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LWK asked about DK predictions. He made quite a few. Some have been successful and some have missed the mark. Many still pertain to the future so we’ll have to wait and see on them.

Ruth quoted some of my words from the archives on a couple that seemingly did not come true.

“He taught that after 1975 the esoteric teachings will be given out world wide through the radio. The teachings will be given out but everything is behind schedule. The end was seen, but the details related to time and free will were not seen.”

“Here is another one: ‘Volcanic action therefore may be looked for, demonstrating in unexpected localities, as well as within the sphere of the present earthquake and volcanic zones. Serious disturbance may be looked for in California before the end of the century, and in Alaska likewise.’”
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 907 (Published 1925)

California does seem to be overdue for a major earth changing calamity but it didn’t happen by the end of the century. On the other hand, Alaska did have a major earthquake on March 27, 1964 – a whopping 9.2 the second largest in over 100 years – more potent than the recent one in Japan.

He predicted “A shift in the Earth’s polarity, due to the pull of a great cosmic centre. This powerfully affects the Earth’s orientation and is responsible for the present earthquakes, and for the volcanic eruptions and the many earthquakes during the past one hundred and fifty years.
Esoteric Astrology Page 410

Scientists are now telling us the earth is experiencing a shift in the polarity of its magnetic field. This could be what he was referring to.

He predicted that the return of Jews to Israel to establish a homeland would bring tremendous conflict to the area and the world. He said we’d be a lot better off if the Jews just assimilated with mankind.

When the U.N. was formed he said that it was a mistake to allow totalitarian regimes in it and would hamper its effectiveness.

In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 907 (Published 1925) he predicted the discovery of atomic energy and then after the first atomic bomb went off he stated that this was a source of power that will eventually liberate humanity.

He was one of the few teachers who correctly identified Hitler early on as an antichrist figure. Other teachers, such as Helena Roerich, praised him in the beginning.

In 1942 he said that the forces of light were prevailing with the war and a win for the Allies was definitely going to happen. Before that he said the war was in question.

In 1925 DK wrote:
“The Master Jesus will take a physical vehicle, and with certain of His chelas effect a re-spiritualisation of the Catholic churches, breaking down the barrier separating the Episcopal and Greek churches from the Roman. This may be looked for, should plans progress as hoped, about the year 1980.”
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 759

“From the chair of the Pope of Rome, the Master Jesus will attempt to swing that great branch of the religious beliefs of the world again into a position of spiritual power and away from its present authoritative and temporary political potency.”
Destiny of the Nations, Page 61

I believe this prophecy was attempted to be fulfilled by Pope John Paul I who was Pope for a mere 33 days and was killed in Sept 1978 by those who fought his reforms.

The fact that He was in office 33 days which corresponds to the 33 years in the life of Jesus of Nazareth is far from the only correspondence.
His given name was Albino Luciani which means “white light.”

After John Paul I was killed he was replaced by Karol Joseph Wojtyla who became John Paul II. Ironically this replacement pope was born during a solar eclipse.

This is symbolic of his reign during an eclipse of a true son of God through the death of Luciani.
Albino Luciani means “white light” but the new Pope’s name of Karol Joseph Wojtyla means “man who adds increase to war.”

The book, “In God’s Name,” written by David A. Yallop makes a convincing case that John Paul I was poisoned.

DK predicted the Great Invocation would be greatly used around the world. He seemed to think it would be in greater use than it is now but it is certainly widely used.

I’ll make a similar prediction for The Song of the 144,000. Its use will grow significantly and within 50 years most spiritual seekers will have heard of it or used it. Many outside metaphysics in regular churches will begin using it.

DK made many interesting predictions that still pertain to our future. One I am looking forward to will be a device which will be created by materialist scientists which will alter the world. It will be able to communicate with the dead.

I think that the next time I read the Alice A. Bailey books through I’ll tabulate the predictions as there are quite a few more. These are just some that I recall.


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3 thoughts on “Djwhal Khul Predictions

  1. ” DK made many interesting predictions that still pertain to our future. One I am looking forward to will be a device which will be created by materialist scientists which will alter the world. It will be able to communicate with the dead.”

    Do you have a reference for this prediction?

    1. Here is one reference. There is another, but I can’t find it at present.

      It must be remembered that the so-called “spirits” are functioning in the illusory astral body, while advanced “spirits” are only functioning as minds, and can therefore be reached solely by minds and in no other way. It will never be possible to photograph the mental vehicle; only the astral body will be susceptible of photographing. The grosser the person in the body, desire and appetite, the more easily will he be photographed after passing over (if anyone wants to photograph him!), and the more advanced the person, the more difficult it will be to get a photograph.

      As regards the use of radio as a means of communication with the “spirit world,” the present electrical instruments are too slow in vibratory activity (if I may use such an unscientific term) to do the work; if astrally clothed “spirits” approach them they are apt to have a shattering effect. Yet the first demonstration of existence after death, in such a way that it can be registered upon the physical plane, will come via the radio, because sound always precedes vision. Think on this. However, no radio now exists which is sufficiently sensitive to carry sound waves from the astral plane.

      Future scientific discoveries, therefore, hold the secret. This is no evasion on my part, but a simple statement of fact. Electrical discovery is only in the initial stage and all that we have is simply a prelude to the real discovery. The magic of the radio would be completely unbelievable to the man of the eighteenth century. The discoveries and developments lying ahead in the twenty-first century will be equally unbelievable to the man of this century. A great discovery in relation to the use of light by the power and the directive agency of thought will come at the end of this century or the beginning of the next. Two small children one living in this country (U.S.A.) and one in India will work out a formula along scientific lines which will fill in some of the existing gaps in the scale of light vibration, carrying on from the high frequency rays and waves as you now have them. This will necessitate instruments hitherto undreamt of but really quite possible. They will be so sensitive that they will be set in motion by the power of the human eye under the focussed direction of thought. From then on tangible rapport with the spirit world will be possible. I cannot do more than give you the clue.
      Esoteric Healing, Pages 377-379

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