Finding Balance, Part 1

Finding Balance, Part 1

A reader tells me that she is a strong intelligent female and has difficulty in finding a strong male who can send to her which forces her into a sending, or male position in relationships. What should she do for balance?

To answer your question effectively I must review some background to create a setting for greater understanding. This will take several posts to complete. DK says he teaches from the universal to the particular. This is a process I like to embrace.

Let me write again about the zero point, but perhaps with a little greater clarity.

There are two energies which create all things. Science calls them positive and negative. A fuller name for them, however, is male-positive-sending and female-negative-receiving.

All form in our universe is created through a slight imbalance of these two energies and the need to balance draws the two together.

Electrons and protons are drawn together to create atoms. Sometimes we have a equal number of the two and relative balance, but not exact balance, is obtained. In other atoms you have a surplus or lack of electrons or an incomplete electron shell and this forces the atoms to seek and bond with other atoms for greater balance.

Even after this greater balance occurs and molecules are created, perfect balance is still not obtained, and the various molecules combine to create organic life and eventually cells. But the cells still do not achieve perfect balance and combine with other cells to create organs and greater life forms.

We as human beings are the result of untold eons of evolution of tiny lives which are seeking perfect balance through the union of opposing energies. Now we find ourselves, the highest recognized life form as still being out of balance. As energy units we are split in two. This division is, of course into the male and female.

We as human beings are the most complicated energy units on the planet for we are quite diverse and it is not a simple matter of stating the male equals +1 and the female = -1. We are more complex than this because the modern human sees himself as more than a physical body, but governed by three worlds – the physical, the emotional and the mental. Within each of these three worlds are both sending and receiving energies which must be entered into the equation.

To simplify understanding we will look at the human entity as a whole, as a unit of these combined energies.

It is possible to be a receiver in the physical-astral, but a sender in the mental. Even so it is the inclination of all the bodies to follow the dominating charge.

With rare exceptions the fact that you are in a male body tells us you have a male-positive-sending charge. If you are in a female body you have a female-negative-receiving charge.

For simplicities sake let us state that the charge in the male varies between 1to10 and the female -1 to -10. Zero is the point of balance of midway point which is “crossed-over” every seven cycles when the entity switches from one sex to the other.

A male who is a 10 is highly charged as a male and has a very strong attraction to the female as well as a strong desire to send. On the other hand, the female who is a 10 is the opposite and strongly attracted to the male with an intense desire to receive. This female is usually very attractive. As a series of lives is completed the charge changes and the strong males and females head toward their opposing charge until, they are born in a life where they each have a charge of only 1 or -1. In this life the male will not be so masculine and sending and the female will not be so feminine and receiving.

Finally, each reaches a life where they cross over and switch from male to female. Now it really helps to understand the gay experience for the heterosexual to reflect on his attraction to his opposite and then imagine switching sexes. I know that if I suddenly found myself in a female body I would be quite confused and would have a terrible time adjusting to the idea that I am supposed to be attracted to guys.

Yet when our soul moves us from one sex to another, it does expect us to make the transition, but with the realization it will be difficult and that most of those making the transition will be attracted to their same sex for a lifetime.

If the gay understands that this is a period of transition and he needs to make the best of an awkward situation much light can come and the transition will be much easier.

On the other hand, this transition period is also a time of great spiritual opportunity if the zero point is understood. When a person in relationship arrives close to the zero point he then has few energies pulling him out of balance and is free to center his attention in the world of Spirit or creativity.

The desire for pleasure and the sexual urge is, however, with us no matter what charge we are in, and gays, as well as the rest of us, are tempted as we near the zero point to cast our eyes downward to carnal pleasure rather than spiritual joy as the main point of focus.

This can throw his attention away from the zero point. Not only must energy follow thought, but thought must follow energy. If it does not the energy is not mastered.

Now let us take examples of two unions, one homosexual and one heterosexual.

Two homosexual males, Stan and Lonnie, make a commitment, and since each are in male bodies they both have an overall positive charge. Stan has a charge of +1 and Lonnie has a charge of +1/2. Their combined charge then is a positive 1.5, or one and a half units of energy away from the zero point.

Now in energy the Stan will be the male to Lonnie because he has the greater charge but as a couple they will be farther away from the zero point than they would be in the separate condition. BUT, one and a half units away is not that far so the increased distance from the zero point will hardly be noticeable.

On the other hand, our soul is always attempting to lead us to greater balance so if we move even a half point away from the zero point in one life it will attempt to place us in a situation in the next where we will be more inclined to move toward it.

Now let us look at a common heterosexual couple.

Ron is a +3 and Mary is a -9. Mary is a strong good looking female, but got turned off by aggressive guys and settled on mild-mannered Ron thinking she would have a nice peaceful life with him. The only trouble is they are out of balance as far as energy goes. If you add +3 to -9 you get a -6. This couple is a whopping six units away from the zero point and are a walking divorce just waiting to happen.

Now here is the interesting thing. The gay couple are friends with Ron and Mary and can’t help but notice how out of balance they seem to be. They thus see themselves as balanced and stable compared to these two.

Relatively speaking this is true, but even though the Stan and Lonnie are close to the zero point and have a comfort zone with each other, this zero point is illusive to the two of them as a unit.

Question: Suppose Stan and Lonnie learn about the teaching on energy and accept it. What should they do to reach the zero point as a unit? Do they have to split up or is there some way they can keep their relationship and obtain it?

Aug 17, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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