Practical Healing

Practical Healing

Today my mind reflects back to my younger days to an incident when I was about 17. This was around the time of the Cuban missile crisis and my mom built us a bomb shelter which I also used as my bedroom. We never had to use it to escape nuclear war, but my family was glad to have me live there so I could play loud rock and roll music without bothering anyone. Because it was almost soundproof I was one teenager who could make all the noise he wanted.

I always slept in on weekends and was often awakened by my friends bursting in my bomb shelter and pulling me out of bed to play basketball, go hunting or some other activity. Since it had a separate entrance my friends did not have to check with my mom before entering.

I remember one morning I had a more unusual awakening. I was lying in my bed just coming to consciousness and right beside me was my friend, Brent, sitting on a chair, just silently staring at me. How long he had been sitting there I do not know. At first I wondered if I was seeing things, but after blinking my eyes several times I determined I was awake and it was indeed Brent who was just sitting there staring at me.

Just as I was about to ask him what he was up to he spoke with strong emotion saying:

“Did you realize that when you just opened your eyes and woke up that you are one day closer to your death???”

“You mean you’ve been sitting there waiting for me to wake up to tell me that?” I said incredulously.

He then got up and started pacing the floor, “Today we are one day closer to our deaths!” he almost screamed.

“That’s a strange thing to be thinking,” I said. “What put that thought into your head?”

“It happened this morning when I woke up. The thought just occurred to me that I am one day closer to my death. I realized that this is absolutely true and there is nothing we can do about it. This is such a terrible thing to know that I just couldn’t be thinking it alone so I wanted to make sure someone else is thinking it with me. That’s why I came over here and sat in the chair until you woke up. I wanted you to wake up with the same thought I woke up with.”

“Thanks a lot,” I said. “Actually, I already knew I was one day closer to my death, but just don’t think about it.”

“Well, I had never really thought about it until this morning, but now I have thought about it I feel really strange knowing it.”

“Well think about something else then” I said. “Like maybe being one day closer to having a girlfriend.”

What this little incident teaches us is the power we have in selecting the thoughts that govern out state of being.

We can see ourselves as one day closer to death or we can se ourselves as one day closer to some type of success that we are working toward.

We can see ourselves as one day closer to financial ruin or one day closer to prosperity.

We can see ourselves as one day closer to old age and bad health or one day closer to good health.

Energy follows thought and when our minds focus on a thought, good or bad, then energy follows.

Now good health is contingent on a number of factors – among them being diet, exercise, genes, karma and mental focus or attitude.

We do not have much present control over genes and past karma, but we do over everything else. Some of the greatest health practitioners started out in life by inheriting many health problems and coming close to death. But instead of taking defeat lying down they fought back, learned the secrets of good health and lived robust and long lives.

One of our new members have asked for our help in improving his health and to aid in this I asked some questions. Here they are with the response and comments.

Your age   31 Comment. This is a young age to be having health problems, but the positive thing is that if you turn your situation around you can enjoy many years of good health.

How long have you had health problems? Comment: His health problems began around age 23.

How many medications are you taking? “A lot I am on clertin, singular on and off but I take thyroid meds, afranil for ocd not sure if I spell the med right but it for my ocd which is compulsions. klinopin for depression. maalox and gas corel calcium and muti mineral supplement msm.”

Comment: I would guess that your health has gotten worse since you have been on all these medications. Not only do individual medications cause problems, but their effects are often amplified when they are taken with other drugs.

My wife’s daughter was just given a prescription by her doctor. She asked him if it had any side effects and he acted like they were negligible. Just to make sure she did a little research on the web and came across testimonials on chat rooms which scared the dickens out of her. It turns out that this drug is more addictive than cocaine and has alarming side effects not mentioned by her doctor.

The first thing to do is to get off these drugs as soon as possible, but quitting cold turkey could be dangerous. You need to work with a professional health practitioner on doing this. Find a good Chiropractor or Naturopathic physician who has a reputation for knowledge of natural healing and seek his help in switching from chemicals to natural healing agents. Often they can give you natural medicine which is better than the chemical.

For instance, my wife was on a synthetic for her thyroid for many years, but a knowledgeable health practitioner switched her to an all natural substitute that works better.

In addition to this read books on natural healing as well as fasting. In the end a healthy person is also a knowledgeable one about the means of achieving health.

Two things you are taking which may be good for you are coral calcium and minerals.

I say “may” because they also may not be good for you. Some coral calcium is contaminated with inorganic minerals which may do more harm than good. The same is true with some mineral supplements. Previously we discussed the problems of taking the wrong minerals.

If you are taking minerals in pill form you are probably getting very little if any benefit. If you are taking colloidal from a mine then it may be contaminated with inorganic aluminum or lead. A couple years ago there was no supplement I could recommend so I advised the group to seek out highly mineralized foods.

Our member asks, What kind of diet are you on? I do not eat fried foods. I eat dairy products meat green beans peas TV dinners.

Comment: Sounds like you eat an average diet. If you have not read any books on healing with food I would recommend going to your health food store and asking the clerk for a good one and read it. I read a number years ago, but there are probably good news ones out.

Comment: I still do not understand why miracle healings are not common. Maybe my guilt is making me sick.

There are not more miracles because each disease is there to teach us a lesson and most of us are slow to learn and slow to develop true faith.

Guilt can indeed make a person ill and you need to do all in your power to dismiss the outward authorities who are causing it.

Feb 1, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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  1. “Some of the greatest health practitioners started out in life by inheriting many health problems and coming close to death. But instead of taking defeat lying down they fought back, learned the secrets of good health and lived robust and long lives.”

    True. Unlike most, it not all doctors. (not meaning functional medicine doctors or practitioners)

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