything.

Then one day a real conflict emerged. The teacher gave a class centered on Student C’s illusion. This was the illusion that Teacher A had embraced and was about the only thing the student liked about his teachings.

Teacher B saw through the illusion and taught the truth as seen through the eyes of the soul.

Because this was a cherished illusion held by the student an immediate red flag went up. He was a logical person, but on this subject his reasoning began with the assumption that his illusion was correct. He had not examined his illusion closely enough and with enough dispassion to resolve it.

This seemingly illogical teaching affected his emotions quite strongly and it took a lot of self-control on his part to maintain his normal composure. He immediately challenged the teacher in no uncertain terms and the teacher responded with as clear reasoning as he could present.

Over the next couple classes the two went back and forth numerous times with neither one convincing the other. The reaction of the students in the class was interesting. A few held on to the same illusion as Student C agreed with him and were also sure the teacher had gone astray on this point, except for one with some reservations.

The rest of the class was divided into two categories. Part of them were somewhat familiar with the illusion-based subject, but had not put enough attention on it to have strong opinions or to have embraced the illusion. Some had been mildly disposed to the illusion and some against but it was not a dogma with them – they were not entrapped by the illusion. The other part of the group had paid little attention to this subject and hadn’t given it much thought in life. They did not have enough information planted in their brain about the subject to have been trapped by the illusion.

After hearing the dialog between their teacher and Student C every single person that had not embraced the illusion sided with the teacher and could find no flaw in his reasoning, nor could they find any conflict with their own soul contact.

On the other hand, those who embraced the illusion had great difficulty in even registering the possibility they could be wrong. Even though they had respect for the teacher they could not even consider that he could have been right on this subject. They believed that their conclusions harmonized with their souls so it never occurred to them to check anew, as if they were a little child, starting fresh. Their opinion registered strongly with their emotional bodies but they would not concede they had never received soul confirmation on the subject.

And one more thing added to the confusion of those caught by the illusion. To understand the subject around the illusion one had to comprehend a number of different principles. These students correctly saw a couple of the principles involved and had received some soul contact concerning them. This caused them to be completely sure they were correct on the whole matter and refused to openly consult with their souls on the whole of the matter as taught by the teacher.

After the class exhausted all the points of the debate the two groups were beside themselves. Those caught in the illusion filtered their reasoning through the illusion and couldn’t for the life of them see why they could not convince even one person who had not believed as they did. Similarly, the other members could not understand why Student C and his few dissenters could not see what appeared to them to be the obvious truth.

The end result was that Student C became very discouraged with the teacher and began to wonder how many other errors he made that he may have overlooked. He absolutely could not wholeheartedly support any group goal that embraced the teacher’s views on this subject.

He thus had a powerful debate within himself as to whether to stay or to leave the group. After much thought he decided to stay for despite this problem, this was still the highest light he could find with which to associate.

Two others who thought as himself though took different routes. The first left the group in disgust and sought to fellowship with others who embraced the illusion.

The other one was approaching the Third Initiation and, after some time, had an epiphany. He reflected on the teacher’s words and examined his own core long held beliefs for flaws. After much soul reflection his mind, in harmony with spirit, instantly saw a greater picture and the illusion dissolved just as does the midst with the morning sun. That which was not seen before was now seen. Now the greatest mystery in his mind was why it had been so difficult for him to see it.

This student went on to be the greatest defender of the true principles as taught by the teacher as well as others that he saw for himself that was taught him by no man.

These examples paint a picture that illustrate to us the difficulty in creating a united group without violating free will. Let us list a few of the areas that cause separateness and prevent unity.

Unity problems arising from the emotional body.

(1) Any criticism or correction real or imagined can cause the aspirant to withdraw support or become negative.

(2) A feeling by the seeker that other members of the group are not doing their share.

(3) Any type of irritation toward the teacher or members of the group.

(4) Impatience because of apparent imperfection in the group.

(5) Any glamour held by the seeker can produce separateness, especially one that causes him to see himself as more spiritually evolved than he is. A feeling of superiority is a great hindrance to unity.

Unity Problems centered on the mind.

(1) The big problem originating from the mind is illusion. If the seeker sees a thing as true that is not true then he will oppose the real truth on the subject when it is presented. Because the soul always takes the side of real truth he will have much difficulty in uniting with a group that seems to be in error when it is not.

(2) The mind slays the real. If he relies too much on the mind and too little on soul contact he will find flaws in many small details causing him to reject the big picture and miss many points of truth.

(3) Unless he learns patience he can get irritated with the emotional types and want to distance himself from them.

(4) He can also become impatient with members and the group as a whole.

(5) He may have a fear that merging or supporting the group may cause him to lose his identity or intellectual discernment. He may be overly concerned about giving in to the Beast. This is a legitimate concern, but must be tempered with judgment and he must find the right time to trust.

(6) If either the mental or emotional types have their ideas rejected by the teacher or the group they are likely to feel separated and rejected unless they have soul contact.

The ideal group, or molecule would be one where all members have soul contact and can resolve any difference by looking trough the eyes of the soul together and seeing the same thing. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find even two people who can do this.

When one sees the difficulty he can understand why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet of them all. He prepared a group that had enough soul contact to create a working molecule.

The Twelve and the Twenty-Four were not perfectly soul infused and they sometimes drifted off the mark but they were sensitive enough to realize when they needed to come back to the center and see the Christ within each member of the group and drink of the same spiritual cup together.


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A Principle: Like Attracts Like

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There has been a lot of discussion over the past couple days about the possibility of the Dark Brothers dwelling in the same space and the Brotherhood of Light.

When a question like this arises the wise thing to do is to look at the principle that governs such things. When the principle is understood then the seeker will be enabled to put together the outer truth with great accuracy… As Long – as he uses the principle of judgment.

What then is the principle that determines who gathers with who? Here it is:

“Like attracts like.”

Here are some examples:

People of similar interests gather together as well as;

Those of similar vibration,

Those who have similar ray combinations.

Those of similar intelligence.

Those of similar religious interests.

Those of similar political interests.

Those who have similar values etc.

Sometimes on this earth it may seem this rule does not apply. Some apparent contradictions occur in families where individuals sometimes feel they do not belong because everyone is so different than themselves. This situation also exists as we start school. Many look back on early schooldays and feel like they did not fit in.

It is true that on this planet in the dense physical we are often thrown together with others who are not like us.

But.. . does this situation last forever?


The person who feels out of place in his family will gravitate to friends and associates in life who are more like himself. He may attend family reunions but will spend his quality time with those who understand and appreciate him.

The one who feels out of place with his schoolmates as a whole will seek out the few who are most like himself and then attend a college that offers schooling more geared to his interests.

On this earth like is often scattered with unlike but in the higher spheres this is not the case. A lower astral person cannot even ascend to the higher astral or mental spheres for the higher vibration would be painful for him. Those in the higher spheres can descend but only stay for short periods of time for it is uncomfortable for them to stay there and much nicer to associate with those of similar vibration.

The main difference to Gods will being carried out “on earth as it is in heaven” is found in this principle. Like must gather with like to create heaven. When like is mixed with that which is much different or of a lower vibration then you have hell.

It is interesting that the scriptures indicate that this earth is hell. It is hell because like must endure unlike. Those who have the pure love of Christ must endure the presence of those who hate them merely because they give out the vibration representing true love.

If heaven is then created by like merging, or associating with like then it would make no sense to allow the Dark Brothers to inhabit Shamballa. If such were to occur then it would no longer be a place of peace, or of love, or of union…

The goal of the lights is not any union. If that were the case then the Nazis were good because they created one of the strongest unions in our history and if Hitler had won the war we would have had a forced union of all the good and bad on the entire planet. That would made the earth a living hell.

Instead union with like through free will creates heaven and the higher the vibration of those involved the greater the joy.

Are there lessons to be learned from this earth where like is thrown together with unlike?

Yes. There are many. This earth needs to be viewed as a schoolroom and the opportunities many.

The main lesson to be learned from those not like us is to look upon the individual’s soul and see its present perfection linked with the future perfection of the person. When an athlete perfects his craft he has to go through painful exercise to increase his joy of achievement to come. Even so, by exercising our will and seeing the Christ in those who repulse our personality we exercise the power of the God within. This gives us the strength to merge with those who are closest to being like us.

Even those who are close to our vibration have enough differences to create major problems in union if we focus on the personality. If we learn the prime lesson of this sphere and see the Christ within others during difficult times then the door is open to the kingdom of God. When we therefore leave this sphere and go on to the higher we will have joy in the presence of exalted beings and our rest shall be glorious.


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Djwhal Khul Predictions

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LWK asked about DK predictions. He made quite a few. Some have been successful and some have missed the mark. Many still pertain to the future so we’ll have to wait and see on them.

Ruth quoted some of my words from the archives on a couple that seemingly did not come true.

“He taught that after 1975 the esoteric teachings will be given out world wide through the radio. The teachings will be given out but everything is behind schedule. The end was seen, but the details related to time and free will were not seen.”

“Here is another one: ‘Volcanic action therefore may be looked for, demonstrating in unexpected localities, as well as within the sphere of the present earthquake and volcanic zones. Serious disturbance may be looked for in California before the end of the century, and in Alaska likewise.’”
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 907 (Published 1925)

California does seem to be overdue for a major earth changing calamity but it didn’t happen by the end of the century. On the other hand, Alaska did have a major earthquake on March 27, 1964 – a whopping 9.2 the second largest in over 100 years – more potent than the recent one in Japan.

He predicted “A shift in the Earth’s polarity, due to the pull of a great cosmic centre. This powerfully affects the Earth’s orientation and is responsible for the present earthquakes, and for the volcanic eruptions and the many earthquakes during the past one hundred and fifty years.
Esoteric Astrology Page 410

Scientists are now telling us the earth is experiencing a shift in the polarity of its magnetic field. This could be what he was referring to.

He predicted that the return of Jews to Israel to establish a homeland would bring tremendous conflict to the area and the world. He said we’d be a lot better off if the Jews just assimilated with mankind.

When the U.N. was formed he said that it was a mistake to allow totalitarian regimes in it and would hamper its effectiveness.

In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 907 (Published 1925) he predicted the discovery of atomic energy and then after the first atomic bomb went off he stated that this was a source of power that will eventually liberate humanity.

He was one of the few teachers who correctly identified Hitler early on as an antichrist figure. Other teachers, such as Helena Roerich, praised him in the beginning.

In 1942 he said that the forces of light were prevailing with the war and a win for the Allies was definitely going to happen. Before that he said the war was in question.

In 1925 DK wrote:
“The Master Jesus will take a physical vehicle, and with certain of His chelas effect a re-spiritualisation of the Catholic churches, breaking down the barrier separating the Episcopal and Greek churches from the Roman. This may be looked for, should plans progress as hoped, about the year 1980.”
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 759

“From the chair of the Pope of Rome, the Master Jesus will attempt to swing that great branch of the religious beliefs of the world again into a position of spiritual power and away from its present authoritative and temporary political potency.”
Destiny of the Nations, Page 61

I believe this prophecy was attempted to be fulfilled by Pope John Paul I who was Pope for a mere 33 days and was killed in Sept 1978 by those who fought his reforms.

The fact that He was in office 33 days which corresponds to the 33 years in the life of Jesus of Nazareth is far from the only correspondence.
His given name was Albino Luciani which means “white light.”

After John Paul I was killed he was replaced by Karol Joseph Wojtyla who became John Paul II. Ironically this replacement pope was born during a solar eclipse.

This is symbolic of his reign during an eclipse of a true son of God through the death of Luciani.
Albino Luciani means “white light” but the new Pope’s name of Karol Joseph Wojtyla means “man who adds increase to war.”

The book, “In God’s Name,” written by David A. Yallop makes a convincing case that John Paul I was poisoned.

DK predicted the Great Invocation would be greatly used around the world. He seemed to think it would be in greater use than it is now but it is certainly widely used.

I’ll make a similar prediction for The Song of the 144,000. Its use will grow significantly and within 50 years most spiritual seekers will have heard of it or used it. Many outside metaphysics in regular churches will begin using it.

DK made many interesting predictions that still pertain to our future. One I am looking forward to will be a device which will be created by materialist scientists which will alter the world. It will be able to communicate with the dead.

I think that the next time I read the Alice A. Bailey books through I’ll tabulate the predictions as there are quite a few more. These are just some that I recall.


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Understanding Illusion

This entry is part 11 of 34 in the series 2011C

Larry Woods asked me a question that has not been covered before so I thought I would give the answer to the group.

In the past I have taught that a third degree initiate is one who has overcome illusion. This is an accomplishment a disciple must achieve if he is to be trusted by the Hierarchy. Before he or she overcome illusion one can be deceived sufficiently to do a lot of damage to the spiritual work – not because of evil intentions but because the seeker can be tricked by circumstances and emotion to going off course.

With this in mind Larry was perplexed that some who he considered to be third degree initiates seemed to be in error, especially concerning prediction they made.

First of all let me clarify that no one is perfect, not even a fifth degree master or higher. Even DK made a number of predictions that did not come true on schedule. On the positive side, he made some impressive ones that did. I do not know of anyone who has been more than about 50% accurate when making specific predictions of the future.

So, what then sets a third degree initiate apart from the crowd if he can still make mistakes? What does it mean that he has mastered illusion? And if he has mastered illusion then why can he not predict the future with 100% accuracy?

To understand the answer we must comprehend what illusion is, what it does and how the disciple behaves when he has transcended it.

Illusion in the seeker is caused by two things. The first is a wrong belief or dogma implanted into his belief system that he has not examined in the light of day and weeded out. This can be apply to various areas of inclination.

Religion. He may have had a wrong religious belief implanted into his mind when he was young. For instance, he may believe that Jesus was perfect (as we define the word today). Everyone says this and he has just accepted it and never examined such a belief with pure reason.

He may believe we are born in sin and thus sees humanity as a virus not able to do anything that is good in the world.

Politics. He may see freedom only as it affects him and not the whole. He may thus endorse policy that brings him more freedom but enslaves the masses.

Science. He may accept scientific consensus and theories that are popular without questioning them and thus not see error when there is error to be seen.

Education. He may rely too strongly on being taught by others and thus absorb their illusions. The disciple has no problem learning from others but he always does a lot of self-education and questions all that he has been taught.

The list could go on but this should make the point.

