Practical Healing II

Practical Healing II

I asked our friend with health problems some questions in order to better assist him.

I asked: Do you feel you suppress?

Yes I suppress a lot. Are you an optimist or pessimist? a little bit of both.

Comment I’ve just received your handwriting sample so I can now comment on these answers a little more intelligently.

Suppression is either a cause or a contributing factor to many health problems. You might be surprised to know that your handwriting shows that you do not have a high degree of suppression and this has little to do with the problem. Actually most people who do suppress are so successful at it that they will not admit it to themselves and only intense reflection can reveal the denied or suppressed emotions. The fact that you readily admit to suppressing is an indication that the problem is not that bad with you.

The question you might ask is why do you think you suppress a lot when your handwriting indicates that you do not?

The answer is that you feel that you have many emotions that are not correctly communicated, expressed or understood. But the reason for these unexpressed feelings is not suppression for you allow yourself to feel them and are willing to express them if the conditions are right or if it seems that someone really cared. What causes the feeling of unexpressed emotions is the great weight you feel upon you as well as a sense of dread. This causes you think and feel things that you are not able to share with many people.

You are in a vicious cycle right now. Your ill health intensifies your emotional downs and your emotional downs effects your health.

When you are feeling well you are talkative and expressive, but I would guess your ill health has affected your personality.

You say you are a combination of a pessimist and optimist, but right now you are a pessimist trying to be optimistic. This is a difficult thing to do.

Now let us look at the other questions: Outside of your health is your life a happy one?

Answer: Sort of.

Question: Do you worry about money?

Answer; Yes

Question: Do you have stressful relationships?

Answer: Not in a relationship at this time.

Comment: The answer “sort of” tells me that there are a number of problems to solve to achieve the happiness you want. Added to this the fact that you worry about money adds significant stress. I would guess that your medical expenses do not help the matter. At least you don’t have a spouse driving you crazy, but friends and family can do a pretty good job in that area sometimes.

There are two things that need to be done.

(1) Do everything on the physical side to improve your condition. Wisely get off your prescriptions drugs with the help of professional advice as I suggested earlier.

One thing you seem to be doing right is taking a product which supplies you with many vitamins and minerals easy to absorb. I have not heard of Body Balance before. It seems to be similar to be a good supplement.

How long have you been taking it and have there been any positive results?

If you still have gallstones I can give you a formula that cured my wife of hers within a week.

Let me emphasize that you look into fasting. Buy a book on the subject and read it as well as my writings.

Another thing I would advise is to take a good calcium supplement in either liquid or powdered form. Most of the calcium from milk is not absorbed.

(2) You need to develop a more cheerful and optimistic spirit.

Say this phrase regularly to yourself for the next month.

“God has raised my vision from the dread of earth to the joy of heaven. I see heaven and feel unspeakable joy.”

If you can indeed raise your downward cast eyes to the soul this will increase the spiritual energy flow through your body and do wonders for your health. This must be accomplished before miraculous healings can occur.

As you suspect, guilt may play a strong factor. You might want to go the archives and type in the word “guilt” and see what I have said about it. The Course in Miracles is a good course to help overcome this problem. One important thing is to find a friend and share with him or her the things that cause the guilt. This will give some temporary help. Guilt is permanently overcome when you release yourself from outward authorities which take the place of the inner God.

Good luck.

Feb 8, 2003,

Copyright By J J Dewey

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