Cosmic Masters


Cosmic Masters

I received some desire for clarification on this statement:

“No mortal in the flesh has come close to embracing in his consciousness even the lowest part of the cosmic plane which is the cosmic physical.”

It is true that we are part of the cosmic physical, but we are a part of this as a cell in our bodies is a part of us. It is aware of it’s own part, but may be oblivious to the whole.

The student must realize that the seven planes normally discussed in the Ancient Wisdom compose just one of seven planes on a higher level. That first higher plane is called the “Cosmic Physical.”

The seven planes of this Cosmic Physical. Are this physical plane that we see about us, the astral/emotional plane, the mental, the Buddhic, or plane of the intuition, the Atmic, the plane of ideas, the Monadic, plane of intelligence, and the plane of Divine Space that contains them all.

Cosmic consciousness is far above human consciousness and embraces entire planets and solar systems.

The only person on the planet that embraces all planes of the cosmic physical and is aware of the entire physical body of the earth as an omnipresent awareness is the Ancient of Days. Initiates of the sixth degree and above have an understanding of the whole cosmic physical through identification with the supreme Lord, but have not achieved full intelligence on the matter. These high initiates who are above the rank of Master also have limited understanding of the cosmic astral.

The Ancient of Days is a Master of the cosmic physical as regular Masters are Masters of the regular physical. He also has access to the cosmic astral as a disciple of the Solar Logos. The Solar Logos is a Master of the cosmic astral and his consciousness embraces the entire solar system and has full awareness of all lives therein. The Solar Logos is a disciple of a greater being who is so high the Masters call him The One About whom Naught Can Be Said. He is a Master of the Cosmic Mental and his consciousness embraces seven solar systems. Through linking with this great being the Solar Logos is able to function and learn on the cosmic mental. These greater lives progress until we get to the cosmic whole which would be the Logos of the Milky Way Galaxy of which we know nothing – though many new age channelers claim to have regular communication with such a being.

My main point in all this is that most humans only operate in the first two subplanes of the cosmic physical – the physical as we know it, and the astral. The greater intelligencia of the world operate in the lowest three and most initiates operate in only four out of the seven planes – and none of us mortals understand the whole.

DK did say this: “The lowest cosmic plane is the cosmic physical, and it is the only one which the finite mind of man can in any way comprehend.” TCF, Pg 116

We partially comprehend, but there is much yet to understand. Even so duality will still have an existence on these higher planes of form indicating that it will be a long time in the future before it is completely transcended. And who wants to? If you had a choice would you want to be transported to a world way beyond your understanding and miss the fun of exploring and conquering this one?

What if you signed up for Algebra I and someone promoted you to Algebra 6 where you were completely lost? That would be no fun.

If you are watching a movie do you want someone to jerk you out of the theater, tell you how it ends and send you to a seminar on nuclear physics? Of course not. You want to stay and enjoy the movie and savor each minute, if it is a good one.

Molecular Questions

Glenys writes:

“You say, JJ, that the New Jerusalem will manifest in a future age. Can you be more specific as to the timetable? In fact, do you have a time frame for the whole scenario from the first human molecule to the NJ? I would surmise that the first human molecule is imminent, then other molecules will appear and the first master molecule soon after?”

I cannot give you an exact timeline on any of this because so much is subject to our free will. From a higher view these things are already in existence and their manifestation here on earth is sure, but from our view the length of time between events is difficult to measure. We may have to go through a sifting process before we can gather 24 people capable of soul contact all at the same moment so heaven and earth can be linked. It will not be as easy as just finding 24 that want to be in a molecule. We may create several non-working molecules before we get a working one. There will also be those who come forth claiming to speak for God, Christ, or Master Zor, saying we have it all wrong. Some of these will be attempts of the Dark Brothers to prevent the Molecular creation

After the first one is successfully linked then others will be added more quickly and if the first molecule is stable it will have the effect of stabilizing the ones that will follow.

The goal is to have the physical city of New Jerusalem initiated by 2030. There may or may not be 144,000 working atomic units by that time, but there should be over 144,000 fairly enlightened people who are willing to receive.


“Also, can you elaborate on the significance of the molecules of 12 and how their purposes and functions will be different to other numerical groupings? This may help some people work out their direction and life work. Also, will you be involved in other numerical groupings or is your work confined to the 12 structure?”

Within the Molecules of 12 there will be sub molecules of seven and three. The molecules in a higher kingdom correspond to the lower, but always with differences. In each new creation the life of God does something “new” and different and better.

The human molecule of 12 units is the only one that has successfully manifested in the human kingdom so that is what we will concentrate on at first. But as macrocosmic chemists we will experiment and test the results of different combinations. There will be instructions from the Christ when necessary, but we are always expected to do all we can on our own. When we do all we can and can go no further more will be given.

Edison often had dreams that gave him ideas, but he was a great example of forging ahead and making use of his own intelligence. What we are going to do is create a spiritual light bulb, but some of the knowledge we must discover on our own. When this happens we take it into future lives even if there should be a cataclysm.

The Masters gave out too much too fast during Atlantis and the result was disaster. This time they cautiously assist. Sometimes I wish they would assist more, but that my personality speaking.


“I assume that any molecule, including an initiating molecule, can be replaced if it was no longer functional eg death of one of the partners, a change in philosophy etc. Is it more significant if an initiating molecule is changed and would it adversely affect the energy flow from Source into the molecule?

All can be replaced including the initiator, but the initiate must be replaced by one of similar vision and soul contact. How this works is going to be covered soon.


“Once you get to the Cell (144,000) with the Ancient of Days and the Christ standing at the centre, does that mean that these two, in partnership, take over the role of initiating molecule?”

If it is decided that the Christ will appear in the flesh with a body of his own then he will take over the leadership of the Molecular Order. He will be overshadowed by the Ancient of Days.

This (if he comes in the flesh) will happen sometime between the first molecule and the creation of the 144,000. Very few concrete facts are given out on this.

An overshadowing is definitely planned and is not far away so a link is available to unite heaven and earth with the first molecule.

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