The second thing that causes illusion is a flaw in his thinking or reasoning process. This flaw is usually there, not because he is not smart but is caused by a hidden emotional attachment that causes his focus to be blurred. As a result he concludes that 2+2=5 rather than 4.

A good example of this type of illusion is illustrated in the recent discussion over the Comet Elenin. When it was way beyond the orbit of Jupiter many were declaring that it was a red dwarf star that was going to cause great destruction.

Now the logical mind can conclude that there is always the possibility that some type of destruction could occur when it reaches a certain alignment but the chances of it ever being a red dwarf star is about as close to zero as one could get.

Illusion got the best of these believers for several reasons.

A tremendous number of people in the new age and religious world believed this so many were subject to group think or the thoughtform generated.

Secondly many have an emotional attachment to the belief in Planet X and are expecting it return soon and will not use a discerning mind when someone falsely identifies it.

When the disciple has mastered illusion he will use all resources at his disposal to find the truth. 2+2 must equal four. And if he does not have enough information to know the truth for sure he will surely reject or strongly question reasoning that tells us it equals five.

For instance, when the seeker was told that Elenin was a brown dwarf when it was beyond the orbit of Jupiter what would he do if not subject to illusion?

First of all, he would do some research and find out what a brown dwarf is. When he finds this out he could add 2+2 and figure that Elenin could not possibly be one because it would have been as bright as the moon in the sky and at that time one needed a powerful telescope to see it as a tiny dot.

The third degree initiate does not let distortion, bull headed flawed beliefs, dogma, group think, or trusted authorities convince him that two plus two equals anything other than four.

Even though the third degree initiate has transcended illusion he is far from infallible and may only be average in predicting the future. He will be able to spot illogical predictions, however.

If he has bad information that he has no way of verifying then he can indeed be mislead. For instance, if he asks for directions to the grocery store and someone tells him to go left when it is really on the right then he will spend some time going the wrong direction.

If the weatherman tells him it is 70 degrees when it is really 80 the he is likely to think it is warmer than it is.

The initiate uses the Second Key of Judgment and will not concern himself with being right with inconsequential details, but on an important issue he will leave no stone unturned and not let astral thinking get in the way of getting to the truth – as far as possible.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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103 Favorite Quotes

This entry is part 10 of 34 in the series 2011C

103 Favorite Quotes from the Archives
Compiled by Ruth Wilson

Quotes from the writings of J J Dewey

“Sometimes the harmless path will lead to an action of tough love. Sometimes it will lead to immediate peace but often it will lead to great conflict.”

“There is no such thing as relative truth, higher truth, lower truth or ultimate truth. All truth is merely what it is at the present moment in time and space.”

“If you center not yourself in the words of the soul then the mind of God is not manifest within you.”

“There is no such thing as unconscious thought. Thought only springs from consciousness.”

“The only way we can be gods forever is if we have already been gods forever.”

“A greater life is manifested when smaller lives unite with higher purpose.”

“It is not looking for error that reveals truth, but looking for truth while discerning error in the process.”

“All creations in form are first created as a thoughtform, from an atom to a human being to a planet.”

“Purpose is not an objective, goal or plan, but is that from which they all originate. It is not an energy but is that from which energy originates.”

“As we advance in consciousness, our bodies advance in refinement.”

“Wherever there is vibration there are wavelengths, and where there are wavelengths there are Trinities.’

“Teachings are always necessary in this physical existence because the soul itself does not teach, but verifies.”

“True humor is the symbol of the freedom of the soul, that’s why there is little of it in the totalitarian regimes.”

“The initiate Merlin made the “round table” where there was no head and no foot so that all the knights and even the King were equal.”

“When faith is sustained on a true principle a physical manifestation occurs.”

“The splitting of the atom and the releasing of the pure energy of Spirit is a perfect correspondence to the resurrection of Christ.”

“When the chord of truth is played by the God within it rings the same strings in the neophyte’s soul that also vibrated in the teacher, and in an instant they understand each other.”

“A path is not the end of a journey but a beginning.”

“Self consciousness in humans is geared toward the discovery of consciousness itself as well as that which consciousness takes in.”

“Electricity creates action from the center outwards and magnetism pulls from the periphery to the center causing concretization into form.”

“Those who imagine they find truth in untruth, and see untruth in truth, will never arrive at truth, but follow vain desires. They who know truth in truth, and untruth in untruth, arrive at truth, and follow true desires.” JJ

“When we die and are no longer connected to the physical or etheric brain our consciousness is altered.”

“The war between light and dark, as it plays out in present time on this planet, is between the philosophy of maximum freedom and maximum control at the expense of freedom.”

“The truth at the midway point is not usually a piece of data, but a true and accurate direction to obtain the most desirable of results.”

“If we fulfill the needs of others, then others must come to us, sooner or later, and fulfill our needs.”

“The mind is like a muscle and it cannot become strong enough to control the emotions without exercise, but after sufficient and regular exercise, it does become strong enough so mental control is effortless.”

“It is important that we be tolerant of completely honest communication so all can accurately portray their observations whatever they are.”

“If we do not play the role of God as Christ suggested then we must play at being something less than our true reality.”

“True discernment sees the many and allows one to find the true unity in the many.”

“Without the dominance of mind over emotion there will always be a lack of completion of purpose and a drifting off randomly in a new direction.”

“As we follow the scriptures, we see that God does periodically remove the wicked, but first He allows them to become ripened for destruction.”

“Fear is based on the unknown, but so is faith. When faced with the unknown a noble soul will have faith in himself, faith in his brothers and faith in God that good will prevail through the power of intelligent choice.”

“To be a victim of the Beast one must unquestionably follow an authority who takes the place of the inner authority of the God within.”

“Put your attention on finding that which is true rather than that which is in error.”

“One key for understanding soul contact is this. When soul contact is reached and held in consciousness the seeker will then be able to recognize others who have obtained it.”

“Our consciousness on this earth is created by perception of form. Consciousness without perception of form is not understood by us.”

“What is called the subconscious is composed of billions of tiny lives, each with an individual consciousness of their own.”

“When one puts his attention on seeing that which is true he is taking the inner right hand path.”

“Pain is caused by people identifying too strongly with physical reality.”

“There is a spirit in man which is real with enduring emotions, which, when made sensitive by obeying the commandments and exercising faith can bring us to a sure conviction of things unseen.”

“Many seekers believe that passion is a negative thing that must be stamped out, but if directed by the soul it can be put to very constructive use.”

“If negativity happens in the present we must not deny it, but see it for what it is and deal with it. Then we must focus on the positive things we are expecting and hoping for in our lives.”

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“Guilt is a negative force that focuses Attention on your imperfection and paralyzes your power of decision.”

“Thus either conscious or unconscious acts that restrict the flow of soul energy cause disease.”

“Even now the Jews still look for their savior. Today everyone is waiting for the beast and other signs that are already here.”

Older Archives

“There are only two observable energies in the Universe. They are called by many names, but each of them is either male or female.”

“Intuition opens the window of the soul and communicates with the world above the mind or higher – the formless worlds. It receives in the language of the soul.”

“Great change is always caused by a small number of people.”

“The only true Mighty and Strong One is the Spirit of God and he upon whom he descends is a vessel of strength but God is no respecter of persons and the Spirit can descend on anyone who is capable of receiving it.”

“A prophecy which is believed creates a thought-form from the power of thought and feeling, and its fulfillment is often more predicated on the shape of the thought than on the original will of God.”

“It may seem that honor and personal integrity is a thing of the past, but in reality it never is.”

“The “nothing is happening” feeling is an illusion; for as long as you are sustaining energy in the right direction a point of tension is being built that will produce creation.”

“There will come times when you must bet your life and more on your inner voice. You must learn to register it and then trust it with all you have.”

“When we recognize and master the hypnotic suggestions within us we become masters of our fate.”

“We have to be ready for knowledge before it can be poured into us. We have to be ready for the soul light.”

“Eternal words are very powerful and do not pass away because they carry in them the seed of an eternal principle.”

“Truth only exists in form. Any word, including truth needs form to express itself.”

“Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience can be lived.”

“The higher parts of ourselves are indeed always in Heaven, but that consciousness which includes the whole self cannot go there until the proper lessons are learned and Karma is worked out.”

“You are a reflection of the One God, but it takes many experiences to know ourselves in our consciousness. Consciousness is created by experience and if you do not have the necessary experience all the seeking in the world will add little.”

“The problem is that the conspiracy people have always looked for the problem where it is not rather than where it is.”

“The truth is that we are all co-creators with God and suffering exists because we either allow it or have not yet learned to master it.”

“Without the union of God with man then even God is not complete, or in an imperfect state.”

“There is no such thing as mind without emotion for one must pass through the world of emotion to develop mind.”

“All the peoples in the world must eventually be synthesized into the best of the teachings of the great masters of the past from both sides of the earth.”

“In general advanced souls do serve as angels or servants of the race between lives.”

“Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.”

“The true atonement is a revelation of the truth so illusion passes away and guilt is lifted. Then real progress can be made.”

“To achieve the highest possible union with the opposite sex, a person should approach a relationship from the “top down” (or from the mind down to the body), and not from the “bottom up,” as is the case with most people”. JJ

“The emotionally polarized person has instinct, can calculate and feel, but does not think.”

“The dead and the living have a karma that is intertwined, and we must both work together in the flesh again to correct all of our problems and the problems of the planet.”

“Now within the main quantum, or one second of human consciousness, there lies an eternity of time where billions of tiny lives are in motion and events are transpiring that would astound us if we could but observe all that is going on around and within us.”

“Most people do not need to recall a past life to be successful in the present. Become what you decide because of who you are now, not because of who you have been.”

“Because the future exists does not mean that it is set. Only the spirit of the future exists.”

“One can never become a Master unless he masters situations through his own intelligence and inner strength.”

“The creative hand is Purpose, the paintbrush is Love, and the beautiful colored paints are Light. These three form the Trinity of God, projected by the One Life and are the powers behind all creation.”

“The first thing to always keep in our consciousness is the realization that the past does distort the present.”

“Jesus is called the mediator between God and man because He had soul contact so He was able to mediate between the spirit energy and the matter energy. He was able to balance the boat. He was the first perfectly balanced man.”

“The next race, the sixth will not experience a great change in form but will be a synthesis of all races and the beauty of the individual will be refined. The change is more in consciousness than the physical form excepting that the majority will be beautiful.”

“The Spirit of the Earth is not God, but is an entity that is a unity of every life on the earth, and on its own plane is not as high in evolution as is a human being.”

“That which is in harmony with the Brotherhood of Light helps us move forward in taking our next step forward toward greater freedom, light and understanding.”

“Mind will also fight the higher light until it is forced by circumstances to confront it. At that time many illusionary thought forms are painfully shattered.”

“Even when new teachings and revelation are given out, the old is not discarded, but the proven good is retained and new stepping-stones on the path are placed.”

“When we unravel regular seeing then other things normally invisible comes into focus.”

“To convert the line of most resistance to the line of least resistance we must adapt.”

“A principle is the underlying truth that makes all facts valid. It requires judgment to use and can not be programmed into a computer.”

“Even so, humanity is the developing soul of the greater universe, but we, as a whole, at the present, are centered much more in the material than the spiritual.”

“The preservation of advances made by diligent souls is the origin of the maxim that “the good die young.”

“Always be suspicious when you see a belief that is gaining great popularity and look in the opposite direction. In that direction is much truth to be found.”

“Political truth cannot be divorced from spiritual truth for political truth is merely spiritual truth that has progressed beyond theory and some portion is actually being applied in a society past, present and future.”

“If a person claims to be a great one from the past yet does nothing great in the present then you can be assured that something does not compute.”

“To make real progress in spiritual evolution one must be willing to accept change, even if his whole belief system is shattered.”

“Science is beginning to recognize that disease is largely caused by an imbalance of energy, but what they do not realize is that lack of balance draws in many tiny elemental lives that nestle in the body and interfere with the correct flow of energy.”

“The Christ was above the consciousness of his disciples to a similar degree as the average person is above his pet.”

“Energy alone is not enough to maintain order in the universe, on a planet, in a body, a cell or an atom. That energy must be applied with intelligence.”

“There is emotional intelligence, intelligence of the higher mind, and spiritual intelligence.”

“In history those who attempted to rely on God and the scriptures have generally been proven wrong. Why? Because they threw out common sense and reasoning that God gave us to use.”

“The bottom line is this. If we look for the traditional Christ we will miss the real one for as it is written: “Behold, I do all things new.”

“Fear is overcome through using the mind to calculate the best possible moves to eliminate the perceived future loss.”

“Cowardice in the face of fear paralyzes, but fear faced with courage brings out the best in us and neutralizes the fear.”

“One should never use a vow or promise that is written by an outward authority unless it is fully understood and endorsed through considerable reflection.”

“What awaits us before and after death is the discovery of the truths behind the feeling nature. In the physical world we learn facts about the elements, nations, people, events, culture etc. In the astral world we learn about what we feel about them.”

“The beast represents the energy of unjust, unearned blind authority.”

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Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Keys Writings, Part 7

This entry is part 9 of 34 in the series 2011C

Aug 23, 2011

Let me welcome Lori as a new poster. She is not new to the teachings though for she is Duke’s (socioheresy) wife and I have met her several times. They are both very nice people.

Kris points out that that the posts here seem to lean to the right and wants to know if there is room for a liberal.

My answer is, yes, of course. In my first couple years of teaching on the Keys I pretty much stuck to metaphysics and members did not know what my political views were. I would guess at that time that the majority of the members were liberal. Eventually we did discuss politics and it turned out the majority posting anything political seemed to have more conservative views. At present we have a mixture of many political views here, but the most popular is probably libertarian.

When discussing pure metaphysical truth it doesn’t matter much what your political views are. People from all belief systems are looking for higher truth and answers to their many questions, There are not many places where the right and left can merge in a group and calmly talk politics together without insulting each other. We try and do that here.

The strongest arguments in political discussions though have come between me and several here that are not liberal by any means, but in many ways close to my libertarian thinking.

If a liberal here sees an error in thinking or disagrees with something said he or she is surely free to speak up. All we ask is that members stay on the plane of the mind as much as possible.

To insure that things stay fairly civil we do have moderation here. When a person joins he is automatically placed on moderation until we see he is a responsible poster. Then if a member gets out of control or quits and rejoins, he may be placed on moderation again.

