Obstacles to Soul

Obstacles to Soul

I previously wrote:

“Another important point is that the path of involution is dominated by female energy whereas the path of evolution is dominated by male. The female is the savior of the male in the fact that she leads all life into experience making Eternal Becoming possible. The male is the savior of the female in the fact that when the problems of the world of experience become manifest, he will lead the female out of matter back into the world of Spirit.”

A reader disagrees with me on this, feeling that it is the female energy that leads us to Spirit rather than into form and experience.

The two energies are different, but from the viewpoint of wholeness (or holiness) one is not more spiritual than the other. In fact there is no true spirituality unless the two work together as a unit. Creation itself can only take place through their interplay.

Magnetism is female and radiation is male and it is indeed a magnetic influence that pulls us into the involutionary path. The female is attracted to the “forbidden fruit” that pulls us into form. Once pulled into the experience by the female force the action of the male creates a plan to take us back.

Question: Can soul contact only validate truth if there is no sworn allegiance to any authority, person, teacher.

It is indeed true that the number of distractions to soul contact are legion. The most powerful of these distractions is attachment to authority. In fact, we spent a lot of the first 100 posts talking about this and how such unjust authority is the mark of the Beast that prevents the Name of God from manifesting in the heart and mind.

Now many seekers have areas of their belief system that is blocked by illusion or glamour of some kind and then have other areas where they are open. In the areas where they are open they can receive soul contact, but then in areas where they are closed no such contact will be forthcoming. Instead, contact will be made with a thought form which will substitute for the soul.

These obstacles to soul contact must be removed by the light of the soul shining upon the mind, or by the mind coming to an understanding, which will in turn receive the soul light.

So how can a seeker break free of controlling authority and contact the soul?

The answer is he cannot if he continues to be polarized in the astral or emotional body. The mind must be stimulated and take control of the decision making process. When this occurs and the seeker begins to understand the importance of breaking free from unjust authority then all he has to do is make a decision to be lead by the spirit within rather than an authority without.

I say all he has to do, but it is not as easy as that. While this is a true statement it is extremely difficult to make that first decision to trust the spirit within over a previously trusted authority without. But after that first decision has been made the second and third is much easier. Eventually the disciple will get a high out of defying authorities seeking to control him.

Question: Since most people are polarized in the emotional body and cannot break free from outward authority what are they to do? Are they doomed to be controlled with no end in sight? What is the best solution for them?

A reader seemed to think that I was advocating the suppression of emotion.

I have never – NEVER NEVER said that the emotions should be disregarded, suppressed, eliminated or not be allowed to express themselves. I have tried to make this clear in several recent posts so let me herewith repeat this in crystal clear language so hopefully this will not be misunderstood.

I have written quite a bit about the role of emotion and the problems caused by suppression in many of my writings before so I do not want to repeat myself too much here.

When there is a negative emotion the emotional body will not correct itself. The negativity must be corrected with the assistance of another who helps the emotion work through or by the mind of the individual. When the mind has understanding and sees the value of working through the negativity then it can decide to follow a path to render harmless the negative emotion.

The solution is to NEVER suppress and this I have taught over and over. The solution is also to NEVER negate emotion and this I have taught over and over. The solution is for the mind to understand the cause of negative emotion and then direct the emotion into harmless release.

To escape the power of authority the mind must become involved for if it is attempted through emotion alone there will only be a rebellion from one authority which will be replaced by another. Without the aid of the mind the final centering on the God within cannot be maintained on a permanent basis.

It may be good for readers to review our discussions on the Pendulum Principle and the path of the Middle Way where we point out that both extremes missing the center of truth are destructive.

Nov 22, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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