Questions on Balance

Questions on Balance

Question: You talk about positive and negative charges in the physical, astral and mental. Why is the body necessarily the dominating charge?

I did not say the physical body is the dominating charge because the physical body is not the dominating charge. The physical body we see has close to zero charge. It is the combination of the true physical body – (the etheric body), the astral body and the mental body all combined together that create the total charge.

You cannot look toward just one of these three to find the dominating charge. The astral body is the greatest influence, however.

Comment: I operate exterior to my body most of the time.

If you truly operated outside of your bodies which have charge you would have no desire to have a committed companion. Since you obviously have this desire then you do operate within your bodies the majority of the time and are affected by charge.

Comment from Gay member: By your definition, at a low level of positive polarization, I should be some limp-wristed fop with a low sex drive, but instead have a high one.

This is not my definition at all. Where did you get such an idea?

If you are a plus one in polarization this does by no means imply that you have a low sex drive. What determines your sex drive is the vitality of your etheric body and not your male/female charge. Your male/female charge determines your attraction to your polar opposite – in your case the female. Because your attraction to your polar opposite is low this indicates your charge is low. Let me repeat. This has nothing to do with your natural sex drive. Since energy follows thought and energy effects thought there are times that the sex drive can be effected by the charge, but this is not the rule.

Most desire to share no matter what their natural energy charge is. No matter what the charge, if one studies and learns then he will have the desire to share what he learns. His charge will effect how he shares. A person with a low charge will have a strong desire for a two way “exchange of energy, not just a one-way flow” as you just stated. Because I have a high male charge I do not feel this way and thus send much more than I receive in relationship to this group. I have to mentally check myself to make sure the energy flows both ways here. My wife is a great counterbalance also as well as people like you.

It is important that we not associate low with bad and high with good here. Neither is good or bad, but just are what they are and all charges offer opportunities in their time.

Comment from gay member: I disagree with your description of the “awkward” stage. I felt awkward until I came out. When I came out, I felt just like the ugly duckling who discovered that he was really a swan. I stopped feeling awkward and realized the I had a very strong sending energy at every level in every body. I learned how to control it.

You say you disagree with my use of the word “awkward” and then you confirm you went through an awkward period. This is exactly what I was referring to. You came out of the awkward situation I was referring to because you learned to accept your feelings about yourself and not be ashamed of them. However, all of us can achieve even greater balance and ease of communion with the Spirit by getting closer to the zero point in our focus.

All of us have short periods where our attention crosses over the zero point, but the advantage of balancing energies is that we can stay close to this point 24 hours a day which eventually leads to becoming a Master. None of us stays exactly at the zero point. If this were to happen the entity would disappear from existence in the three worlds dwell in the formless worlds. Everyone you see with the physical eyes is some distance from this happening.

As I said two gays with a combined charge which is near the zero point will feel relatively balanced.

Many heterosexuals who have a combined energy of plus or minus 3 or less will stay married for a lifetime in relative balance. Even so, the ideal of zero balance is the goal, not just getting close enough to be comfortable.

Comment: Yet I still yearn for more. I would love to be part of a larger group of people who are all soul-infused and with whom we all can inter-relate on a soul level.

You thus verify what I say when you say “you yearn for more.” That yearning is largely governed by the natural desire to balance energy and bring in greater spiritual flow.

Question: But, why would any couple want to join with a molecule if its energy was already zero balanced?

No couple is at zero balance. Some are close, but all forms are created by being out of balance (including married hetros) and seeking greater balance. Every couple desires greater balance. The molecule will supply this and bring in greater spiritual flow because a larger number of individuals are involved.

Comment: I would think that to continue your analogy about evolution that even the total energy of a molecule would not reach a perfect balance, otherwise the molecule would cease to exist.

This is true. But the molecule will bring all individuals closer to the zero point. Later greater molecules and cells will be created that will bring us closer yet to the zero point.

The true zero point will not be reached by all until the end of the universe.

Question: According to your theory, wouldn’t the drive to balance energy be the whole driving force behind evolution? Why would it stop at just the level of couples?

You are correct.

But, in the ultimate sense (and we are nowhere near that) polarity of energy exists only because of separation, and since in the ultimate sense there is no separation, but only the illusion of separation, then in the ultimate sense energy itself is an illusion. Not in the world of form in which we find ourselves, but in the ultimate sense, the only way to perfectly balance energy is to totally become one, or to put it in other words, overcome separation.

This will be the ultimate outcome. But when we overcome separation we will then seek greater experience and participate in the creation of a new universe.

Question: I wonder if you would have the time to comment on the polarity of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

I would imagine that Jesus would have had a strong positive charge to be a teacher but in relation to the Christ and His overshadowing of Jesus, would not Jesus needed to have had a weaker positive charge? Is our charge relative?

If Jesus had a high positive charge, then Mary would have had a strong negative charge. Yet by all accounts after the Crucifixion, Mary became a church leader which I assume would have required an adjustment in the strength of that negative charge because she would have needed strong sending energies (if only to stand up to Peter!).