You should have been here in the last days of the unmoderated group. The conflict really got to a point of tension and we had to make a change and overall moderation has helped, for the main thing it does is keep the troublemakers away. When they realize they can’t insult people they move on.

Anyway, I hope you feel welcome here.

Dream Book
Aug 23, 2011

I don’t think I ever told the group why I chose red as the dominate color for my books. I first started playing with writing around the age of 16 and I gave a couple things to a good friend to read. Then one day he comes to my place all excited and told me he had a dream about me that seemed very real and significant. He said that in the dream I had written a book that became a blockbuster seller and everyone was talking about it.

I asked him if he saw the title or what it was about.

He said he couldn’t recall the title but did remember it had a bright red cover.

I don’t know if there is anything to his dream but have used the idea of a red cover and plan to keep red prominent in future books.

Re: Book Cover2
Aug 24, 2011

Not only do most of the Keys members like your cover, but so does my wife so that just about seals it up.


Re: Book Cover2
Aug 24, 2011

Steve writes: Concerning your friend’s dream about a red book of yours becoming a bestseller, perhaps The Immortal is the one but has yet to make its mark. You can’t get much ‘redder’ than that.

Maybe the foundations are still being laid behind the scenes (spiritually speaking). There is something very special about that book.

JJ Yes, I still think that The Immortal could become a best seller if it got the right publicity. That could still be the book in my friend’s dream.

Molecular Art
Aug 24, 2011

Good to hear from you again Viggi.

This must be the artwork you created:

I had forgotten that it was you that designed it.

Mental Plane
Aug 25, 2011

Speaking of Ann Coulter and the mental plane – here is a great example of her intelligent writing on Darwinism.

While checking out this subject I discovered the best article yet on intelligent design. It is lengthy but worth the time to read it.

It starts out stating:

“IMAGINE A NANOTECHNOLOGY MACHINE far beyond the state of the art: a microminiaturized rotary motor and propeller system that drives a tiny vessel through liquid. The engine and drive mechanism are composed of 40 parts, including a rotor, stator, driveshaft, bushings, universal joint, and flexible propeller. The engine is powered by a flow of ions, can rotate at up to 100,000 rpm (ten times faster than a NASCAR racing engine), and can reverse direction in a quarter of a rotation. The system comes with an automatic feedback control mechanism. The engine itself is about 1/100,000th of an inch wide — far smaller than can be seen by the human eye.

“Most of us would be pleasantly surprised to learn that some genius had designed such an engineering triumph. What might come as a greater surprise is that there is a dominant faction in the scientific community that is prepared to defend, at all costs, the assertion that this marvelous device could not possibly have been designed, must have been produced blindly by unintelligent material forces, and only gives the appearance — we said appearance! — of being designed.”

Then I had to laugh at the author’s description of non believers stereotype of believers in intelligent design:

“Among certain sectors of the media, for example, it’s an article of faith that those who believe in God, or advocate principles supporting that belief, are just a mob of Bible-thumping, knuckle-dragging, Scripture-spouting, hellfire and brimstone-preaching, rightwing, gun-toting, bigoted, homophobic, moralistic, paternalistic, polyester-wearing, mascara-smeared, false-eyelashed, SUV-driving, Wal-Mart shopping, big hair, big gut, fat butt, holy-rolling, snake-handling, Limbaugh-listening, Bambi-shooting, trailer-park-dwelling, uneducated, ignorant, backwater, hayseed, hick, inbred, pinhead rubes — mostly from the South, or places no better than the South — who voted for Bush.”

That sentence is a masterpiece in description.

Re: Sharón prophecies from 26 June 2011
Aug 25, 2011

Ruth writes: JJ I have not read anywhere in your teachings about this point about Judas that Sharón mentioned:

“Northern India will produce proof that Judas Iscariot did not betray Jesus but a guy with a similar name… Authorities attempted to change the story by rewriting that one of Jesus’ own disciples betrayed him in an attempt to discredit Christ. The new books will expose their illusion.”

Any clarification on that?

Judas was like the one chosen to betray Jesus, from my understanding.

JJ Variations on the idea that the disciple Judas did not betray Christ has been around since the days of early Christianity.

I believe the betrayal as portrayed in the gospels is fairly accurate. This is also supported in the Gospel of the Nazirenes, believed to be the earliest gospel, and the Aquarian Gospel.

I am not infallible so there is nothing wrong with members having another opinion.

Re: Mental Plane
Aug 25, 2011

JJ posted: Among certain sectors of the media, for example, it’s an article of faith that those who believe in God, or advocate principles supporting that belief, are just a mob of Bible-thumping, knuckle-dragging, Scripture-spouting, hellfire and brimstone-preaching, rightwing, gun-toting, bigoted, homophobic, moralistic, paternalistic, polyester-wearing, mascara-smeared, false-eyelashed, SUV-driving, Wal-Mart shopping, big hair, big gut, fat butt, holy-rolling, snake-handling, Limbaugh-listening, Bambi-shooting, trailer-park-dwelling, uneducated, ignorant, backwater, hayseed, hick, inbred, pinhead rubes — mostly from the South, or places no better than the South — who voted for Bush.”

That sentence is a masterpiece in description.

Judy: I just do not agree with that sentence and do not find it to be truthful although colourful. I do not associate Republicans with the image she depicted.

JJ But you are not the media. From my listening to the mainstream media this is te way many think of conservatives, especially the Tea Party.

The Majority Speaks
Aug 26, 2011

Larry Woods passed through Boise a couple weeks ago and he, Lorraine and I had breakfast together. He was excited about starting a chapter of The Majority Speaks in his area and he asked me what project we should pick to push. He was thinking of something like, “No taxes on the internet.”

We didn’t have much time and I wasn’t able to give him a complete answer so I thought I would add a few details here.

The first problem Larry or others have to deal with is that I have not yet started the central organization here in Boise. I plan on doing this after the book is published and not before. I’ll have a lot more clout with influencing people when I can present myself as the author of a unique political book.

When I begin the organization the first goal will not be to implement one of the 95 points, but to gather and organize groups in order to garner sufficient power to create change. If we only have a handful of members and attempt to change national policy and attitudes then we are doomed to failure.

The first step is to gather enough laborers so we have a chance to become a center of influence.

Now, if Larry or someone else wants to get started early I would suggest that he seek to gather people around him that are interested in some of the 95 theses or points I made as well as participating in a more direct democracy. He could organize this like a study class and invite in guest political speakers. There are many in the political arena who like to speak and many looking for interesting speakers.

Larry reminded me of my teaching that we need to concentrate on one thing at a time rather than scattering our energies and wanted me to name one of the 95 points in which to begin.

I don’t plan on pushing any one of the 95 points at the beginning (except to group members) but will concentrate on teaching the groups the basic idea that people can create change and have a strong influence on how our politicians vote.

As the group grows we will use our influence to encourage members to create activists groups centered around the 95 points. Ideally a group created around this idea would pick only one of the points so their energy can be concentrated. I see the main purpose of the initiating group would be to promote direct democracy and encourage the adaptation of the 95 points.

If this project becomes successful it is bound to draw attention to my other writings. This is likely to lead to some controversy, which may turn out to be a good thing.

Re: The Majority Speaks
Aug 26, 2011

I haven’t changed my mind on the one thing at a time approach but to influence an issue takes a lot of money and manpower. Since we will not have that on start-up the one thing we will be teaching group members is about their own power and motivating them to use it. Group members may go several different directions with their own “one thing” which we will support if it makes sense.

Once we have the manpower to influence legislation then we’ll examine the field to see what the next best one thing will be – probably implementing Molecular Politics.


Re: The Majority Speaks
Aug 26, 2011

Blayne: Sorry I couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony of a central organization promoting direct democracy 😉

JJ I don’t see the irony. There are central organizations in any endeavor. Not much can happen without them.

Blayne It sort of speaks to where we are as a people. I see the free market as the ultimate direct democracy

JJ I am a big promoter of the free market but don’t see it as having much to do with democracy, but a result of democracy. The free market does not elect a President or Congress, but a democracy can.

Blayne: if you will but the majority of people still need some central authority and refuse to claim their full rights to individual self determination and self government as long as they are harming no one.

JJ It sounds like you want to throw out the Constitution and have no president or Congress, or even state legislators. Perhaps you could clarify as I have a hard time thinking you believe this.

Even in an entirely free market you have strong central authorities created. If you start a business and hire twelve people you are then their central authority and have life and death power over their jobs, which can put the fear of God in them.

Blayne One of the main problems is the majority of people accept the idea the government or central authority has a right to intervene in almost every aspect of the individuals or groups lives. I doubt direct democracy will cure this wrong belief.

JJ It wouldn’t cure the problem, but the majority believe the government is too intrusive and that is a starting point.

Re: The Majority Speaks
Aug 26, 2011

The issues I see us dealing with are those that naturally evolve which is normally one main issue at a time. The last main issue was raising the debt ceiling. The one before that was the Health Care Bill. As these issues come to the forefront we can take majority opinion beliefs that make sense and offer solutions.

To take an issue and force it on the public consciousness as happened with the Health Care bill would cost billions of dollars. By taking something already in the public’s concern we save a giant costly step.

When the organization becomes large and powerful it can then introduce ideas for change that are not already in the front pages.

One thing that is coming before the public more is the changing of the Constitution by either adding amendments or a Constitutional Convention. We’ll have to watch this and see where it goes. JJ

Re: The Majority Speaks
Aug 27, 2011

Blayne The free market is the purist form of democracy WITH NO CENTRAL AUTHORITY! Just people voting with their feet or wallets deciding market trends demand etc. period.

JJ I’ve never heard the free market where people vote with their feet called a democracy before. Everyone I have ever seen write about it just calls it a free market or capitalism for there are no ballots and you elect no people to represent you. It appears you have an unusual personal definition of democracy.

The terms, democracy, republic, monarchy etc usually have to do with government rather than business.

Quoting JJ I don’t see the irony. There are central organizations in any endeavor. Not much can happen without them.

Blayne Really? Seriously? Read my explanation to Dan above…

JJ I still don’t get it.

Blayne Wow… So you don’t see people VOTING with their feet and wallets in a free market as having anything to do with democracy?

JJ People are voting with their feet in China as far as business goes but they do not have a democracy or close to it. Business is business and politics is politics – two different animals.

Blayne: The free market does not need to elect a congress it allows people to decide for themselves.

JJ No one said they needed to elect a Congress.

Quoting JJ Even in an entirely free market you have strong central authorities created. If you start a business and hire twelve people you are then their central authority and have life and death power over their jobs, which can put the fear of God in them.

Blayne You certainly have a strange view of a free market. There are no central authorities in an entirely free market.

JJ So are you saying that your version of the free market will have no bosses or owners who are the central authorities in their business??? It sounds like you think a free market will not create any business larger than one person.

As long as you allow the freedom for people to own their business and hire people you will have central authorities created. The central authority is called the “boss” or maybe just “the owner,” or “president.”

I am really curious about clarification here as I cannot imagine the existence of any substantial business without a central authority whether in or out of a free society.

The Majority Speaks
Aug 27, 2011

The problem that the debate has evolved into (as it often does) is that we have veered away from the original argument and Blayne and Larry are arguing against something I never said – something with which I agree.

Yes a free market where people vote with their feet loosely uses the democratic principle. That is not part of any argument. On this we agree.

However in order to communicate it is good to use words as they are currently defined and rarely would anyone call Walmart a democracy. They call it a business. Yes, people do make it successful by voting with their feet.

Here are three popular definitions of the word Democracy and a business doesn’t fit any of them:

▸ noun: the political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives ▸ noun: a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them ▸ noun: the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group

That said let us get back to the real disagreement rather than arguing that with which we agree.

The problem started with Blayne quoting me as follows:

“The first problem Larry or others have to deal with is that I have not yet started the central organization here in Boise… I see the main purpose of the initiating group would be to promote direct democracy…”

It appeared to me that Blayne thought that any central organization or central authority was completely unnecessary for he responded:

“I see the free market as the ultimate direct democracy if you will but the majority of people still need some central authority and refuse to claim their full rights to individual self determination and self government as long as they are harming no one. Many people see this as chaos however it really does not preclude group work it just makes it all voluntary instead of coerced and forced by government or central authority.”

JJ This sounded like you disagreed with my plan to create a central authority in the planned political organization and I responded as follows:

“Even in an entirely free market you have strong central authorities created. If you start a business and hire twelve people you are then their central authority and have life and death power over their jobs, which can put the fear of God in them.”

Then in your responses following you seemed to disagree with this, bringing in the idea of businesses voting with their feet which had nothing to do with the disagreement.

So, here seems to be the point of disagreement.

I believe that it is unavoidable to have a central authority in almost any successful enterprise.

If you have a successful business with 30 employees that is participating in the free market then that business will have an owner/president that will be a central authority. If you have a crew of twelve then a manager will be a central authority to the twelve.

If you have a Masonic lodge, a church, a charity or anything organized you will have some presiding central authority giving it structure and purpose. It is as DK says – “All is hierarchy.”

You seem to disagree with me on this and think that if we just have a free-for-all then churches will not need pastors, business will not need managers or owners, lodges will not need presidents but everything will just move ahead with no organization necessary or central authorities at all.

I think the Second Key of Judgment is the key to understanding here. Strong central government governmental authority that strictly governs lives and does now allow any freedom to make decisions on levels below it are indeed terrible and tyrannical. This is one extreme. But the other extreme is also destructive where no central authority would exist in the various organizations.

Central authorities in organizations that people are free to reject by leaving or voting the guy out are essential and no civilization in the history of earth has been without them.

I am amazed that my stand on this obvious point has caused such disagreement.

Re: The Majority Speaks
Aug 27, 2011
I made a typo or two that needed correction. Disregard my previous post and read this.

The problem that the debate has evolved into (as it often does) is that we have veered away from the original argument and Blayne and Larry are arguing against something I never said – something with which I agree.

Yes a free market where people vote with their feet loosely uses the democratic principle. That is not part of any argument. On this we agree.

However in order to communicate it is good to use words as they are currently defined and rarely would anyone call Walmart a democracy. They call it a business. Yes, people do make it successful by voting with their feet.

Here are three popular definitions of the word Democracy and a business doesn’t fit any of them:

▸ noun: the political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives ▸ noun: a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them ▸ noun: the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group

That said let us get back to the real disagreement rather than arguing that with which we agree.

