Overshadowing and the Molecule



Overshadowing and the Molecule

A reader wants me to elaborate on overshadowing in connection to the Molecular Order.

There are two main types of overshadowing. The first is where the Master communes with a disciple or group via the soul and remains mostly in his own body or vehicle of manifestation. When this happens the disciple or group realizes that a spiritual presence is with them and they “enter in to the joy of the Lord,” so to speak.

In the second, as happened with Jesus, the actual presence and consciousness of the Master enters into the body of the disciple. This is also called a “divine possession,” and is done with the full cooperation and free will of the disciple. In this process the Master projects his presence to one particular body. This type of presence of the Master of Masters is such an intense experience that it would be too much of a good thing for most and could cause insanity or death for one who is not ready.

One further step can be taken in this type of overshadowing and in this the disciple can step aside for periods of time so the Master can be the decision maker for the body.

This second type of overshadowing is what is planned for the Molecule and will probably happen before the molecule is actually linked up.

When the Molecule is linked up a connection is made by the presence of the Christ who is already linked and the divine energy of greater livingness flows into all the members. This spiritual experience is different from an overshadowing. There is an overshadowing presence created, but this presence is a new life form that is created by the blending of 24 smaller lives linked through a spiritual umbilical cord channeled by the Christ. In addition to this greater overshadowing greater lives such as the Masters will have a freer communion with molecular disciples similar to the communion in the first type of overshadowing.

So you can see that the mere gathering of 24 does not create a working molecule. It has to be planned and executed with the cooperation of the Spiritual Hierarchy. In addition, the group must be capable of being one through soul contact so the linkage can be completed and maintained.

Until or unless Christ decides to manifest in a body of his own He will be the only linking presence necessary for the Molecular order no matter how large it becomes. You only need one connecting link to establish an unlimited number of molecules. In terms of awareness and communion His presence is extended through all the molecules and He is able to use the various members for His eyes and ears as well as influence through soul contact according to the sensitivity of the Molecular members.

There may also be other overshadowings for other purposes. There are probably several going on right now on the earth and the friends and family of the overshadowed disciple may be oblivious to what is going on.

Advanced disciples and even some Masters who have forgotten who they are will be attracted to the Molecular Order when they learn about it and sense it’s spiritual power. After the Molecular Order gets firmly established, even it’s strongest enemies will have to admit it has attracted some very intelligent and talented people.


“Are they (Molecules) to take command of the population and force their will upon them, (with love) and remove freewill from the planet?”

I would hope that you know me well enough to know that I would have nothing to do with anything that would diminish free will even if an angel of light appeared and delivered such a message to me.

All of the works of light operate in the light and work to enhance free will. If we see that we have a message that we think is helpful to mankind then we would not force such a message even if we could. We merely present it and wait for those who are ready to respond.

The only time the Brothers of Light use force is to meet force used against them. For instance, the Brotherhood supported the Allies use of force against Hitler during World War II.

I was asked to elaborate on the purpose of the Molecule.

What’s the purpose of the Internet?

When it was created and enhanced, those working on it knew it was going to be extremely useful, but had no idea of the tremendous effect on society.

Now they could have waited until after they died to gain power to communicate with as much ease as we do on the net, but why? Users are not waiting to die to use this great service and appreciate those who initiated it.

The same applies to any enhancement of human ability. When the ring-pass-not is increased the human consciousness grows into it and uses the increase of power in ways never dreamed of in the past.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have power to heal as did Peter whose power was so great that the sick were placed in the way of his passing shadow and were healed?

Because the Molecular Order will be connected with the forces of light the powers available will only work for those who seek to serve and to help. The Molecular link will be automatically severed as soon as anyone involved wishes to use higher powers for self or for the control of others.

On the other hand, the Dark Brothers hope to manifest their own version of the molecule. They can develop powers to produce some magical results that will impress those with no soul contact, but the main difference will be in service. Their magic is to impress and to enslave. That of the forces of Light is to empower and to serve.

I was asked to comment atoms and how they combine. Will it be like the atoms of chemistry?

There is an important point to remember here. Many are somewhat deceived by the old axiom “as above so below and as below so above.”

That which is below will indicate that which is above but the correspondences are not exact. I will be writing more on this at a future time as there is an interesting key involved.

Because the correspondences are not exact we can’t just look at that which is below and copy it. Instead we must examine that which is below and pass it by the soul and by the use of intuitive understanding one can discern how the building will proceed in the higher level.

At first we will work on very simple molecules compared to what will be around a million years hence, something we cannot imagine in the present.

Humans in different states of evolution with differing centers in operation correspond to light and heavy atoms. In the beginning we will not be concerned with the atomic weight of various members, (outside of general soul contact) but I am sure that such a measurement will come into play for certain purposes as we progress.

The establishment of the Molecular Order on the earth will produce the largest leap in evolution and intelligence since man first appeared eighteen million years ago.

Disturbance in the Force

Several of you are reporting having physical problems. I have felt a negative energy trying to distract the group. When such energy comes we must learn to let it pass through us as the illusion it is. Do not give it any attention other than to register its existence so you can focus your mind to properly ignore it.

As we progress we will see the wisdom of having the Song of the 144,000 to enhance protection in this age. The main purpose of the Song is to protect from negative psychic energies that will be sent to discourage the workers in the Light. The second major purpose will be to neutralize the authority of the Beast so it will not be able to prevent the workers of light from working on the physical plane.

A third purpose of the Song is to gather the Lights. Saying the Song continually, without altering the words, is a sign that he is capable of blending with the molecular energies

A trickle down benefit will be the individual enhancement of greater personal peace as well as physical vitality. The Song is not a cure-all for personal problems we may have but it will indeed help.

It also does not mean that it will not be a great struggle against great obstacles to manifest the Kingdom of God. It will indeed take a Herculean effort, but the difference in this age is that it is in the plan that the work will be accomplished and not destroyed. The Song is to help insure that the negative forces are sufficiently neutralized to create success.

Fortunately, the personal benefit is great enough to motivate people of goodwill to say it thus creating a group blending and a benefit for the work in totality.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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