JJ Response: It is important to realize that the amount a person sends or receives is influenced by his charge, but not controlled by it. Think of your personal charge as the flow of a river. The higher the charge the faster the flow. If you want to swim in the river it is much easier to swim downstream with the energy than upstream against the energy. However, if you are a strong person and there is a good reason to go upstream there is nothing stopping you. If you are strong you can swim upstream as quickly as a weak person can swim downstream.

We thus have some strong females in this group who are charged with energies that give them a natural desire to receive, but find themselves in situations where they have to send. Some have given so much they have gained in strength and can give when necessary better than many males. The opposite is also true. A male who is spiritually strong can receive when the situation warrants it.

BUT… no matter how much a highly charged female gives she still has an inner yearning to go with her natural energy and relax and receive. Jesus was probably a plus ten in charge, if for no other reason than to demonstrate mastery over the strong attraction to the female which is the spiritual downfall of so many male teachers. Because he was strongly attracted to Mary Magdalene (beyond the spiritual) she would have had a similar but opposite charge.

As far as the divine possession goes, such as that of Jesus and the Christ the natural charge has little to do with it. A person can be from plus ten to minus ten and experience an overshadowing of some degree. The only important thing to consider about the charge here is that the disciple must balance himself off in his various relationships so he can approach the zero point. When he is spiritually ready and approaches this point then he can be a vessel for a Master. The Master has learned to balance his energies through his molecular relationships and his mental body hovers near the zero point. Thus in the overshadowing you have one entity hovering near zero approaching another near the zero point. The sending and receiving is as if it were taking place in a clear still pool of living water.

Question: Can a person’s charge change after, say, an initiation, or if we use the example of AAB, when her association with the Tibetan started?

An initiation may change the amount a disciple will send or receive but will have no more effect on his natural energy than on his age. Just as our looks change slowly over time so does our charge. Our charge is not likely to change more than one point in one lifetime.

Comment: I’m curious about how an encounter – or ongoing encounters – with a higher spiritual entity would affect charges and how this, in turn, affects ashramic life.

The two must master their energies and bring them into balance through relationship (preferably molecular relationship). After such an encounter the highly polarized male will still find the opposing female very attractive and those with lesser charge will have little attraction to her. In fact (as I said) many spiritual teachers have suffered a downfall because they backslide and let their energies dominate them. Achieving relative balance through molecular relationship will help prevent this.

Question: How does switching from a receiving mode in the first part of life to the sending in the later part fit in?

The receiving in early life has more to do with necessity because the child starts out in life knowing nothing. Even so, many a young male receive very reluctantly because a large number of boys are in a strong sending energy. This is why so many more boys rebel, commit crimes and are more reluctant students than females.

The natural charge of the person stays about the same, but within a life one goes through cycles of sending and receiving – sometimes with the natural flow and sometimes against it.

One of the reasons that the understanding of the natural charge is so important is the seeker can more quickly establish balanced relationships and use his charge in his favor rather than swim upstream all the time.

Visualize a battery. It has two poles – one male and one female. If you try to get power from only one pole nothing will happen. You have to connect to both poles. But what happens if one pole has a different charge of energy? Then the stronger pole will only have the strength of the weaker. They must both be equal in charge to allow the full flow of electricity.

I don’t understand how a pair can send and receive when they’re both at or near zero point. Where are the sending/receiving energies where there are no poles? I am thinking in particular about the divine Trinity. The positive pole (Spirit, Father, Male) interacts with the negative pole (Matter, Mother, Female) to produce a magnetic field (Consciousness, Son, the Christ). If we didn’t have the two poles there would be no consciousness.

We need to concentrate on the energies at hand. We are talking about balancing the charges between males and females on planet earth. In studying this we must realize that there are a number of currents of sending and receiving energy. This is just one of them.

A good correspondence to the polarities we are discussing is the male and female polarities on a battery – as I mentioned earlier. For the power to flow freely both terminals of the battery must be in balance and send and receive with equal charge or strength.

This compares to the male and female here on earth in relationship. The two must achieve a state of balance so the zero point is crossed over to manifest spiritual energy.

Now let us go back to the battery. When the two cables are connected and balance each other off does the principle of sending and receiving end?


It is only approaching it’s real beginning. Let us suppose the battery powers your laptop. The battery which has terminals in balance sends power to the laptop. You turn it on and receive light and knowledge from the screen. You then take that knowledge and share it with your friends.

The key to understanding here is that the balancing of energies is the beginning to a domino effect of sending and receiving on a higher level which was not before possible.

The two poles of the battery are balanced at the zero point, but new poles appear when the energy flows.

In a state of balance the disciple in balance is one pole and the Master is another. The higher polarity must be discovered by balancing the lower. The higher polarity is closer to unity than the lower for it is an octave higher, closer to the oneness of God.

Aug 18, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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