The problem started with Blayne quoting me as follows:

“The first problem Larry or others have to deal with is that I have not yet started the central organization here in Boise… I see the main purpose of the initiating group would be to promote direct democracy…”

It appeared to me that Blayne thought that any central organization or central authority was completely unnecessary for he responded:

“I see the free market as the ultimate direct democracy if you will but the majority of people still need some central authority and refuse to claim their full rights to individual self determination and self government as long as they are harming no one. Many people see this as chaos however it really does not preclude group work it just makes it all voluntary instead of coerced and forced by government or central authority.”

JJ This sounded like you disagreed with my plan to create a central authority in the planned political organization and I responded as follows:

“Even in an entirely free market you have strong central authorities created. If you start a business and hire twelve people you are then their central authority and have life and death power over their jobs, which can put the fear of God in them.”

Then in your responses following you seemed to disagree with this, bringing in the idea of businesses voting with their feet which had nothing to do with the disagreement.

So, here seems to be the point of disagreement.

I believe that it is unavoidable to not have a central authority in almost any successful enterprise.

If you have a successful business with 30 employees that is participating in the free market then that business will have an owner/president that will be a central authority. If you have a crew of twelve then a manager will be a central authority to the twelve.

If you have a Masonic lodge, a church, a charity or anything organized you will have some presiding central authority giving it structure and purpose. It is as DK says – “All is hierarchy.”

You seem to disagree with me on this and think that if we just have a free-for-all then churches will not need pastors, business will not need managers or owners, lodges will not need presidents but everything will just move ahead with no organization necessary or central authorities at all.

I think the Second Key of Judgment is the key to understanding here. Strong central government governmental authority that strictly governs lives from which there is no escape and does now allow any freedom to make decisions on levels below it are indeed terrible and tyrannical. This is one extreme. But the other extreme is also destructive where no central authority would exist in the various organizations and you have a free-for-all instead.

Central authorities in organizations that people are free to reject by leaving that organization or voting the guy out are essential and no civilization in the history of earth has been without them.

I am amazed that my stand on this obvious point has caused such disagreement.

Re: The Majority Speaks
Aug 27, 2011

Wow, Blayne, you have my head spinning. At first I thought you disagreed with me that a central authority was necessary for groups and organizations – now I am not sure so I do not know where to approach or clarify.

If you can point to any disagreement so I can understand then I will seek to clarify my position. If we agree then we can move on.

There is one specific thing you said to which I take issue. You say: “The definition of central authority is the anti-thesis to direct democracy.”

Now in a democracy as defined by the dictionary (not speaking of a loosely used principle) a leader is elected and then that leader becomes a central authority to the group. I see no irony here.

Even in a business where people vote with their feet a central authority exists within that business. This is something that just always happens so I do not see the irony if you’re thinking irony-odd. If you’re thinking irony because two opposites are involved in creation then I can see your point, but then a marriage would also be ironic.

Re: The Majority Speaks
Aug 27, 2011

I don’t personally see the irony between democracy of any kind and central authority that develops in organizations that spring up in a free society because it makes sense to me but I see where you are coming from.

The irony thing alone would not have been enough to make me respond to your post. The reason I responded is because you said, “The definition of central authority is the anti-thesis to direct democracy.

My point was no matter whether you have a direct democracy, a representative democracy or any other type of government you will have various central authorities spring up. They will be created in business, groups, clubs churches – anything with an organization.

Even in the direct democracy I advocate there will be various central authorities spring up – “ironically” as you say, even in the group promoting such an endeavor. A Senator or Representative, even though he shares the vote, will be somewhat of a central authority as the manager to his co-legislators. He decides how to handle the committees he is in, what legislation he wants to introduce, what materials and information to make available and doesn’t have to take counsel as to how to do his job in mixing with the senate – except when it comes to voting on essential issues. He’s the central figure co-legislators look to for assistance and direction and has powers given to him by his office that voters do not have.

Blayne: Their (businesses) central authority is limited to their business and has nothing to do with the democracy of the free market.

JJ But these central authorities in business will spring from a free market and be stronger than in a dictatorship. In a dictatorship the power of the business owner is diminished or even shared by the state. In a free market the business has one strong central authority – the owner/president etc.

I don’t see how we can possibly disagree on something so basic. I think when I say “central, authority” you must visualize an omnipotent Big Brother controlling all things in the country and that was far from my mind.

I agree with what you said about business being little dictatorships and pointed that out in my treatise on the Molecular Business, which seeks to incorporate more democratic principles into business giving the employees more participation and to diminish the dictatorial powers of the bosses.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Keys Writings, Part 6

This entry is part 8 of 34 in the series 2011C

Ruth and your illness
Aug 19, 2011

Judy: I am not sure you are understanding the soul level hurt that you have inflicted by denying and negating and trivializing the hurtfulness she (Ruth) felt.

JJ I sense she has hurt feelings but I do not recall saying anything negating or trivializing them.

Judy: I hope you will reread the hurtful comments made to her for no good reason whatsoever.

JJ I do not recall saying anything that should have hurt anyone but emotions are not logical and if she has hurt feelings because of me she should contact me, communicate them to me and seek to resolve them.

All the members of the list need to be prepared to take a little criticism now and then and realize that their imperfection in the eyes of some is not the end of the world.

To Ruth With Love
Aug 20, 2011

Ruth: Maybe the only real mistake I made was that I attacked what I saw as Illusion in people’s posts, which in turn, made them feel uneasy and they saw me in a bad light.

JJ I think this is a mistake you have been making. When you see illusion in what others are saying it is not wise to point it out each time you see it. I point out maybe 10-20% of the illusion I see going on. If I were to point it all out then I would be seen as very obnoxious. In addition to this there is always the chance the person pointing out the illusion is in more illusion than the one being pointed to.

The second key of judgment is crucial here.

Ruth: However, if over the years in my endeavor to travel this path of discipleship and challenge other’s illusions etc, I have hurt some people’s feelings, then I do truly apologize. Yes, I am not perfect. Yes, I have attacked some people who have come to this group only to hurt the credentials of JJ’s teachings

JJ I haven’t seen any supporter complain about that. If someone comes here with guns blazing then they are asking for it.

Ruth and Yes I can sound very blunt when I write, but at least I still have a fire in my heart and I am not that cold and unfeeling.

JJ No one has ever accused you of being cold and unfeeling so why bring this up? I think all realize you have a fire in your heart.

Ruth because I try to use my mental body as well. Using the mental body and working from that realm, does not mean that one then becomes unfeeling.

JJ Being polarized in the mental body has nothing to do with whether or not one has feelings for we all do. It means your decisions are made there.

Ruth Yes I can seem pushy. Yes, I have hit back when others hit me, but does this really detract away from who I am and what I want to achieve for the BOL? Obviously, for a select few of you here, it does.

JJ Actually, it does have an effect if you see yourself as a monitor of illusion and never let an illusion or error from someone else pass you by. Since you have been posting much more than anyone else you have a responsibility to use good judgment so that sincere seekers are not irritated or feel uncomfortable.

Ruth: Apparently, some here are that crystallized in looking only at my personality, that obviously JJ’s teachings have not sunk into their minds that well so far on seeing PAST the personality.

JJ This paragraph is an example of you making a judgment and somewhat irritating statement that can turn readers off. You are making the negative judgment that a number of members (apparently those who disagree with you) are crystallized and looking at your personality rather than your soul. My writings have not sunk in and they see only the past. This is pretty harsh and there is little evidence that it is even true. The worst part of it is that you see yourself as being virtuously honest rather than harshly judgmental when you make statements like this.

I think you need to stand back and monitor your effect on others and try and see your responsibility on the matter and then seek to be more harmless.

Ruth: Now after some contemplation over the past few days, I am going to have my say to JJ and Dan’s posts, as harmless as possible, because to some degree, I do feel like I was put through the Inquisition again.

JJ I think your imagination is running wild here. There has been some mild criticism and disagreement with you but it has been far from an inquisition, except in your mind.

Ruth: Yes I wanted to “force your hand”. You need to address some of these issues with your members or best friends sometimes JJ. Being mentally polarized does not mean one can sweep any emotional issues with friends under the carpet.

JJ I do not get involved every time someone feels emotional about something. This applies to my personal life as well as my online life. If I did I would never feel any peace. I only get involved when either my emotions or the well being of the group is substantially effected.

The time when sweeping emotions under the rug is negative is when it is a persons own emotions are effected and need to be dealt with and I do this when my emotions warrant it. I do not govern myself by what is decreed by the emotions of others, however. Have no power to sweep other people’s emotions under the rug.

Quoting JJ: You have always been oversensitive when the slightest criticism of you surfaces.

Ruth: Maybe that is because I am a woman? What you see as “oversensitive” is merely me expressing my true feelings and I deal with those feelings also. Maybe it would help if some men here got back in touch with their emotional/feminine side sometimes also? If I was that oversensitive I would have left the group ten years ago when I was verbally attacked by some of the members here in the Triads.

JJ You have left the group a number of times and did leave the Triads and it has little to do with you being a woman. Both males and females are sensitive to criticism and both sexes need to have a thick skin to be invoked in group endeavor. It is true that females are more grounded in emotion but both sexes have a difficult time with criticism.

Ruth I do not want to be commended. What I want is for some people to stop insinuating that I have constantly turned away people from this group with my posts. This is another lie.

JJ I’m sure I have turned people off being here myself so what makes you so sure you have not? Why do you think this is a lie when some tell you otherwise? Instead of dismissing this perhaps you ought to reflect on your own blind spots – you think you see them in me – perhaps you have them too.

Ruth: Only about 20% of my posts were attacking. Maybe I do not handle 1st Ray energy too well, but at least I tried to get a point across that I thought was going to help other people. JJ Sometimes I’m sure you did help people, but sometimes you have irritated them. When you get negative feedback, instead of dismissing it, you should examine it to see if there is any truth there.

Quoting JJ: My approach here and on the Sealed Portion has been the same. Sometimes when you have stood up for me either here or there I think you are doing a great job and other times I feel a little uncomfortable with your zeal. Then there are times you make mistakes about my thinking and I will correct you.

Ruth: Why didn’t you immediately point out to me when I made you feel a little uncomfortable, rather than say nothing about it until now?

JJ Because the few times I have given any criticism to you in the past has caused a very strong emotional reaction and you either threaten to quit the group or do quit for a time. I then wind up spending a lot of time going back and forth as we are now – for as you can see the mild criticism I gave you the other day has caused a strong reaction again. I therefore concluded that I will hold off criticizing you unless it completely necessary.

Ruth: Yet you would not stand up for me over here? Interesting, considering how many times I am criticized in this group.

JJ If people in the group give mild criticism of each other I usually do not get involved. Most of the criticism directed at you and others has been quite mild and often represents sincere feelings. Many of your criticisms also have been mild and I did see the need to get involved.

If I got involved every time there was a criticism here I would have time to do nothing else.

For me to comment on a criticism that is not directed at me it has to either disrupt the group or be outrageously untrue.

Ruth By implying to all your other students here that I had “endless” conflicts with John Crane also creates a negative view about me and my posts, and I thought that you would be above that. However, maybe you too, need to learn to choose your words more carefully when dealing with other people who have stood by you for many years.

JJ Yet when some tell you that you need to choose your words more carefully the situations becomes a full blown crises. Do you see me becoming highly offended because of this criticism that you just gave me? I could interpret it to mean that I should sit down and shut up.

Ruth: So instead of looking at the positives in my post, you guys skip over the most important part where I said “how can we get this book out into the public eye”, which surely is more important that what cover is on the front?

JJ When you accused the group of bickering – when they were not – this was insulting and this overshadowed anything you said afterwards. 99% of the people are affected this way when accused of something of which they feel not guilty.

Ruth; Why did you design a cover and then suggest that we have input? Isn’t that a bit back to front? That is like cooking us a dinner and then saying “what do you want to eat for dinner”?

JJ You’re criticizing me again! Maybe I’ll go ballistic.

No. It’s not like that. It’s like inviting people over for a dinner that is not ye cooked, but only planned (the book is not published yet). Then you get a sense that the guests are not happy with the meal so you ask them if the planned Pizza is okay or perhaps something else. Then a friend volunteers to make us ribeye steaks and we decide to go with that.

Ruth Logically if you wanted our input as a group, wouldn’t you have asked us first about a cover, rather than when it has been drawn up? That is what I was questioning? Is that too much of an attack question?

JJ Who in the world said you couldn’t ask a question.

I can’t ask what you think about a cover until I have a cover to show you. Because it is my book I decided to create a cover I liked. I have a perfect right to do this. However, we all want the book to succeed and if I get a strong response that another cover would work better I am open to this.

Ruth: Just because I mistakenly wrote “bickering” rather than “debating”, I am then berated by Dan and have false accusations made about me by Dan, and yet, you allow this also. Why? Because of freedom of speech?

JJ You really sound like a victim here. I suggest you rise above this mentality as it does not serve you well.

You dished out criticism and got some back and I am supposed to take sides. I do not do this unless the offense is egregious or someone presenting a definite falsehood.

Rob reamed Blayne with many times the intensity as anything you have received and he took it pretty good without lashing back.

Ruth: Is there really freedom of speech here? I do not think so. Socio has already said to me in a private email, that if I do not.

JJ What in the world does private emails have to do with your free speech here, especially concerning those who are not moderated? You say you do not have free speech because you have to watch your every word. Well, I have to watch my every word much more than you and do not see myself as being a victim without free speech and neither should you. This is a totally unjustified complaint.

Ruth (BTW, all I wrote to Socio was that Dan should stop sucking up JJ’s arse)!

JJ You must have missed the conflict Dan and I had over Eckhart Tolle which was anything but him sucking up.

Quoting JJ: It is true he could have been more diplomatic, but he responded there in a similar manner as you probably would have if the shoe was on the other foot.

RJ: This is another falsehood JJ and I cannot believe you of all people said this about me. I have NEVER said to another member here to sit back and shut up,

JJ You’re interpreting too much in black and white here. I didn’t mean you would respond in the exact same words, but in a similar manner. You just accused Dan of being a suck-up, which was just as negative.

Ruth: You do not scold Dan ever? You do not scold anyone that is your favorite old time member. You have plenty to say to me though about me always being on the “attack”.

JJ I haven’t criticized you for quite a while. Can you remember the last time I did (before the current conflict)? I can’t remember the last time I scolded anyone here. I try to avoid scolding.

I remind the group as a whole of the rules once in a while but these posts re for all.

Ruth: Maybe it is your fault for people leaving this group because you are the one who had the power to put me on permanent moderation for ten years, so that I never could offend anyone in the group ever, and so no one would leave. You could have shut my posts down years ago, if my “attacking” posts were that damaging, but you let me continue on with my defensiveness over you and with my apparent “brow beating”. So who is really at fault here?

JJ: First, I have never said your posts are “damaging.” We are having this conversation because you have had negative interplay with others besides myself.

Yes, I could have placed you on moderation but I didn’t think you warranted it. I take full responsibility for you not having been on moderation.

Since you have quit the group and signed back on you are automatically on moderation for a time (as are all who do this). For a time, I may give you advice on some of your posts before they are approved in the hope that your relationships here may improve. I did this with Judy and I think her posts have made a huge improvement.

Quoting JJ: Have I not given you enough pats on the back? Is that the problem here?

RJ: This statement is unnecessarily sarcastic. So this is the example I am to follow in your footsteps when I post in the future, yes?

JJ Fine with me. I wouldn’t find this type of talk offensive.

Ruth Where did I write in my post that I wanted pats on the back also?

JJ You have complained numerous times in this post (and previously) that I have favorites that do not include you. Obviously, I give them pats on the back and not you. Why else would you complain about my (imaginary) favorites unless you feel cheated out of pats on the back?


When some people here are making it seem that nearly all of my past posts to the group have been damaging.

JJ I do not think anyone here thinks “nearly all” your posts have been damaging.


Think again. I used to get encouragement for attacking back sometimes by you on the SP. You used to attack people on that political posting group in Boise that you were on. Why is that okay for you to do, but not me?

JJ I encourage putting someone in their place if they attack with guns blazing, but when we are among friends then we should treat them as friendly as possible. I see all those here who post regularly as my friends as well as most of the lurkers.

Quoting JJ: When someone disagrees with you, you need to ask yourself how you can respond in such a way that you appear poised and unruffled and in control of your emotions.

Ruth: Like I am doing now? Like I have done many times over the past ten years in most of my posts? 80% of the time I am in control of my emotions, but because I am a woman, I am always seen as being overtly emotional or oversensitive when I write something that you men don’t want to hear or do not like. Maybe it’s that old Mormon upbringing that I do not clearly understand? How are the women treated in Mormonville? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?

JJ There you go again, insulting us guys by lumping us in with old school Mormons or fundamentalists. Normally, I would overlook this but since I am trying guide you to group harmony I am pointing this out.

Ruth: So do you always expect me to have such negative come backs?

JJ Always? You know better than that, but when someone gives an attack on you or posts illusion you often let then have it.

Ruth: No wonder your friends would prefer me to leave the group than stay here then..

JJ No one has said this that I know of. There you go playing the victim again.

Ruth: I am not playing the victim. You always use this excuse for those of us who see things a bit differently than you do.

JJ I don’t think so.

Ruth There are always enemies of God in this World. Maybe you should have pointed this out to me ten years ago, that I should only appear as a friendly little Queen, with no emotions,

JJ The problem here is going over your head. It has nothing to do with the fact that you have emotions. We all have emotions. You just have to read over your posts before sending them and use good judgment to make sure they do not insult anyone and are as harmless as possible.

Ruth: Did you not teach that a more mental person has to step back down into his emotional body to deal with other emotional people? I see Dan as emotional when he criticizes. Does that mean he is oversensitive also?

JJ Is it possible you are wrong about Dan? Think about it.

Quoting JJ There’s a lot of good things said and done here that receive no pats on the back. If I gave to everyone who deserved then I would be giving out so many they would be meaningless.

RJ: There are not 400 members posting here, so your pats on the back to the few who do post should at least be equal.

JJ Anyone who expects equal pats on the back for all will surely be disappointed for all are different with different talents and write on different subjects.

Ruth: For example. “Good point, Larry”, or “Good point, Judes”, or “Good point, Blayne”. So far, it is only “Good point, Dan” that you usually point out. I guess that is because Dan thinks like you do?

JJ You say you do not want pats on the back but you seem obsessed with pats on the back. Maybe some self-inspection is in order. I have given you compliments but it appears, not enough.

Ruth: Not everyone treats me as a friend here and that is to be expected. I can’t please everyone in life. We all form various friendships in life, and some more than others. My personality may repulse some here, so that they do not even want me on their friend list, and that is okay also.

JJ I think you are creating a bogyman here and if you do some minor fine-tuning of your wording then all here will suddenly seem friendly.

Ruth: Question: If your wife got emotional or upset at you, do you tell her to just let go of the astral stuff and come up higher and enjoy her time with you?

JJ Maybe not that same wording but something similar.

Ruth Is this how we are supposed to deal with our emotional conflicts and issues? That is not what you have taught.

JJ I believe we are supposed to deal with each situation with judgment to the best of our ability. I believe that you have not made certain corrections because you see yourself as having advanced beyond the astral and I thought that word would get your attention and maybe cause some introspection.

To be offended so easily is caused by astral thinking, but if you think you have risen above it, or only sink to it because of a mental decision, then you may not take the steps you need to escape the astral influence.

Ruth: We have to lay our cards on the table in a harmless manner. However some here, have various views on what defines harmless and what isn’t harmless, and now they have portrayed me as harmful in all my posts, rather than just some of my past posts.

JJ Again, I do not recall anyone saying all your posts are harmful. You are coming across as the victim again. I know you think that you do not see yourself as a victim, but you really come across that way and it would really help your relationship with many in the group if you did not project this image.

The second thing you could do to aid in your group relationships is to not concentrate on correcting illusion or mistakes of those friendly to the group. Instead just concentrate on making posts with good usable information and opinion.

I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings with this post as I value you highly as a member of the Keys and glad to see you progressing in knowledge. As always, I look forward to a long and productive relationship.

Re: Guns Blazing
Aug 20, 2011

No, Blayne would not be classified as “guns blazing” for he is here to sincerely contribute. He merely disagreed and that is fine. As a mater of fact I posted a complimentary note about how well he handled being ganged up on but it seemed to have gotten lost in the ethers.

We haven’t had too many guns blazing posters since we have been on moderation. The Benjamin Creme disciple was one as well as that unauthorized Dahesh disciple a while back. When there was no moderation we had Paul and Zia who seemed to only be here to set me straight. Others have come on making insults but they do not last long.

Overall the moderation program has helped a lot to stabilize the list. Now our main distraction is when a faithful member takes us temporarily off track.

Comments on Ruth
Aug 21, 2011

I thought I would make a few comments concerning the recent conflict.

Ruth has been my biggest defender as well as posting on the Keys more than any other member including myself.

Because of the recent conflict I would guess she feels that all this dedication she has demonstrated is not appreciated. I want to make it clear that she is appreciated. Many times over the years she has either defended me, the teachings, or just the plain truth and this has been very helpful and appreciated. Then there are a number of times she has been overzealous and rubbed a few the wrong way. Does this mean she is a failure and not appreciated?

No. Of course not. It means she is human with flaws and rough edges just like the rest of us.

Does it mean she should resign from the group (which she has) so she will no longer be any bother to us?

No. This is the line of least resistance – the easy path that doesn’t help the disciple to move to his next step.

What would I recommend she do then?

The same thing I have recommended to numerous seekers who have tread the path a few steps and then want to retreat because they step on a thorn. You cannot get to the path’s destination if you do not continue on the path and surmount the obstacles on the way.

Ruth has encountered an obstacle. Forget whether or not the problem is her fault or someone elses. It is now up to her to examine the obstacle and solve it so she can continue treading the path with joy.

The inclination of the seeker on hearing this advice is to say there are many paths to the same goal and he or she is just going to withdraw, do something different and maybe take a different path.

This seems the easy way out, but it is not. The reason is that the obstacle that is before her now will come back with a vengeance if she takes a new path. She has to begin at the beginning of a new path and while treading it will encountering the same obstacle again. Solving it will take much longer than if she just continues here and solves what is in front of her now.

Her recent conversation with Dan tells us that progress is here just waiting to be made.

Ruth is family here but all does not always run smooth with family relationships. Some family members irritate me now and then but I still love them and look forward to seeing them at family gatherings. Even so, I am sure I speak for all when I say that Ruth will be welcome back whenever she wants to join us again.

Book Cover2
Aug 21, 2011
Here are two variations of Steve’s book cover. Let me know what you think and which one you like best.

Re: The Five Tibetans
Aug 22, 2011

A while back Larry posted a video on some exercises that are supposed to restore a person to his youth. Here is the reference:

Then Dan found a booklet on it for us to download. You can find it here.

The theory is that the exercises stimulate the spin of the centers which slow down with age. The idea is that when we obtain the spin we had in our youth that we will grow younger.

It sounded pretty good so I decided to give it a try. You start with three repetitions and increase three a week until you get to the twenty-one.

I’ve finally got to the 21 repetitions so I thought I would give this a report.

I’m not sure if I am growing younger yet but 21 repetitions of the five exercises really gives you a workout where you need it and works a variety of muscles, especially the abdominal area.

I used to do yoga regularly many years ago but quit when I got too busy. I wish now I hadn’t because any yoga type exercises are good for you.

To the five exercises I have added my favorite yoga one which I am glad I have not lost the ability to do. This is the headstand. It’s fairly easy to do the wrong way where you put pressure on your head. This is an example of the wrong way: You can damage your neck if you stand directly on your head.

Here is me in my restored youthful body doing it the right way:

Okay. I admit that’s not me, but give me a while.

This guy does the exercise right in that he places his head in his arms and they take all the impact. Using this method one can do a headstand on a cement floor without harm.

This takes a little practice to achieve but it is exhilarating when you do and supplies good nourishment to the brain cells.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Keys Writings, Part 5

This entry is part 7 of 34 in the series 2011C

Friction Among Friends
Aug 15, 2011

When my friends have friction between themselves I attempt to not take sides unless someone’s does something quite egregious. My plan in this case was to just let the interplay do its job and work itself out while I concentrate on other things, but this last post by Ruth kind of forced my hand, as I believe some of her statements need some comment.

Ruth: I am going to get it all of my chest, once and for all.

Now I have tried to change my writing style many times over the past few years to suit those here who are easily offended, and still I am called a brow beater etc. no matter how I write. Please Note: I do not write things with the intention of brow beating.

JJ It appears to me that your approach and writing style in dealing with others has been pretty much the same over the years. You have always been oversensitive when the slightest criticism of you surfaces. This has not changed and because of this perhaps your efforts in between criticisms have not been noticed as you desire. When you talk of metaphysics, however, you have displayed an increase in knowledge and it is obvious that you have been doing a lot of thinking. You are to be commended on this.

Ruth: However, when I stuck up for JJ on the Sealed Portion group, he seemed to be okay about how forceful I was in my defense of him and his teachings?

JJ My approach here and on the Sealed Portion has been the same. Sometimes when you have stood up for me either here or there I think you are doing a great job and other times I feel a little uncomfortable with your zeal. Then there are times you make mistakes about my thinking and I will correct you.

I am criticized more on the Sealed Portion list so standing up for me there is probably more helpful.

Ruth So perhaps I have become confused over the years between the approach that I took there on how I initially attacked what I saw as illusion in people’s posts (I was not attacking the people personally), compared to how I attack illusion here, and because I could be that way on the SP group and it was okay with JJ, so when I write on here to some degree in the same way, then it is intimidating to some people who are his closest friends and that’s a No No.

JJ I don’t see much difference in your interactions between the posting here and on the Sealed Portion. You have had endless conflicts with John Crane there and some with a few others. That group is not nearly as active as this one so a comparison is a little like apples and oranges.

Ruth BTW, see how easy it is to defend JJ? When I defended him, I was called his clone and called a blind follower.

JJ Some called you this at the Sealed Portion. I do not recall it happening here.

Ruth Yet he allows men in this group to attack me in front of everyone else, and he says nothing. I have seen this happening for some time in this group. The men are allowed to be emotional or call people names etc, but the minute I do anything that even smacks of emotionalism, I am the one they come after.

JJ We have a thing here called freedom of speech. I do nor allow or not allow. Those who are not moderated can say what they want. You’ve done your share of attacking and others attack you. If I were to condemn all who are participating in the conflict I would have time for nothing else.

You started the ball of attack rolling when you said: “I would rather see the book a best seller instead of bickering over it’s cover. How can we as a group get this book out there into the public eye, rather than sit here and debate how the cover is too loud etc?”

Some interpreted this as an attack on the whole group for merely giving their opinion that I had asked for. They do not see themselves as “bickering” over the cover. This type of lecturing just rubs some people the wrong way.

To this Dan responded: “Maybe you should think about sitting down, shutting up and just letting others express themselves without all the browbeating ”

It is true he could have been more diplomatic, but he responded there in a similar manner as you probably would have if the shoe was on the other foot.

True I could have stepped in and done some scolding, but it would have just added fuel to the fire on both sides.

Ruth I truly understand that JJ has to distance himself from the inner conflicts of emotionalism here.

JJ I don’t think you do or you wouldn’t complain about me not stepping in.

Ruth: Playing favorites is not balancing the energies or dynamics of the group. I don’t think he is even aware that he does it. It’s called a blind spot, yes?

JJ You might ask yourself why you are the only one who thinks I am playing favorites – that I unjustly pat others on the back while ignoring you.

I do not believe this to be true and I would guess that most here feel the same way.

Have I not given you enough pats on the back? Is that the problem here?

I am always on the lookout for good things being said here and I know I’ve said numerous good things about you from time to time.

On the other hand, there are many good things said and done here that I just do not have time to comment on – like the group fast and Song that shows so much initiative. Often my positive comments to others come not because they had the best post but because their comments were going in the direction I was thinking.

Ruth I have poured my heart and soul into this group, regardless of how others have treated me over the years.

JJ I know you have and you are appreciated. Also your daily quotes are appreciated by many.

Ruth: I don’t think it would make any difference now how I wrote. The thought form is there and people only see that, so it would not make any difference if I wrote fancy pancy or lovey dovey, they only see what they want to see.

JJ It always makes a difference how you write and speak. This has nothing to do with any thoughtform. I don’t think any individual in the group has much of a thoughtform built up on the Keys. If you return good for what you see as evil then soon good will return to you. Instead, at the slightest whiff of an attack you attack back.

When someone disagrees with you, you need to ask yourself how you can respond in such a way that you appear poised and unruffled and in control of your emotions.

Dan, you were disrespectful to me. Blayne you were disrespectful also to me earlier. Whatever you say about me is also in you. Mirror effect I think they call that.

JJ And Dan thought you were disrespectful to the effort of the group. I do not recall any problem with Blayne.

Ruth If I had dared to say to you “to think about sitting back and shutting up”, boy would I have copped flack. Funny how you seem to be able to be rude to me, but if the tables were turned I would get slammed for it.

JJ If you had used the same wording in the same circumstance I wouldn’t have scolded either of you.

Ruth I call a spade a spade and I am not going to change that or live a lie or in an illusion just for the sake of pleasing a few people here and catering to their whims because they do not like my personality.

JJ You can be polite and considerate without living a lie for crying out loud. This is what I try and do – just follow my example.

Ruth Isn’t that what you teach JJ. To live the Truth and stand up for what we believe in and dispel illusions? To have courage and balls and not fear to trespass where Angels tread.

JJ I teach that we should tell the truth and release our feelings in a harmless manner. We are among friends here. There is no reason to play the victim or see enemies. I can’t think of anyone here who would not respond well to kindness. They do not need or want harsh spades but a friendly queen instead.

Ruth So here’s to good group dynamics where there are no favorites and that every one of us gets a pat on the back from JJ when we make a good point or say something he approves of.

JJ There’s a lot of good things said and done here that receive no pats on the back. If I gave to everyone who deserved then I would be giving out so many they would be meaningless.

That said, let me end with this. You are among friends here and should see them as such. This is as nice of a bunch as you will find on the internet. Don’t worry so much about setting them on the straight and narrow but concentrate on giving your views without complaining or playing the victim or seeing others as being favorites while you are overlooked. Let go of all this astral stuff and come up higher and enjoy your time here.

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 15, 2011

Blayne: Bottom line is the GDP number along with all the other rosy numbers given out today are a joke and to put it mildly fuzzy math unless you believe government credit expansion, stimulus and make work programs with ever increasing unserviceable unsustainable debt is growth.

JJ Same type of joke as the GDP numbers during the depression of the 1890s if you read the except I gave. People really suffered. Part of the reason for the illusionary growth was the over extension of government projects taking away dollars to employ the common folk as illustrated in my last post.

The high unemployment with no safety net was not a myth by any means. The situation was much worse than what we are enduring now.

The trouble with Murray’s writings is he is selective in his facts leaving out anything that doesn’t fit his bias.

Aug 16, 2011

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Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 16, 2011

I was talking about the depression of the 1890s and you talk about the economy of the 1880s. Does not compute.


Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 16, 2011

Blayne: Considering that it was mostly an agrarian society and 80% of people owned and lived on farms, unemployment rates were confined mostly to cities or high populations areas where most of the jobs where and the banks were also to run their fiat schemes and so only a small percentage of the population had jobs. In fact in those days it was considered an insult if you were asked who you worked for cause it meant you could not make your own way.

JJ This doesn’t make any sense. So if you were looking for a job in those days and you were not a landowner and you travel to a farm community looking for work and seek an honest job the people told you that you were pig vomit because you were not making your own way???

If this was the case (which I doubt) no wonder the unemployed went to the cities.

Whatever the case the depression of the 1990’s saw unemployment around 20% and a whole army of the unemployed marched across the United States from the West Coast to Washington DC seeking relief. This was no myth and the suffering was comparable to the Great Depression.

By the way you, still haven’t given any historical examples of a free-for-all currency that worked to support your money plan. What makes you think it would work when the closest example we have was the dark ages of England after the fall of Rome?

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 17, 2011

You (Blayne) give nothing to contradict anything I have said about the depression of the 1890s and as you can see below your data refers to the 1870s and 1880s when we were talking about the 1890’s. Throughout our history we have had cycles of growth overall. That is not in question. Even within cycles of growth there are a lot of problems with the economy and distribution and flow of money etc.

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 17, 2011

Blayne Of course I have but you continue to ignore them. We had them up till 1913. You yourself referred to them in message #52924. And I have shown that despite our problems we were prosperous and that period contained the two decades of the greatest growth and in American history! All during a time of competing free market currencies.

JJ Our money system before 1913 was not like the system you advocate. The government set the price of gold and silver and coined it and that is not in your plan and is anathema to your plan. From 1860-1913 the government had a universal currency which had to be accepted. This is in total opposition to your plan. During these golden years most of the money was created by fractional banking and this was the main currency – totally different than the results you expect from your plan. You can’t even give one decade anywhere in the world where your system was successfully in play yet you expect us to believe you are presenting something workable.

On the other hand, I have numerous given examples covering many centuries where there was successful debt free fiat money which gives evidence a successful fiat money can be created today.

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 17, 2011

Blayne: We have been talking about the 1870’s through the 1890s

JJ We’ll I’ve been talking about the 1890s so any disagreement you have with me in this discussion should cover that period. I try and cover one thing at a time for the sake of clarity.

Blayne: I have given several references covering the 1890s recently and before.

JJ You didn’t give any information supporting your case about the 1890s in your last post.

Blayne Of the two Rothbard quotes I gave in this new thread one of them covers that period. You have continued to ignore them and make statements of denial and claim Murray is selective but never specifically showing where he is selective.

JJ Yes, he is selective. He paints with a broad brush and ignores the depression that occurred which was most severe from 1893-1897. The money stock declined 5% from 1892-1896. “From 1891 to 1896 net national product in current prices fell at an average rate of roughly 1 per cent per year.” Freidman Monetary History, Page 97

In addition to this Rothbard ignores the money velocity of this period. This is the speed with which money changes hands. You can have a large money supply but if it does not change hands then it is as if it does not exist. On page 94 of Friedman’s book he gives a chart illustrating a large drop in the velocity of money during your mythical depression. This by itself could have created a depression. This low velocity is cause by a number of things. High unemployment, restrictions on loans, lack of faith by the people in the system etc.

Blayne: So now you are finally admitting it was a time of growth and not a depression. Well I guess we are making some progress…

JJ You need to read materials that present the full data rather than part, because they are trying to prove a point. Friedman is one of t he fairer ones. The data and historical accounts reveal that there was indeed a depression with the unemployment reaching 20%.

And by the way, during the 1890’s only half the population did farm related work.

Re: Fake Depressions?
Aug 17, 2001

Blayne People were NOT forced to use government currency. Most of the money was fiat because they could print and that is what caused the problems. They were free to use any currency they pleased and you yourself have admitted there were hundreds of currencies. That is a free market and pretty close to what I advocate.

JJ First let me say that I’ve always agreed that people had more monetary freedom in the old days.

Secondly, it may be close to what you advocate than the current system, but it is still not what you advocate.

You claim that if your system were to prevail that fiat money would fall by the wayside, but in this golden era it prevailed. Why did this happen if it was so close to your system?

Blayne Amazing… I just gave you 4 decades and you continue to be in denial…

JJ Which four decades? I do not know of one where we had a totally free money system with the government not being involved. According to Rothbard the last private gold that was allowed to be minted was 1848 so the latter half of the century did not meet your minting standard.

Quoting JJ On the other hand, I have numerous given examples covering many centuries where there was successful debt free fiat money which gives evidence a successful fiat money can be created today

Blayne And I have contradicted them with historical references that you deny and will I am sure deny again in response to this post…

JJ You made an effort, but I countered them all and I don’t think you convinced anyone. If you really effectively proved me wrong you would think I would have heard from some reader on the matter.

Re: The word Father in the song.

Art: I personally think the word “father” in the song has the potential to limit the power of this song. It sets up an incorrect assumption and brings up the wrong images in peoples mind who get stuck in the idea that God is some sort of Father(male) figure.

JJ I think I said this years ago but you can use either “Father” (comfortable for most people) or “Father-Mother” (more acceptable to others.) The important thing is that your thought is directed toward God, the Source of all.

Tally Sticks
Aug 18, 2011

Blayne, Tally sticks were more of an accounting or recording system for the most part. And I already posted how as soon as the King started using them like fiat money they suffered the same fate all fiat systems in history have. But nice try…

JJ First let me point out that what King Charles II did was a Ponzi scheme, which was a totally different animal than the tally stick program that had been successfully in place and financed the kingdom for over 500 years. To take a handful of years of recklessness by a king and discount a total of seven centuries of success is not a logical approach.

King Charles made the same mistake that our leaders do today. To borrow money he promised future tax revenues to investors. He then borrowed more and more until he essentially went broke.

Meanwhile, the tally sticks held by the people themselves never went out of use and the program continued after his death.

A Ponzi scheme can develop within any money system whether it be gold silver or fiat. The fact that Bernie Madoff abused the money system under his control did not make the dollar worthless, only his investment scheme was worthless. Neither did it negate the debts or credits of the investors in other areas.

Even so, the tally stick program still continued among the people during and after Charles and even helped to finance the Bank of England later on. Charles’ Ponzi scheme collapsed, but the tally sticks of the people held.

This fiat system was one of the most stable and successful money systems in the history of the world.

Re: Tally Sticks
Aug 18, 2011

Blayne: All fiat systems in history have ended badly.

JJ This is simply false. The Greek system lasted successfully for five hundred years and did not end badly but merely transitioned into a different system. The same with early Rome which had a very successful fiat system for another 500 years and was dropped for an inferior system.

The only bad thing about the end of the tally system was that the tally were used to finance an inferior system which became the Bank of England.

The American Greenback did not end badly for in addition to help end slavery and save the union, in the end each dollar in Greenbacks was worth a dollar in gold.

Blayne: Even if money managers are honest they cannot predict what the economy will do in the future even based on the past and it is always down hill from there!

JJ Under the debt free fiat system you do not have to predict the economy with any degree of exactness. Where do you get such an idea? Correction is built into the system so you adjust as you go. A simple computer program could manage it.

Even to today with an inferior fiat system figuring out how much money to issue is not much of a problem. The problem, which is ever present, is that Congress wants to borrow money like crazy making the idea of controlling the money supply moot for there is no control.

Blayne on the Tally Sticks I’d say it was more of an accounting system for goods and services for most of that time rather then a fiat system.

JJ You can’t have any fiat system without some type of accounting system built into it. But it was much more than just accounting. A tally stick was like a promissory note, not much different than a Federal Reserve Note, except there was no interest involved and anyone could issue one.

Blayne; When used like money it was more of a commodities backed currency then a fiat system.

JJ Not true.. There was no existing commodity backing the tally stick. It represented a promise to pay from commodities that did not yet exist making it a fiat currency.

Blayne: However when the people that used it in private it acted more like a free market which is why it probably lasted as long as it did.

JJ You are right. It acted a little like the system I recommend where both the government and the people have freedom to create currency. Even when Charles II created a Ponzi scheme that hurt the economy the people themselves could continue with their own tally sticks and still keep essentials going.

Too bad we do not have something that flexible today.

Blayne It was used to finance part of the bank of England cause it could be traded for commodities and gold

JJ Of course. It was their for of money and could be used to purchase most anything within the country. The only need for gold was for purchases made outside the country.

Blayne: More like receipts then fiat money.

JJ Receipts were recorded in the tally sticks but when the receipt of payment was acknowledged the value was then zero. When the tallies had a promise to pay they then had value and were traded as fiat money.


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Swiss to use Gold Again
Aug 12, 2011

Good points Larry. As you say controlling the money supply so there will not be too much or too little is quite simple. I suggested a yearly assessment and you quarterly – either one would work. The problem is not in predicting how much money is needed for stability but in controlling spending by our dear leaders. This will be a problem that will need to be addressed no matter what money system is used – and history tells us that a gold standard is no deterrent.

The people themselves will set up their own organizations – more effective than the Tea Party that will put the needed pressure on our leaders to govern for the good of the people rather than their own.

Re: BOL Engineered Collapse…
Aug 12, 2011

Blayne: Could it be the BOL have influenced the World governments to a debt based currency so it would collapse and make way for a new currency that is more tenable?

I say this because it seems the only thing that will change this unsustainable monetary system and false economy that is now evaporating is complete collapse. Although the Swiss Proposal is a step toward a more stable currency.

JJ You’re right that mistakes often lead us to something that will correct those mistakes and in the end we progress but it is not in the plan for the Brotherhood to lead us into either error or the lesser of two or more paths.

We do not need their help to come up with bad ideas. Humanity is capable of coming up with plenty of these on its own. Now and then an agent of darkness injects something in the system that really gets some traction but as far as money goes they can normally sit back and let us chose badly and then support the choices that further their cause.

On the other hand, there are not a lot of good ideas from humanity centered on money that have the possibility of materializing in the near future. The forces of light will encourage the good ideas that do materialize and seek to inspire new ones as we grow in consciousness.

In saying this, let me stress that the Brotherhood doesn’t attempt to get humanity to accept concepts that are beyond our consciousness. The story of Moses illustrates this. God considered giving the Israelites the higher law, but when he saw that their consciousness wasn’t ready, because they were worshipping the golden calf, he then gave them a bunch of black and white rules, a lower law.

This lower law did not involve deception but was designed to help the people make progress.

On the other hand, the current money system is full of deception and debt that doesn’t guide us anywhere good except in maybe unraveling illusion so something better can be made.

When humanity enters the path of error then the Brotherhood patiently awaits the day of opportunity to push us on the path of correction. Sometimes they just have to wait until disaster occurs so we can definitely see we are in error and may then be open to positive change.

Blayne As most here know I disagree with JJ on the Middle East wars. I think they are unnecessary and have ulterior motives for banksters etc. he says they are necessary to keep the DB’s plans from coming to fruition inferring BOL influence here.

JJ I’ve only supported current one war in the Middle East – the one in Iraq. I believe the brotherhood knew the risks and that the cost would be great but supported this in the hope that a degree of freedom could be established in that area to pave the way for freedom of movement when Christ comes again. It appears that the war in Afghanistan is a no win situation. I think the original short war was necessary, but not much has been accomplished since then.

On the other hand, the Iraqis have gotten a taste of democracy and other Middle Eastern people are desiring more freedom because of it. I think successful seeds have been planted there. That doesn’t mean that some temporary tyrannies will not surface in various places but overall I think the Middle East is heading for progress.

Blayne I have my serious doubts about the seeds of democracy being planted In the Middle East however even if it has been will it not take a serious blow when the US and Europe along with Asia go down in flames due to the unsustainable debt based monetary system and the troops will have to come home simply from lack of money?

JJ The forces of darkness often attempt to get their way by manipulating the money system. The perilous economic situation the world is in works to the dark brothers advantage and this is one of the greatest threats to the hoped for materialization of democracy in the Middle East.

On the positive side, our financial problems could delay democracy, but not destroy the seed, for the seed is good.

Blayne: This gives me a side tangent thought that perhaps the BOL are trying to end the wars with this collapse. But never the less a collapse will leave everyone in disarray and make a perfect opportunity for some new dictators to rise especially in those regions.

JJ If there is a collapse both sides will be doing everything in their power to implement their ideas. A collapse is desired more by the Dark Brothers because it gives them greater opportunity to manipulate the people. In the past a collapse or revolution has usually worked in their favor but humanity is advancing and this may change the next time round.

Blayne: I just wonder why they would promote these wars when they are unsustainable based on the monetary system. Was the monetary system the fail safe to end the wars?

JJ The only recent war I know they supported was Iraq. This was a calculated gamble. It may require a substantial passing of time to see how successful it turns out, for the Masters look some distance in the future in making their decisions.

Re: BOL Engineered Collapse…
Aug 12, 2011

Larry W BTW, I think Blayne makes a good point that the current precarious world money supply could facilitate a change for the better and could very well have been engineered or used by BOL first Ray.

JJ That’s possible but remember that first ray energy was released just before WWII and the Nazis picked it up. This wasn’t what was hoped for but the forces of light did win the war and progress was made.

Re: Swiss to use Gold Again
Aug 13, 2011

Thought I’d make a few comments on the article posted about the Swiss making a partial return to gold.

It says: In March, Utah repealed its capital gains tax on gold and silver coins it will recognize as legal tender. Twelve other states are considering similar legislation.

JJ This is a good move but mostly symbolic as the big tax as well as control comes from the federal government.

Quote: Then, in June, Senators Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced the Sound Money Promotion Act that would remove the 28% federal tax on gains realized in the use of gold or silver coins recognized as legal tender for use within a state.

JJ This is the legislation we need if an alternative metallic currency is to be created. It should be expanded to loosen the rules on non metalic fiat local currencies so experiments can be made with a variety of money systems.

Quote: Now, in Switzerland, efforts are underway to create an official Gold Swiss franc (GSF) with a set of coins, each with a fixed content of gold. The proposed constitutional change would permit private institutions to issue an unlimited number of coins whose appearance, content and weight of gold, and definition would be under the supervision of the Swiss government.

For example, the smallest coin would have a face value of 1 GSF and have 0.1 grams of gold in its center, similar to today’s bi-metallic euro coins, and be worth — at today’s price of gold, about $4.00.

Five, 10, 20 and 50 GSF coins would have 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 5.0 grams of gold and today would be worth approximately $20, $40, $80 and $200 respectively. Gold Swiss franc bank notes are conceivable, as are GSF bank deposits, but they would have to be 100% backed by gold held by the issuing institution. Credit transactions would be legal, but fractional reserve credit would be forbidden under Swiss law.

JJ This is a good move considering the instability of the debt-based currency the world now uses. They have an interesting solution to avoid the use of very tiny gold coins in that they place the small amount of gold in the center of a larger coin – maybe something like our quarters.

A problem I see with this is thieves would take the gold out of the centers and replace it with lead and the counterfeit would be difficult to detect by regular merchants.

Quote: “The primary purpose is to make it easy for the Swiss people to use or hold gold as an alternative to the Swiss franc and all other currencies,” explains Thomas Jacob, the man behind the gold initiative who now heads the newly founded Goldfranc Association.

JJ I would guess that most people would just hold on to the partial gold coins and spend the paper making them very similar in use to the gold coins we invest in today.

Quote: Within the next few weeks, signatures will be collected to launch an initial referendum that would require the Swiss National Bank to repatriate all of its gold holdings to within the borders of Switzerland, prohibit it from selling any more of its gold, and require a minimum 20% of its assets be gold.

JJ This move may be partially responsible for the recent leap we have had in the price of gold.

Quote This referendum will put the issue of gold as money on the political agenda. The next step is to offer a follow-on initiative permitting the free-coinage of GSF.

JJ The current imitative still leaves full metallic monetary control in the hands of the State. If they allowed private enterprise to coin money with no fractional banking allowed it would be interesting to observe the developments.

Quote: The creation of a Gold Swiss franc and the free coinage thereof, along with the repeal of taxation by the U.S. of gold and silver coins used as legal tender, would liberate market participants to generate spontaneously a new monetary order.

JJ I don’t think it would create a new monetary order, but many people would use it for a security back up and collect the coins for investment. Unless there was a total collapse the people would still use paper and digital fiat money as their main spending mechanism. Keep in mind that under this proposal most of the money will still be debt based fiat.

Now if they also freed up the laws that would allow for the creation of non debt based fiat money we would see many more changes.

In advocating freedom of the people to print or coin their own money I do not advocate that the State relinquish control over issuing the main currency with which taxes are paid. Without this control then we could return to the cacophony of the mid 1800s where we had 7000 different types of banknotes issued each having different values making exchanges costly and time consuming.

Our current system has a lot of flaws but one thing that is often overlooked is the great convenience of having one currency rather than 7000 and not having to pay fees up to 40% to exchange one currency for another.

Re: Swiss to use Gold Again
Aug 13, 2011

I certainly think a free-for-all currency would create problems..


You receive payment issued from some bank in Oklahoma. You’re uncertain about it’s stability but you have a good profit margin and accept it. You then take the money to a local grocery store and they say it is not on their list so you’re out of luck. You then go to an exchange center and they tell you that this is one of the currencies they do not even deal with. This bank claims to back up their money with gold but too many people have complained that they cannot redeem their money.

The guy then gives the exchange some other bills he received from other issuers and is disappointed to see that he must take a 40% discount for one and 30% for another. Now it turns out that most of the profit he thought he made is gone.

In 1860 they had 7000 different money types. With several times the population and much more commerce a free-for-all would probably give us over 20,000 different types of money. Why you would want to head toward such a nightmare is a mystery to me.

After the country went off the partial free-for-all (after 1860) no one with a memory of the situation wanted to return to it let alone install a complete free-for-all with no government insolvent at all.

Re: Relationships 101
Aug 14, 2011

Dan: I would think those that WANT (are TRYING) to be mentally polarized but are not there yet (ie; in truth are yet emotionally polarized), would be more likely to deny, suppress or ignore their feelings than those truly mentally polarized.

JJ This is a good point Dan. There are many people who think they are smart who may fool others into thinking they are mentally polarized when they are in a lot of glamor and very emotionally polarized. The true mentally polarized person has mostly mastered the emotions and does not deny or suppress.

A good test to determine if a person is mentally polarized is to strongly disagree with him – telling him his views are nonsense – or even insult him. If you see a lashing out or signs of a grievance then he is not mentally polarized.

Re: New Book Cover
Aug 14, 2011

It’s too bad we cannot discuss a book cover without the danger of hurt feelings present. Oh, well, let us move on.

The cover I designed was not written in stone. I’m sure a number of people could come up with something better – though I do like it myself. The need is to reach the largest number of people who would possibly read the book. My cover was a little new agey and that may cause some mainstream people to bypass it.

On the other hand, Steve’s cover would appeal to the mainstream mind more than mine and that may be a good thing. Who would have thought we would get a good mainstream design from such a non mainstream group?

I showed the cover to my wife and she thought it would fill the need better than my design. (There goes the illusion of Artie rubber stamping everything I do.)

Now if I use this I will need a good copy of the graphics, so I hope Stephen has the original graphics in high resolution.

Here’s what I would like you to do Steve.

Prepare a copy of the cover with no text approx 8.5″ x 5.5″ in 600 DPI and email it to me as a JPEG. I will then add the text and present it to the group.

Thanks for your effort. Good job.

Aug 14, 2011

You (Blayne) state that several depressions during the 18th century were illusions and no one responded to this claim. This is not true as I did respond and will respond again with a repost since you seemed to have missed it.

First, let me point out that just because there was growth in GDP during a certain period doesn’t mean that major economic problems did not exist.

We had growth near 3% last year and I didn’t see you talking about the idea that the bad Obama economy was a myth.

If you think the depressions of the 19th century were illusions need to read a little history. Here is an eye-opening account from a book called “Coxey’s Army,” pages 13-17.

Hard times in the 1870s had been accompanied by a series of major railway strikes and urban disturbances. During a less severe slump in the mid-a80s, anti-Chinese riots had erupted on the Pacific Slope. In 1893, with the worst downturn yet, normally confident and optimistic Americans shuddered at the thought of what the future might bring. Already during the fall and winter of 1893/94, the ominous cry “Bread or Blood” had been heard in several of the nation’s cities, and the rise of Coxeyism suggested that worse was yet to come.”

The season of economic despair began in mid-1893, when panic on Wall Street signaled the start of a depression that would last four years. Within six months nearly five hundred banks and sixteen thousand businesses had failed. Only two of the five western transcontinental railroads remained solvent. No matter what the industry, people fortunate enough to retain jobs frequently saw their wages cut by one-fifth-or even by one-half Every month thousands more involuntarily joined the ranks of the army of unemployed, although no one could be sure of the exact number: the federal government did not keep such statistics, and neither did many states. What statistics were available were crude and not always meaningful. One report estimated that on January 1, 1894, 25 percent of the breadwinners of Montana and Utah were without work; 50,000 were jobless in California. In Chicago that figure was close to 100,000, and in New York City it fell somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000, depending on who was guessing. Making matters worse was the fact that the jobless often had dependents who constituted an even larger portion of the destitute; an estimated 7,000 unemployed San Franciscans, for example, had 20,000 dependents. Atlanta had 3,000 out of work with 15,000 dependents, while for Philadelphia the figures were 62,500 jobless and 187,000 dependents.

The grim statistics caused the head of the New York Central Railroad, Chauncy M. Depew, to comment: “I have been through all the panics of the last thirty years, but I have never seen one in which the distress was so widespread and reached so many people who previously had not been affected as this Panic of 1893.” And what advice did he offer the jobless? Join Coxey’s army, commit suicide, or “cheerfully and courageously do the best you can and not cry.””

The press added a human dimension to the unemployment statistics. Journalists told of hopeless, penniless old men wandering the streets of Saint Paul, of men in the prime of life without jobs in the timber country of Wisconsin and Oregon. In the Iron Range near Lake Superior even the largest mines had closed. The stillness in towns like Ironwood and Hurley was deathlike. With forty inches of snow on the ground outside and temperatures hovering near eight below zero, people huddled around fires; some had neither food nor clothing for their children. In some cases only the kindly merchants who fed the miners and their families loosened the grip of starvation.

In Denver, a relief camp opened in River Front Park using tents provided by the state militia, but it attracted so many indigents from all over the West that it was forced to close for lack of facilities. For a time the railroads of Denver allowed the jobless to ride east on freight trains, but the number of freeloaders grew so great that the companies cancelled the offer and begged authorities for protection.

The annual convention of casket manufacturers reported that business was off because of the depression, and one member tried to make light of the situation by quipping that times were so bad that the sick could not afford to call a doctor and thus improved their chances for recovery. But unemployment was no joke. The blow was psychological as well as economic.”

“Last cent gone,” a thirty-two-year-old widow living in Chicago penned in her diary for November 10. “Children went to work without their breakfast. Gave them car fare and a nickel each for lunch and promised them a royal dinner when they got home. .. . This awful struggle is wearing me out. I cannot sleep and my face is beginning to look haggard.” Newspapers carried stories of people in similar circumstances who committed suicide rather than steal food.’

There was simply no escaping the sights and sounds of hard times. Iowa schoolmarms were occasionally surprised by a band of homeless wanderers who had broken into the classroom for a night’s shelter. And whether the railroads approved or not, passenger trains on the western lines were overrun with freeloaders clinging to any place a human hand could grip. Frequently half as many people rode out-

side the cars as within. Some perched on the roof and braved the hail of cinders blown back from the locomotive, while others crouched under the cars on the trucks, suspended only inches from the whirling and dangerous axles. Many such passengers were well-dressed men on their way to the cities of the East where they believed-erroneously-that work would be easier to find than in the sparsely settled Rocky Mountain country. Husbands promised to send money back to support their wives and children in Denver or Cripple Creek, but some families would never be reunited.

In cities of the East, the jobless congregated outside newspaper offices every morning trying to be the first to scan the “help-wanted” ads. Sometimes they also participated in public protest meetings and signed petitions to be forwarded to Congress, probably the most ineffective thing an unemployed person could have done in 1893. 16

It was not simply that congressmen were insensitive to the plight of the jobless. Most were charitable men, but they nonetheless reflected the survival-of-the fittest ethic that then prevailed in America. When asked what the government could do to help, the nation’s leaders typically answered, “Nothing.” They argued that “economic laws are a part of the machinery of the universe as much as the laws of gravitation.” Unemployment was a natural phenomenon like an earthquake or cyclone, a product of forces beyond human control. Government tinkering with economic laws could only make things worse. “Laissez-faire,” said one apologist for the philosophy of governmental inaction, “has its drawbacks, but it means, on the whole, wealth, vigor, resource, and capacity for recuperation.” ‘ 7

Each bout of economic depression in the nineteenth century yielded its crop of platitudes about the need for the jobless to bear their suffering and privation with patience. Beyond their limited personal resources, the only help they might receive came from private charity and local relief programs. Occasionally small-town merchants extended credit and a helping hand to the jobless, and saloon keepers allowed homeless men to bed down on the sawdust in an out-of-the-way corner of the bar-“Hotel de Drunk,” they called it. Saloonmen were generous with their food, too, although hard times threatened to end the time-honored custom of the free lunch with a five-cent beer.

Private charity took a bewildering variety of forms. The New York World gave away more than a million loaves of bread, and the rival

New York Herald distributed thousands of dollars worth of clothing. A Tacoma philanthropist, A. V. Fawcett, served Christmas dinner to a thousand children who ranged in age from two to fifteen. They consumed 75 turkeys, 500 pies, 200 pounds of cakes, 300 loaves of bread, 500 pounds of potatoes, 5 cases of corn, and 50 pounds of coffee. 18

A cheap and efficient method of relief favored by both private and municipal charities was the soup kitchen. Great caldrons filled with donated meat and vegetables provided mulligan stew to all comers. In some locales an able-bodied man might first be required to earn his meal by chopping firewood, which was then distributed to heat the homes of the poor. For a single meal, a man often had to chop a sixth of a cord of wood, working all the while on an empty stomach. Destitute women were occasionally assigned jobs in a municipal laundry.

Cities also established free employment bureaus and funded public-works projects like digging ditches for sewer lines. In this way Seattle employed 600 diggers, 200 to a shift, for 15 days. In Chicago men in tailor-made suits stood in line for pick-and-shovel jobs that paid 15 cents an hour. When snow blanketed the city in December, Chicago hired 20,000 shovelers for a few hours to clear its streets. Occasionally a community attempted to systematize the welter of overlapping and ineffective public and private programs, but in some places the poverty was so overwhelming and the confusion so great that officials were reduced almost to throwing loaves of bread at the unemployed.”

Surrounded by an ocean of misery, the affluent sought to insulate themselves from the human dimensions of hard times. In almost mocking disregard for the true plight of the impoverished, hard-times parties and masquerade balls became the fad. A hostess gave a prize such as a sack of flour to the guest who dressed as the most forlorn specimen of poverty or a broom to the most deplorable example of shabby gentility.

In Chicago a lavish charity ball-the highlight of the city’s social calendar-took place in January 1894. “It was the night for the poor,” recorded the Chicago Herald, “a gala, dazzling, blinding spectacle for the rich.” The money it raised would buy bandages for the injured and food baskets for the hungry. Many of the city’s foremost citizens were present: Robert T. Lincoln (the well-to-do son of the president), Mrs. Potter Palmer, the Philip Armours, George M. Pullman, and Marshall Field. The ball was a visual feast, a maze of color and beauty, of silken gowns trimmed in ermine and diamonds, and corsages of red roses. While the affluent danced away a frigid night, the poor huddled outside, their scantily clad bodies pierced by sharp winds sweeping off ice-covered Lake Michigan. Such contradictory scenes typified the times that gave rise to the Coxey crusade.”


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Keys Writings, Part 3

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Change of Mind
July 16, 2011

From Sen. Obama’s Floor Speech, March 20, 2006: “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

At the time, Senator Obama was urging Congress not to tolerate an increase that would bring the debt ceiling to $9 trillion. Under President Obama, the debt ceiling has been raised to $14.3 trillion. Even without counting most unfunded liabilities, the national debt is now calculated to be nearing $14.1 trillion. It increases about $4.22 billion per day (each citizen’s share stands at roughly $45K). Thus, Democrats will soon demand that the debt ceiling be raised, lest the sky fall. When they do, they will be asking for a significant boost in a ceiling that is already 60 percent higher than the one Barack Obama said was “a sign of leadership failure” five years ago.\ 2006-vote-against-raising-debt-limit-andrew-c-mcca

Re: A Curiosity
July 25, 2011

JJ You are correct here, Blayne. By all estimates Elenin is 1-2 miles in diameter and thousands of times smaller than a brown dwarf.

As far as a news blackout goes I think the problem is there is just nothing newsworthy. A long shot guess by one amateur astronomer that it could provide a spectacular display is not likely to make any news unless backed up by other astronomers as was the discovery of the Hale-Bop comet with its trajectory toward Jupiter.

There is less than a chance in a million that Elenin will create any problem for us so I’m not losing any sleep on it unless I receive some sort of revelation.

Much bigger news than anything recent about Elenin is the arrival of the half billion dollar space probe, Dawn, to the asteroid Vesta. This is a pretty big deal and I haven’t heard a word of it in the mainstream media. You can check this out here:\ orbital-im.html

Re: A Curiosity
July 26, 2011

I just cannot get excited about Elenin and have no sense that anything that it may cause will have ay negative effect on my life or anything I am supposed to do. I’m sure there will be some earthquakes between August and December of this year and if there are any significant ones then they will be attributed by some to Elenin, but the chances of it directly causing any harm to us is very low indeed.

I am about a thousand times more concerned about the economy.

By January of next year the memory of disaster warnings over Elenin will fade into the background as has the alarm over Y2K and Past Nibiru warnings. We will have other things to worry about.


Re: A Curiosity
July 26, 2011

JJ if the economy crashes will we have a world wide depression worse than anything else we have ever suffered from in the past depressions?

Ruth: If people have some money in their bank accounts or investments, will they lose the value of their money or lose the money?

JJ If we had a perfect storm we could lose everything. Without that things will just get worse until some positive changes are made.

Re: What Initiation is JJ?
July 31, 2011

DK says it is counterproductive for a teacher to reveal his status and I agree, but I will make this one statement. In order to pass my next initiation I must complete a successful molecule. Hopefully that can be done in this life. If not I will continue on into the next.

Re: A Real Brain Trust We Have in Congress...
Aug 1, 2011

What caused the inflation is the head of Zimbabwe’s Federal Reserve increased the money supply by 20 million times within a year’s time. The problem had nothing to do with interest free money but a reckless increase of the money supply. I doubt if the money was interest free since the central bank was printing it.

If we increased our money supply by 20 million times instead of 5% or so we would be immediately destroyed economically and it wouldn’t matter what kind of money it was if there was an increase like that.

You might want to read my treatise where I talk about various money systems. It starts here:

Re: Paul’s 2nd Food for Thought
Aug 2, 2011

Ruth: Joe Smith did not pass the 4th because he couldn’t give up his friends and family and was killed. But if he had gone West, he may have been able to still create a molecule, so what would he have to give up in reality?

JJ At the time he would have had to give up everything he held dear in his mind, his honor, his courage, his friends, his brother, his family, the respect of his followers. It was more than he could bear.

Yes, the reward would have been great if he had succeeded, but he did not realize that at the time.

Molecules can be composed of various numbers as I have taught before. The molecule of twelve is particularly powerful and has the attributes needed to build Zion. You not only need the number, but you need a Master to approve the molecule and overshadow it.

Re: Paul’s 2nd Food for Thought
Aug 2, 2011

The initiating molecule has to be linked up through a master. The additional ones must be linked up to the initiating one.

You do not have to worry about getting accepted by a master unless you are forming the first molecule. All molecules must be harmonious enough to allow for the flow of soul energy or they will not function or be linked to the first.

Re: Paul’s 2nd Food for Thought
Aug 2, 2011

Can we ever truly do more than just live the best life we know how and in doing so important rites-of-passage like Initiations happen in due course?


That’s about what we all have to do Rob. The drawback of studying the initiations is that many are impatient and want to see themselves on their last life when they have a long way to go.

Answer to a Reader
Aug 3, 2011
A reader named Benny made some comments at:

Here is my response to him. Note that his words are in CAPS and when he quotes me he uses lower case with quotation marks.

Benny: I HAVE READ A FLAWED MONEY SYSTEM, A TIME FOR ALL THINGS, THE IDEAL MONEY, THE NEW GREENBACK, And did Agree on much of it, until I came to These Quotes:

“Yes, it helps a little to get the best possible people in office and to make laws that attempt to restrain insanity but such steps are very insufficient to cure the disease. Outside help must be called in.” QUITE PESSIMISTIC!

JJ It’s not the outcome we all want but this is the outcome we’ve always had and if we follow the same procedure we will get the same results as in the past. If we want to change our destiny we need to do something different. The people themselves must take charge and create positive change.

Benny: “And where do we find such people? They are all over. They are called voters and most of these people do have the needed common sense.” NO THEY DO NOT! IF THEY HAD, WE WOULD NOT RESIDE IN SUCH A MESS.

JJ The common people have not been in charge and had little to do with getting us in this mess. The problems we have were created by people representing us while we have been too passive.

Benny: “The average voter knows better than to borrow more money than he can pay back.” NOT! WHO TOOK THE SUBPRIME LOANS? WHO BOUGHT TOO EXPENCIVE HOUSES, CARS AND STUFF?

JJ You’re not talking about the average voter here and those who took subprime loans were a small percentage of the population. Most of those who took such loans were way below average in income and many in this category do not even vote. The average person tries to balance his budget so he can make his payments.

Benny: “The average voter knows better than to spend more money than he has available.” NOT! ESPECIALLY IF HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY.

JJ You are thinking of people who are below average in handling their budget. Average people and above attempt to keep their financial houses in order.

Benny: “The average voter knows that his family wants many things he cannot afford so he has to set priorities in spending – unlike Congress that thinks it has to borrow whatever it takes to give us all the things we want.”


JJ We are over $14 trillion in debt and borrowing just to pay our bills. This is not sustainable.

Average people and above do not borrow to pay their bills, especially when there is another way.

I know that if I cannot pay my bills I will either make cuts or find a way to increase my income and most people I know think this way.

Benny: “The average voter is not a member of an elite club like Congress where he is under pressure to spend lots of money to be one of the group.”


JJ Again I think you are talking about a minority. None of my friends are like this. And even considering what you say, these type of people are much different than Congress who have spending pressures many times stronger than mere advertising.

What is more potent, an ad that says “Drink Coca Cola” or a political group that says, “Do what we say or lose your funding and your job?”

The answer is obvious.

Benny: “The average voter does not have to raise large sums of money to be elected and is not beholden to pressure groups.” THAT’S ONLY TRUE IF HE’S NOT TRYING TO BE ELECTED.

JJ Very few voters are trying to get elected to anything.

Benny: “Best of all, the average voter balances his budget and lives within his means.”


JJ To balance your budget and live within your means does not mean you do not borrow money. It means you are managing your budget so all debts get paid.

Congress only pays the interest on our debt and borrows money to pay that.

The average householder pays principle and interest and will have his loans paid off in the future. He doesn’t borrow to pay his debt.

Benny: “We cannot trust those who created the problem to solve the problem.”


JJ Yes, we are responsible for electing our representatives and it is not working so we have to try something else within the framework of the Constitution.


JJ Some people do this, but not the majority.


JJ Yes, this happened and some in Congress are still pushing for this to continue. This problem has diminished significantly, but it needs to stop completely. This problem is easily corrected through legislation.


JJ Most of the banks money is created from loaning money based on deposits on hand. If they have $100 they can loan out $1000 or so. Money is presently created through debt. This we must change.


JJ This may be true, but average people are not under the same pressures to conform that faces our representatives. Average people are not worried about getting reelected, being invited to Washington parties, being praised by the press, raising funds to keep your job etc. Because of this the majority of people support common sense decisions much more than our representatives.

For more on why I have faith in the majority go to:

Evil in the Eyes of Government Message List Aug 3, 2011

With all the dangers that assault us who does the government go after with guns and the full force of law?

Harmless people who sell raw milk. Take a look.

Raw Food Raid: Armed Agents Bust Raw Milk & Cheese Sellers

Re: Paul’s 2nd Food for Thought
Aug 3, 2011

I have been told to create a molecule. When it is correctly organized then it will be accepted. If there is not enough Harmony and soul contact in the group then it will not.

If I die before it is accomplished then others can try to create an accepted group. The important point to realize is that just getting the correct number of individuals is not enough. There must be group soul contact and acceptance from a Master who is a member of a higher molecule.

Re: Evil in the Eye of the Government
Aug 4, 2011

Back in the Seventies about a dozen of us got the bug Giardia in the small town of New Plymouth. Health officials became alarmed and investigated. They visited me and asked me if I drank raw milk. I answered yes. Then they asked me where I bought it. I told them but also told them that I was sure I didn’t get the bug from there. I told them that right after I drank some raw apple cider from a local plant that I was effected and thought that was the cause for the plant added water to the cider and the water may be contaminated.

They ignored this and went after the farmer and shut him down. They didn’t go after the apple cider plant for two reasons. First, they had an obvious bias against raw milk and second the owner of the cider plant was a powerful politician and they didn’t want to touch him.

I was further annoyed by the officials when I did my own survey and everyone I talked to that got the bug drank the apple cider but only a couple drank the raw milk.

Re: Paul’s 2nd
Aug 4, 2011

DK said back in the Twenties that there were only about 300 disciples, or third degree initiates, on the planet. So, using that as a starting point by interpolation there are probably a thousand or so today – though even this number seems high.

Bumper Sticker:
Aug 8, 2011

Clinton felt your pain. Obama causes your pain.

A reader made some comments about my post about Greenbacks at: Aug 11, 2011

He says:

Instead of garbage by Ellen Brown and Bill Still, read for once in your life the story of the Greenback. If you did, you would not regurgitate this fantasy about Lincoln and his Dick coming in a shining armour to save the village idiots from the big bad bankers.

Lincoln had as much to do with the invention of Treasury Notes as Saunders with the invention of fried chicken. Lincoln and his crew were all whigs; Chase learned what he knew about banking at the Bank of the United States, where he worked as attorney. The true fathers of the Greenback were Hooper, Corning, Spaulding. Hooper first practiced at the State level

(1) inflationary bonds – are you out of your mind ? bonds cannot be inflationary; if you bothered to pay attention, you would know that by 1865 $1,100million bonds were issued. The inflation was caused by the $300million additional Greenbacks, instead of the originally intended $150million Reply

Here was my response:

You act as if I said that Lincoln came up with the idea of the Greenback. I did not. You say that Corning, Spaulding and Hooper originated it. You overlook the fact that I did mention Spaulding’s role who was the main driving force behind it in Congress.

Just like any legislation today must involve both the President and Congress even so was it in those days. Who is the father of the current healthcare plan? Was it Pelosi and Reid, the lawyers who wrote the words or Obama? The fact is that the President had to support it to get it passed and in recognition of this it is called Obamacare. Does this make him the father of it? It’s a matter of interpretation.

The fact that people outside of Congress influenced Lincoln’s support of the Greenback is a separate story from its evolution in Congress. It was important that Lincoln be convinced, especially since he had the power of veto. Exactly how much interplay there was behind the scenes between Congress and the President concerning the Greenback we do not know but we know the is always a substantial amount on important legislation.

You rule out Lincoln’s reported conversation with Dick Taylor. Lots of things reported from history could be inaccurate or fabricated, but there is no proof this conversation did not take place so I relate it and let the reader decide. I also note that his economic adviser Henry Carey was said to have a similar influence on Lincoln toward the Greenback.

So instead of just having a narrow focus and stating that the Spaulding gang was the father of the Greenback I mention other possible influences. And you think that is wrong because…?

Bonds can be inflationary. Anything that can be used to purchase something can influence price increases. For example, if bonds were used to purchase 90% of the wheat then of course the price of a loaf of bread would increase.

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